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Toluna Influencers Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Toluna Influencers review. Are you here to know if you can make money with Toluna Influencers surveys. But is Toluna Influencer legit or scam?

It is good to be doing your research on how to make money with Toluna Influencer. This is how you will discover legitimate online business and avoid many scams.


Well, I am in no way affiliated to Toluna Influencer surveys; so, please expect an objective and unbiased review of Toluna Influencer from me.

You will learn everything about the Toluna Influencer survey in this article.

Please read on.

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toluna influencers review

Toluna Influencer at a Glance

Year Founded: June 2000
Product Name: Toluna Influencers
Founder: Frédéric-Charles Petit
Head Office: Vincennes France
Price: Free
Rating: 35%
Recommended: No { Check Out My #1 Recommended Online Business}

Summary of Toluna Influencers Review

Toluna Influencer is a legitimate survey panel of global repute.

It covers a lot of countries and offers different earning and payment options.

It can take some days to get your payment in some countries, and you also need to gather a lot of points before cashing out.

That said. You can not make a full-time income with any survey site. You can only make money with Toluna Influencers surveys.

But, how much can you make with Toluna Influencers surveys?

Toluna Influencers survey will take you between 25 to 45 minutes to concludes. You will earn an average of between 1,500 reward points to 3,000 points per survey.

Three thousand rewards points are equivalent to $1 (3,000 points = $1 ). You will have to accumulate your points to 60,000 reward points to cash out via PayPal or through various online gift cards.

You don’t just get qualify to take surveys on Toluna Influencers platforms; each survey assigns to you must be relevant to the demography as required by the research company.

If you are lucky, you may get up to three surveys in a week.

Therefore you may not be able to make up to $10 in a week. Let assume you are lucky you can not make more than $60 monthly with Toluna Influencers surveys.

How to Make Money In 21st Century

In my personal opinion, an online survey is a waste of time because you can channel your time and energy into doing something rewarding and profitable.

  • You can not earn a residual income with an online survey.
  • It is not a life-changing activity.
  • The survey will only earn pennies daily.
  • It will not lead you to your financial freedom
  • You have to be taken survey make the daily pennies

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What do you think of my Toluna Influencers review? Do you think you can still make money with Toluna Influencers surveys?

What is Toluna Influencer?

Now known as Toluna Influencer, the company changed its name officially from Toluna in 2018. The company provides on-demand insights to marketers.

It connects brands to consumers’ insights in real-time through the surveys on its platform.

In return for their insightful data, members get rewards in reward points that can be cash out via cash (PayPal) and gift cards.

With over 21 million members located in 68 countries/regions Toluna is aiming for a global audience.
The company also has offices in 24 markets, including Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and the Middle East.

Its headquarters is in VincennesÎle-de-France, Paris.

Founded by Frédéric-Charles Petit, who is also the CEO in March 2000, Toluna has expanded from a single panel community to a global company.

How Much Does Toluna Cost?

The platform is free to join.

It will cost you nothing to join Toluna and participate in all the offerings the platform has.

However, you must create an account with the site and submit your detailed information before you can begin earning.

Who Is Toluna Influencer Surveys For?

Toluna Influencer Surveys accept members globally.

Then Toluna Influencer is for you. If you also have some time to spare answering surveys online, later, you can try Toluna.

You can become a member of Toluna from age 14 or older; however, if you are below 18 years of age.

Then, your legal guardian will receive your reward on your behalf.

The platform is also open to companies and brands that need to get feedback from their consumers.

How to Make Money with Toluna Influencers Surveys

Toluna utilizes a point system, and members are rewarded with points for completing surveys.

The rewards are also based on how long the survey took to get completed. You will get a survey notification via your email, and you can decide to participate or not.

Before you can begin earning, you will need to sign up, and you can easily do that via your Facebook profile or email address.

You will need to input your personal and contact information, demographic employment and household information, etc.

Asides survey’s, here are some micro-tasks you can carry out on Toluna to earn an income:

Product Testing

Sometimes you might get selected to participate in product testing.

After testing the product, you send feedback to Toluna and even get to keep the product sometimes.

Usually, there is one product per week; however, there are a limited number of products to test, which may not be available in your country.

You will have to register by clicking on the Test button, and the testers will be selected randomly.

Content Creation

Toluna Influencers survey site consists of community members; you can create content and interact with each other.

The contents are called battles, polls, and topics or discussions. You can earn as much as 1,000 points for creating content.

You can get as much as 15 points for taking a sponsored poll. These polls are about specific topics, also called quick.

It will take some seconds to complete, and you can find them in the news stream and recommended section.

Daily Game

You can make extra points on Toluna by participating in the Toluna Fortune Wheel, which is a daily game and takes just a few seconds.

Asides the Toluna Wheel, there are other small games you can participate in depending on your country.

There are other ways to earn on Toluna, such as receiving surveys via SMS.

You can also pay attention to the Toluna blog as news about surveys can be dropped on the blog from time to time.

How Much Can You Make with Toluna Influencer?

On the official website, Toluna Influencer promises that you can make between 15–50,000 points depending on the surveys you take.

The problem is that you only get survey assigned to you according to your demographic; you may not get more than three surveys in a week.

