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The Super Affiliate System Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Super Affiliate System review. Can you make money with Super Affiliate System? Is Super Affiliate System legit or a Scam? 

I commend you for doing your research about the John Crestani program; this is how I discovered how to transform my skills, hobbies, and passion into a full-time income online.  


I will be unraveling the secrets behind this affiliate marketing training program.

Is it an effective means of generating income, or is this training platform compelling us to go on a wild goose chase, or is it another scam? 

Join me as we thoroughly analyze and reveal what John Crestani is up to in this Super Affiliate System review.

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

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Super Affiliate System at a Glance

Product Name: Super Affiliate System
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Platform and Community
Founder: John Crestani
Price: $997 alongside several hidden costs
Rating: 43%
Recommended: No

Summary of Super Affiliate System Review

Mr. John offers an online training program called Internet Jetset; the course targeted newbies that are willing to learn affiliate marketing and make money online.

John focuses his training on how to make money through affiliate marketing via paid traffics, i.e., Google ads, and Facebook.

His method is to drive the audience by paid traffics towards the presale page and then to the targeted product.

This method will surely make you money, but you can also lose a lot of money too. And you may not be able to sustain this model of affiliate marketing as a newbie.

John (the product owner) did a great job of putting this training together to help his audience and members. 

The training is loaded with a lot of values. 

But I am not recommending this program and Internet Jetset because of the high cost involved.

For me, this program is extremely too costly with many hidden upsells. I feel that it is only John (the owner) that is making real money out of this program; forget all the hypes and testimonies that you can see on the sales page.

I am yet to see any other success stories on the private and personal website of any member of John Crestani‘s System.

Though, John has made it in the making money online game! He is so successful online that he was covered by Forbes on how he was fired and now making over $500k monthly online.

It is funny that there are many positive reviews of Super Affiliate System and Internet Jetset online; this is because many of them are promoting the product to earn affiliate commission from you.

What do you think of my Super Affiliate System review? Is Super Affiliate System legit or a scam?

Can you make money with Super Affiliate System?

What is the Super Affiliate System?

super affiliate system review 3.0

This is an affiliate marketing training platform that helps to teach individuals how to make commissions on the internet via affiliate marketing.

The system consists of two main courses; the beginners class (Internet Jetset) and the advanced courses (John Crestani’s System).

The Internet Jetset mainly focuses on training beginners on Free Traffic Methods, such as Google SEO, Facebook social media marketing, YouTube video marketing, and to help in growing your affiliate marketing business.

The course is very educational and has excellent values.

You would probably make your first commission online if you pay close attention to it, but it is almost impossible for you to build a profitable business just by going through this course.

The course just gives a feel of what affiliate marketing is all about. It doesn’t go into detail. This is the reason why John mostly talks about his System.

These two programs were very confusing before because they seemed to be teaching the same thing.

If you buy the Internet Jetset package, SAS will be one of the upsells. But purchasing SAS will give Internet Jetset as a bonus.

What do you think of my Super Affiliate System review? Is Super Affiliate System legit or a scam?

Can you make money with Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System – Product Description

***Week 1: System Setup***

Consists primarily of setting up the system. It includes: Goal setting, joining an affiliate network, setting up your website, Facebook ads, pre-sell page, etc

***Week 2: Success Skills***

This part of the training involves strategy and planning

***Week 3: Marketing Skills***

It includes Copywriting, As Optimization, etc

***Week 4: Facebook and Google Ad***

***Week 5: Native and YouTube Ad***


  • MGID Native Ad
  • Outbrain Native Ad
  • Voluum DSP Native Ad
  • YouTube Ad

***Week 6: Scaling and Outsourcing***

Use of survey funds etc

Super Affiliate System Vs Internet Jetset

John Crestani’s System and Internet Jetset are core training program of John Crestani. Before now this two-training program seems to be mixed up together, but it is far better distinct and upgraded.

