3 thoughts on “Is Tumblr a Scam? Can You Really Make Money With Tumblr?”

  1. The video is great you sound very passionate about using Tumblr, I am going to definitely give it a try! Social Media is the way to go to create necessary backlinks. I have a question though, what is major different between Instagram and Pinterest and how do they both affect traffic for those that have websites?

    • Hi Debbie, 

      Thanks for visiting my website. Instagram is all about using great pictures in showing casing your products and services while Pinterest also have to do with pictures but not just ordinary pictures. You can do a banner on any products and services. 

      Pinterest has more room for general businesses. There is nothing you cant promote on Pinterest while Instagram is all about taken images of soup, Tomatoes and beads.

      As a blogger Pinterest is more useful to me than instagram. I hope my explanationhelp a bit.



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