Whatsapp Messenger Review: Can You Make Money on WhatsApp?

You are welcome to my Whatsapp Messenger Review.

I am sure you are here because you want to know how to make money with WhatsApp Messenger App.

This is a complete and thorough overview of how to start making money with your WhatsApp Messenger App right away.

WhatsApp Messenger App is a FREE application that is available to be downloaded from many app stores that include Play Stores for all Android phones, Apple app store for all Apple products, for it is available for download for all other smartphones

WhatsApp will use your phone’s internet connections such as 4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi such as it is available in your country or location.

The apps let you communicate, message friends and family members.

The WhatsApp Messenger application is free and trusted by its subscriber worldwide. As at today,

WhatsApp Messenger App is the most preferred and popular messaging app in the world.

It helps connects over a billion people around the world; you can share instant messages, multimedia files for free, and you can also call for free without any limit.

WhatsApp Messenger App currently works on all smartphone models and also available for computers usage.

In this WhatsApp Messenger App, you learn all about WhatsApp Messenger App and how to make money with WhatsApp and you will also watch five YouTube Video in this article on WhatsApp:


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WhatsApp Messenger App at a Glance

download whatsapp messenger windows 7Name: WhatsApp
Website: WhatsApp.com
Parent: Facebook
Founded: February 24, 2009
Type Business: Instant messaging and social media
Headquarters: Mountain View, California. The US.
Founders: Jan Koum, Brian Acton, and Chris Daniels (CEO )
Download WhatsApp For Business: Whatsapp for business
Download All WhatsApp App: Whatsapp download
WhatsApp FAQ: FAQ-WhatsApp
My Rating: 77%


What is WhatsApp Messenger App About?

WhatsApp Messenger App is now in use by friends and family members in over 182 countries.

Are you on WhatsApp Messenger App? If you are not you are missing out! People are making a lot of money on WhatsApp Messenger App.

The question is how can you also start making money from using WhatsApp Messenger App?  I am going to show you the best ways ever to achieve that.

This is a complete review of how you can maximize your WhatsApp Messenger App usage and start making with it right away.

This is a messaging app that you can access on iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, MAC and Windows Desktop Computer among many other devices.

It enables you to send images, videos and also makes calls. Over a billion people are now using and are now making money with WhatsApp.

Without any reasonable doubt, WhatsApp was a significant milestone in technology. That is all thanks to Jan Koum as well as Brian Acton, the two founders.

Jan and Brian were initially Yahoo’s employees. However, they decided to leave to look for greener pastures. Having applied for jobs with Facebook and much other organization to no avail, one would expect regrets.

Had they jumped from the frying pan right into the Fire? Time is indeed the answer to everything.

By 24th February 2009, everyone would testify that leaving Yahoo was the best choice that they ever made.

Koum saw the opportunity the iPhone’s App Store had and decided to utilize better.

Who would have been a better partner than his longtime friend Brian?

The two had integrated ideas to form WhatsApp. Its first release was in 2009.


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Do I Recommend WhatsApp Messenger App?

There are many messaging apps available on the market, but WhatsApp remains my number one choice. The app is not only simple but also convenient.

In addition to that, you are assured of security as well as privacy when sending and receiving information.

Equally, important, its installation is hassle-free as well. Why then would I not recommend it?


Difference Between WhatsApp And WhatsApp Messanger App

WhatsApp is a simple way to refer to WhatsApp Messenger App; they are the same.

WhatsApp is a phrase derived from the word “What's Up”.


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Difference Between WhatsApp Messenger App And WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business has a detailed profile that gives room for your company information such as the name of your company, company location and address, company description, your company website, and email address.

For now WhatsApp Business only work on Android app, WhatsApp Business is developed to work just like WhatsApp Messenger App. It helps the company interact easily with their customers.

WhatsApp is also incorporating new tools and resource that can benefits companies with large-scale services such as eCommerce, banks, and airlines.

These big companies would be able to use WhatsApp Business such that their customers can access their goods and products with ease.

Some banks are already using WhatsApp even in the third world country like Nigeria (United Bank For Africa WhatsApp Product) to help customer transaction funds such as (Check Account balance, Airtime Top Up, Transfer of funds to other banks, bill payments, etc. )


Process To Get WhatsApp Business Account Verified And Confirmed

WhatsApp Business account verification is conditional and it is subjected to some factors before verification is treated, therefore very few business accounts are verified.

Business accounts are confirmed when the company brand is a well-known name and if the company WhatsApp phone number is the same as the business phone number of the company.

To get your business and company on WhatsApp Business and have access to WhatsApp Business API, your company must meet some requirements. Access the WhatsApp Business API here


Using WhatsApp Messanger App Without The Internet?

