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Home » HOW TO MAKE MONEY » Can You Make Money with DoorDash Jobs? Is It Real, Safe, and Reliable?

Can You Make Money with DoorDash Jobs? Is It Real, Safe, and Reliable?

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Home » HOW TO MAKE MONEY » Can You Make Money with DoorDash Jobs? Is It Real, Safe, and Reliable?

Do you want to make money with a DoorDash jobs? Is DoorDash job legit, safe, real, and reliable? How good is the DoorDash job?

It is wonderful you are making your findings of the DoorDash job. Making your findings online is the best way to discover legitimate business, and you will learn to avoid many scams.


Working DoorDash job will make you your boss with the freedom to work when you like. It can be stressful at the beginning, and the most challenging time is when you are starting. You can be well paid on a busy night, while some days can be a waste of time working.

Please know that I am not associated with DoorDash; therefore, expect detail and an unbiased review about making money working on DoorDash job.

Please read on.

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DoorDash at a Glance

make money with doordash job

Product Name: DoorDash
Year Founded: June 2013
Industry: Logistics
Headquarters: Rialto Building San Francisco, California, U.S.
Founder: Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Evan Moore, Tony Xu
Price: Doordash orders cost $5.99 with $1 as a discount for using the service for the first time, as well as a 10-20% tip for the driver.
Rating: 30%
Recommended: NO

Who Can Work DoorDash Jobs?

Do you own a vehicle and will like a hustle by the side? Then Doordash is for you. You must be above 18 years old and have a license.

The beauty of being a Dasher is that you get to set your work hours.

Also, Doordash is for those who do not have the time to make a quick dash to their favorite restaurant. So, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Is DoorDash jobs legit, safe, real, and reliable? Can you make money working DoorDash jobs?

How to Make Money with DoorDash Jobs

Are you a “Dasher” (DoorDash driver)? You have three primary ways to make money working DoorDash jobs:

  1. You earn a flat fee payment for every of your delivery irrespective of the value of meals and the distance cover.
  2. Earning through customer tips.
  3. You can also make money via bonuses or referrals.

Note: the primary source of earnings is the flat fee payment, and tips earn from customers.

As an independent contractor to DoorDash, your job and duty are to deliver meals to every customer of the company that requests it via the DoorDash website and the mobile app.

The amount of money you can make on DoorDash is within your control.

The reason is that you are at liberty to set your working hours and you work at your own pace. A friend of mine work as a Dasher and he claimed to do an average of three deliveries per hour.

DoorDash also asserts that you can make over $25 an hour working full time as a Dasher.

If this is true, the implication is that you can make over $1,000 weekly and over $4,000 monthly as a DoorDash delivery driver.

Don’t forget that you will make over $6 for every one of your deliveries; this is in addition to all the tips that are 100% yours for keeps.

Most DoorDash customers will give an average tip of between 10% to 16% of the cost of delivery.

You will need to know how to make more money as Dasher with the DoorDash website and its App.

How to Work and Make Money with DoorDash Jobs

Many people employed DoorDash Dasher jobs as a side hustle. But some very few DoorDash drivers are earning over $35 per hour.

Below are various tips and tricks on how to work and make money with DoorDash jobs:

***More Deliveries the More Money You‘ll Make***

Most delivery services companies pay their driver on an hourly basis irrespective of how many numbers of delivery made, but DoorDash payment is transportation-based.

The implication is that the more deliveries you make, the more money you will earn; your focus as a DoorDash driver should be to deliver as many meals as possible to DoorDash customers.

You should learn to deliver the order at the speed of light. Know the best ways to get to the various restaurants, get the food pack, and provide the food to the customers. This is the best way to make money with a Doordash jobs.

***You Must Take Delivery During Busy and Peak Periods***

There is a busy period both within the day and weekly. You will know these periods through the DoorDash app and website ordering schedule.

Public holidays and days of major sporting events could be another peak period for ordering foods in various homes.

The busy and most heavy ordering hours are the dinner period, the time between 4 pm to 8:30 pm and during lunchtime 11:30 am to 1:30 pm daily.

