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11 thoughts on “Cex io Review: Can You Really Make Money with Cex io Ltd?”

  1. I have seen many bitcoin platforms and programs and although many times in the past it has crossed my mind to dig a little deeper and see what i can learn more about it for some reason i never took this extra step. I never felt to comfortable with it and with so many scams around things are not getting any easier. Since this one seems to be legit I may give it an extra look to see what it’s all about.

  2. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your review on Cex and find it very useful. I used it earlier while doing bitcoin and Ethernet trading. During that time I know it is working fine as an exchange.  It has multiple payment options and user friendly interface. It is legitimate digital currency trading platforms on the internet that guarantee both professionalism in service delivery. Your review is very helpful for everyone.

    • Thanks for reading my review about the safety of Cex.io.

      It is all about how to make money on Cex.io.



  3. Well I think it’s safe to trade on this website, I have seen an advert about it so I registered an account, it holds some bitcoin for me from time to time and when I make an exchange I get paid in no time. 

    Lots of scam traders and websites on the loose so I understand when people get too skeptical about things like this. 

    The registration process here is seamless and the user interface too, and mostly what you can get here is buying or exchanging or selling of crypto currency.

    I actually get where the investment lies, maybe you can clear the air on that because investment is supposed to yield profits but you buy crypto for more and sell for less. 

    • Dear Sam, 

      Yes, it is safe to trade on CEX.io.

      thanks for reading my article on how to make money with CEX.io.



  4. the ideas you share on your articles are just so awesome. originally, cex.io should not be the best platform for making money. personally i would not have found these small ways to make gains by buying low and selling high. i have really learnt something and i want to put it to work. thank you

    • Dear Benny. 

      Thanks for reading my CEX.io review. 

      CEX.io  is definitely a safe website to trade crypto coins. 


  5. So many details!!! Very important that they let you work with you local currency. Low fees, a lot of payment methods, everything seems really nice. Would be awesome to be good at this, or having a service to help you know the market flow to make the earnings.
    Thank you for this great explanation 5/5

    • Dear Alec,

      Thanks fir reading my review on how to make money with CEX.IO.

      I am glad you liked my website and the information provided and most especially this article.

      I hope you will be here again?



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