WhatsApp can be used without Internet service? Normally WhatsApp usage is for free and no payment is required at least for now. You can not use WhatsApp both for free and without the Internet, this is not possible now.

The only condition to use WhatsApp without having Internet access is to use your device with a sim call ChatSim; which is available and accessible worldwide.

There are no restrictions on this sim, but you must pay an annual fee of $25 and the shipping fees to your country or region.

ChatSim is just your mobile communication sim card that will work with all major chat application including WhatsApp Messanger Apps.


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Products Promote By WhatsApp Messenger App

Initially, WhatsApp sold the platform to its subscribers. One would pay a subscription fee to use the service.

Two years after Facebook acquired it, the management dropped the subscription.

Although this may not be true, rumors have it that the reason it became free was that Facebook did not buy it for money.

On the contrary, Facebook bought it to gain access to personal information. That way, they would study their behavior.


The Costs/Price of Using WhatsApp Messenger App

Not long ago, one had to pay for the WhatsApp. It solely depended on the country that you lived in. For some, you had to pay $1 annually. Others would let you enjoy it for free for the first year.

Once it is over, you would have to pay a subscription fee. In early 2006, that changed for the better. The app became free for use.


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Is WhatsApp Messenger App A Good Business Opportunity?

If you have your own business, then WhatsApp of a Good opportunity. You can even operate a business right from your home.

Once you can put your target market in one place may be using a WhatsApp group, then that could be the beginning of a prosperous business for you.


What I Like About WhatsApp Messenger App

  • You can use the broadcast list to send the same message to many people all at once. As a result, mass messaging, It saves you time
  • The app’s end to end encryption also provides the security that you require while sending secretive messages.
  • You can create a “group”. This is a group of people you will like to chat with at the same time. It can be any group and you can create as many as you want
  • You can send almost everything ranging from images to videos. Also, audio and video calls, documents and sharing your location with others among others.
  • You can also make a free phone, video calls, SMS and MMS to any WhatsApp Messenger App user
  • There is no need to part with your information for registration; your phone number is your identifier.
  • WhatsApp Messenger App is compatible with most smartphones


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Issues With WhatsApp Messenger App

  • One of the problems that I have with WhatsApp is that once you send a message, even though it was unintended, there is no way to stop it.
  • If you had not backed up your conversations, then losing your device means losing all that content.
  • WhatsApp Messanger App has a maximum number of 256 members that you can have in one group
  • Making free calls are free only to WhatsApp Messenger App users
  • Your message is only encrypted only when all users involved are using the version that supports encryption.


Other Features of WhatsApp Messenger App You Never Knew

WhatsApp Messenger App has additional capabilities, and they are listed below:

  • Communication with groups through chats and video calls
  • You can mail a whole chat message to any of your contacts
  • You can send pictures and videos taken with your smartphones as MMS
  • You can message images and PDFs to your contacts
  • You can share your location and maps to your contacts
  • There is a message pop-up box
  • A lot of emotion to work with

Other great Apps that can make you money online includes:



Who is WhatsApp Messenger App For?

To begin with, WhatsApp lacks features that you can use to promote your business. Neither does it offer you an option to create a business account.

However, its standard features can enable you to improve your activities. In return, you will increase sales and make more money.


whatsapp messenger windows 7


How to Make Money on WhatsApp Messenger App

WhatsApp is a messaging application for both text and video, it is indeed a great way to communicate your business idea to your audience in your niche.

For so long, many have had the perception that WhatsApp was designed solely for personal communication.

They failed to understand that business can also flourish if there is adequate communication.

Many people can testify to the fact that they have made much money using WhatsApp.

It is important to note that WhatsApp itself does not allow business transaction directly, but you can always promote your business and share your product links within your contacts.

You just have to have a specific niche market you are targeting, you can then start manipulating WhatsApp usage to make money in your niche.

Below are various ways you can employ WhatsApp to make money online.

  • Boost Your Local Business and Brand With WhatsApp

If you already have a business, you can use the app to inform people or your target market or audience about your product, company or skills.

All you need do is to create a WhatsApp group of all your customers and start messaging them both text-based and videos of your products.

It is just the same way you promote your local business on Facebook

  • Use WhatsApp to Promote Your Affiliate Program

You can make huge money as an affiliate marketer promoting products and services of big companies and various e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Click Bank, Jet.com, Banggood, MiniinTheBox, AliExpress and Wealthy Affiliate.

You will be paid for every subscription or sales you attract via your affiliate link for every product you promote.