Weekend nights are also better days than regular day nights. These are busy but productive times to make more money as a meal delivery driver.

***Know the Route of Your Coverage Region by Heart***

As a Dasher, you must know where you are going. Otherwise, you won’t know how to get the meal to the customers.

Knowing your route and maps of the region you cover is a key to fast and quick delivery, which will lead to more money for you.

Your mode of transportation is critical on a busy traffic day, and what is more important is knowing your coverage route by heart.

Google Maps is the best tool to adopt that will help you discover the best route to take during busy hours and at any time for that matter.

It will help you locate where you are going, irrespective of the numbering system.

***Knowing Great Parking Spots Is Key***

Your knowledge about packing spots of your coverage area is necessary to how fast you can deliver the meals to DoorDash customers.

It could be challenging to locate packing slots within any busy and popular restaurants.

You must, by all means, avoid breaking local packing laws in your way to get a proximity spot to both the restaurants and your delivery destinations.

It is essential to know that DoorDash will not compensate you for traffic violations, nor do the company approve any of your illegal parking choice of location.

***Target High Ticket Ordering to Earn Better Tips***

The choice of ordering you accept to take will determine the kind of tips you are likely to get.

The flat fee irrespective of the cost of the meal is $6, suppose customer tip is $4.

You cannot compare that order to a meal that costs $100 for a whole family. Such a family will tend to go for a higher and better tip. Such more prominent laws of the meal will command more extensive tips

DoorDash makes customers pay their tips along with the payment for the meal. This is one logical way to make money with Doordash jobs.

This encourages better tips, and the cost of the meals is directly proportional to the tips the customer will render.

***Claim DoorDash Driver Promo Code & Referral Bonus***

DoorDash employs the referral bonus and the promo code to encourage more drivers to deliver meals for their customers.

Every delivery driver has the opportunity to invite and refer to new drivers. Every driver you see will help you earn from $300 and above.

The amount of money you will make referring more people to become a driver with DoorDash depends on your location and cities. Referring to your friends and family member may earn you as high as $750 in some areas within the US and Canada cities.

It is a way to help new drivers push themselves to become good Dashers. Every newly qualified driver automatically has the opportunity to earn the DoorDash promo code.

The prospective driver will use the referring link provided to subscribe to request to join DoorDash.

If verified and qualified to join. He can then use the Promo Code after specific requirementsis made. You must have taken 50 delivery within your first thirty days to get the DoorDash promo code reward bonus.

This is my #1 choice to make money with Doordash jobs without actually driving. The more people you refer the more money you make.

***Keeping Your Expense Very Low***

Focusing on keeping your expense low will help you make more money with DoorDash all the time.

As an independent contractor of DoorDash, you are to have tools, equipment, and resource that will help execute your delivery job effectively.

Reducing the cost of your equipment such as Vehicle, Insurance, Gas, Repair, and Maintenance will go a long way to making better margins and earnings as a Dasher.

***Employ Other Delivery App During Downtimes***

A driver will always be a driver. If you are a delivery driver for DooRDash, you can also deliver for another company.

There is downtime all the time,  no matter how great the company is. You can use another delivery app to make more money as a driver.

If you are a driver for any food delivery service company such as DooRDash can make you also deliver for GrubHub and Postmates. Your vehicle must also meet their requirements; you need to try your luck with these other delivery companies.

***Learn to Decline Some Orders***

As soon as you accept to deliver any order either via the DoorDash website or through the App, you have committed to the job, and you will not be allowed to take any order until you deliver your current law to the customer.

You need to consider how safe is the route to the customer location (most notably at the night hours).

Is the delivery destination safe at that hour? What is the distance? Can you get a secure parking spot?

The decline option in the DoorDash App is provided for a reason. Ensure you make use of it but avoid creating a declining pattern.

How Do DoorDash Make Money?

I am sure you are wondering how DoorDash makes money as a company. How much money do DoorDash make?

The DoorDash business model work such that they provide services between the restaurants and the people that order the food.

