Khan Academy Review: Is It A Legit FREE Education Platform Or Scam?

What is Khan Academy About, Exactly?

This Khan Academy review will examine if it is a Legit FREE Education Platform Or a Scam. A lot of students cannot imagine such education platform could offer free education. They want to know if Khan Academy is a legitimate free education platform or not.

These two quotes say it all about the importance of Khan Academy ‘s free online education. “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”  Nelson Mandela; and “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”  Benjamin Franklin. The importance of education in this age cannot be over emphasis.

This is while Khan Academy comes to play. Khan Academy is a free educational platform for all people in the world. Khan Academy is a popular name in online education, but very few people know about this gentle giant name. The question is, what is Khan Academy all about?

I will be taken you through the origin and historical background of Khan Academy and what really makes this institution ticks and we will also look at the founder and how he comes about this great training non-profit online school and how they have been helping common people around the world.

Khan Academy is a free educational organization founded in the year 2006 by Salman Amin KhaninMountain View California.

It is a non-profit organization with the objective of offering free world-class-education online.

Khan Academy focuses on providing great online tools that provide education resource and material for student worldwide online.


what is khan academy about


Khan Academy leverages on YouTube and social media such as FaceBook to convey lectures in several subjects to a million of students worldwide. Its social media and educational medium also make available to the educators, lecturers, and students additional practice resources material on all possible subjects.

All members of the Khan Academy have access to educational resource and material in over 13 languages across the world on their website. Which includes English, Fresh, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Bengali, Italian, and Hindi etc.


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About The Founder of Khan Academy: Salman Amin Khan

Salman Khan was born in Metairie (in Louisiana) United States of American on 11th of October 1976 into the family of Bengali.

His Father is from Barisal (in Bangladesh) while the mother is from Murshidabad (in West Bengal) India. He is married to a physician Umaima Marvi a Pakistani American. They currently leave in (Mountain View) California in the United State of American.

Salman Amin Khan graduated from Grade King High (in Metairie) Louisiana in 1994. He continues his career by attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology; he graduated with BSc and MSc in Electrical and Computer Science.

He also ventures into another BSc in Mathematics in 1998. Salman A. K. is also a holder of Master Business Administration from Harvard Business.



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Subject Coverage at Khan Academy

khanacademy org sign up


The Origin of Khan Academy

khan academy gamesThe Ideal of Khan Academy begins in 2003 in the mind of Salman Amin Khan; He was then using Yahoo (Doodle Notepad) to teach one of his cousin (Nadia) Mathematics and other members of the family were interested in his teachings.

Salman Amin Khan created an account on YouTube to make provision for other relatives that wanted to be taught.

His YouTube Channel was so popular that he decided to quit his job as a Financial Analyst in 2009. He was sponsored by supported by Mr. and Mrs. Doerr (Ann & John).

His YouTube Channel received a lot of interest such that over 500 viewers watch his YouTube in the early year of establishments. Salman Amin Khan ‘s intention was to turn his YouTube channel into “Free School” to liberate people from lack proper access to good school most especially in the third world countries.

Khan Academy has been improved tremendously; the academy has involved a lot of teachers as a couch to create a connection with students via YouTube video and other modern education tools.

As of the time of writing this article Khan Academy has over 3.4m subscriptions to its YouTube Channel and has its YouTube viewed by over 1.3 billion times.

 Khan Academy Review | YouTube


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Pros of Khan Academy

  • Price is Free

Free offering of these courses online is an unbeatable price any competitor can beat. It gives an opportunity for both poor and the rich to have access to education.

  • Very Easy To Join

The membership is very easy to join with the integration of social media tools such as Facebook and Google+. Anyone can join from any part of the world, there is no restriction to any region or countries.

  • Great Tracking Tools For Progress

The tracking tools provided help every user of the website to monitor his or her progress in learning.

  • Multiple Platforms for Accessibility

Content can easily be accessible on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Apps (IOS and Android Mobile)

  • Regular Update of Content

Content is updated as of when due and more subject and courses are added to the platform on a daily basis

  • Content Offering in Multiple Languages

Content is offered in my languages of the world. There are no language limitations, training resource is translated to over major languages of the world for easy access by any member from various countries and region.


khan academy math 4th grade


  • Offline Availability Of Training Tools

The offline version of the training resource and material including video are copied and distributable. Such has been distributed across the third world countries such as Asian and African countries

  • Continuity of The Academy

Khan Academy gets donations from the big organization and philanthropy such as Google and AT&T and many more big organizations. Donations are received from every nook and corner of the world. These funds help in the provision of the latest training tools for the academy.

