Is Making Money On Facebook Real?

Facebook is a great social media platform to start making money online. Facebook has proved to be the most superior of social media tools.

The question is this, are people making use of these beautiful opportunities?

In this respect, there are several ways in which you can make money using this social media. Facebook is one of the most populated countries on earth (If we take Facebook to be a country).

It is not only known worldwide as having more than one billion users, but it has also proved to thrive despite technological advances that have taken place over the years.

In this article,  a lot of big companies have leverage on Facebook traffics in making a lot of sales and Facebook has turned a local business into a big one because people are now promoting their local business on Facebook media.

I will discuss significant training programs that can give you leverages to use Facebook productively to make good money online and later we will take a look at various ways you can earn money using those skills acquired in these programs.


The Facebook Ads Launch Pad

What is Facebook Ads LaunchPad? Facebook Ads LaunchPad is an online getting start coaching program. This program explains in detail how to launch your first Facebook advertising campaign.

You will learn a lot within some minutes of watching less than an hour training video. This training will take you from knowing little to nothing of Facebook Advertisement online to launching your first successful advert.

The training takes you through basics with a lot of tips on how you can advertise your local business on the Facebook page with a lot of results. You may be wondering if this will work for your business.

The Facebook Ads LaunchPad is designed mainly for the busy small business owners that cannot avoid losing money on advertisement but won't mind promoting their business on the Facebook platform but do not have the time, skill and necessary technique that will make it a success.

Features Of Facebook Ads Launch Pad

  1. It includes simple but detailed video-based training that state step-by-step instructions on the creations of Facebook Advert.
  2. The course is short, well arranged and will be concluded within an hour for experienced Internet user but it should take two to three hours for complete Internet beginner.
  3. The training through video will only give and state just the technique, tricks and skill set needed to set up a successful Facebook Ads.
  4. It covers how to select your audience that will help focus you on your target customer for a successful sale for your segment of the market.

how about to make money from facebook

I recommend you check out Facebook Ads LaunchPad here.

It seems to be a reliable one, you can try it out, and it is cheaper and also help in promoting your business.

Get Paid To Promote Business On Facebook

Get Paid To Promote is a program that teaches you how to become a social media professional; they will train you to promote any business on Facebook.

You will be offered a Facebook Marketing Kit that will help you earn extra money in your spare time and aid you to start your own marketing business.

I have to alert you that I have not tried this out; you can try it out here.

Paid Social Media Jobs by Annie Jone hosted at; is a program that has a database of companies; that people can apply to for social media works.

on how to make money on facebook with

A medical social job requires knowledge about the working function and features of social media to engage friends, customers and family members on social media.

This is with the objective of promoting business or hobbies on a medial social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

Paid Social Media Jobs claims to have many companies in their database that requires people to fill the medial social works. They link people to companies for various social media tasks.

Please note that I am yet to try this program, and it may work for you, you may try it out.

How to Make Money on Facebook

Facebook is a vast marketplace, in as far as many online marketing sites are available for the sale of different products including eBay and Craigslist; Facebook has of late served as an essential site for marketing your products.

You can use employee Facebook to promote the following program for making serious money online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another useful way of earning money-using Facebook.

All you are required to do is to identify a program and sign up with them after which you can begin marketing their products.

Once you become successful in marketing a company’s product in affiliate marketing, you will receive your payment, which is usually by a commission.

affiliate marketing vs social media marketing

Displaying advertisements on your Facebook page for different affiliate product will also serve to earn you money on Facebook.

You can get trained and become a great affiliate marketer by turning your hobbies into making money online through Wealthy Affiliate.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, is my best Affiliate program in the world today

Publishing E-Books

Selling electronic books through Facebook can earn you a lot of money online.

If you are well acquainted in these areas, you can write and sell your e-books on Facebook and yet make some income.

You can explore various online options including PDF and Amazon's Create space services to publish your book to ensure that only individuals who have paid the price can have access to it.

