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Is SurveySay Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my SurveySay review. Can you make money with SurveySay? Is SurveySay legit, safe, or another scam survey site? 

It is great you are here to research Survey Say. While researching an online program, I discovered how to transform my skills, passion, and business demands into making money online. 


That was what lead to this website today that is now making me a full-time income online

Know that I am here to give you the full details of how Survey Say works; therefore, expect an unbiased review of Survey Say.

Please read on. 

Estimated reading time: 17 minutes

is SurveySay legit, safe, or a scam

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Product Name: SurveySay
Founder: Andrew Mirsky
Price: Free
Rating: 36%
Recommended: No {Check Out My #1 Recommendation }

Summary of SurveySay Review

This is a website that provides a platform for you to join and make money with a list of other survey sites. 

You don’t get to make money directly from Survey Say, but you make money from other survey sites they refer and link you to. 

Also, you may ask how is Survey Say making money? You will get answers to that question within the body of this article. 

Is SurveySay sites legit, safe, or a scam? Can you make money with SurveySay? 

This is my take about Survey Say. 

SurveySay is safe, legit, and not a scam. 

There is a but!

You can not make enough money with any survey site they link you to.

Taken an online survey can be a waste of time; this is my personal opinion. 

Why do I conclude that? Because you will make nothing or pennies at the end of wasting hours online. 

My Recommendations

You can channel your efforts and time into building your own profitable online business

You can copy the business model of the Survey Say site.

The survey has a pool of survey sites that they have a business deal with, and they link you up to those websites without charging a dine.

But, do you know how SurveySay makes money off you? 

Those survey sites they link you with are paying Survey Say at the backend; they earn commission on every one of your activities on any survey website they connect you with.

It is called affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing will help you earn from selling goods, products, and services of other companies. 

That is how I make money with this website, “”

Survey Say will earn affiliate commission on every task you do on any site they send you to; you went to those websites via Survey Say affiliates links. 

You can also learn how affiliate marketing works. 

Start this affiliate marketing certification training now. There are ten lessons for level-1, which is FREE for you. There are no credit cards that are needed for you to join. Learn more here.  

What is SurveySay?

SurveySay is owned and managed by Varsity Plaza, LLC Overview. Varsity Plaza, LLC is a corporate entity in the United States of American. 

This company was filled as a “Foreign Limited Liability “in Florida on July 5, 2017. They do not imply that they are from outside the USA ( A corporate filing is named a foreign filing). 

This is a survey site but in a different way than you know a typical survey site for. Survey Say will help you make money via a survey by referring you to another survey site.

It is like an affiliate marketing site.  

They will direct you to a list of trusted survey companies as soon as you sign up. 

The site does not produce their survey, but they instead connect you to several other and trusted survey sites. 

They have a partnership agreement with many research companies looking for people and consumers with unique qualifications to take their surveys based on specific demographics as required by their clients.  

What do you think about my SurveySay review? Can you make money with SurveySay? Is SurveySay safe, legit, or a scam? 

Who Can Join Survey Say

Survey Say is not a survey site like all known survey websites. 

This website is a survey aggregator, i.e., they have pools of survey research companies that will suit you according to your location and region. 

For you to have access to the list of survey research companies, all you need to do is to input your details as follows: 

Your Date of Birth, Sex (Male or Female), and then join. 

As soon as you click to join, the website will search their database for available surveys to recognize your location and country of origin. 

Survey Say will present you with a list of survey sites available to you for subscriptions. 

The third-party survey sites can then subject you to screening requirements before you can start working for them. 

What do you think of my SurveySay review? Is SurveySay legit, safe, or a scam by acting as a middleman to many survey sites? 

Can you make money with SurveySay? 

How to Make Money with SurveySay?

You will need to sign up with SurveySay first. After your sign-up, you can then join as many survey sites as possible.

Know that the site does not directly give out surveys to its users; instead, they direct you to their partners, research companies, and other survey sites. 

You will need to sign up with as many as you can; the more you sign up with, the more surveys you will have the opportunity to attempt.

