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Can You Really Make Money with WebTalk?

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You are welcome to my WebTalk affiliate program reviews. Sure, you want to know how to make money with WebTalk. Is earning money on WebTalk safe, legit, or a fake and scam pyramid scheme?

It is good you are doing your findings of WebTalk; this was how I discovered myself and how to make a full-time income as a blogger.


WebTalk is a social media platform that is said to replace Facebook; to achieve that, they use MLM business models to make that happen.

But, can you make money with WebTalk?

WebTalk is sharing its earnings with users, just for posting content that is engaging and interesting will earn you money. You will invite people who will also be active. You stand to make a 10% revenue share for life when your referral and their downlines (five-level deep) invites people to the platform.

But, how much can you make with WebTalk? Please read on.

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WebTalk At a Glance

webtalk app download

Product Name: WebTalk
Founder: Robert J Garbowicz
Price: Free
Rating: 45%
Recommended: No { Check Out My #1 Recommended}

Summary Review of WebTalk (Must Read)

The WebTalk multi-level marketing social media company offers you free as well as paid social media platform services with some limitations to social interactivity.

It runs on a multi-level marketing business model that offers a multiple-level commission to its members. WebTalk will give the member an incentive for every recruitment and referral to the platform.

All members that use the platform will make money from the shared revenue of the company (i.e., ads, subscription, marketing, and much more) monthly.

The company has promised to share its revenue with every user of the platform monthly, and it is for life.

You can join only on invitation by an existing user. Anyone you invited:

  • That set up a business page and runs ads will help you make 10% of such subscription for life.
  • If your invitee purchases any product on the platform you will earn 10% for life

WebTalk is a sure and legit way to make money, especially for those who understand what MLM is. Multi-level marketing can be high-paying if you are ready to put in the effort.

The platform is recommended; you can access my invitation here.

But note that you can not succeed without a proper business of your own. You need to have a website to run this to make money with WebTalk.

It will also help you make more money from other affiliate websites so that you will not put all your hope in WebTalk.

I have a FREE website for you plus hosting for life.

You will also have access to go through affiliate marketing certification training. The first ten lessons for level-1 are also FREE to Join.

Is WebTalk legit, safe, real, or a fake and scam pyramid scheme? What do you think of my WebTalk reviews?

What is WebTalk?

WebTalk is an all-in-one big data, free, multi-level marketing, contact management, and cloud data storage app.

WebTalk is also a software company that focuses on search and storage technologies as well as relationship-based data mining to power communication and commercial activities across the globe.

As of March 17, 2020, the website has grown and amassed over four million users of millions of monthly engagement and page views. The company is said to be grown at a rate never seen before.

People believe that WebTalk could one day replace Facebook or LinkedIn with the rate of influx of thousands of new people joining the networking social media website daily.

In more simple terms, WebTalk is an online platform geared towards helping business owners connect with like-minded individuals.

Webtalk is a brand-new social media platform that is reflecting and implements the features of major exiting social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

This company promised to share its revenue with the users of the platform. If properly implemented, this sill is a game-changer in the industry.

WebTalk gives you the ability to sort your audience within the platform; so that each of your content can be directed appropriately.

What do you think of my WebTalk affiliate program reviews?

Can you make money with WebTalk? Is WebTalk legit, safe, real, or a scam and fake pyramid scheme?

Learn More About WebTalk Here.

About WebTalk Founder

Who are the founders of WebTalk?

RJ Garbowicz is the founder and CEO and also the Chairman of WebTalk. The company (WebTalk) was founded in 2011.

It is important to note that both Rj Garbowicz and Jeff Catherell put in the funding seed of $200,000 into starting WebTalk while an unknown lead investor put in significant funds of $750,000 that were used for the financing of the test launch.

RJ Garbowicz is the brain behind WebTalk, and he is responsible for setting up the structure and strategy of the product of the company. He is also in charge of the design and development of WebTalk products and services.

It is known that RJ has launched four companies before now with two exits.

The company is currently making money via ads and in-app purchases.

WebTalk Products and Services

WebTalk social media is very similar to the Facebook Social Media platform. You can send messages to add friends to share photos and more but with limits.

You can join web talk as a free user, but that would limit you to 50 contacts only. Apart from the free offer, WebTalk also offers you premium membership as well as more limits depending on the level you join at.

These are a breakdown of different levels that you can join WebTalk with the various limitations included.

  • Pro Level

This costs about $20 a month ($200 annually).

This level limits you to 500 contacts, five email messages, and five messages every month to non-connected WebTalk members, see who viewed your profile, and no banner ads.

  • Pro Plus

The plus costs $30 monthly ($300 annually).