  • Availability of MCAT and SAT Training Tools

Khan Academy also provides training for both MCAT- Medical College Admissions Test and SAT – Scholastic Assessment Test



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Cons of Khan Academy

  • The founder Salman Khan is not a professional educationist and this affected the background structure of Khan Academy curriculum
  • Some school asserts that proper preparation and planning are not done before the training and resource are put together.
  • The academy is not a complete representation of a complete school because it has its limitation.


khanacademy org log

Who is Khan Academy For?

Khan Academy is meant for all people of all race, country or region. Most especially fresh school grads, self-schools kids, students with a restricted budget and stay at home mum and parents.  Also, Every individual with access to the Internet (YouTube, Apps) has free will to access these educations resource.

Award Earned By Khan Academy

khan academy games

The Khan Academy Quick Review | YouTube



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My Final Opinion of Khan Academy

You can now see that Khan Academy is a legit free online education platform and it is not a scam website. Khan Academy is a global free online education platform.

The academy has distributed and delivered over a billion tutorial lessons around the world. The Khan Academy platform is employed by over 60 million students and 3 million teachers monthly.

The academy has translated its content into over 40 languages and copied the resources material in both video and text and shipped to remote locations around the world where good education are needed, such as the third world countries such as Asian and African countries.

Khan Academy is a very free legitimate program that provides the free educational resource for all the members of the website. I hope you now have enough knowledge of what Khan Academy is all about?

So what do you think of Khan Academy review? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area.

Khan Academy at a Glance

Name: Khan Academy


Price: Free

Owners and Founder: Salman Khan

Overall Rank: 100%


salman khan academy

8 thoughts on “Khan Academy Review: Is It A Legit FREE Education Platform Or Scam?

  1. Hi John,
    I’d never heard of Khan academy before so thanks for sharing this. Looking at some of the screenshots you’ve got there, there does seem to be a lot of topics to dive into. It does sound like there’s a bit more work for them to do in order to get the program to a standard where it can be classified as a school curriculum. Still, the fact that it’s free means it’s a pretty awesome platform.


    • Hi James,

      Khan Academy is indeed a free platform. You will find all subject topics from Biology to Economics, to all kinds. As long as it is thought in schools. 



  2. Hello John,

    I find your site to be user and navigation friendly, All of your links load extremely well and I see very few redirects which are very helpful to visitors.

    Your Theme and layout are exceptionally planned out and I am very impressed with your content. Thanks for sharing. Wish you all the best!


    • Thanks Linda,

      But what do you think of my article on Khan Academy?  Kindly reverts 



  3. Hello there,

    I have used Khan academy when I was studying for me Math exams back in the University.
    I found it extremely helpful and th elessons are very well-explained.
    I have even listend to Khan himself talking about his organization in Tedtalks.
    But I have never knew about the origins and the details regarding the Khan academy that you are mentioning in your article.
    I think that it is amazing how well everything worked out for him given the fact that his is not a licensed tutor.

  4. The greatest part of Khan Academy I think is it provides people around the world the chance to get the education no matter they have the money or not. As long as you can access the internet and then you sine a Khan Acadamy account to learn.

    The concept is great especially higher education around the world is expensive. Poor people have no chance to learn even in the elementary school course. They are poor not because they are not as smart as others, they are poor because of lacking education. Khan Acadamy is worthy of respect for what they do, isn’t it?

    • You are right that Khan Academy are doing a great job since they are not profit organisation. The site is not monetized one they depend on donations from you and me and several great organizations. 

      Very few people can emulate them in this age at this time.



  5. I was just telling my little brother that Khan is heaven sent. I am from the Caribbean and I must say that Khan saved my life when I was doing CXC and CAPE. My friends used it for SAT topics also. The best part is that these videos are absolutely free so whenever I got a topic I needed to brush up on, especially chemistry, Khan was my “go-to” guy.

    I would recommend him to everyone. He is awesome.

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