Some top survey sites with a partnership with Survey Say is: 

  1. Opinion Outpost, 
  2. GlobalTestMarket , 
  3. Toluna, 
  4. MySurvey, and 
  5. I-Say

Those survey sites and research companies that accept you will be sending you the survey via your email address. 

You will not be qualified for all the surveys; you will only be sent surveys compatible with your profiles and demographic. 

It is why you need to be thorough and detail with your complete profile at the points of registration on the SurveySay third-party websites (I.e., survey and other research companies).

How Much Can You Make with SurveySay? 

The amount of money you make on the SurveySay platform depends on the number of surveys you have access to take daily.

Most of the survey sites will reward you with points. You can then convert your reward points to either cash or gift cards. 

The conversion process and the cash-out limits depend on the policy of each of the survey sites. 

But know that you get separately by each survey and research company according to the number of surveys you completed on each platform.

What do you think of my SurveySay review? Do you think you can make money with SurveySay?

Is SurveySay legit, safe, or another scam?

How Does SurveySay Work?

SurveySay is not like every other survey site. 

How is that? The site will not assign your surveys directly as a user’s because it does not produce their surveys. 

Instead, they have pools of survey research companies they will link you up with to get assign with the third-party surveys while you make money.

How does SurveySay make money then? SurveySay makes money via commission from their third-party survey sites. 

They already have business deals and commission rates for every user they connect to other platforms. 

So, How Does SurveySay Work for Users? 

When a SurveySay user o signs up, you will relate to the list of other survey research companies. 

You will need to sign up with each of these survey companies. 

Ensure you sign up with your full details and profiles because these research companies will use your profiles and demographics to assign you a survey you qualify for. 

The qualifications for the survey you get assigned are measure by the detail of the information you enter during your sign-up process. 

That is what is used to classify the demographics of survey takers. 

Because you will be dealing with different survey research companies, you should know that they have another reward system with different payment limits and cash-out options. 

Some research survey sites are age, gender specifics. Some others can even mandate you to take part in a focus group. You are also limited to the number of surveys you get assigned to, maybe twice weekly.

You should also know that it is not all survey sites that will pay you cash. Some will only reward you with only a gift card.

But, on average, each survey will earn you like $0.5. If you can do like five surveys daily on your selected survey sites, you can be earning roughly $75 monthly.

Each survey can take between 15 to 30 minutes to conclude; the amount you make is proportional to the number of surveys you have the time to take.

How to Sign Up for SurveySay

how to make money with SurveySay

 SurveySay is not a full-fledged survey site. 

Instead, it is a survey aggregator website. You can call it a survey affiliate site. 

How do you sign up for Survey Say? There is no need to sign up. 

Please visit the website and input your Date of birth, gender, i.e., male or female, and then join. 

The site will then search within their database and sign your list of survey research companies that can work with you considering your locations and country of origin. 

Each of Survey Say’s partners will then subject you to the requirements and conditions required to work with them. 

How Much Does SurveySay Cost?

It cost nothing to join the SurveySay website. 

Note that SurveySay is not a full survey site that can assign you surveys. This site has a pool of survey sites that they can link you to. 

You can then visit any of the survey sites that suit you. 

Joining SurveySay is free and at no extra cost to you. 

How to Redeem Points with SurveySay?

What is the payment method on the SurveySay website? 

SurveySay will not pay you directly.  

SurveySay will assign and connect you to a pool of survey sites that you can work with you. 

The SurveySay partners and research companies will subject you to their payment methods. 

As soon as you decide on which of the SurveySay partners you are ready to work with, you can then be subject to how each of them redeems their points. 

Below is the list of top survey sites that you can work with and the payment methods:

Toluna Survey

You can get paid with checks and gift cards.


MySurvey payout methods are gift cards, cash via PayPal, or direct deposits. 


You will get paid via direct deposits and gift cards. 

Opinion Outpost 

You can get paid via PayPal and Gift cards on the Opinion Outpost platform.


This survey site will pay you via check and PayPal.

What Is Good About SurveySay

It Is FREE to Use

There is no payment to start with SurveySay. 

Legit Pool of Survey Sites 

The pools of survey sites that SurveySay already partnered with are legitimate.  

