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Home » Online Surveys » Can You Really Make Money with Quick Rewards?

Can You Really Make Money with Quick Rewards?

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Home » Online Surveys » Can You Really Make Money with Quick Rewards?

You are welcome to my Quick Rewards review. Can you make money with Quick Rewards? Is Quick Rewards Network legit, safe, or a scam?

I know you are here because you want to make money with Quick Rewards. 


It is good you are doing your research on Quick Rewards.  

Researching about the online program is important because it helps you discover a legitimate online program and avoid many online scams. 

Finding an extra source of income that is legit and still affords you time to focus on your main job can be exhausting.  It is important for you to know that Quick Rewards also refer to as Quick Rewards Network.

Well, search no further as I will be doing an unbiased review of this product. Before we proceed, I am in no way affiliated to Quick Rewards; therefore, expect an impartial review. 

Keep scrolling to see my findings on Quick Rewards Network.

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

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Quick Rewards Network at a Glance

how to make money with Quick Rewards

Product Name: QuickRewards Network, Inc
Business Location: 2728 Arkansas Dr, Brooklyn, NY 11234-6828
Year Started: 2002
Year Incorporated: 2006
Founder: Dmitry Beker
BBB Rating: A+
Price: Free
Rating: 35%
Recommended: Yes {Check My #1 Recommended Money Making Venture}

 Summary Review of Quick Rewards

Quick Reward Network is another GPT (Get Paid to) site. 

This is an old survey site, and it has been around for years through the website looks old and ancient as at this time. 

Know that Quick Rewards is legit and not a scam. 

The site offers quick withdrawals as you can cash out as low as $1 and also convert your reward points to different gift cards or cash out via PayPal. 

Though Quick Rewards is safe to use, it is not an ideal platform if you intend to earn a living.

You can earn between $1 to $2 daily if you are ready to put in five to six hours daily.   

A typical survey task on Quick Rewards will take you twenty to forty-five minutes to conclude, and it could earn your between $0.10 to $15.

In my opinion, surveying money is a waste of time because you can translate the same time to building your online business with your website. 

Those sites can revoke and deny your access if you go against their policy. No one can ban you from your website. 

Start this affiliate marketing training, level -1 with ten lessons is free. You don’t need your credit card to start. 

If you work hard and follow the training, you can be making over $5,000 within a year or two. 

What do you think of my Quick Rewards Network review? Can you make money with Quick Rewards surveys?

Is Quick Rewards Network legit, safe, or a scam?

What is Quick Rewards?

For a GPT (Get Paid To) site, Quick Rewards has been in existence since December 2nd, 2002.

However, unlike other regular panels that just offer surveys, Quick Rewards offers different tasks such as reading emails, shopping, playing games, etc.

The platform was created by Dmitry Beker and has been successful for more than a decade now.

However, the program has a limited geographical reach as only people in the US, UK, and Canada can become members.

The program is arranged so you can earn from different tasks instead of limiting yourself to just answering questionnaires.

The first thing you will notice on the website is the array of activities you can make from.

The site is straightforward and lists its earning opportunities, such as surveys, shopping, offers, games, and videos.


How Much Do Quick Rewards Cost?

You do not have to pay a dim to join Quick Reviews. However, you have to register and fill in all the necessary details before you can begin getting offers.

The only detail required is your PayPal account for payments.  

Who Is Quick Rewards Surveys For?

This loyalty reward panel is not available for people outside the US and Canada. 

However, for those who leave in the QR countries of coverage, the panel is open to anyone. 

However, you will have to put in the time, answering surveys, videos, and the likes.  

The program is ideal for stay-at-home moms or dads, people looking for a side hustle, and anyone in need of extra cash.  

How to Make Money with Quick Rewards Networks

There are seven activities you can participate in to make money on Quick Rewards.

  1. Offers
  2. Surveys
  3. Playing Trivia Games
  4. Shopping
  5. Watching Videos
  6. Reading Emails
  7. Referrals
quick rewards review
  • QR Offers

 You will need to complete the registration; then, you will be able to log into the website and view the offers they have. Offers are simple tasks such as filling a form, signing up to a site, participating in a special trial.

