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11 Highest Paying Programming Jobs In 2023

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Home » Affiliate Marketing » 11 Highest Paying Programming Jobs In 2023

Here are 11 Highest Paying Programming Jobs without a need for a college degree.

You can learn these programming languages and will get you a six-figure job easily without a college degree.


The selection is as a result of the trend in the job market, freelancer websites, job boards, staffing company websites, and various networking groups.

A programmer uses a set of instructions and codes that a computer can understand to perform specific tasks for its normal operation.

Fundamentally there are several types of programming languages in computer programming.

The first computer language was developed around 1943-1945 by Konrad Zuse, but it was not implemented, but it had to be translated into machine code.

John Mauchly designed a shortcode with a high-level programming language in 1949. Many Programming Languages were developed in the 1950s and 1960s that are still in use to date.

Companies will not employ you based on the programming language they used but based on how good you are at the programming language you know

It is how fast you can apply that knowledge to learn any other language that will make you relevant to your employer.

Below is my Highest Paying Programming Jobs that will earn you good money and you can learn them on your own without visiting the wall of any University or College.

Please read on.

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1. Python

What is Python About, Exactly?

python developer jobs

Python is an Interactive, general-purpose programming language.

The first version of Python was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1980 and named after Monty Python.

People loved Python because of its design philosophy that reflects great code readability because the structure of the code has a close resemblance to the English language.

The most important thing when choosing a programming language is convenience, ease of use, and many other traits and that is what Python is for.

Demand for Python Developers

The high demand for Python Developers is a result of its popularity in the marketplace.

Big brands are developing their software with Python because of its stability and durability.

Great websites like Instagram, YouTube, Quora, Google, Reddit, Spotify, and DropBox are creation of Python programming language.

Indeed Python is critical when you are discussing web service space.

Currently, there are over 45,000 available jobs vacancy that required Python developer’s skill.

The good news is that you can learn Python in a lot of great places online at a very cheap rate and almost at no cost.

Average Salary of Python Developers

Python is amongst the highest paying programming languages in the USA. On average the salary scale for python is $ 8624 per month.

This gives an average of about $ 103,492 per year. This is one of the Highest Paying Programming Jobs.

The variation in salaries is also based on skills, expertise, or job title. The pay may also vary from country to country.

How Productive is Python Developer? 

When it comes to writing a simple program, Python saves time. Python is the most efficient and the easiest to use.

Python is the most dynamic as compared to other languages like Java.

It is multi-purpose due to its code readability and its integration and ability to allow a great number of shortcuts.

2. Javascript Edition.

What Is JavaScript About, Exactly?

Java programming language was first introduced in 1995 by Microsystems. It has excellent support from all web browsers.

The abbreviation of JavaScript is JS and it is an interpreted object-oriented language. JavaScript is a fundamental technology that helps build the formation of the World Wide Web.

It is a programming language that enhanced the interactive features of the web pages.

It is the one language that makes every page of the Internet very active and use its elements to produce great animation that engages Internet users.

Demand for JavaScript Developers

javascript developer jobs

JavaScript is an object-oriented (scripting) language; the implementation is usually on a web page alongside the HTML.

JavaScript is one of the Highest Paying Programming Jobs

This language is for global use for the support of most web browsers.

The interactivity features of Javascript language are for the creation of both web pages and web applications.

JavaScript is the most used of the programming language worldwide as stated in the current Developer Survey Annual Result by Stack Overflow for the over 6th years in a row.

Today, Web is the dominant platform, and we need various devices to work efficiently on the Web.

This is why Node.js come to our rescue at the backend and JavaScript is the most effective and commonly used programming language to enable various devices for Web usage.

JavaScript is very critical such that, all major browsers support JavaScript. For a great user experience (UX) on any website, you will need Javascript to achieve this objective.

JavaScript is both as important at the front end (Client-Side) and backend. It is not just to create a great animation and effects on the web but at the server end like PHP.

Not only do we use JavaScript for the development of desktop Operating systems (OS) but majorly for the creations of various mobile Apps OS.

Due to JavaScript open source, It has a great community on the internet where the problem can easily be solved and the programming language can be learned very fast.

Average Salary of JavaScript Developers

According to PayScale, San Francisco and Arlington give the highest salary of $97,000 per year.

The salary also depends on the level of the job cadre of the developer.

