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6 thoughts on “Reviews of Duotrope Submission and Subscription: Is It Really Worth It?”

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    • Thanks for reading my Duotrope review. 

      Really apreciate your time for the comment and for appreciating my site. 

      The aim of the article is to help writers know that they have options for other sites like Duotrope (i.e. alternatives to Duotrope). 

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  2. I had never heard of Duotrope previously, but after reading this review I now know more about it. I learned that one of the problems is the Duotrope login. 

    As it is unknown to me anyway, I would be unsure of taking a subscription, though the review on it is pretty comprehensive in its terms and it seems like it might be the modern-day equivalent of Ezine Articles, which may still be around.

    However reading the review, it seems that it can give you the traction you want, but I would like to know what type of sites the traction is coming from, but overall for someone looking to gain traction for early writing, then this could be the place

    Also, why are people complaining of the cost of the Duotrope submission when they can exploit the many alternatives to Duotrope (sites like Duotrope).

    I saw the many lists of sites like Duotrope you gave here; it will help many people to avoid the Duotrope login issue and the cost. 

    Great Duotrope review


    • Thanks for reading my Duotrope review. The article is a way to show writers how to avoid the Duotrope cost which is a reason many like to avoid login into Duotrope.

      People also need to know that there is a free trial for Duotrope and also many sites like Duotrope.

      There are many options to submit your work as a writer for publications.

      Though many people think that the Duotrope cost does not worth it; but i think otherwise.

      Thanks again for reading my article about Duotrope submission services for writers.



  3. Great review of Duotrope login,

    I would really love to have a tool like this in my inventory. After reading this article I am interested in signing up for it and use it in my own business. 

    It looks like a great and useful tool to have at your side, especially if you are doing affiliate marketing which is my main focus. thanks for this information.

    How can one get the Duotrope promo code? 

    You did a great job on Duotrope submissions.

    Well done.



    • Thanks for reading the review of my Duotrope submission.  It is all about how to help writers use  Duotrope poetry tools. 

      The problem with the platform is the cost and the Duotrope login issue. 

      Many writers complain that the Duotrope cost does not worth it.

      But in my opinion, the Duotrope login platform is excellent with one of the best tools ever for writers.

      If you can not cope with the cost you can exploit many other sites like Duotrope (or alternatives to Duotrope).

      Thanks for reading my Duotrope review.



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