Once you complete an offer, you will be credited within 24 hours. While you may likely get more offers than surveys on the platform, surveys pay better.

  • Surveys

Since the platform is a panel, completing surveys is one of the significant ways to earn. Once you log into the website, you will be able to view all the available paid surveys as well as participate in them.

When you get a survey, you have to participate in a pre-qualifying survey that enables them to determine if your demographic suits the survey.

If you qualify, you get to proceed. However, you are informed if you do not qualify.

  • Playing Trivia Games

You can earn on QR by playing trivia games. To participate, go to the Trivia section on your dashboard and click on the game you want to play.

If you meet the required score, you earn a reward.

  • Shopping

You get to earn for shopping on sites affiliated to Quick Rewards. You earn cashback rewards for completing a purchase on these affiliated sites.

  •  Watch Videos

To earn a reward by watching videos, you go to the member dashboard, click on the link to the video, watch the video completely, and get your rewards.  

  •  Reading Emails

Think of all the newsletters that you get every week and do not get paid for reading them?

Well, QR will pay you for reading emails; all you have to do is click on the email, read it, and click on a link to confirm that you have read the email.

  • Referral Program

Referrals are a way to make passive income on panels.

You get 5% of the earnings of anyone you refer to. If your referee is active, you get to earn some passive income.

How Much Can You Make with Quick Rewards?

Similar to other panels, you earn points call Quick points for participating in QR.

You earn $0.01 for every 100 Quick Points. This means that to get $1, you need 10,000 QuickPoints (that seems like a lot, right?).

However, the program has a unique point earning system which is as follows;

  • Surveys: $1-$15 determined by survey time
  • Playing Trivia Games: 10-50 points per game or trivia determined by the level of difficulty
  • Watching Videos: $0.5 – $6 determined by clip length
  • Referrals: 10 points per referral


Quick Rewards Networks Customer Service/ Support

Below is the contact for support and customer service of Quick Rewards.

  • Quick Rewards Business Contacts and Locations

Address: 2728 Arkansas Dr, Brooklyn, NY 11234-6828
Phone Number: (347) 462-2558
Email Address: And

You can also contact the Quick Rewards FAQ page for other inquiries.


Quick Rewards Networks Payment Methods   

You get your rewards in QuickPoints, which you can redeem through PayPal or Gift Cards.  

PayPal allows you cash out whenever you like, and within 24 hours, you should receive your cash. There is no minimum cash-out requirement amount to cash out to Paypal. 

quick rewards network

Though you can cash out any amount, the USA resident is allowed to $10 and above to a verified PayPal. In contrast, all residents of Canada must cash out via a verified PayPal account. 

The PayPal payment is treated 72 hours after the request is placed. 

On the other hand, you can opt for gift cards, and you will be able to get from Amazon, Red Lobster (& other restaurants), Disney, and Walmart.

What is Good About Quick Network Rewards?

  • Long History

QuickRewards has a long history has it has been in existence since 2002. It has a regular payment schedule and is one of the trusted GPT sites.

  • Numerous Earning Method

There are ways you can earn an income from QR asides surveys; you can play games, earn cashback for shopping, and the likes.

  • Fast Payment method

Unlike other panels, QuickRewards has its point system, and you can cash out as low as $1.

You don’t need to wait until you accumulate a certain amount before you withdraw.

  • Your Data is Secure

Your data is entirely secure on QR. You will need to submit your PayPal details to QR, and some third-party websites might also ask for your email, but you can unsubscribe anytime you want.


Issues With Quick Rewards Networks

  • Limited to a Certain Geographical Area

People who live outside the US, UK, and Canada will not be able to participate in this program.

  • Outdated Website

While QR announced that it is working on updating its website, it still looks like something from the ’90s.


 Public and Online Opinions of Quick Reward?

The BBB review of Quick Rewards is a positive BBB one

Also, one user described the platform in glowing terms. She claims that the payout is quick, just as the program’s name indicates. 

She also states that the resolution of the complaints was fast and timely. 

However, another user was displeased as her multiple accounts were disabled. 


Quick Rewards BBB Review Rating is “A+”

The Quick Rewards Better Business Bureau review rating is A+ at the time of writing this review.