Most often, people locate restaurants online without delivery services; in this case, they contact DoorDash to transport the food to their doorsteps.

Delivery Fees

The delivery fees charged on every order placed by the users of the platform are between $5 to $8. This varies, and it depends on the following:

  • The distance of the location where the food is ordered,
  • Time of the day, and
  • The business relationship between the restaurant and DoorDash

DoorDash does the delivery and transportation of the order hired drivers called Dashers.

Commission on Every Order

DoorDash charges 20% on every delivered order from various restaurants.

Clients and customers placed a food order online through DoorDash.

The company ensures that food is delivered to the doorsteps of the customers who placed the order online.

It believes that DoorDash charges more than its competitors.

Ads Placement by Restaurants

DoorDash also makes money from various advertisements placed by Restaurants on its popular app.

Many restaurants aim to appear at the top of their app search results; DoorDash charges for these marketing strategies by various restaurants.

How to Make Money with DoorDash Jobs?

Every intending delivery contractors i.e., Dashers (Drivers), must know the following before signing up to become a driver delivering for DoorDash:

DoorDash Jobs Is for Specific Individual

Though working as a Dasher and driver for DoorDash is not a rigorous job, but to excel and do well on the job, you must have some decent characters.

You must be able to be timely with your schedule and with a cheering personality because you will be meeting with customers.

Your lousy reputation can destroy the image of the company, and when the customer rates you and it is below pal, you may be asked to go.

Dasher (Driver) Is a Part-Time Job.

DoorDash has never promoted dashing as a full-time job, and that is because it is not.

They know that the payment is irregular because different pay with different location attracts a separate fee. The condition of delivery also determined the amount that is paid.

This is why DoorDash is interested in people that are looking for a part-time job. It is vital to know that some drivers are doing a full-time job working with DoorDash.

Working with DoorDash as Dasher is Simple

There is no need to learn complicated stuff.

Your job is to deliver food that is ordered by customers in various restaurants. Just check your Apps and accept to deliver the order, there you go.

You have freedom and choice of where and when to work daily, weekly, and monthly because there is no limit on deliveries you must make.

DoorDash Lawsuits and Class Action Lawsuits

DoorDash Inc has been slapped with many lawsuits. You must be aware of this if you are interested in joining as a DoorDash driver and also a user of the platform.

Evan Kissner and Cynthia Marciano‘s Lawsuit

Evan Kissner and Cynthia Marciano file a lawsuit against DoorDash in September 2015.

They both alleged that DoorDash erroneously classified them and other drivers as independent contractors, which they claimed violated the provisions of specific labor code.

Kissner and Cynthia were settled and received $7,500 each, while Liss-Riordan will take home $1.25 million.

The over 33,700 other class members that worked with DoorDash as an independent contractor between 23rd of September 2011 to 29th of August 2016 with a minimum of delivery will also receive some payment as part of that settlement.

Trademark Infringement DoorDash Lawsuit 

In-N-Out Burger filed other lawsuits against DoorDash in November 2015 for trademark infringement though this lawsuit was dismissed after two months because of a confidential settlement.

Robert Wallan, the attorney that represented In-N-Out Burger, confirmed this settlement in this Chicago Tribune News Report.

The Two DoorDash Class Action Lawsuits

Two class action for the breach of contract was filed in two separate locations.

These lawsuits allege that the DooDash drivers don’t receive the full tips from customers that pay through the app.

One lawsuit was filed in California by the Plaintiffs Jennifer Peter and Karson Theiss and another were filed in Georgia, the plaintiffs here were the drivers.

They both claimed that they were deceived about the percentage of tips promised (they alleged that DoorDash has not been paying them 100% of the tips).

The Data Breach DoorDash Class Action Lawsuit

Another lawsuit was the “data breach class action lawsuit” filed in May 2019 by Melissa Nelson.

This is an allegation that DoorDash did not do everything to protect the personal information of almost 5 million users and clients.

Queens woman filed another such class-action lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court.

