5 thoughts on “Can You Really Get a Good Job on Snagajob?”

  1. I think Snagajob can work as a good side hustler. It is not scam itself, but you may get scammed by fake profiles and fake job offers when you look for a job at Snagajob.

  2. Thank for the review! In general, like many other similar websites, Snagajob tend to have strong competition, and they have a very low chance of success, and as you mentioned before, there’s a lot of opportunity of people scamming you, and 3rd parties contacting you and trying to sell you. Snagajob is worth trying but they, in general, the best way to find a job is through improving your social network.

    • Thanks for reading my snagajob review. Are people making making money with Snagajob? Is Snagajob only meant for people in the US?

      There above are my thought why I dived in to write this review about Snagajob.

      In reality, you are right that they have a very low success rate in getting good job for people.

      I am not a fan of people leveraging their livelihood on other platform like this Snagajob, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The best bet is to have you own platform and have many of them.

      That is what can immune you from online recession.

      Thanks again for your visit.



  3. This is a really great review! I had used Snagajob before and my complaint is that I began getting phone calls and emails from third parties that I didn’t want to contact me. I agree that managing the platform is probably challenging, though.


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