The most top Java developer of a senior position in Washington, Seattle earns a salary range of $124,000- 120,000 per year.

How Productive is JavaScript Developer? 

Javascript 2017/2018 is the best and well embraced by many developers.

Between the year
2017-2018 java productivity was on the highest as compared to the previous years.

Javascript is everywhere, from phones, laptops, and games due to its flexibility.

From the demand for JavaScript as illustrated from the above, you will observe that JavaScript is highly productive for both desktop devices and mobile Apps.

3.) Ruby on Rails

What Is Ruby On Rails About, Exactly?

ruby rails development india

Rail is a web development tool that provides the developers with the necessary framework in Ruby programming language.

Rails framework simplified website development and applications.

Rail helps you write fewer codes at the same time you may accomplish even faster than what any other programming language will achieve in term of frameworks.

Ruby on Rails was first released in July 2004 written in Ruby programming language.

Its demand gained momentum till 2006 when it started declining in popularity due to some of the scalability issues.

The popularity began rising again in the year 2016. Ruby on Rails is an ideal web when it comes to its flexibility and easy to use.

I love Ruby and many people also do and this is why it is one of the Highest Paying Programming Jobs.

By January 2016, it is estimated that over 1.2 million websites were being developed by Ruby Rails.

Demand for Ruby On Rails Developers

The object-oriented nature of Ruby and accessibility of source code within the Rails community facilitate the faster executions of the coding process.

You don’t need to purchase a license to acquire such source code compared to other commercial programming language frameworks.

Rail is heavily used for Rapid Application Development – RAD; since it’s framework structure allows changes.

You can quickly code in Ruby because of the ease of its readability and documentation.

Ruby also has excellent testing frameworks this is why the coding process is faster and helps the developer achieve more in a little time compared to other programming languages.

Average Salary of Ruby On Rail Developers

With competition from other programming languages and the growing number of companies that use Ruby on Rails, salary scale varies from time to time and also regions.

According to payscale reports, Ruby Rail Developer of less than a year of experience earns more than Java developer of the same or equal level.

On average Ruby, the developer can make as high as $112,000 per year.

How Productive is Ruby On Rail Developer? 

Rails help you save time by allowing you to deliver more in a concise time due to its features. The third-party module is the best as you can use conveniently.

Db version and email framework are pre-solved in ruby on rails. Ruby on Rails is an interactive and convenient program language due to its simplified features.

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4. Swift

What Is Swift About, Exactly?

what is swift programming language about

Swift is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose program language.

Swift is a product of Apple company majorly for iOS, macOS, watches,tvOS, and Linux.

It was first developed in June 2014 and was ranked among the top ten programming languages by 2017.

This is a programming language designed by Apple to make programming more comfortable and fun to use.

The majorly for the development of Apple products and devices such as iOS, OSX, tvOS Apps, and WatchOS so as to replace C and Objective C.

It provides greater security, safety, and better performance.

Swift is open-source software that makes learning and implementation and usage by anyone more comfortable; since it is free and open to all developers worldwide.

Demand for Swift Developers

Swift is one of the most dynamic programming languages in high demands today. If you plan to be an App developer, it is worth learning.

The most popular freelance website reported that Swift is the fastest growing in demand in the marketplace. iOS developer is still in short supply, and there are needs for more developers to fill in the gap.

With over 7.5 billion mobile devices in use in the world today; iOS is the second most users used mobile platform across all countries and regions.

A lot of companies and business-minded individuals are focusing their strategies on positioning themselves for ease of reach in the marketplace.

The above are reasons why Swift-programming language is in demand heavily today because companies and individual are positioning their business to benefits from Apple’s customer base.

This is my top programming language and one of the Highest Paying Programming Jobs in the world.

Average Salary of Swift Developers

Swift developer salary varies from country to country, but the significant determiners are the level of job and expertise.

The average wage mostly is approximately $115, 301 yearly. This gives roughly $9608 per month.

How Productive is Swift Developer? 

Given the fact that Swift programming language is most recent, it uses syntax in a simplified version making it easier and learner-friendly.

With the current market trends, swift is among the most used program language in the world today considering the popularity of Apple devices.

5. Java

What Is Java About, Exactly?

java programming jobs home

James Gosling of Sun Microsystems originated java Programming language and released in 1995 as a Java platform.