A restaurant owner in Las Vegas also files a lawsuit against DoorDash on the allegation that one DoorDash driver attacked him on Oct. 27, 2018.

The lawsuit claimed that the said Dasher stabbed him multiple times with a knife, the Fox News reported the story then. Is Doordash worth it, with many lawsuits?

The Roma Deli & Restaurant owner called Fabio Coppola that DoorDash did not properly vet the recruitment of Mackie Lee Allen, the 32-year-old DoorDash driver that has served a term in prison for been an armed robber.

With many DoorDash lawsuits, Is DoorDash job really legit, safe, real, and reliable for workers?

What are Public Opinions About DoorDash Jobs?

While some customers consider the Doordash service as mediocre, others have given three stars for saving them from starving. 

The company’s payout policy and incentive-based system have been heavily criticized. Is Doordash worth it in your opinion?

Also, a former DoorDash Dasher claims he finds driving for DoorDash as temporary employment.

Another user claims that in the town he lives in the chances of making a living are slim as there are no many orders.

Most of the complaints about DoorDash revolve around its payment system. How can you work with DoorDash and not get paid? Is DoorDash job legit, safe, real, and reliable this way?

How to Contact DoorDash Customer Service

So, how do you contact DoorDash customer service? DoorDash has an active customer care service.

They have a F.A.Q. Page to aid customers and Dashers who have questions.

The DoorDash support can also be reached via email, although you have to fill a page on their website.

You can also contact them via Direct Messages at their various social media platforms or contact them via

  • DoorDash Customer Service Contacts

Support Phone Contact: (844) 285-0248 or (650) 681-9470.
DoorDash Head Office: 116 New Montgomery St, 4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105 United States.

You can also contact the DoorDash support center here. 

What is Good About Working DoorDash Jobs

  • Flexible Schedule

You can work from anywhere and choose your working hours.

You can even choose your working location. Your income is limited by the amount of time you spend on deliveries.

  • Freebies

Drivers get gifts from the company such as discounts, meals, gift cards E.T.C.

DoorDash Dasher gets paid weekly. You can even request for daily payouts using Doordash Daily pay.

This is an in house service provided to the drivers. Drivers can get paid either through PayPal or through direct bank deposits.

Also, drivers in need of cash can get timely cash payouts.

Complaints About Working DoorDash Jobs

Late Deliveries

Drivers may be late during deliveries, and this used to affect getting a good tip with the old incentives program.

Some unavoidable factors may be the reason for the drivers’ lateness, such as traffic or ordering during peak hours.

Also, some drivers forget the order or get the wrong orders delivered to the customers. Do you think that DoorDash job is legit, safe, real, and reliable?

Can you make money working DoorDash jobs?

All Expense is on the DoorDash Dasher

The cost and maintenance of the vehicle are on the driver. The company does not help its Dashers to cover gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance costs, and the likes.

The responsibility for having top-notched meals falls to the restaurant, and sometimes they do not meet up to customers’ expectations. Knowing this, many to-be Dashers think that they can not make money with the Doordash job.

Many Negative Comments About DoorDash Online

DoorDash does not have a good reputation online. A lot of negative comments online. Does this affect how Dasher makes money with Doordash?

The negative comments are mainly from both existing and current DoorDash Dashers that are not happy with the current happening in the company.

I will conclude that it must be a reflection of how the DoorDash driver feels about the company.

See some of the not too good comments about DoorDash and by the Dashers.

DoorDash May Not Be Safe For You

On the 26th of September 2019, DoorDash reported a data breach and hack of their system on the 4th of May 2019 that affected almost 5 million users.

The people that have their data compromised by unfortunate hacking of DoorDash by the hackers include:

  • Drivers,
  • Restaurants, and
  • Customers

The released DoorDash blog post claimed that the user’s information was accessed and hacked by an unauthorized third party. Is Doordash worth working for with such a security gap?

DoorDash insisted that they have taken immediate action to block the loophole, and they already build a better security platform that will prevent further occurrence.

