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Home » HOW TO MAKE MONEY » Is IntelliZoom Panel Safe, Legit, or a Scam? Is It Really Worth the Time?

Is IntelliZoom Panel Safe, Legit, or a Scam? Is It Really Worth the Time?

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Home » HOW TO MAKE MONEY » Is IntelliZoom Panel Safe, Legit, or a Scam? Is It Really Worth the Time?

You are welcome to my IntelliZoom reviews. Can you make money with IntelliZoom Panel? Is the IntelliZoom panel legit, safe, or a scam? 

It is good you are here to research how the IntelliZoom panel works. Doing your investigation is the best way to discover legitimate online business. You will also avoid many scams.


IntelliZoom Panel is legit, safe, and not a scam website. IntelliZoom is a platform that brings two sets of people together, the applicants and clients that want to improve their websites and applications. The pools of tested applicants get paid for their opinion in various studies as required by clients.

Please read on to learn why IntelliZoom is no for me. 

Estimated reading time: 14 minutes

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IntelliZoom at a Glance

Product Name: IntelliZoom
Owner & CEO: Alfonso de la Nuez
Product Type: Market Research Solution
Parent Company: UserZoom
Headquarters: Almaden Boulevard, San Jose, CA. USA
BBB Rating: Not Rated
Year Founded: Mar 2011.
Price: Free
My Rating: 21%
Recommended: No {Check out My #1 Recommended Online Jobs}

Summary of IntelliZoom Panel Reviews

intellizoom panel reviews

IntelliZoom is a platform that helps their clients create and build better products and services via the pools of participants who get paid for their opinions. They have a ready audience ready to test fresh products and services by IntelliZoom clients. 

But is IntelliZoom legit, safe, or another scam opinion panel website? How much can you make with the IntelliZoom panel giving your opinion?

My take is this.

IntelliZoom is legit, safe, and not a scam panelist website. You can only make extra money with IntelliZoom Panel. 

You can make between $2 to $10 on average for your opinion about any products or services for Intelli Zoom clients. Most often, the most amount people get paid is $2 for every task like surveys on the IntelliZoom platform. 

 IntelliZoom is like a survey site; it is just a waste of time doing a survey, in my opinion. 

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What do you think of my IntelliZoom Panel reviews? 

Do you still want to make money with the IntelliZoom panel? Is IntelliZoom legit, safe, or a scam?

What is IntelliZoom Panel?

Is intellizoom panel safe, legit, secure, or a scam

IntelliZoom Panel is a platform that will pay you for testing and giving your opinion and feedback online. The objective is to get the views of various users of a particular product by conducting studies. The website is owned and also run by the owners of UserZoom. 

What is UserZoom? UserZoom is application software that helps businesses research, measure user and Customer experience (CX) customer experience (CX), design, and conduct sophisticated online research and development in a cost-effectively way. 

UserZoom is also the owner of Validately, another platform that can pay you for testing sites. 

IntelliZoom is just like any other survey website. The difference is that the site’s panel is focused on helping their clients prove the reliabilities of apps, websites, and programs before launching. 

As a member of the IntelliZoom panel, you will go through the research studies (or User Experience) by testing apps and websites. 

The objective of Intelli Zoom is to help their clients put the developed products to the test by users to know and determine the functionalities and how reliable it is. 

What do you think of my IntelliZoom panel review? Can you make money with the IntelliZoom panel? 

Is IntelliZoom legit, safe, or a scam? Is IntelliZoom surveys worth it for you?

How IntelliZoom Panel Works?

IntelliZoom works like this, IntelliZoom consults for many clients and customers that want to improve their products and services. They invite participants whom they pay for their opinion. They select pools of participants that suites the demographic information of their client’s products and services. 

The things you need for Intelli Zoom to work for you are three things: your face (via webcam), your voice (via the inbuilt microphone), and your voice (via your system microphone). 

But is the IntelliZoom panel safe, secure, legit, and not a scam? Is your information safe and secure with IntelliZoom? 

The website claims that your information is safe with them. They only forward your information to their clients and the parent company. 

How do you know what the clients of Intelli Zoom do with your information? 

You Need to Sign Up and Take Practice Study

The sign-up process is the most critical aspect of registration if you must make money with IntelliZoom. The rate at which you get invites for studies and tasks depends on the quality and how deep your demographic information is on their database. 

It may take you a while to conclude. You will, however, need your email address, password and verify the same. It would be best to supply your name, income range for your household, date of birth, etc. 

You must be truthful with the supplied information; any subsequent information you give that negates the one on the database during the studies may get your account terminated. 