Java is one of the most current programming languages is used today most especially as client-server web applications.

Java is class-based and, and it is referred to as a general-purpose computer programing language.

Because the application developer (programmers) will write Java once and when compiled, it can run on any Java Platform without recompilation.

Java is well known for its security features. Its demand for a programming language is mainly in Android (J2ME), Desktop applications (core JAVA-J2SE), Web Applications (J2EE).

The high demand for Java is primarily for a web application. Most banks and transaction sites use this programming language mainly for security purposes.

Demand for Java Developers

The demand for Java programming language is colossal today mainly because of its use for Android development.

According to the recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Java is third in demand of all the programming languages.

Java is claimed to be the second most embraced computer language in the world. It is in use by over 12 Million developers and runs on over 9 billion devices worldwide (User-based).

Most companies that are out to develop new products and services will need to engage a Java developer at least, and they are also needed to help the company system stay current.

Java developers are so much in demand today because of the following:

  • Android is a number of mobile devices and it heavily on Java developers.
  • Java has a meager rate of employment and many job vacancies
  • With the great backward compatibility of java, it can be run on any platform without the need for recompilations.
  • Java’s speed and robustness are compared to none; the speed is of devices is critical in the age.

Average Salary of Java Developer

According to the pay scale, the average salary for a starter developer is $47,169 per year.

The highest senior programmer earns an average of $95,000-124,000 per year.

How Productive is a Java Developer?

Java programming language is mainly accepted for its security features and timesaving manner.

Compared with other languages like python, java has got some edge regarding simplicity and learner-friendly.

For those clients in transaction businesses like banks, java is the way to go. The above is why Java is one of the Highest Paying Programming Jobs.

6. Structured Query Language (SQL)

What Is SQL About, Exactly?

sql developer jobs

Structured Query Language (SQL) was first developed in 1970.

It is a programming language designed for manipulation of database tables and its integration with the XML document standard.

Simply put, SQL is a programming language you use to manipulate and interact with the database.

SQL performs four significant operations such as Insert, Select, Update, and Delete.

It communicates and managing data and data structuring are contained in an (RDBMS) relational database management system. SQL provides a particular exchange and integration of data from different sources.

Data is everything in our day-to-day business; every business organization must collect and manages its data for effectiveness; hence the need for Structure Query Language.

Indeed SQL is a tool for retrieving and organizing information is stored in a relational database management system.

Demand for SQL Developers

Many believe that Structure Query Language development will always be in consecutive demand years to come.

Since data rule the world, major companies will still need queries of data to manage their information.

SQL has proven to be useful for such queries and data manipulations, and the good news is that there is yet to be any substitute to date.

SQL is pure, well known, and easy to use, and it is the most efficient way of writing queries.

Every company will need good Structure Query Language developers for the maintenance of their data and asset for efficient productivity and profitability.

To remain relevant as a developer to your organization, you will be required to develop SQL databases and must write great applications that will make handshakes with these databases.

And you will be required to work for a hand in hands with other employees or IT staff.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that Structure Query Language developer will remain a force in the industry for a long time to come.

SQL developers help database users, admin and the company as a whole simplify their jobs and eventually assist the end-users to get more done in a small time possible hence maximize profits.

Many companies are now using a database that has inbuilt SQL call MySQL; this is developed and distributed by Oracle.

It is open-source software that can be used by any company to suits its purpose, and it is for free.

MySQL is used for many applications, and it is majorly used on many web servers of great websites such as Google, Alcatel Lucent, and Facebook.

Average Salary of SQL Developer

The professionals working with SQL should expect an average salary of $25,000.
The rates will vary from sector to sector. The highest being those working in the banking sector.

How Productive is SQL Developer?

The time factor is well saved by the programmer using SQL as compared to the others.

SQL also improves the quality of coding thus deliver accurate estimates. Intelligence reports and databases are secure.

SQL is so very important to all industries and this is why it is one of the Highest Paying Programming Jobs.

7. C++

What Is C++ About, Exactly?

software developer jobs

C++ was a high-level programming language that was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup 1979 while he was at Bell Labs.

C++ is an enhanced version or an extension of C programming language.

It is regarded as the grandfather of all programming languages.

It is really hard to learn, if you can learn C++ then you can learn and know any programming language. That should give you comfort that you are not alone.