They stated that the data that may have been accessed includes:

  • Names,
  • Email Addresses,
  • Delivery Addresses,
  • Order History,
  • Phone Numbers,
  • Last Four Digits of Credits Cards as well as
  • Passwords

They claimed that full payment card numbers and the CVV were not accessed.

The implication is that your information and data may not be saved with DoorDash. Why would you risk doing business with such an unsecure institution?

When you have all your information compromised like this, you can easily be impersonated, and your whole life gets destroyed.

Major news outlets such as CNN, CNBC, and The Washinton Post published the DoorDash Hacking news then. Is DoorDash job legit, safe, real, and reliable?

Can you make money working DoorDash jobs?

Terrible Customer Service by DoorDash

The majority of the comments by both current and existing Dashers have to do with a horrible turnaround time of Customer Service Support of DoorDash.

The DoorDash get ignored and kept unattended to when they ran into a problem about the app and other driver-related issues. With this kind of customer service, can you still make money with Doordash?

See some comments online below:

Unstable Doordash App

There are many online complaints about the unstable DoorDash Dasher app that is making DoorDash driver miserable. Is Doordash worth it with the unstable app?

A complaint about Dasher app DoorDash app as a whole include:

  • Frequent freezes of the app
  • Taken a long time to initialize
  • Internet access problems
  • Not be able to log in

DoorDash drivers will sometime try to force close the app to make it work, sometimes it works, and sometimes it won’t just help.

Many claimed that the problem could have been because of the volume of the users on the platform, while other people argued that the DoorDash app has loads of bugs.

Many also claimed that the app becomes more unstable, the more it continues to run, and even shutting it down may not fix it.

See some DoorDash online comments about Doordash’s app experiencing a meltdown.

The issue with DoorDash App was also reported on The Entrecourier website.

DoorDash BBB Review Rating Is “F”

The DoorDash Better Business Bureau rating is “F.”

Is working DoorDash job legit, safe, real, and reliable

This is the worst ratings ever. This rating has to do with the lack of proper handling of customer service of DoorDash.

Major customer complaints about DoorDash Dasher range from late delivery of orders, payment issues, cancellation of orders, a complaint about card charges, default order not refunds, and many others complain by Dashers.

Will your issue be attended to by DoorDash when and if you have a problem with the company?

Is DoorDash job legit, safe, real, and reliable? Can you make money with the DoorDash jobs with this BBB rating?

Is DoorDash Job Legit, Real, and Legitimate?

Doordash job is safe, legit, real, legitimate and reliable.

what are good side hustles

The company is 100% safe to use by both the DoorDash Dasher and the people that need the delivery. But can you make money working Doordash jobs?

It is a technology company that focused on solving the food delivery logistics problem. But, how much do Doordash drivers make? Many call it a scam because they feel Doordash does not worth it.

DoorDash will help you facilitate the ordering and delivery process, most notably for restaurants that do not offer home deliveries.

As a Dasher, you are to deliver orders. Although the company payouts and driver’s earnings can be a bit overstretched, this doesn’t make it a scam.

Many Dashers feel that DoorDash is legit and not a scam. Equally, complaints of getting orders mixed make it an unattractive option for some persons.

However, for those who are busy to go to a restaurant, Doordash seems like an ok option.

Can you make money with the DoorDash jobs? Is DoorDash job safe, legit, real, and reliable?

Is DoorDash Job Safe and Reliable For You?

Can you make money with the DoorDash job? Is DoorDash’s job safe, legit, real, and reliable?

Working DoorDash job is a great experience for most people. It is one of the best and most flexible jobs you can ever get anywhere. There are more advantages in making money with DoorDash than disadvantages.

But is DoorDash good to work for? How much money can you make working for DoorDash?

Working DoorDash job and the amount you make depend entirely on individual and the environment your locations.

If you are intelligent and ready to work with DoorDash, you will make some money with your level of commitment.

Have you worked DoorDash jobs before now? Is DoorDash good to work for?

Can you make money with the DoorDash job?

Is DoorDash job legit, safe, real, and reliable? What is your take?