John is now focused on promoting Super Affiliate System going at a hefty price tag of $997 with a FREE bonus of Internet Jetset.

But if your concern as a member is pricing. You can purchase the Internet Jetset at the cost of $47 while John Crestani’s System will be an upsell.

The core difference between the Super Affiliate System and Internet Jetset is not only the pricing but the content.

Super Affiliate System is all about advanced internet marketing methodology (All about paid ads) while the Internet Jetset is fundamental SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What do you think of my Super Affiliate System review? Is Super Affiliate System legit or scam?

Can you make money with Super Affiliate System?

Cost and Price of  Super Affiliate System

The Jetset product costs $47/month alongside several upsells and hidden costs.

The Super Affiliate System program cost $997.

Who Is John Crestani’s System System For?

The course is best for newbie affiliate marketers.

How to Make Money with Super Affiliate System

When you join the affiliate programs available in the super Affiliate System, you get your affiliate links.

This makes it easy to get your website and install WordPress; Set up your presell page, and Get traffic using Facebook AdsSuper Affiliate System.

You can use the program’s resources to create the presell page and Facebook Ads campaign.

However, you need to go through the campaigns carefully and patiently to see that the system works and testimonies abound in the Facebook group, which you’d get access to once inside the program.

Super Affiliate System  Support/Customer Service

There are three ways by which customers can reach out to John.

Helpdesk: which contains frequently asked questions, amongst others.

Full Address of Super Affiliate System

Pendragon Labs, LLC.

929 Colorado Ave.

Suite K Santa Monica, CA 90061

The United States.


Telephone: (208) 345-4245

What is Good About Super Affiliate System

  • John is a Successful and Well Known Affiliate Marketer Online

John seems like a very authentic person who is genuinely interested in helping people. He is very interested in improving himself and his products also.

Feedback is important to him and wants to know their thoughts and how they feel he can make his courses better.

He also has amazing results and achievements in just a few years because he is known as the guy who got fired, and the went ahead to build a $500,000 per month business.

  • The Super Affiliate System Training Is Great

John Crestani does his training in an understandable and orderly fashion. Both the Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System are very well organized.

Internet Jetset especially concentrated on teaching members how to generate FREE traffics which compensated for the paid traffic that John Crestani has always been teaching people.

  • Training Consists of Useful Marketing Tools

John provides beneficial information and resources like Ad swipes, targeting data amongst others. This is very useful especially if your niche is added.

Super Affiliate System will save you a lot of energy and stress as you would have access to pre-researched data.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

The platform claims to have a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course. Since they offered this guarantee, it is an indication that the courses are fair enough.

  • The Courses Assist In Growing Your Business In Other Niches

Most online platforms only have training in a particularly lovely but Super Affiliate System grooms participants in several other niches.

For example, the SAS has several other niches like

  • Make Money Online (MMO)
  • Bedbugs
  • Blood pressure
  • Credit card debt
  • Diet
  • Gambling
  • Hair
  • Skincare and many many more

Issues with Super Affiliate System

John Is a Supporter of My Online Business Education 

What is MOBE? My Online Business Education usually referred to as MOBE is an online training program that teaches a step by step ways of how to run a successful online business.

MOBE is also a business training company; it provides a lot of online and offline training, Live events amongst other things to help people succeed with their businesses.

MOBE is known for its affiliate program where you can earn up to $10K commission per sale.

The main problem with MOBE is that you’re forced to promote their membership and “recruit” more people into the system.

The higher the number of people you “recruit,” the more your earnings. Is Super Affiliate System legit or a scam? What is your take?

John Is Not Completely Honest In His Claims

John has shown signs of dishonesty in several claims he has made.

For example, he claimed that you could become a MOBE Consultant after you’ve completed the 21-step training which costs $49.

He also said that as a MOBE Consultant you would earn as high as $10,000 from a single sale. There is both very false statements.