Once your book is published efforts, need to be made in advertising and providing the links to where your book can be purchased to realize sales. I recommend you check out Kindle Money Mystery;

Kindle Money Mastery is a training program that uses video and text tutorial to teaches you how you can publish, promote and sell your E-book online.

See how you can generate money online via Kindle publishing (selling eBooks on the Kindle platform)

Using A Facebook Page

When it comes to making money-using Facebook, your Facebook page is convenient.

You will be required to have a fan page in which you will be posting content that will be useful in attracting followers to your site.

Also, having a website in place beside your fan page will prove useful in advertisements and other money making online activities, see how you can get a free site built.

In conclusion, we still have a lot of ways you can earn money on Facebook.

Therefore the answer to the query of how to make money on Facebook has more solutions and requires due diligence to realize full results.

By keeping up to date, you will be able to realize new and more ways you can earn money on Facebook.

Articles below are other social media that will also help you make money online:

How To Make Money on FaceBook | YouTube


Making Money With Wealthy Affiliate and Facebook

One of the Best ways you can make huge money online is to combine Wealthy Affiliate with Facebook.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be right now; you will learn how to turn your passion into making money online; you will be thought how to identify your niche, you will learn how to develop your website and how to set your site to making money.

You can join start free, and if you wish to stay on the platform under the free package, it is allowed.

We have great support in Wealthy Affiliate, the community that is ready to put you through whenever you have a challenge on how to go about your work online.

All the training is video and text-based, you decide your time of learning, and the great thing is that all the training is hands on.

You also have direct private access to the owners to ask any question and with instant response.

Why not start promoting your own business with your brand today; turn your passion and idea of making money online through Wealth Affiliate, my #1 recommended business online.

Please let me have your thought, or if you have discovered a better way of making money online, please share with me by dropping your comment.

Note: You must know that you can always contact me in Wealthy Affiliate, this is my Profile.

Also do well to leave your comment on my review, for any question you might need help with. I will respond to you in no time.

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4 thoughts on “Is Making Money On Facebook Real?”

  1. Hey John,

    Can I do the Wealthy Affiliate if I have 1,100 friends on FB? Or is this meant for a business page? Very interested!

    • Thanks for reading my article on how to make money on Facebook.

      Facebook and Wealthy Affiliate have somethings in common.

      But you can promote your affiliate marketing program me on Facebook.

      And you can use your Facebook to grow your Facebook followers.

      Which one do you want to achieve?

  2. Hello there! I found your article really informative and helpful. I have a social media and I’m looking into forward to use it to earn money online. I read your article about wealthy affiliate and facebook. I read that wealthy affiliate is a great way to earn money but what I didn’t understand is that how do I accompany the wealthy affiliate with facebook. I really appreciate if you explain it further to me. I’m a beginner and I’m willing to learn new things to earn money.

    • Dear John,

      Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you can host and Own your business. While Facebook is a medium to advertised and promote your business. Wealthy Affiliate will help you have a business of your own in four major steps: 

      1.) Through Wealthy Affiliate you will be thought how to choose a kind of busine you can start online. You will be coached how to turn your hobbies and what you love into making money online. I have a friend called Mark, he love playing video games. What he does now at WEALTHY Affiliate is teaching And review new video games on his websites. He is now making money playing video games online. 

      2.) You will also be helped to know how to create your own website by yourself  At Wealthy Affiliate we have over 100 videos and text tutorials on the step by step of how you will create your websites  At Wealthy Affiliate website creation is down under 30 seconds.

      3.)You will also learn how to attract visitors to your websites in different ways. This is where Social media come to play. You will learn how to leverages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin Reddit, Instagram etc. You will learn how to attract visitor via writing a value added article that will rank instantly on Google page one. 

      4) And lastly, you will be thought how you can convert your Organic Nd Social media visitors to customers on your website. You will learn how to make money with your blog. People are rally making good money at wealthy Affiliate. If you work smart and practice what is thought on Wealthy Affiliate, you should be making over $20k within two years of starting your online business with Wealthy Affiliate. 

      I hope I could answer your questions? 

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Really appreciate you.



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