You Must Apply to Take Part in Studies to Make Money

Mail will be sent to your email address when there is a match of task and your demographic information. 

You will need to be prompt and act fast because there is a limited opportunity. Hence the studies are first to come, first-serve basis.

You have between 15 to 20 minutes to complete the studies; it varies on the tasks’ complexity and nature.  

Rate of Getting Invite for the Studies 

You need to know that you will not invite most studies if you input junk information about yourself. The demographic information you input will determine how often you get invites for studies.

Hence the need for detailed information about yourself and avoid manipulation of your information. 

It would be best if you also did well in the practice studies; these are indices used to assign studies to members. IntelliZoom will pay you when you complete the survey like the study assigned to you, and it is verified to be okay. IntelliZoom at a Glance

Requirements to Become a Participant In IntelliZoom Panel.

What do you need to sign up for IntelliZoom? To sign up, it would be best if you had a computer system, tablet, or a good smartphone, an exceptionally reliable Wi-Fi internet connection (3Mbps or faster), and a quiet place. You will also need to download the eCertified testing software for UserZoom.

For you to become a participant and member of the IntelliZoom Panel, you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Be able to speak any of these languages fluently English, German, or Spanish.
  • You must be ready to speak out and follow directions.
  • Be ready to have your face and voice recorded.
  • Able to use your emails and SMS messages.
  • Your computer, smartphone, or tablet should have a built-in or external webcam with a microphone.

Please know that the barrier to entry is pretty low, expect a lot of competition. Few tasks are chasing many participants hence limited spots for members to make money with IntelliZoom Panel.

Do you still want to make money with IntelliZoom Panel? Is IntelliZoom Panel legit, safe, or a scam?

What do you think of my reviews of the IntelliZoom Panel? 

How Much Money Can You Make with IntelliZoom?

How much does IntelliZoom pay? Yes, IntelliZoom pays. Payment varies and also depends on how complicated the study is. The standard payout ranges between $2 to $10 on most tasks. Though, a few and complex studies can earn you $10. You will know the payment rate before accepting any task. 

Some tasks and studies will require you to record your video and audio with your camera; this kind of study can earn you up to $10. 

Most studies and tasks will take between 15 to 20 minutes of your time, making it better than taking the online survey. Many people won’t mind making $2 within 30 minutes!

Therefore, expect to make a minimum of $2 for the Intelli Zoom panel platform’s most task for forgiven your opinion. 

What do you think of my reviews of the IntelliZoom panel? 

Do you think it is safe, legit, or a scam rendering your opinion for $2 on the IntelliZoom platform? Is IntelliZoom worth it?

What Is Intellizoom Panel Payment and Rewards Methods

The payment method for the IntelliZoom panel is PayPal. The platform will review your study within the first 3 to 5 days. You will get paid after 21 working days of the completion of the study. Your official email and that of PayPal must be the same. Also, know that there is no minimum threshold. 

Pro Tip: 

To get paid and get your studies to approve quickly, you must focus on the quality of great work because your quality ratings can earn you more money on the Intelli Zoom platform.

Types of Intelli Zoom Studies

The type of study and task is of a different kind. I categorize them into two types, i.e., The TOL “Think Out Loud Studies,” and Non-TOL “Non Think Out Loud Studies.” 

There are also “diary” studies or tasks that involve completing a task within a certain time and date. In contrast, moderated studies will involve you doing your work with the moderator to conduct such studies. 

What Is TOL IntelliZoom Study? 

The TOL study is those studies that need you to use your vocal (Voice) while you are doing the task. 

 You will talk about the current task and what you think about it when doing the job. 

 There is a great need for preparation before you engage in such a task. You need to be set to put your face and voice on records. 

 Your tools and equipment must be in the right shape to get a magnificent study concluded so that you can get paid. 

What Is Non-TOL IntelliZoom Study

 The Non-TOL IntelliZoom surveys and Study does not require your audio/voice and face. 

This will involve you putting some items into different categories according to their topics. An example of Non-TOL Intelli Zoom studies is:

  • Card sort
  • SSCT (Screenshot Click Test)
  • IntelliZoom Surveys

Note: It is much easier to deal with Non-TOL studies. You can treat the tasks fast and get paid if correctly done. 

How to Quit Intellizoom Panel

How can you deactivate your Intellizoom account? 

Just visit your member portal and close your account by using the deactivating menu. Also, you can contact IntelliZoom via email to deactivate your membership. Thirdly, you can use unsubscribe option on the mail you receive from them. All requests will be treated within 48 hours, or at most after 10 days. 

You will also be serving a survey before your exit from the platform. Though, the survey is optional and not a must you take it. 