The $49m course is just an introductory course. It doesn’t give you a right to resell MOBE’s product.

To earn a $10,000 per sale, you have to first invest $30,000. Which is too costly for newbies.

This is a very annoying feature. In the member area, there are many tools and resources.

John doesn’t create them all, he all his affiliate links to these resources, thereby earning more commissions for himself.

Poor Video Quality and Player

The training consists of a lot of videos and several of them do not play at all. Most times you can hear the video, but the visual is missing.

Most of the videos have been termed not mobile friendly and the Internet Jetset training duration is relatively very short.

Huge Hidden Costs.

There are a lot of hidden costs throughout the entirety of the training.

Costs like:

  1. Hosting
  2. MOBE memberships
  3. Other tools like ClickFunnels.

Not Very Active Community/Forum

The community, i.e., Facebook group and forum is not very active and supportive of members as expected.

Little Free Traffic Coverage 

Very little coverage was done in respect of FREE traffics and search engine optimization in this training program.

Online Opinions of John Crestani Affiliate System

Most of the users complained about the hidden cost involved in the training. They were not adequately informed about the real cost of the program before starting.

One user specifically pointed out the vast amount he had to pay as a result of Ads. Users are also not impressed with the video and about the fact that it isn’t mobile-friendly.

I am used to reviewing this kind of online training program. See some of them below:

Super Affiliate System Review BBB Rating of B+

I went the extra mile to check for the Better Business Bureau of Affiliate System by John Crestani. I observed that the business is rated B+.

This is huge, and it should make any person have the confidence to do business with a training program by John Crestani. See the detail of the Super Affiliate System review BBB rating here.

super affiliate system 2.0 review

Note: BBB rating is a reflection of BBB’s opinion of how the organization and business react and interact with its customers. It is also a measure of information BBB can get customer complaints as regards doing business with such organizations.

This program only has one major complaint in three years and one complaint in the last 12 months; that is according to the BBB rating. See what the complaint was and how it was resolved here.

Is Super Affiliate System Legit or Scam?

This Affiliate training program by John Crestani is NOT a scam but a legit online business

Can you money with Super Affiliate System?  That you can answer everything I have written.

Although, I am not recommending this program; that does not make it a scam.

The program has helped many affiliate marketers, and there is no proof online that John Crestani has scammed anyone.

Super Affiliate System Vs. Wealthy Affiliate

Is Super Affiliate System Worth The Money?

Thanks for reading my Super Affiliate System review. Can you now make money with Super Affiliate System? Is the Super Affiliate System legit or a Scam?

what are good side hustles

From the analyses of the program and my review, you can see that the training just okay but can be better.

The cost is too high for a program that doesn’t give assurance of instant commissions.

How can any newbies pay for $997 for making money online training course?

That is almost three years of what it will cost you to become an affiliate marketing guru with the Wealthy Affiliate. And wealthy affiliate is better off; you cannot compare the two!

Super Affiliate System By John Crestani is NOT a scam but is too costly for me, and I am sure for any affiliate marketer beginners.

However, If you’re tired of scams and want a product that will provide real value and a lot of solutions that will help you make money online, check out my #1 recommended online business.

This product, Wealthy Affiliate, has helped me gain financial freedom and a steady passive income every month.

What do you think of my Super Affiliate System review? Are you making money with Super Affiliate System By John Crestani?

Is Super Affiliate System legit or a scam?

Kindly drop your thought and reaction in my comment area. I will reply to your comments in a good time.

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Infographics of Super Affiliate System

super affiliate system com

12 thoughts on “The Super Affiliate System Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. There is so much to try and get my head around when it comes to affiliate marketing. With prices like this, I feel that I am never going to be able to be clear on how to be competent at affiliate sales. I wonder which is the best way of getting sales, via good SEO or through paid advertising? As perhaps Jetstar is something that is cheap that can get me a little more able to understand it all. Or would you not recommend them at all?