This level limit you to 1000 contacts, ten emails and is limited to 10 messages every month so not connected WebTalk members

  • Pro Platinum

The pro platinum service costs $40 monthly ($400 annually). This level has unlimited contacts.

With this pro-level, you can view profiles incognito, and they will not know you visited their profiles, you can also search for members using different search parameters like gender and age.

You can send up to 20 messages to non-connected laptop members and even 20 email messages every month.

As part of the business model, we offer a retail aspect to their business. This is amazing since it is a multi-level marketing website. The platform utilized for the retail side of things is referred to as their EngineCPX.

Is WebTalk safe, real, legit, or a fake pyramid scheme scam?

Can you make money with WebTalk? What do you think of my WebTalk reviews?

WebTalk Compensation Plan Breakdown.

The same way the platform used for the retail side of things is referred to as EngineCPX, the platform they used to manage their affiliate members and sales is referred to as SocialCPX.

It automatically means that you can earn money on WebTalk through advertising fees and retail sales on their monthly membership.

Below is a breakdown of the different commissions you can earn from using WebTalk:

  • You receive a 10% commission of premium monthly subscription costs paid by your personally sponsored WebTalk affiliate members.
  • Earn 10% of any additional spend that is done by your personally sponsored members.
  • Make 10% of any advertise local service purchased by your WebTalk members
  • You earn from 2% to 9% commission when a product is purchased through the WebTalk news feed.
  • Finally, you earn 5% of all app subscriptions sold through the internal app store.

How to Earn Webtalk Points

You can only make money with WebTalk by fantastic points on the websites.

You are awarded points for everything of your activity on the WebTalk website.

Even your daily logging will earn you points that will later be converted to money at the end of the month. You will also earn points via all your regular engagement, and for every influence, via the content, you share on the platform.

Engagement points are earned through your activity on the WebTalk platform, while influencer points are making for every activity of members with the content you share to your newsfeed.

More points are earned when you share real value-added content with strong engagement on your newsfeed.

What Are WebTalk Points?

Accumulation of points is what earns you money on the WebTalk website.

But how are the WebTalk points works?

Points are redeemed for pie slices on WebTalk.

1,000 points = 1 pie slices. Each pie slice is equal to a percentage of 50% of WebTalk ads revenue (Call “pie”).

Therefore, WebTalk points are free money that you earn just for using the WebTalk platform for sharing your content. What do you think of my reviews of the WebTalk affiliate program?

What Are the Referral Points?

You will earn matching points for every referral you convert for WebTalk. When your referral earns both influencer and engagement points, that automatically makes you the same points.

This is the good news; you can quickly build up reward points and earn money with WebTalk by concentrating on inviting content creators.

People that are likely to get reward points on WebTalk are people that get likes and comments with shares from every content they create. These are people you should get an invite to WebTalk.

What Are the WebTalk Reward Bonus

WebTalk social media platform offers every user a monthly reward bonus that pays 100% matching points with a 10% revenue share via your five levels of referrals (5 level downlines deep).

Opportunity to earn a bonus point if you are:

  • A-Pro Member, and
  • The FREE member who directly refers to a PRO member.

The bonus share is up to 50% of the WebTalk revenue from ads and subscriptions.

The bonus is ways of appreciating the WebTalk members on the work they are doing sharing and inviting people to the platform. Is WebTalk legit, safe, real, or a scam and fake pyramid scheme?

How to Join and Earn Money with WebTalk

Joining WebTalk is free. But you can only become a member on the invitation.

You can either join as a free seller or upgrade to one of the pro plans.

Whatever your reasons for joining WebTalk, there is a plan just for you.

I advise you to join WebTalk today. You can only participate via Invitation. You can use my FREE Invitation today. Note that you don’t need to follow or connect to me after you must have to join WebTalk. The decision is entirely yours.

How Much Does it Cost to Join WebTalk?

WebTalk is free to join. However, looking on the other side WebTalk has launched that if you want more contacts, you would have to look into the paid subscriptions, which cost about $20 to $40 every month.

You can still make do with the free subscription, but if you want more offers, then you would have to pay for it.

Like was earlier stated, the price ranging comes in three forms.

  • Level =$20
  • Plus = $30, and
  • Platinum =$40.

The price paid determines the number of invites you can have.

Who is WebTalk Meant for?

WebTalk is meant for anyone who wants to organize his business in a structured way.

With its filters, search, and organizing, Web Talk enables you to get information when you want it.

The laptop offers you targeted communication that helps you grow your business career and relationship.

In reality, Web Talk is meant for anyone and everyone. The multi-level marketing scheme of the company is also an excellent way to earn some extra cash.

