4 thoughts on “Khan Academy: Free Online Education For All

  1. Asen

    Hello there,

    I have used Khan academy when I was studying for me Math exams back in the University.
    I found it extremely helpful and th elessons are very well-explained.
    I have even listend to Khan himself talking about his organization in Tedtalks.
    But I have never knew about the origins and the details regarding the Khan academy that you are mentioning in your article.
    I think that it is amazing how well everything worked out for him given the fact that his is not a licensed tutor.

  2. George

    The greatest part of Khan Academy I think is it provides people around the world the chance to get the education no matter they have the money or not. As long as you can access the internet and then you sine a Khan Acadamy account to learn.

    The concept is great especially higher education around the world is expensive. Poor people have no chance to learn even in the elementary school course. They are poor not because they are not as smart as others, they are poor because of lacking education. Khan Acadamy is worthy of respect for what they do, isn’t it?

    1. John

      You are right that Khan Academy are doing a great job since they are not profit organisation. The site is not monetized one they depend on donations from you and me and several great organizations. 

      Very few people can emulate them in this age at this time.



  3. Crystal

    I was just telling my little brother that Khan is heaven sent. I am from the Caribbean and I must say that Khan saved my life when I was doing CXC and CAPE. My friends used it for SAT topics also. The best part is that these videos are absolutely free so whenever I got a topic I needed to brush up on, especially chemistry, Khan was my “go-to” guy.

    I would recommend him to everyone. He is awesome.


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