Can You Really Get Paid To Watch Netflix (Pure Waste Of Time)

Do I Recommend Netflix?

You want to get paid to watch Netflix? Everything is about how to take advantage of any opportunity. How can you leverage on Netflix? Can You make money watching Netflix? Is this claim real?

If you’re looking for a way to stream your favorite TV shows or wish to watch some top quality films in the comfort of your home or your office via the internet, then Netflix is undoubtedly the best option for you.

The renowned streaming platform is highly recommended as perhaps the cheapest entertainment streaming service on the internet.

With subscription rates that are far more affordable than most conventional cable services, Netflix has become the number one video content provider with its services available to users scattered across the globe.

You will be reading a full review of Netflix and most important, you will be watching a YouTube review of how you can really make money with Netflix. You will then decide if this is for your or not. Bu first thing first.

What is Netflix About, Exactly?

Netflix was founded in 1997 with its core business focus back then being the sales and renting of DVDs. The company, which was started by owners, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, soon expanded to the streaming business in 2007 and almost immediately became a trendy name on the internet.

Netflix’s main services now center on the streaming of popular TV series as well as movies. The company though joined the video content production business in 2012 and had since produced numerous original TV series as well as film.

The company’s internet platform primarily functions by granting you access to its variety of video content at an affordable cost. It eliminates the need to subscribe to the services of cable network providers who often charge exorbitant fees for access to programmes they have the rights to show.

Under the brand, Netflix Original, the company has also created and produced many original content that has gone on to become hit TV shows and films with over 120 movies and TV series to its credit so far.

The main benefit of Netflix is, of course, the ease with which you can have access to all your favorite programmes. With just internet access, and without the need to install a satellite dish or a cable box, you can begin streaming different TV shows and movies, depending on what you fancy.

The streaming service also allows you to enjoy the whole TV show at a go, a habit popularly known as binge watching.

Another significant benefit of Netflix is its easy adoption by various viewing devices with Smart TVs, computers, laptops, and even smartphones all capable of viewing content via the company’s web platform.

Netflix can be accessed in most countries except Syria, China, and North Korea, and the company is headquartered in California, USA.


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What Does Netflix Sell or Promote?

Netflix’s primary business is the delivery of a streaming service, though the company also has subsidiaries that venture into various forms of video content services.

Another outstanding service offered by Netflix is the DVD sales and rental assistance, which was, in fact, its pioneering service.

Cost of Joining Netflix

Netflix offers three types of account depending on the financial buoyancy of the user with its basic package accessible at a rate of $7.99 monthly.

The other packages, which offer more viewing options, can be accessed with $10.99 and $13.99.

Is Netflix A Scam?

Netflix is not a scam. Netflix is purely a service provider and doesn’t offer any business opportunity to anyone looking to earn an income.

Though the company does have an affiliate programme for those familiar with the marketing practice, it isn’t renowned or as famous as affiliate marketing schemes from E-commerce giant, Amazon as well as the search engine platform, Google.

So if what you’re looking for is an avenue to earn a substantial amount of money, then Netflix isn’t the solution you seek.

What is Good About Netflix

  • It allows its users to have access to an incredible line-up of TV shows and films via the internet
  • It is quite affordable when compared to conventional cable services
  • It allows you to watch all episodes of your favorite TV shows at a go
  • It has an affiliate programme if you wish to earn some extra money.

What Are The Issues with Netflix?

Some countries are blocked from viewing particular TV shows and films. But a lot of viewers can still view Netflix through the back door using Private Virtual Networks.

PVN will help anyone from any country or region to watch Netflix without restriction.


Who is Netflix For?

Netflix is primarily for web users who want to consume video content like films and TV shows on their internet device without having to install any infrastructure.

It is the best option for anyone that wants to consistently consume video content on any viewing device and at any location.

How to Make Money With Netflix

The only way Netflix can be used to earn some revenue is through its affiliate programme, which isn’t much revered.

How Does Netflix Pay Its Members

Since Netflix is a company that purely engages service delivery, it doesn’t offer any financial reward to its users.

The only way users can attempt to make some money from the product is to participate in its affiliate programme.

Is There an Alternative Netflix?

If you want an alternative to the streaming service by the service it offers, then Hulu is undoubtedly one of the best options available.

If what you want is a similar affiliate programme that is far more lucrative, then Amazon and Google affiliate should be the ones you should consider.

Public Opinion of Netflix

Netflix is regarded as the best video streaming service available, and it is generally praised as a reliable option for internet users that wish to consume films and TV series online.

Making Money Watching Netflix | YouTube

My Final Opinion On Netflix

What do you think? Can you really get paid to watch Netflix? Netflix should never be considered an online money making tool just because it is not.

You can actually make money online with your own website, showcasing various latest movies and at the same time promoting Netflix subscription for money. You can learn the art of blogging for money through Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate training platform simplified the process of blogging. You will be thought how to turn your passion and hobbies into a thriving business online.

It is a legit business that utilizes the power of internet connectivity to deliver entertainment to the digital screens of millions of users.

As a streaming service, Netflix is second to none, but as an income generator, it is indeed not an option for you. You can not get paid for watching Netflix, not now may be in the future.

Are you getting paid for watching Netflix? Do me a big favor by dropping your comment on how you are leverage on Netflix, how can you take advantage of this great movie streaming platform? I will be glad to revert to your question or comments.

Netflix At A Glance

Name: Netflix


Price: $7.99 per month

Owners: Reed Hastings and Marc Randolphwhat is netflix affiliate about

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  1. A friend of mine mentioned making money simply by watching things on Netflix but I never heard of such a thing. I started doing some research and it is legit. It just sounds like it would take a lot of effort and time to make anything worth going to the bank over. I am looking for work I can do with only a few hours a day to spare so this isn’t for me. I will spread the word though!

    • Dear Jess,

      Thanks for raiding my Netflix review. I also appreciate you for taken your time to drop your comment.

      Truth be told, you can not make a dine watching Netflix. The best way to make money with Netflix is to become a blogger and start review Netflix movies.

      There are great audience for this niche I. E. Movies. All you need doing is to be review latest movies on your platform. And start recommending those great movies to your audience.

      As soon as they following your affiliate link to any of those movies streaming sites such as ITunes, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube etc.

      You can always earn a commission for every subscription you revert.

      This is the best way to earn money with Netflix.

      What do you think? Thank again for reading my review of Netflix streaming services.



  2. Netflix has always been about relaxing, watching shows and movies. It was never about making money online and I don’t think it will ever be. Netflix is a way to unwind. There are many other ways to make money that actually work.


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