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GamingJobsOnline Scam Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my GamingJobsOnline review. Can you make money with Video gaming jobs online from home? Is GamingJobsOnline legit, real, or a scam?

Great you are making your findings of Gaming from Home jobs. It is how to discover legitimate online jobs and also learn how to avoid many online scams.


Please know that I am not associated or connected to this website in any way, therefore expect a sincere and honest review of GamingJobsOnline.

Please read to discover this truth about this website. 

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Gaming from Home Jobs at a Glance

gamingjobsonline review

Name: Gaming Jobs Online (GJO)
Website: GamingJobsOnline
Owner: Glen Anderson?
Type: Gaming From Home Jobs
Cost: $1 for 7 days, $27/month
My Rating: 0 out of 100 or 0/5 stars
Recommended: No {Check out My #1 Recommended Way to Make Money Online}

Summary of GamingJobsOnline Review

The GamingJobsOnline promised to make you money as a video game tester. They also made many bold claims about how you can make money testing games online and from your home.

But Can you make money with Video gaming jobs online from home as a game tester? Is GamingJobsOnline safe, real, legit, or a scam game testing site?

You can make money testing games online, but you cannot make the kind of Money claimed by this platform.

A most legit website that will pay you to test the game app pays between $5 to $10 an hour with many conditions attached.

Making money testing games app online is not that straightforward. I can tell you it is a waste of time doing the GPT (Get Paid To) task for Money.

Testing Management and quality assurance (QA) jobs require many years of experience and are well paid, but you can only get employed by the companies that develop games. 

You can only get this set of jobs within the gaming industry.   

Therefore, the Gaming from Home Jobs website will not offer you the kind of money they claim. You may make some extra money testing game apps online. But you cannot earn $1,000 doing beta testing with GamingJobsOnline.

It may take you hours to be able to make $2 with GamingJobsOnline.

Therefore, avoid this website. It is not realistic and a waste of time and resources to make real good money with Gaming from Home Jobs.

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What do you think of my GamingJobsOnline review? Can you make money with Video gaming jobs online from home? 

Is GamingJobsOnline legit, real, or a scam? 

What is GamingJobsOnline?

The GamingJobsOnline website is about doing a task for other GPT websites to get paid some extra money. 

The site claims you can make an average of $39,063 yearly ( i.e., $3,000 monthly). This is not true because the website is a GPT site. 

It is just like doing an online survey, which is also a waste of time. However, you will make extra money.

It will take a lot of time and energy for you to make $70 in a month with Gaming from Home Jobs. 

How do they know a particular and specific amount you will make? 

It is why many reviews label GamingJobsOnline as a scam. 

They are playing on your intelligence and faking many newbies that know nothing about making money online.

They claim you will be a game tester, and you will get paid for testing games online. 

You read below what they are not telling and how they will use you to make money for themselves.  

I won’t call GamingJobsOnline a scam. But you can not make real money with GamingJobsOnline.

You will make pennies like $1 to $2 in two to three hours watching online video games and testing video apps online. 

The site is fraudulent because they have many claims that can tempt many to subscribe to this program. 

What do you think of my GamingJobsOnline review? Can you make money with Video gaming jobs online from home? 

Are GamingJobsOnline legit, real, or another scam and fake program? 

What You Will Get Inside of the Gaming from Home Jobs

Please don’t waste your $1 for the trial; it is just a waste of money. 

This program very old, and you can not know until you get to the member’s area.

The Gaming from Home Jobs is completely task-based and just like taken the survey. 

There are links to third-party programs of different surveys that you can sign up to directly without GamingJobsOnline.

Sign up for a survey program via this website will make the owners earn commission and work for them. 

You won’t see their marketing claim in the member’s area. Also, you will see focus groups, surveys like third-party websites that are task-based.

You can not make the kind of money they claim with this program. 

If you do GPT tasks, test games apps, and play games that make you click on ads, you can not make more than $2 a day. 

At max, you earn $70 in a month. 

You can earn extra money and spend your credit directly on your choice of Play store or cash out your rewards via different gift card brands such as Target, Amazon, iTunes/Spotify gift, Starbucks gift cards, and Playstation vouchers, etc.

What do you think of my GamingJobsOnline review? 

Do you think you can make money with Video gaming jobs online from home? Are GamingJobsOnline real, legit, or fake and scam platforms?

In my opinion, you can make extra money of like $2 for four hours task through the third-party site website. 

You will not make $30,000 in a month with GamingJobsOnline.

 I will not call GamingJobsOnline a scam, but they are not sincere with the audience.

How Much Does GamingJobsOnline Cost to Join?

You can join with a $1 trial offering for seven days of access. Then you are expected to be charged a monthly subscription fee of $27.

Please don’t be tempted to go for the $1 trial. 

Why Is that? Because you will have to give away your credit card details. 

I will not purchase GamingJobsOnline for a cent; it does not worth it.

There are some complaints online that they find it very difficult to get back a refund from this site.  

Please don’t bank on the 100% Money-Back Guarantee of the 60 days they gave on the site. 

Make money with Video gaming jobs online from home scam

How Much Can You Make with GamingJobsOnline?