    1. Thanks for reading my Review of Super Affiliate System By John Crestani. I can assure you that it is Legit and it not a Scam.

      However, it is too extremely costly for me and anyone to purchase. Why would I buy such training that cannot stand Wealthy Affiliate that is making me four-figure monthly?

      Your question on which is the best way of making sales? This depends on you completely; it also depends on if you know what you are doing. If you know how to? Knowledge is key here.

      For me, if you have money to go pay traffics and you are good at it; you may not lose money. But that is why it is called paid traffics.

      But, the best way I will be recommending is the organically based sales.

      Writing great content with great SEO skills. Your content will rank on page one of Google and other search engines. As people search to get the solution to their problem; they will find your website and content and you can make sales.

      So, go after organic driven sales. You will need a lot of patience and you must do it right.

      I hope I attend to your questions?



  2. So basically, what you are saying here that if you go for either of these courses, the best one is the Super Affiliate System due to the fact that you get the Jetset for free and actually you need the information given in both. $997 is a lot of money to shell out on someone who has been proven to make false claims. I think when it comes to that amount of money, it is better spent elsewhere.

    1. Hi Catherine,

      Thanks for reading my Review of Super Affiliate System By John Crestani. You need to know straight away that Super Affiliate System is NOT my #1 recommendations. But Wealthy Affiliate is. It is the best Affiliate Marketing training in the world.

      Super Affiliate System By John Crestani is too heavily costly for me and not just that; it doesn’t worth the money. You can get Wealthy Affiliate Premium for 3 years for the price Super Affiliate System By John Crestani is going for.

      Thanks for reading my article again.



  3. In a way, John Crestani really knows how to affiliate market well if he just gets students of the course to promote him and doesn’t do anything else. That is one clever method where you don’t have to pay any advertisement fees. However, I am sure he gets a lot of refund requests via clickbank if his course isn’t so great. Although, some people are lazy and would just take the loss. Thanks for an honest review. I assume you are not an affiliate of his?

    1. DearAlexander,

      Thanks for reading my Review of Super Affiliate System By John Crestani. Yes, you are right. I am not an affiliate of Super Affiliate System.

      I earn my living reviewing both great and scammed online training programs. I studied those various programs and then and makes my recommendations. Super Affiliate System By John Crestani is legit. But it is not worth your money because it is too costly.

      The good news is that there is a better online program and that is Wealthy Affiliate.




  4. I have been following you for the last few months and never miss any of your articles or reviews. You are the main behind my success. I give you full credit for whatever achievements I have made so far as a freelance marketing expert. Regarding Super Affiliate System, your review looks very practical. You are right, it is costly and since the owner of this program is accused of scamming others, its better we should stay away of it.

    1. Hi Leo,

      Thanks fir sticking along with me. I am happy you are reading my article. I also appreciate your taken time to drop a line. This is really help my site in a great way.

      The truth is that super affiliate system is not that bad but the past record of the creator of this program will always impact on his business for a long time.

      Thanks again



  5. Super affiliate system is just too expensive, almost $1k and you are not guaranteed of making a major sale or return on investment per-say, just a model that will be bought by a number of people and creating competition within themselves

    1. Dear Robin,

      Thanks for reading my Review of Super Affiliate System By John Crestan. Super Affiliate System By John Crestani is very costly and not recommended for beginners and newbie.

      There are better offering online and in the public domain.



  6. If his material is that expensive, he really needs to do a better job at making the perfect course! Everything needs to be mobile-friendly these days, and I hate it when videos quit working, even when I don’t have to pay to watch them! If that’s the kind of quality he’s putting out, I’m going to pass on even his Jetset course.

    1. Thanks for reading my super affiliate system. It is a legit program but owned by someone that once caught by law as a scammer. That is so strange.

      The program lack trust issue and it is very costly. This is why it is nit recommended.



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