The GPT site has two compliant closed in the last three years, and no complaints closed in the previous twelve months. 

This rating shows an excellent sign that Quick Rewards rarely get complaint and issues from its many members. They ensure that the little escalated complaint is treated timely.

Quick Rewards is yet to be accredited by BBB.

This implies nothing. There is a difference between BBB rating and BBB accrediting a company’s customer service handling.

BBB accreditation is done when a company decides to commit to treating customers and member complaints into the next level by putting structure in place to address customer complaints timely. 

The good thing here is that the BBB rating of Quick Rewards is A+.

This is a good thing that implies that your complaint will be treated timely if and when you have one. 

What do you think of my Quick Rewards Network review? Can you make money with Quick Rewards Surveys? Is Quick Rewards Network legit, safe, or a scam?

Is Quick Rewards Network Safe, Legit, Or a Scam?

Quick Rewards Network is legit, safe, and not a scam GPT site

The platform offers multiple ways to earn money asides completing surveys. You can make money via Quick Rewards but not the one that can make you a full-time income. 

No, you will not make thousands of dollars; but it promises quick withdrawal, which the platform tries to stick to as you can withdraw as low as $1.

Please know that Quick Rewards Network is safe, legit and not a scam for your use. 


Is Quick Rewards Worth It? 

Thanks for reading my Quick Rewards review? Can you make money with Quick Rewards surveys?

Is Quick Rewards Networks legit, safe, or a scam. 

In my opinion, Quick Rewards is worth it if you have time to burn away. It will earn you extra money. You can make like $0.10 to $0.20 with a survey of 15 to 45 minutes. 

You can earn less than $2 in five to six hours! 

I won’t do that. 

what are good side hustles

Why? Because I can make much more money within those long hours.

You need to start an online business of your own with your website. 

You know using sites like Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all these survey sites are great. 

But they can deny and revoke your access any day you erroneously go against their policy. 

And you can lose all your followers and all you have built for years. 

Having your website will secure your fortune, and you can even sell your website at 10x the investment you put into it. 

You can start building your online business with this affiliate marketing certification training. Level-1 with ten lessons is FREE. No credit card is required. 

Have you participated in Quick Rewards before? Reading my Quick Rewards review, what do you think? Is Quick Rewards Network legit, safe, or another survey research scam?

Please share your experience with me in the comment section. 

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6 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money with Quick Rewards?”

  1. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. Since the closure of my business, I have been looking for a legitimate platform to invest into, in other to earn some money to take care of my basic needs till th lockdown is relax on Businesses. However, I will definitely take advantage of the free sign up that is available on Quick Reward while at home. Warm Regards

    1. Thanks for reading my Quick Rewards review.

      The article is about how to make money with Quick Rewards. I am sure you know that you can not make a full-time income with Quick Rewards survey. 

      Thanks again for your comments.



  2. hello John, quite an amazing and informative review you have year of quick rewards… I must say that I appreciate your time and effort spent on carrying out such a lucrative review on this platform and sharing your candy opinions with everyone through your blog…. please keep up the good job

    1. Thanks for reading my Quick Rewards review.  Please know that Quick Rewards is safe and not a scam. It is a legit GPT website. 

      You can only make extra cash with Quick Rewards. 

      This article is how to make money with Quick Reward. 

      Thanks again for the comment. 



  3. As I have been searching for  a way for my Aunt to make a little cash I have been checking out places like Quick Profits.  My opinion if much like yours. if you have time to burn, you might make a little cash.  However, due to her profile, she would get few offers.  We just wanted enough for the beauty shop there in assisted living where she lives.  I am not sure we will ever get there. We signed her up for a couple that I found and immediately the junk mail started.  So we will create an additional address before signing up any more.  

    These earning oppurtunities can also help people like my Aunt who tends to get bored a chance to interact with a program that is a change from what she had been doing.  So she is happy about that.  Will see how this project goes.

    Thanks for your review of this platform.   What is your opinion of choosing another age bracket for her, making her appear younger?  Would this result in more offers?  

    1. Thanks for your comment about my article on how to make money with a Quick Reward survey.

      It is always good to be playing and straight forward with your demography information and data when doing survey. Except you will keep on lying which is not good.

      Thanks for your review.



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