You can not be wrong and get scam by those individual companies. 

SurveySay Complaints

Though SurveySay is legit, safe, and not a scam. 

But there are many complaints about this survey aggregator company.

It is a must-read if you are serious about making money with SurveySay:

Problem with Payout on SurveySay

Many claims and complaints online that they get their payout declined after working for a long time.

It can be a long while to get paid and to get to the payout threshold. It depends on the survey sites you partner with on the SurveySay platform. 

Note that SurveySay has nothing to do with your payout. 

The individual survey site connects you to pay you separately by accumulating your points to the threshold limit. 

It is a common problem with online surveys; maybe you decline your cash out because you went against the company policy. 

Or you might have violated some terms and conditions of the third-party survey site.

SurveySay Is Not Rates or Accredited By BBB

Before starting with any survey sites, the first thing you look out for is to check out the Better Business Bureau review.

There is no BBB review of SurveySay. 

Usually, you can know and see instant complaints about any company on their BBB files. 

What do you think of my SurveySay review? Do you feel that SurveySay is legit, safe, or a scam? 

Can you make money with SurveySay many survey partners?  

Note: Varsityplaza LLC is the owner of SurveySay, and it is listed and rated on the BBB file. You will see the rating in the body of this article.

A Lot of Spam Mail

You should expect a lot of Spam mail if you join and start working with SurveySay via their many survey partners. 

Because the website does not directly assign out the survey, but they connect you with survey research companies. 

There are complaints online that you will get spam mail from several of their partners. 

One way to avoid this is to open a new email address for SurveySay online jobs

SurveySay is Not Available Worldwide 

This is logical. 

Don’t forget that SurveySay is an aggregator of pools of survey sites. 

SurveySay on their own will not even collect your email address. They will only take your Date of birth and your gender. 

But it gets interesting. Most of the SurveySay partners are not available worldwide. 

Therefore, indirectly. The SurveySay is not available to all continents and countries of the world. 

You Can Not Quit Your Job

SurveySay will not help you to quit your full-time jobs. However, you have access to join many survey companies via SurveySay.

You can only earn pennies. It will be tough to make $100 max monthly with any of the survey sites they will link you up with.

Maybe aggregating them together can sum up to something for you at the end of the day.

You can channel your effort and start affiliate marketing. You can be making over $3,000 monthly after six months of work on your website. Learn more here. 

Sign Up without Surveys

Some of the survey sites you will be connected to by SurveySay will allow you to sign up with all your details.

Mostly it is after your sign-up; you will be told your countries are not allowed.

They are used to trading your information with research companies. 

Note: This is has nothing to do directly with SurveySay but the survey site they connect you with. 

What Is the Payout Threshold of SurveySay?

It is a common question everywhere online.

Please know that SurveySay does not control your earnings. They have nothing to do with the points you accumulate. 

Why is that?

SurveySay is an aggregator of survey sites and research companies. They will connect you to those companies and then hand off.

The individual survey sites and research companies you deal with directly will determine when you get paid.

Mostly you accumulate your points until it reaches certain thresholds as regards individual partners of the SurveySay platform. 

Therefore, SurveySay does not pay you, nor do they have any control over your payout thresholds. 

SurveySay Customer Service And Support

SurveySay has nothing to support. 

They have nothing to do with you. The job of SurveySay is to connect you with websites and survey and research companies that they partner with. 

They are the middle man to several survey companies. 

But how does SurveySay makes money? See how in the body of this article. 

How SurveySay Make Money 

Will you like to know how SurveySay makes money with its business model?

SurveySay is an aggregator of survey websites and research companies. 

SurveySay has pools of survey and research companies to link you to if you are interested in answering online surveys. 

With the business model of SurveySay, they will have nothing to do with you after connecting and link you to various survey sites you are qualified for. 

No need for customer services because there is no issue to resolve, hence no need to chase BBB for rating and accreditation. 

So, how do SurveySay make money?

SurveySay will earn a commission for sending members to take surveys on other platforms. 

It is just like an affiliate marketing website like mine (Amazing Profits Online). I make money from hundreds of sites I refer my audience to. 