Alternative to IntelliZoom ==> UserTesting Website

How IntelliZoom Makes Money? 

IntelliZoom have clients that develop apps, websites, and programs of all type. The company gets paid by their clients that want their apps and website tested. The job of IntelliZoom is to look for participants for various UX research studies.  

You will make an average of $2 for testing websites while the company earns big for getting your task online. 

Your job as an app tester is to accept studies and get paid to share your opinion and experiences about new products and services. 

What do you think of my IntelliZoom reviews? Can you make money as a participant of IntelliZoom?

Or you think IntelliZoom is a scam and not a legit, and safe app tester?

IntelliZoom BBB Review Rating 

Make Money with IntelliZoom panel

The IntelliZoom BBB is not on file. But UserZoom, Intelli Zoom, and YouEye are officially run by the same management company. YouEye is on the BBB file with a review rating of A+. The owner, CEO, and Co-Founder of UserZoom of all three entities is Alfonso de la Nuez. 

Can a member of IntelliZoom visit the Youeye BBB platform to complain about issues relating to the site? 

Though, a source claims that Youeye was acquired and renamed to become Intelli Zoom. 

The bottom line is that you can always contact the company if you have issues via the Youeye BBB file. 

What do you think of my IntelliZoom, not on the BBB file? 

Is IntelliZoom legit, safe, secure, or a scam for not been on the BBB file directly? 

Can you make money with IntelliZoom Panel? 

Is Intellizoom Panel Safe and Secure?

Intellizoom will collect your demographic information to make money. Though they promised to keep the information collected safe, they admitted that they will share your details with their UserZoom, suppliers, and clients. How safe are your details with their clients?

I am sure you are worried about how your information is being put to use by IntelliZoom. 

IntelliZoom panel will ask you for your demographic information such as your age, household makeup, gender, occupation, income, and information about your lifestyle. Other sensitive information that will be collected includes racial, ethnic origin, religious, philosophical beliefs, biometric data, health information, trade union memberships, etc. 

It is another reason why you should be concern about releasing your details to get paid pennies online. It is important for you to always read the privacy policy before committing to any online business. 

I am sure that if you read IntelliZoom’s privacy policy you will be scared of doing business with them. 

What do you think of my IntelliZoom privacy policy reviews? Are IntelliZoom participants making money?

Is IntelliZoom job legit, safe, secure, or a scam? 

Is IntelliZoom Panel Legit or a Scam?

IntelliZoom Panel is safe, legit, secure, and not a scam site. If you get selected for studies or surveys, you will surely get paid if they validate your studies okay. The problem with IntelliZoom Panel is that you will only earn extra money. 

Please know that I am not a fan of the online survey. IntelliZoom Panel is just as good as an online survey. It is a waste of time testing apps and websites for pennies.

You can use that time to create a passive income for yourself and continue to make money even while you are sleeping. 

What do you think of my IntelliZoom Panel reviews? 

Is IntelliZoom Panel safe, legit, or a task-based site scam?

Can you make money with IntelliZoom Panel?

How Does the IntelliZoom Panel Help Your Business?

IntelliZoom Panel is an app/site testing platform. They help their clients build and create great products and services by using real live data via their panelists. Members join the IntelliZoom panel to get assigned to studies to give their opinion to make money. Most earn an average of $2 for every study. 

Is IntelliZoom Panel a Survey Site?

IntelliZoom will pay you as a member of their panel and for taken part in studies. Though IntelliZoom ‘s process works like a survey site it is a product and services testing website. You only get paid if you take part in a study that is validated and approved okay.

what are good side hustles

Is the IntelliZoom Panel Worth It?

Thanks for reading my IntelliZoom panel reviews. Can you make money with IntelliZoom? 

Is IntelliZoom panel legit, safe, secure, or a scam task base site?

My take is this.

IntelliZoom panel is legitimate, safe, secure, and not a scam survey site. You will make some money. 98% of the studies will earn you $2. You can invest your time more profitably online, like building yourself an affiliate Amazon website that can earn you over $3,000 monthly.

In my opinion, the IntelliZoom panel is a place you can earn extra money if you have time to waste. You will get tasks assigned to you in form of studies, and if verified and okay, you will get paid.

There is evidence online that Intelli Zoom pays its members, but it is highly competitive to get a well-paid study that will earn you $10.

I suggest you start your affiliate marketing training that can help you build an online business that can easily replace your day job in no time.

Can you make money with the IntelliZoom panel?

Is IntelliZoom panel secure, safe, legit, or a scam task-based site? What do you think of my IntelliZoom panel reviews?

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