How Much Can You Earn With WebTalk?

WebTalk shares advertising revenue with you. You can end up to 50% of their income. You get paid for referring people who end up buying their service.

When you signed up for the affiliate program, if you get paid when people sign up and purchase, also, you will also get pregnant people you refer to get other people to sign up and make purchases.

This goes on for five levels of referral, that’s why it’s a multi-level marketing system.

The earning process is more straightforward because if someone clicks your affiliate link placed on any website, it counts as a referral and you will get paid if they purchase.

An example of the earning process is if you invite someone and the person buys a pro upgrade, you will get a 10% commission.

In essence, if a never registers on a monthly upgrade of $20, you will get a commission of $2, and if the member registers for the yearly membership of $200, you earn $20.

It’s a swift and excellent earning process.

You can check your dashboard to see your metrics and know how your referrals are doing. Can you now make money with the WebTalk affiliate program?

Is WebTalk real, legit, or scam and fake pyramid scheme?

Are WebTalk Members Making Money?

Of course, yes, according to John Burbage, one of the Web Talk revenue generation specialists, members earn at least a commission of 10% of the revenues generated by the businesses and persons in referring.

WebTalk shares all its revenue with affiliates that help to grow the network.

To be sincere with you, Web Talk is a waste of time.

You will not make money with WebTalk; please join to confirmed my assertion. I have been with the site for months and I post an average of four articles daily. I am yet to earn my first $1!

How to Make Money with Webtalk

The first step to get a referral is to join WebTalk.

The problem is that you can NOT join WebTalk without getting an invitation.

So, you get invited, and when you join. It is after you join then you can sign up to become an affiliate.

After joining WebTalk. Click the “hamburger” icon at the right top end of your profile.

webtalk login
  • Then, you can click on the “Cash Rewards Program.”
  • You can then click “Get Referrals.”

You can then start sharing your referral links on other social media platforms. Or, if you are a blogger, it is an opportunity to share your content with the relevant audience.

This is what will help you earn real cash with WebTalk for every one of your activities, posting your articles and people you refer to the platform.

webtalks delhi

Source: WebTalk Terms of Use

You have two types of links that will help you make money with WebTalk:

  • Your referral link, and
  • Your profile links
  • You get points and reward for every one of your contents that get interacted with on the platform, and you get more points for content that goes viral on other platforms.

How Webtalk Affiliate Program Work

Webtalk is all about recruitment to your down lines. The company shares 50% of its ad’s earnings with members, and you earn 10% of your referred subscription and 10% of subscription of your down line to the fifth level. The amount you make with the Webtalk affiliate program depends on the number of your down-line.

It is the reason many people are going after mass recruitment Webtalk. If you cannot refer your friends to join, then you will not make money.

But how much money can you make with the Webtalk affiliate program work?

Few people are making money on the platform. It can be very tough to recruit people that will have to pay a subscription that will make you money.

What do you think of my Webtalk affiliate program reviews? Can you make money with the Webtalk affiliate program?

Is Webtalk safe, legit, real, or a fake and pyramid scheme scam?

Why It Is Difficult to Make Money With WebTalk

Some members find it challenging to make money with WebTalk because they don’t understand how multi-level marketing works.

The process in itself isn’t too tricky, just register for the affiliate marketing, and share your link in as many places as possible.

Whoever gets registered for your link automatically becomes your downline, and you earn from it.

First, you must have your profile 100% complete (see the progress bar on your profile page)

The recommendation required is a professional one. You need to request anyone that has worked with you professionally, and that knows you very well.

If the recommendation you required is not yet on WebTalk, you can invite the person via your referral link (there must be a connection within WebTalk networks before a recommendation can be made)

As soon as the person that you want a recommendation from, get to the Web Talk. Visit the person’s profile page screw down the bottom and click on the link (“Ask for a Recommendation”)

You can also recommend any such person if such a request comes your way.

The above is a process to get recommendations on the Web Talk website.

 WebTalk Commission Payment Methods 

I know you will want to know how and when you will get paid on the WebTalk platform?

You have the following payment methods available on Web Talk:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer (Direct Payment)
  • Stripe
  • Coinbase
  • TransferWise
  • Webtalk Credits

Note: Web Talk has two active payment methods, for now, Payoneer and Stripe.

how to join webtalk

You get paid monthly and when the balance in your account gets to $100. The only condition to this is if you are a US citizen, and you need to complete the form 1099.

In this case, the minimum balance for your payment threshold is $600.

WebTalk Support And Customer Service.

Web Talk has a help desk that can help you with what you need. They also have a responsive chat system that can help you get quicker answers.