It grew by more than 21000 job postings in 2016. The demand for C++ is significant as a result of its performance and high power.

C++ is an object-oriented programming language, one of the main reasons why it is so much in high demand today because of its usage for graphical applications and mostly employed in MAC and Microsoft platforms.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standardized C++ 1998, and this was later review in 2003, 2007 and 2011 respectively to maintain the standardization.

Demand for C++ Developers

junior web developer jobs

Need for a C++ developer when it comes to job opportunities that are available depends on your current location or where you are ready to move.

There are a lot of multinational companies that require and looking for highly competent system engineer that knows their onion in C++.

C++ is best for predefined programming classes that can be used several times (since they are data type).

It is used for the creation of computer systems and system applications.

The developers are involved in more than just coding, they are engaged in gathering system requirements, and algorithms development and they ensure proper deployment is achieved.

C++ is heavily employed in most of the embedded system software engineering companies across the world.

It is also suitable for the development of applications for processing of film, music, and gaming and very popular in communication, health care finance, and many more industries.

Many programmers preferred C++ because of its interfaces with other programming languages and its high performance.

Your choice of a programming language depends on what you want to get done. C++ is a high performing programming language.

If you are knowledgeable in C++ then you can learn any other programming language, this is one of the most powerful language ever.

It is within position one to four years on the Tiobe Index Ranking. 

For instance, you don’t need C++ to develop just any website; but if you are looking at a site that must process two million tasks per minute, and then you can consider C++.

This is why C++ is employed in the backend of those giant websites such as Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Average Salary of C++ Developer

C++ earns an average salary of of$81000 for the National figure of the USA.

But the figure changes as some factors come into play for those senior developers and also depending on the institution of work.

Jobs for the C++ developer has been projected to grow by 32% in 2011 to 2021

How Productive is C++ Developer?

C++ is well known for being the most powerful and high-performance software. It is mainly used for building desktops and web apps.

What do you think of my article about the Highest Paying Programming Jobs?

8. Golang

This programming language was developed in 1970. It is mostly applied in production technologies. It was developed by Ken Thomson.

The main problem with Go is the way it magnifies the problem making it appear in multiples.

Average Salary

The average salary for the Golang developers in the US is $79,985 for the year. The salary scale changes depending on many factors coming into play.


Golang is a good language for both experts and learners because it is simple to interpret.

what are good side hustles

9. C#.

This programming language is the latest. It was initially developed for Microsoft.NET. It is currently used for non-windows machines.

The average salary scale for the developers of this program ranges from $65000-100000 per year. The salary scale according to the Payscale is a function of many factors.

The main advantage of C# 7.0 that was released recently are; pattern matching, local functions, and language support.

10. Kotlin

Kotlin uses compiler infrastructure. This programming language runs on a javascript developed by JetBrains.

Kotlin program language developers earn according to their job levels and expertise. But on average the developer makes about $65000-110000 per year.

Why you should switch to Kotlin is it’s 100% interoperable. The familiar syntax is not a weird language for many developers. It is also smarter and easy to read version.

11. PHP

Highest Paying Programming Jobs

This is the language designed for web developers. It was created by Rasmus 1994. Most of the syntax is coined from C, C++, and Java. The PHP interpreter processes typically PHP codes.

The average salary of developer ranges from $70,000-95000 per year in the United States.

PHB’s components are free to use thus making it very cheap. It is also easy to learn due to its codes C and C++embedded with HTML. It’s also very secure due to its layers.

Conclusion On Highest Paying Programming Jobs

Thanks for reading my Highest Paying Programming Jobs without a college degree?

You can learn anything you want and this includes these tops programming languages.

A lot of people have learned on there own and become a guru coding for money.

Programming languages and jobs are very paramount to modern society. Without computers, life will be very cumbersome for humanity.

Programming languages have evolved since its inception, and the evolution will keep on and on.

One program language cannot address all the problems. It is therefore very critical to have diverse languages that can bring solutions to different issues.

What do you think of my Highest Paying Programming Jobs? There are so many people employed directly or indirectly through the invention of the computer’s system today.

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      Thanks for visiting my site. Many people like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Anna Wintour, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, and Michael Dell did not graduate from college and they became rich and famous.

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      A simple answer is this. College degree means little these days.



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