Just pick affiliate link of your choice and message through your WhatsApp to all your contact or the targeted audience as relating to that products.

As they open and click your link and sales or subscriptions are made, you will earn commission on every purchase. It is as simple as that.


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  • You Can Organize, Train and Hold Seminars on WhatsApp

Did you know that you can host a seminar via WhatsApp? That was one of the reasons behind the group video call feature.

By integrating PayPal, interested attendees can pay a small amount.

These training and seminars can be attended at any locations. It can be paid or free using various online payment methods such as PayPal and Many payments mat hods that are alternative to PayPal.

  • Promote Your Website on WhatsApp

Having your website will help you earn passive income forever, as long as your hosting is intact, you work once, and you keep making money forever. You can start a blog almost free these days, and a website can be created within 30 seconds.

Having your website will help you start a business online, you can learn how to start making over $20, 000 monthly just with your website within two years. The focus is to have a site that is set out to helping your targeted audience.

You will need to identify your audience and start producing quality content that will add value to them. Your content can either be YouTube, Text or Webinars. The more quality helps you render, the more money you can make.

As soon as you complete content, you can target your audience via WhatsApp by creating a group on your WhatsApp. You can broadcast the link to your produced content through your WhatsApp to your readings or audience.

You will be amazed that you will experience a jump in your audience numbers because there will be a lot of self-forwarding as long as it is a valued-added content.

  • You Offer User Support on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the ways that you can provide your customers with live customer support. Most especially if you have a product or services, you are promoting.

You can easily support your audience to create values using WhatsApp either via text messaging or Videos.

Whatsapp Messenger App downloadwhat is a whatsapp scam


  • Using WhatsApp to Build Your Business List

You can employ WhatsApp to build your business list, just target your contact and message them either with a valued-added content and instructed to subscribe to your list through a provided link for subsequent contents.

You can use this specially made Android App for WhatsApp for Business

  • Using WhatsApp at Work 

Are you an engineer? , a teacher, a Journalist or You can employ the use of WhatsApp at your workplace or within your department for effective communication and message.

WhatsApp is an excellent tool for the workplace.


How WhatsApp Earn Money

I have read in many fora (such as Yahoo answers, Wiki and Reddit), people are asking how does WhatsApp make money?

The best way to understand how WhatsApp make money is to explain how the company makes money both before and after acquisition by Facebook.

  • How WhatsApp Make Money Before Acquisition

When WhatsApp was initially started, they were funding their activities by setting the WhatsApp App download price at $1 for some countries.

Why some selected countries were set for free for a year, they were expected to renew WhatsApp usage with a $1 subscription.

  • How WhatsApp Make Money After Acquisition

Facebook took over WhatsApp at the cost of $19 Billion.  Before they bought over, the revenue of WhatsApp stood at bellow $100m and was valued at just over $1.6Billion.

But Facebook decided to go beyond this valuation and bought the company with such a massive sum of money. What are they seen that others can not see?

Many people will expect Facebook to go for ads placement of WhatsApp, but this was not allowed both before and after acquisition by Brian Acton, the funder of WhatsApp founder.

It was a saying that he doesn't like Ad in WhatsApp.

The question remains, how is Facebook using WhatsApp to earn money?

The objective of Facebook management was to stop WhatsApp to give way to the Facebook Messenger App, and the then administration of WhatsApp leverages on that by demanding for $19Billion!!

To date what is still and must be FREE of Ads. So how is Facebook using leveraging on WhatsApp to make money?

FB is not making money directly from the users of WhatsApp because of the Ads restrictions and stoppage of $1 subscription (which was announced on January 18th, 2016 as soon as the acquisition took place).

How does Facebook recover the investment of $19Billion acquisition fees?

Facebook is currently leveraging on the massive daily data from WhatsApp to increase and improve the outreach of its Facebook Ads.

This is clearly stated in the privacy policy of WhatsApp under the Affiliated Companies.


whatsapp messenger free download

Source: WhatsApp Website

Therefore, WhatsApp messenger's user information is used by Facebook and other affiliated company to Facebook to earn huge money online.

It is essential to know that WhatsApp messenger itself remain and operate as a single entity.


Is WhatsApp Messenger App Worth The Effort?

What do you think os this WhatsApp Messenger App Review? I hope you now know different ways to start making money with your WhatsApp Messenger App?

Can you see why this is a great platform and why you need to discover how you can start making money instantly from using  WhatsApp Messenger App? The above-stated discussion provides the answers and affirms that fact.

The various tricks provided here will help you make money with WhatsApp Messenger App. While others are busy merely messaging their friends, their counterparts on the other side are making millions. Be wise and join the gaining category.