Customer support also has some limited features, as viewed on the website.

Most of the options are the weeds coming soon. You can always leave a message if you have some critical information you need. See the WebTalk helpdesk page here. 

What is Good About WebTalk

  • Legitimate Money

WebTalk seems to be a reliable, legit, safe, real, and not a fake and pyramid scheme.

Once you are ready to go through the stress of marketing yourself, you are sure to make your cash.

One of the advantages is they pay.

  • No Hidden Charges

There are no hidden charges to their referral payment.

Once you’ve done your part, you can expect your money.

  • Transparent

They also got a reliable earning system as it is very transparent.

WebTalk is a great way to earn while you meet new people, make friends and business partners.

WebTalk Complaint

No Reliable Contact

Some members are scared that Web Talk may not be as reliable as they want.

The reason for this is because they don’t have a strong contact one can hold on to.

There is no head office where one can go to invade of issues regarding his or her account.

Customer Care Issues

Many people also complain about customer care not having the features they need.

As most of the information, there still reads coming soon.

What People Are Saying About Web Talk

WebTalk has over 1 million followers worldwide and is one of the top 15000 sites in the world.

Members seem pleased overall with the service they offer.

There are no complaints regarding payments.

The only fear individuals exercise how reliable the platform truly is.

Is Webtalk a Pyramid Scheme?

Webtalk is legit, real, safe, and not a pyramid scheme scam. The business model of making money with Webtalk is direct sales and multi-level. Hence, many people refer to Webtalk as a pyramid scheme scam.

Why does Webtalk look so much like a pyramid scheme?

What then is a pyramid scheme scam?

A pyramid scheme is a kind of business opportunity and model that makes new members join by paying a fixed amount. The new member will also refer people that have to pay to join the investment. You will earn a certain percentage from the payment made for joining.

In a pyramid scheme, there are no products and services, and recruitment is never-ending.

Webtalk is a multi-level marketing social media platform.

You must recruit people to your down-line to make money, and those that you recruit must also refer people to earn, hence recruitment continues just like a pyramid scheme.

Webtalk also has no physical products or services that members are promoting, the only thing is that you don’t have to pay to join. Webtalk is free. But you cannot make reasonable money if you are not a premium member.

Webtalk is just like a pyramid scheme. What do you think?

Is Webtalk safe, legit, real, or a scam, and fake pyramid scheme social media platform.

Can you make money with Webtalk?

Is WebTalk Legit, Safe, or a Scam?

WebTalk Is real, legit, safe, and not a fake and scam pyramid scheme social media platform. It offers a decent income business opportunity via a multi-level market business model.

Note: There are lots of scammers on WebTalks. Don’t give out your information and phone numbers, please. Avoid online scams by all means. 

My problem with all networking programs is the usual pyramid scheme-like structure (though they all claimed it is not a pyramid scheme). It is only the early joiners of the program that will be earning big in the long run.

But that said, what makes Web Talk different is that it is a social media platform that promised to share 50% of its ads and subscription revenue to all its members.

What would it cost you to join WebTalk?

If you are a blogger, it is an opportunity to share your content with the relevant community of people.

The platform has a ready-made audience that can easily convert to whatever you are promoting.

I recommend that Web Talk worth trying out ( I rarely recommend an MLM program, but this is a social media platform that already has over 4m users; it may blow in the future.

Don’t forget they are ready to share revenue with members.

What is your take on my WebTalk affiliate program reviews? Can you make money with WebTalk?

Do you think that WebTalk is real, safe, legit, or another fake and scam MLM social medial platform?

Is Earning Money on Webtalk Real or Fake?

Earning money on Webtalk is safe, legit, real, and not a fake pyramid scheme. The site shares 50% of its ad’s revenue with all the members of the platform. You also earn 10% of the revenue made by everyone you refer to the fifth level.

It is a lot of work to make money by referring people to the platform. The problem is that you must become a premium to get the benefits of making money with Webtalk.

Also, there are a lot of scammers on the Webtalk platform. Never do WhatsApp with anyone except you are sure you know the person.

They can hack into your phone and have access to your details. Make sure you limit your Webtalk communication to the chat tools available on the platform.

What do you think of my WebTalk reviews? Is WebTalk real, safe, legit, or another scam and a fake pyramid scheme?

How I Make Money Online. . .

I am making a full-time income online with this website as an affiliate marketer. I help the company, and people sell stuff via this website, and that is what I do for a living.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of making money online by helping someone or a company promote products or services. If you make a sale(s) for that company or person, you will earn a commission.

Without a sale, there is no commission in affiliate marketing.

