6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Taking Surveys Online

  1. tony

    Many thanks sir,
    I really appreciate your reply
    What I need now is just the survey that I can earn little by little. So that I
    Can you please give me any survey link that I can start little with?
    The one Nigerian can participate

    1. John Post author

      Thank you Tony, for now most surveys for third world countries are not rewarding; you may not be able to earn money for a living. The only lucrative surveys are the paid surveys that you can still participate. You can participate in any survey without restriction by using VPN(Virtual Private Network); You will need to subscribe to any of the top 5 stated in the article.

      However, you may not be able to make much money attempting surveys online. Why don’t you consider been a freelancer. See how you can make money online writing for a living. You are sure of making more than $50 daily writing articles for people online.

      I hope i could help you?


  2. Tony

    Hi john
    compliment of the season
    sir am from Nigeria, please i need a true survey company that i can earn money online.
    the ones that accept Nigerian, and subscription is free.

    1. John Post author

      Thank you Tony for visiting my site. We actually have a lot of free survey subscriptions online. And there are some that accept Nigerian. I will update this page to reflect that for you and my other readers.

      But as a Nigerian, you can still subscribe to those other surveys that always restrict Nigerian or other third world countries with the help VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can read up my article on Importance of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) here: https://amazingprofitsonline.com/youtube-of-vpn. See my top 5 VPN you can start using now. Check it out here: https://amazingprofitsonline.com/free-internet-vpn-service.

      There are limitation to how much you can make online answering surveys online. You can make a lot much more if you start Affiliate Marketing. The good thing is that you can learn from the professionals; you can have your own website and start making good money online instead of answering survey. Read more on how to own your first website. I have a gift of two website for you towards the end of the article.

      I hope i answered your questions. Feel free to drop your question or contributions



  3. Elena

    What a great insight on Surveys. I got to know the reasons for carrying out surveys in the first place and how money is made. Can one focus on promoting surveys online and still make money through blogging ?

    Thank you.

    1. John Post author

      If i understand you clearly, you can focus on promoting research companies that are into surveys; all you need doing is to affiliate with them and start making your money from referring people to those sites.People are making lot of money blogging about surveys online. Please try it it is a good idea.

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