Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a Scam Or Can It Make You Money?


Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a training course designed to empower its customers with affiliate marketing skills. Dan Brocks created it in 2010. I am sure you are here to know if Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a Scam or legitimate training program?

You will also know if this training program can make you money at the long run.

It consists of 23 videos that are five hours long in total. It has been structured around the basic principles of affiliate marketing.


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However, there are issues as well as benefits of using this deadbeat super affiliate which will be discussed in the review below.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate at a Glance

Name: Deadbeat Super Affiliate
Founder: Dan Brock
Price: $17 for deadbeat super affiliate+upsells
Rating: 5/10
Recommended: no

What is Deadbeat Super Affiliate About, Exactly?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is Dan Brock’s latest course program that teaches its users the basics of affiliate marketing and how to promote one's Deadbeat Super Affiliates through other affiliate networks.

He claims the system would allow you to build websites to add content, rank high on search engines, and gain a multi-billion dollar commission from Amazon’s affiliate commission.

How Much Does Deadbeat Super Affiliate Cost?

Purchasing the deadbeat super affiliate would cost you $17 only as well as upsells ($23 for Deadbeat Traffic Blaster + $47 for The Deadbeat Millionaire + $97 Instant Affiliate Site Builder + $67 for monthly members' forum) but the good thing is the upsells are optional.

Who Is The Deadbeat Super affiliate for?

Whether the system works or not, Dan Brocks has been able to reach his target audience which are beginners who want to start a journey into the affiliate marketing industry

The program would help them get rooted in on the primary principles from choosing quality niches to building websites, content creation to social media marketing

And because it is affordable, it would be a perfect place for beginners to start from

As an experienced affiliate marketer, you would most likely find this an east of your time because you probably know all the lessons there already.

How to Make Money with Deadbeat Super Affiliate

You start by signing in and purchasing the :

The Deadbeat Super Affiliate Program for $17

Its cheap to join and you have full access to twenty-three video courses on the basic things you need to learn as an affiliate marketer from registering to be an affiliate, finding your niche, WordPress, YouTube and a whole lot more.

All videos here are made by Dan Brock and are of good quality. You would learn practically all you need to know about internet marketing with it.

Although you can't get this without being pressured into buying the other Deadbeat Super Affiliates like :

Deadbeat Traffic Blaster – $23

This is a software that helps you post your content on sites like Tumbler, Blogger WordPress and other websites for fast traffic. To be honest things like this would not work.
On the plus side, it is also an article spinning software. It would help you generate unique content and post them on your Facebook and Twitter automatically.

The Deadbeat Millionaire- $47

This is a “done-for-you” system that rants you free access into profitable niches, keywords, and other quality content. And just like the traffic blaster, it doesn't work as well.

Instant Affiliate Site Builder -$97
One way or another, the third deadbeat super affiliate finds its way to you urging you to spend $97 on a program that gives you preset websites that supposedly brings in a tremendous amount of traffic as well as articles. Although you have to rewrite the articles to avoid duplicating content, and I would not advice mass content churning.

Deadbeat University-$67/month

This is only based on a subscription fee on their site. It serves as a medium for personal access to Dan Brock for personal training and access to the deadbeat community as well.
The community is fairly active and has a good number of subscribers.

This many upsells thrown at you can be a major turn off and irritating especially when most of them don't work as much as they are supposed to.

According to the ads on the site, you can make up to $10,000 per month, but the videos guarantee to make $5,000 with it per month.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Support /Customer Service

The customer service is excellent. The response comes almost immediately and within a 48-hour time frame.
Apart from that the community support is also just as good, and Dan is very active and always ready to answer your questions.

What is Good About Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

1. Educative course material:

The videos are of good quality despite the old techniques it teaches. The videos are easy to understand and give good imagery that simplifies the concepts alongside other reading material that can be used for references are to be provided

Dan provides step by step instructions on what to do to build their business and build an affiliate website from scratch. And he continually uploads more videos on his YouTube page for more information.

2. Strong community support :

This is a huge factor that could cancel out all the flaws in the system. It has a perfect membership support community although you have to pay to join the forum, where you can ask live questions if you're stuck in a video and Dan is also very active and ready to help in any way he can.

3. Good customer support:

They respond to any complaints within 48 hours and resolve the issues as promptly as they can.

Issues With Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

1. Stale methods

It's one thing to teach old techniques when teaching people but when it does not work what else can you think about except it being of low quality?

2. Suspicious recommended programs

Deadbeat Super Affiliate would try to sell you a list of Deadbeat Super Affiliates and honestly speaking they are not worth your time or money at all.

First one is the Google Sniper, built by a well-known scammer, George Brown who recently updated it with more fake videos from his original Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

After that, you would have the AutoZone store Builder, a deadbeat super affiliate that would help you get yourself thrown out of the Amazon Affiliate Program instantly by building websites with duplicate content.

Trustjacker would be the third deadbeat super affiliate they offer you, one would think a WordPress plugin would be so much more original than trying to sell you the idea of copy and pasting to become rich, but after this one, I guess you can never assume things anymore.

3. Misleading upsells everywhere :

I doubt if anyone could be a fan of nonvalue-adding upsells or one time offers on any site or platform and Deadbeat Super Affiliate gives awful upsells worse because it’s program is for beginners, and they would not know how much value it can add.

Public and Online Opinions of Deadbeat Super Affiliate


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Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate Legit or Scam?

● Deadbeat Super Affiliate is not a scam at all. You get the training you paid for nothing more or less. I can only say its overhyped and has a lot of unnecessary upsells.

My Final Opinion of the Deadbeat Super Affiliate

While I wouldn't say it a complete scam, there are better programs out there for a better understanding of the affiliate marketing business. So except you want a cheaper way to learn this, I would not recommend using Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

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  1. This sounds like a decent program for beginners. The community and the creator both sound engaged, which can make for a positive learning environment. What I like is that, as many upsells as there are, they’re fairly affordable. However, the author warns that they’re not necessarily high-quality. I don’t doubt this program per se, but I would do more research before buying into it.

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