You can make a full-time income with your website because you have the opportunity to promote as many products and services as you can with your website.

There is no security in doing affiliate marketing without a website. It is, in fact, dangerous. Why is that?

Web Talks can revoke your access if you go against their terms of use. Twitter once revoked my access and deleted my profile, and I lost all my followers. This can not happen to you if you have your website.

Your website is your property (It is a great asset that can be sold at 10X what you invest in the business).

There are many testimonies in Wealthy Affiliate of people that sold their website for $100,000, $50,000, and even over $200,000.

You can learn how to become a blogger writing about what you love doing and making money in the process.

Start this affiliate marketing certification training Now. Ten lessons of the First Level are FREE to join.

WebTalk Affiliate Vs Wealthy Affiliate


Is Earning Money on Webtalk Worth It?

What do you think of my WebTalk review? Can you make money with WebTalk? Is Webtalk earn money real, legit, or fake?

Or, do you think WebTalk is a scam or another pyramid scheme?

Okay, in my opinion, WebTalk is a legit platform for you to make your business grow and earn more money.

There is no record of any fraudulent act from them; neither are there any lawsuits in regards to the company. If you have an interest in multi-level marketing, then you should consider using WebTalk.

The bottom line is Yes, WebTalk is Legit.

But, you can only do well with the WebTalk referral program if you are an online business of your own with a targeted audience. You can easily make money sharing your content on your newsfeed and earn money with WebTalk.

In my personal opinion, I will say that Web Talk is worth it such that it is a social media MLM program that seems okay to me. Please read more about Web Talk on Reddit here.

It is FREE to join. And you can remain as a free user while you still earn.

You can use my invite links to get started with WebTalk here.

What do you think of my WebTalk reviews? Is WebTalk legit, safe, real, or a fake pyramid scheme scam? Please use my comment area below.

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  1. Oh wow! I wasn’t aware that this social media look-alike was a thing. 

    It’s good to see that you can start out as a free member without having to spend money on the first trail, which most companies do after they offer a free trial, but it may be a bit harsh for those people who would like to join the platform and can’t because they don’t have an invitation. 

    Thanks for your WebTalk reviews and how to make money with WebTalk. I always want to know about WebTalk. I have seen that question on Quora .i.e. Quora Webtalk. People always ask this question ” what is webtalk co?”

    Thank you for providing one for us! I will surely give this new platform a try and see where it leads me

  2. How long has this web-talk been around? This is the first time I ever hear about it.. I had never heard of an mlm related to blogging either. This catches my attention as well. This is truly intriguing. Most people don’t like MLM’s if they aren’t open minded. It takes positive thinking!!

    1. Thanks for reading my WebTalk review.

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  3. This post was a thorough overview of WebTalk. I like the concept behind the platform, especially competing with Facebook and LinkedIn. 

    Though it’s sure is a legit make money program, it has it’s issues. I don’t like the fact that your referrals are limited to people you personally know. Especially if you want to reach out to more people online, it’s a very limited opportunity to make more money. 

    I agree on your point about not being the best option for those with no MLM experience. Those who got in early on in WebTalk are more likely to benefit rather than new members today.

    It looks interesting overall, but I’d have to pass on it.

    Thanks for sharing, it was an informative review I enjoyed reading.

    1. Dear Eric, 

      Thanks for reading my WebTalk Review. 

      I am sure you can niow make easy money with WebTalk. 

      Thanks again for your comment.



  4. I’ve no doubt you can definitely earn some money with this, but my question is: How much money will the average user realistically be able to earn? I don’t know much about webtalk (and I don’t think the average person does either), but how in demand is it? What are the advantages over signing up to a free service like facebook (which everyone has)?

    To get to the point: How likely are you to convince people to sign up for webtalk?

    1. Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with Webtalk. 

      Webtalk is giviing oportunity to its users to use and earn with the platform. 

      It is better than Facebook such that you can not make money by getting paid directly by Facebook just by using the Facebook platform. You can easily make money with Webtalk just by using the platform directly. 

      Thanks for the comments.


  5. I welcome any viable platform that challenges facebook’s dominance of socila media. At the same time, I don’t presently foresee Webtalk being able to overtake facebook with it’s present approach.

    Though the points system may bring financial reward to the users, I think that the limit placed on free members may act more as a deterrant than an incentive to bring people to Webtalk.

    It may, however, prove more beneficial to those who are into online business as the avenue for advertising is much broader and open than that of Facebook.

    It would therefore be worth looking into as a means to gain more customers/traffic.

    1. Thanks for reading my review of WebTalk. 

      You are w=right about the limit placed on the referal according to your status.

      It is all about how to make money with WebTalk. 

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