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A Review of Amazon Mechanical Turk: Can You Make Money?

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What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

This Amazon Mechanical Review is the ultimate guide to Making Money With Amazon mTurk.

Maybe you are wondering what Amazon Mechanical Turk is about and the possibility of you making money with this platform?


Amazon Mechanical Turk refers to as (MTurk) is created by Amazon based on the thought or idea that human beings do these tasks better than computers.

The question is this can you really make money with Amazon Mechanical Turk?

This website is a marketplace where workers and companies meet to exchange human intelligence for a paycheck.

There are several HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks) listed on the site, which pays a certain amount from $0.01 – $2 for doing simple tasks of clicking on various websites.

Companies that require some workers virtually to get their online tasks done can access this website as well.

I will take you through a thorough review of Amazon Mechanical Turk and how you can make huge money with it.

You will be watching YouTube videos review of how to use this website to your advantage to help you make good money online.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Do I Recommend Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Yes, I highly recommend this website to people looking to earn a minimum wage by spending some hours on this site.

Amazon Mechanical Turk offers several features that allow the user to make a decent amount of money by doing simple tasks.

It is a secure and mobile-friendly website. Anyone who is above the age of 18 can register on this site to be an Amazon MTurk worker.

The payout is initially less and hits offers low cost, but there is a review section that pays $2-$5. It is suitable for companies and businesses too.

They can hire over 3 lakh workers by registering on this website.

Can You Make Money With Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Yes, anyone can make money here, but the payout is equal to a minimum wage for simple tasks.

A little hard work on this site can help an unemployed person earn for a month for all the necessities. Some tasks are extremely rewarding like reviews and some hits.

The tasks take a few minutes, and they pay a few cents, so they add up to become a decent amount.

Taking the usability test to become eligible can access the higher paying hits.

This website is a legitimate site to make easy money from home.

It gives a job to the jobless. It is perfect for some extra pocket money every month.

What Products Does MTurk Promote?

Amazon Mechanical Turk offers companies and distributors an online platform to hire workers to get online tasks done with ease.

They offer free registration, and after that, the ‘Requester’ or the company can make hits offers by feeding some information, and they decide the amount of the payout to each worker.

Amazon MTurk charges a 20% fee on the bonus or reward amount of workers.

An additional 5% is charged if you use a Masters’s qualification option.

Cost/Price Of Amazon Mechanical Turk

The price list varies from each category. The company pays according to the category of writer they choose. Few of them are below:

1) Blogger – $0.25

2) Other specific categories – $0.30 – $1

However, there are no separate products promoted or sold on this website.

make money amazon s mechanical turk

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk A Good Business Opportunity?

This website is perfect for unemployed people looking for freelance work. This is a simple and easy job to do with the ease of your home.

Working on the Amazon MTurk website pays less, but it is a good source of extra pocket money. Housewives, students, freelancers, and many more people can use this site to earn some extra dollars.

Regarding a business opportunity, it is more beneficial for companies and distributors who wish to hire a large workforce to get simple tasks done.

It is an open outsourcing marketplace, but it is not an opportunity regarding business.

What Is Good About Amazon Mechanical Turk?

  • The HITS or tasks take literally a few minutes, and they can frequently be done in a day which adds up to make a decent amount of money. There are higher-paying HITS too.
  • It charges no extra money for registration or signup. Anyone can use this site free of cost and companies pay a very less amount, i.e., 20% to Amazon MTurk for each HITS they generate.
  • The workers get an array of HITS for selection. With over 100 HITS available at all times on the tab. It means regular work for workers.

Issues With Amazon Mechanical Turk.

  • The amount paid is less, which is decided by the companies and distributors who make those HITS.
  • The verification process after registration can take several days before you get a confirmation letter.
  • The money that you withdraw can take up to 3-4 weeks to show up in your bank account due to the slow transfer process.
  • Doing this task can never make you productive, you can only do this by the side.

Who Is Amazon Mechanical Turk For?

This website is perfect for housewives, home-makers, students, freelancers, unemployed, etc. Anyone who is above the age of 18 can signup on this site to start earning from simple tasks.

It is time-consuming, and a full-time worker can make some extra pocket money in his break times.

How To Make Money With Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Making money on the Amazon Mechanical Turk website is simple and straightforward. Below are two primary ways to make money on this great platform:

  • Actual Working on Amazon Mechanical Turk

You merely have to follow the instructions on the HIT that you click.

Every HIT has a designated time in which you have to perform a small and easy task on that link or website.

It could be surveys, clicks, tasks, etc. All you need to do id to register on the website and start making money by clicking on the HITS.

It is easy and a simple way to make money without any investment online.

You should know that you can never get rich this way with Amazon Mechanical Turk, but this next method can turn you into a millionaire.

  • Promoting Amazon Products on Your Blog

Blogging has come to stay; you can have your website promoting several Amazon products including Amazon Mechanical Turk online. This is a legitimate way of making money online.

You can start blogging about anything you love doing. It is good you decide on your choice of a niche market, choosing a great niche market that you like is essential.

Choosing a profitable niche is key to your survival in the blogging industry.

You can decide on any niche, my friend Dave is blogging on how to make money playing a video game online. He is currently doing over $20,000 monthly doing what he loves doing best online.

You can start blogging by reviewing books online, food, betting, farming, sport, etc.

The good news is that you can learn how to start making huge money online blogging. This website is a product of such learning. I knew nothing about making money online before now.

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk worth It

What do you think of Amazon Mechanical Turk? Will these Ultimate guides help you to make money with Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Do you think you can make enough money with Amazon mTurk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a convenient and user-friendly website to make money by doing simple tasks online. The HITS are updated every second, and new HITS are frequently added.

There is massive scope for getting higher-paying HITS too. Once you sign up, wait for 48 hours till they approve your request.

You can do up to 100 HITS a day. After ten days of registration, there are no obligations on withdrawal.

All the above and more other features make this site a perfect part-time work site. You can access Frequent Ask Question (FAQ) on Amazon Mechanical Turk

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Amazon Mechanical Turk at a Glance

Name: Amazon Mechanical Turk

Website’s URL:

Price: Free to signup, No registration cost

Owners: Amazon

Overall Rank: 71%