Three thousand (i.e., 3.000 ) reward points make $1, and I found out that most of the surveys paid between 1,000–1,500 points, and you also get a bonus of 500 points for registration.

This means to earn up to $5; you need 15,000 points.

If you work smart, you can make $10 weekly to earn you less than $70 in 30 days.

Toluna Influencer Support and Customer Service

Support differs from country to country.

Toluna, many are equipped with different support staff in each country that attends to users in their local language.

There is also a FAQ section that you can browse through, which answers a lot of questions.

You can also fill a form with your email and complaints here, and Toluna will get back to you.

Toluna Influencer Payment Methods

Converting your points to cash doesn’t take time on Toluna.

You just need to convert your reward points into cash.

You can only withdraw up to $20. So, 60,000 points are equivalent to $20.

Entry to sweepstakes is available, and you can earn as much as $500 and above, and they cost about 500 to 1000 points; you can also get Gifties, which range from 50 to 800 points.

And other gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon, Tesco, iTunes, etc.

You can decide to receive your payments via e-vouchers and PayPal.

What is I Like About Toluna Influencer

There is a lot of money-making options on Toluna asides surveys.

  • Also, they offer you the right amount of surveys so you can hit your required points.
  • Toluna has an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This rating helps build credibility around the organization and helps reassure users.
  • Toluna has a wider geographical reach.
  • Unlike a lot of surveys, you can find Toluna in a lot of countries and local languages.You can get paid via sweepstakes, e-vouchers, and PayPal.

Issues With Toluna Influencer

  • One of the problems I have with Toluna is the PayPal redemption rate. It was unusually high.
  • Payment is also slightly slow in some countries.
  • The points for a survey might increase, and you will get kicked out before completing the survey.

Online Opinions of Toluna Influencer

One Australian based user complained that when the sites go down, they still get daily surveys, and after completion, they screen them out, and their emails go unanswered.

Some other users had VPN related issues and complained that they kept getting screened out of Toluna.

Another user claimed that she just joined Toluna a few months back and had cashed out twice without having to wait long.

Survey Sites Like Toluna Influencers

Below are legitimate surveys sites like Toluna Influencers:

Toluna Influencers Review BBB Rating

Toluna Influencers Better Business Bureau rating is “A+.” This survey research company got its accreditation on the 24th of September 1996.

The BBB’s accreditation is an endorsement that this survey research company has put system a tool in place to always resolve customer complaints as at when dues.

As at the time of this review, Toluna has 26 total complaints in the past three years, and they have closed seven charges in the last year.

how to make money with Toluna Influencers surveys

Note that there is a difference between BBB rating and the accreditation.

Rating is a measure of how fast a company is resolving its customer issues, complaints, and disputes.

Accreditation is when a company has met the standard of putting structure in place to always take care of customer issues and complaints. What do you think of my Toluna Influencers review?

Is Toluna Influencers Legit Or Scam?

Well, we cannot classify Toluna as a scam. It is a legit paying survey panel. The survey panne has been around for a long time.

The survey’s problem is that you can not make a full-time income, and it is not residua in nature. You have to take surveys to accumulate the reward points.

You can not make money while you sleep while working on a survey site.

Although it is a bit slow in paying out in some countries, you can get a faster payout if you start using it regularly.

Be rest assure that you will get your money notwithstanding the delay.

Toluna also has different payment options, and if PayPal does not list your country, you can cash out via gift cards.

Is Toluna Influencers worth It?

Thanks for reading my Toluna Influencers review. Can you now make money with Toluna Influencers surveys? Is Toluna Influencers legit or a scam?

what are good side hustles

What do you think about Toluna Influencers Surveys?

Surveys can be interesting to participate in and even bring you a few cash. However, it can be time-consuming and pay so little.

Toluna is a pretty decent site and is available in a lot of countries and worth a try. However, Toluna is a fun website to try, but, like all the survey websites, you cannot expect to get rich out of it.

If you want to make an income with Toluna, you will have to try your hands out with more than one survey.

What do you think of my Toluna Influencers review? Is Toluna Influencers legit or a Scam? Can you make money with Toluna Influencers surveys now?

You can check out my #1 recommended way to make you money online even while you are sleeping.

It is demanding and requires a lot of work, but at the end of the day, you can make a full-time income.

What do you think? Please drop me a line in my comment area of what you think about Toluna Influencers’ survey panel. Learn more about Toluna Influencers surveys on Wikipedia.

Is toluna influencers Legit or scam

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  1. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it ha been of help to me. For me, I think this brand is a nice brand but I think it’s a total waste of time as it would take a hell of time to get up 60,000 points

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    Toluna Influencers is new to me so it’s helpful that you explained everything that was on offer. There does appear to be more than just surveys.

    The product testing sounds particulary appealing. Could you please give me examples of some of the products they offer for testing?

    Thanks for pointing out that you won’t make a full time salary on this as too often survey sites can sound more profitable than they are.

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    1. Thanks for reading my Toluna Influencers review. It is all about how to make money online with Toluna Influencers. 

      Toluna Influencers is a survey panel websites that can help you to make extra money online. It is just like

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