SurveySay will earn a commission of all your activities and earnings on their partner’s websites. 

Affiliate commission has a percentage of the amount you can earn for every referal. In this case, the site can serve as a high percentage commission for their referrals to surveys sites. 

The good news is that you can also replicate such a business model right now. See this free training on affiliate marketing by Wealthy Affiliate. 

I learned everything I display on this website through the company. Please try it out.

Varsity Plaza, LLC The Owner of Survey Say

Varsity Plaza, LLC is the owner of Survey say Com Panel with the following details:

Survey Say Internation Registration Number: 77931351
Holder Name: Varsityplaza LLC
Holder Address: Suite 330 44095 Pipeline Plaza, Ashburn, VA, 20147
Correspondent Name: Andrew Mirsky
Correspondent Address: Mirsky & Company, PLLC Suite 313 2301 N Street, NW Washington DC 20037
Registration Date: 2011-04-26
Goods and Services Classifications: 35 (Online marketing research company related to consumer products and services).

Varsity Plaza, LLC is BBB rated with A+ with the following details and information:

Contact Information: 44095 Pipeline Plz Ste 330 Ashburn, VA, 20147-7518 United States
Phone contact: (800) 280-4947/ (703) 722-9940.

Alternate Business Names includes: Big Spot and Offer Wise

Why all these researches about Survey Say?

It is to prove to you that Survey Say is legit, safe, and not a scam survey aggregator company. 

And this information about Survey Say Will helps anyone contact the owner directly if there is a need to do that. 

SurveySay BBB Review Rating

SurveySay is not BBB rated nor accredited. 

What does this imply? 

Is SurveySay legit, safe, or a scam? Since it is not recognized by BBB yet.

As of the time of writing this review, Survey Say is not on the BBB file. 

The rating and accreditation of any company by BBB is a pointer to how the company is taken care of its customer service and complaint resolution.

I can guess why the management of the site is not worried is because they are not directly dealing with customers, and they have no problem nor compliant to resolve with you.

But, Varsityplaza LLC, the owner of SurveySay, is on the BBB file. 

Varsityplaza LLC is rated A+ on the BBB website. But it is not accredited yet as at the time of this review. 

Is SurveySay Safe, Legit, or a Scam?

SurveySay is safe, legit, and not a scam.

Though there are many complaints about Survey Say, the company is legitimate but with low customer resolution services.

Would I take the survey via Survey Say? No, doing an online survey is not for me. It is a waste of time and resources. 

That does not make SurveySay a scam; it is legit and very safe. 

SurveySay will link you up to pools of legitimate survey sites so that you can start making money. 

How does SurveySay make money? They make a commission on every transaction you do on those third-party survey and research companies.

What do you think of my SurveySay review? Can you make money with SurveySay?

what are good side hustles

Is SurveySay legit, safe, or a scam? I love to know your take, please.

Survey Sites Like SurveySay 

Below are survey sites like SurveySay:

Is SurveySay Worth It?

Thanks for reading my SurveySay review. Do you think you can now make money with SurveySay? Is SurveySay legit, safe, or a scam? 

What do you think of Survey Say? 

Is SurveySay legitimate with the business model and how they refer members to other sites to take surveys?

Is SurveySay worthy of it? 

This is my personal opinion. In terms of the business model, it is a perfect and brilliant one. 

This website is a research and survey aggregator website, where they have pools of survey websites that 

they link and connect their members to take an online survey.

All they do is earn a commission for every activity of their members on several survey sites. They are using the affiliate marketing business model.

You can start this business here; see free affiliate marketing training. 

As a member, can you make money to take a survey via SurveySay? Yes. 

You will make extra money, but not a full-time income. If you are serious and work very well with those many survey sites, you can make $75 monthly.

Surveys consume time; that is why I call it a waste of time. 

Suppose you are lucky to get five surveys daily from Survey Say many reputation sites. Each survey should earn you $0.5 at less than 30 minutes for each. 

What do you think of my SurveySay review? Can you make money with SurveySay? 

Is SurveySay legit, safe, or a scam?

What is your take?

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