In the end, it is what you do with what you have that perform the magic it requires.

WhatsApp Messenger App is simple Apps that you can use to do many powerful and great things, and making money from using WhatsApp will increase your money-making online.

Do you have any have questions or contribution? Are you making money with WhatsApp Messenger App before now?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below. I will be glad to get back to you before you know it.

Please know that my major source of this review is Wikipedia.

whatsapp login computer

13 thoughts on “Whatsapp Messenger Review: Can You Make Money on WhatsApp?”

  1. Hi, what a great review you did again. You are just the best.

    With all, you wrote about how what can make money for users. But, how does whatsapps messenger itself generate revenue and make money for itself?

    Am I eager to know how the company makes money?


    • Thanks for reading my review of whatsapp message app. I also appreciate you fir taken the time to drop your comment.

      Currently, I can confirm to you that whatsapp is not charging users to use this application or apps.

      But there are many ways they can. Minutiae this apps.

      Some of the ways whatsapp can monitize the platform are:
      1. User can be restricted to certain number of posting daily unless they joined paid plan.
      2. The apps can be monitize via ads using algorithm that is tailored to products users are interested in purchasing.

      I am certain that the owners knows how they can start making money with this apps.

      When the time come they will infirm the general public.

      Tha KS again for reading my whatsapp review.


  2. I never thought of using a messaging app to inform people of updates on my business and product releases.

    It’s a brilliant idea.

    Do you think there might be a way to make it like a text subscription service, or will all the numbers have to be submitted manually?


    Leslie Rey

    • Dear Leslie,

      Thanks for reading my article on WhatsApp Messenger App Review and how to make money with WhatsApp Messenger App.

      There are many ways to make people subscribe to your WhatsApp business group. You can create a link from Facebook or any Social Media platform to your WhatsApp (Your audience can subscribe directly from Facebook). You can also place adds on Facebook targetting your audience in a certain location.

      You can achieve WhatsApp subscription in many ways. Just be open minded and implement your idea.

      Really appreciate your visit to my webpage.



  3. There is always something to learn from this blog, the whats app blog has been playing a huge role in my business, but reading this post made me understand that it can actually do more. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Dear Seth,
      Thanks for reading my WhatsApp Messenger App Review and for visiting my website. Yes, you can organize your local business and make huge money with your WhatsApp Messenger App.

      People are limited to only what they know. This is why people usually say knowledge is power. Yes, your WhatsApp Messanger App can do much more. It all depends on what you love to use it for. It can be used to promote your blog within your niche market.

      You can use it to help manage local business within your region and locality.

      Is there any other thing you love to know about WhatsApp Messenger App?


  4. I have been using the WhatsApp Messenger for awhile. It’s really easy to use and works flawlessly on my devices.

    I never really thought about ways to make money with it though before reading this article.

    Are there similar messaging services that are just as useful, such as Skype? There are so many out there.

    • Dear Sam,

      WhatsApp is unique such that you can easily make money. Most especially business that is located in your locality. You can make money with WhatsApp too internationally but Local business is easier.

      There are more apps that can make you money but most of these apps including WhatsApp have a limitation on how much you can be making consistently. It is most important to have your own platform. i.e. Your own website. This is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

      I hope I have done justice to your questions?



  5. I’ve heard of What’s App often, but never realized it could be used for making money. If I had, I may have actually looked into it as I didn’t see the point of the service as there are so many only communication options available. What’s the best way to go about earning money through What’s App for a blogger do you think?

    • You can make huge money WhatsApp as a blogger. How is that possible? The first thing is to identify a forum that is relevant to your niche as a blogger. There are lot of WhatsApp groups around the world online that you can join as a member.

      It is much easier to make money as a blogger if your niche is very relevant to any local business. Local business will restrict you to your location. And you can create a forum or group on WhatsApp.

      You can then take them up daily as you post the new article. You can make it a point of duty to post each of your new article on your WhatsApp group. It should be your routine whenever you are doing article outreach.

      I hope I could answer your question?

      Again, thank you for visiting my webpage.



  6. Really nice and informative article, I have not thought of whats app as a marketing tool before, so this is really cool.
    Can you tell more about how whats app have worked for your business? Have it lead to many sales or is it just a “side tool”?
    Thank for very much for the new perspective!

    • Hi Martin, 

      For me, i am currently using WhatsApp to promote local business for my clients. This has been working tremendously. All you just need doing is to classify WhatsApp Group accordingly to various clients and products you help manage. 

      If you observed that i stated in this article that WhatsApp can be used for many things, you just need to think out of the box. A lot of Social media manager uses WhatsApp platform to make money and influence sales for there various clients. 




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