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13 thoughts on “Is CashCrate Legit and Safe? Can You Make Money with Cash Crate?”

  1. Thank you for your review about CashCrate. I think making money with survey sites is only worth a little, albeit still fun to try. If they have closed down their site and turned it into a forum, then is there any way to make money again using their forum? Do you have other recommendation for similar site? Thanks for your answer 

    • Thanks for reading my CashCrate Review. 

      You can still access the current forum and pick some ideal that will help you grow you online business. Ideas on CashCrate forum will be greatly useful. 



  2. Years ago I spent a considerable amount of time on several of these sites that offer small amounts of money in return for completing surveys or doing other small tasks. I found most of them did pay out but the time it takes to actually accumulate any real money is not worth the return. 

    I am curious as to why CashCrate requires the first payment to be made in check form. It seems to me paying in check form would be a higher expense for the company, not to mention it would require more time and manpower on their end. At any rate, even though CashCrate and others like it might offer their patrons real money for their efforts, it appears there are far better ways to spend time and energy to earn income online. Thank you for sharing other options!

  3. Hello cash crate is real. I’ve been a daily user of CashCrate for some months. I’m loving it. It’s really useful to me and absolutely a legitimate way to earn extra money. I’ve always been paid correctly and on time, sometimes by check or PayPal. The interface is beautifully laid-out and intuitive to use. the manager always answers all queries quickly. Thank you for creating this review. 

  4. I encouraged anyone who is interested in earning side income to join CashCrate. Lots of good surveys daily, bonus surveys, monthly competitions where top finishers earn extra cash. Although In June 2017, Cash Crate suffered a data breach and I was affected. Of course, the actual product works, but be careful folks. I believe something has been done about the loop hole and the breach. Thanks

  5. Historic review or not, it’s still good to have this kind of information available. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites very similar to this and they don’t deliver what they promise you. By that I mean that the onus is always on the simplicity of the tasks. Just a few surveys and you could be making money. When you work it out on an hourly rate, it’s very, very low.

    They also don’t tell you that you can work your way through most of a survey only to be told that you’re not eligible, then the survey shuts down and you get nothing. You would be far better off doing as you suggest and building your own online business. Create something that gives value to those who visit and you’ll be on your way to having a successful, proftiable business.

  6. Again, thank you for the awesome post!  This is something my wife is interested in because she is a stay at home mom, and does surveys on Mturk. This could be another site she can go on the make a little more money on, especially since there are not many surveys on Mturk on the weekend. Thank you!

  7. Hello! I was really interested in this article and want to thank you for giving me all the information I would need to get started and know what to expect. I’ve been doing surveys on other websites similar to this one. I’ve found they take a long time to build up a nice balance and realize this should only be for extra income. I’ll get started right away!

    • Dear Tina,

      Thanks for reading my Cashcrate review. I appreciate your time and for dropping your comment.

      The truth is that you can not make good money with Cashcrate or any survey site for that matter.

      Working and depending on survey site for your livelyhood is a dangerous business.

      You can make more that $5 in an hours on Cashcrate and that is not open to many people.

      The best way to make money online is to start adding value to people.

      Yiu just need to identify what you love and use it to help people around the world. There are many people that are ready to pay for you know. They are search for it every day online.

      If you can build up a business in that area you are good. You can start making a full time income in no time.

      Thanks again for r da ding this article about Cashcrate.



  8. Dear John,

    Nice writeup…glad to come across this website. Although it is user-friendly and simple to use but to get your first payment is time-consuming.
    Concerning the referrals, the percentage earn accorded is a plus.
    This write-up is great, giving a detailed insight about CashCrate.


  9. It seemed like you had a lot of positives about this Apps.

    I was surprised that you only rated it 51 percent, could you explain this rating a little bit more or what else it could have done to be better?

    What other ways can I make more money online aside from CashCrate?

    Please revert


    • Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with CashCrate. I can assure you that CashCrate May Earn you money but it will be a peanut.

      Do you want to make real money online? You will need your online business. Your own personal business with your platform. No other platform can really make you money like your own.

      Thanks again fir visiting my website.



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