This site owner made huge and bold claims that you can make a lot of money testing video games online. 

They quoted the “Game Developer Magazine survey” that some game testers average $39,063 annually.

They also claim that tester and video game reviewers of less than three years of experience make an average of $25,142.

While testers of six years and above are making $43,056, lead testers make an average of $70,658.

While this above may be true in the gaming industry, it is not the same thing as what GamingJobsOnline is offering you. 

They offer you on the GamingJobsOnline platform is like a survey and get paid to the task. 

So, how much can you make with GamingJobsOnline in the real sense?

You can make between $1 to $2 for hours of work daily. Some tasks may pay you as low as a quarter of a dollar. 

If you make $70 in a month on the GamingJobsOnline platform, you have to thank your God.  

How GamingJobsOnline Use You to Make Money

GamingJobsOnline is a GPT site that knows the art of using its members to make money. 

Why do I say that? Because that is what GPT knows how to do best!

What is the GPT website?

GPT means “Get Paid To.” GPT will help you to make pennies by doing the various small task and offers for them, such as taking part in:

  • Watching ads
  • Online surveys
  • shopping online
  • completing offers
  • playing games
  • referring friends, etc. 

Is “Get Paid To” legit or a scam? Is it a crime to make people doing “Get Paid To” tasks and offers? 

Get Paid is not a scam but a legitimate online business. 

It has a consumer rating of over 4.0 stars from over 6o customers in one online review. Some people are comfortable with taken part in them. 

This is what GamingJobsOnline does.  

The website is working with many companies and advertisers to reward them for the research and consumer feedback about their services and products; due to your participation of their members. 

GamingJobsOnline will reward you with pennies for your time and your personal information. They will make you part give out to the telemarketers and spammers. 

The trick of GamingJobsOnline is to use you spend money with their partners and advertisers while they will make money from commission to earn via your participation.

The pennies they will pay you are part of the money they made from you. 

It is how GPT driven online businesses work. 

How GamingJobsOnline Make Money with Your Participation

The following are GamingJobsOnline motives and plans to make you make money as you participate in the various app and game testing online:

  • GamingJobsOnline makes you click on their search engines and paid ads while earning commission from their affiliate partners.
  • You are made to refer your friends and family members to their gaming and corporate partners via their referral program.
  • They promise to help make you money via game event passes, merchandise, and giveaways.
  • They make you take part in game trials and reviews for important feedback for their advertisers, such as Apps/Websites and game testing, and many free products trials
  • Also, they also make you earn cashback on online game app purchases in collaborations with thousands of their retail brands that will pay them hugely in exchange for your effort while they pay you pennies. 

What do you think about my GamingJobsOnline review? 

Do you see how GamingJobsOnline makes you make pennies while they made big money?

Is GamingJobsOnline real, legit, or another fake and scam online program?

review of gamingjobsonline legit, real, fake, or a scam

GamingJobsOnline Complaints

There are so many complaints about this program. Below is one major common GamingJobsOnline Complaints on many reviews online.

Bold Fake and Un-Real Promises

This is one of the main GamingJobsOnline Complaints.

They made a bold claim that you can make over $45,000 testing video games online. This is not true. 

It is fake and promises to lure newbies that want quick money online.

You can not make that kind of money testing video apps on any GPT and survey sites. The best you can make in a day is $2.

Do you want to make money? I mean real money while working from home? Try my #1 recommendations. 

You will thanks me later only if you do what the training teaches. Don’t forget that it is ten FREE training for level-1 only. 

GamingJobsOnline BBB Review Rating

The Better Business Bureau review of GamingJobsOnline is “NR,” i.e., Not rated. 

The BBB is yet to review, rate, and accredit GamingJobsOnline. 

But the GamingJobsOnline is on BBB file with the following location address: Serving the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. Houston, TX 77027.

The GamingJobsOnline contact phone number as availed to Better Business Bureau is (800) 719-1832.

The GamingJobsOnline BBB File Opened was opened on the 20th of September 2015. This is according to the company’s record on the BBB website. 

With the non-accreditation and rating of GamingJobsOnline by BBB, what do you think? 

Is GamingJobsOnline legit, real, or another fake and scam company?

Can you make money with Video gaming jobs online from home?

What do you think of my GamingJobsOnline review does far?

Is GamingJobsOnline Legit or a SCAM?

In my opinion, GamingJobsOnline not completely legit and almost a scam. 

Why is GamingJobsOnline not real and fake? 

It is fake and not real because they lure people, especially newbies that know nothing about making money online. 

Gaming from Home Jobs made bold claims that are not real but fake, and it is not valid. 

When you lie to make money, what will you call that? 

They claim people can make over $30,000 yearly, whereas you can’t even make $1,000 a year if you devote your days to doing the GPT video game testing. 

You can make money by having your affiliate website reviewing games, equipment, tools, etc. 

I explain how to start your game affiliate marketing website in the body of this article. You can be making over $3,000 monthly within six months. Learn more here.

What do you think of my review of GamingJobsOnline? Can you make money with Video gaming jobs online from home?

Are GamingJobsOnline legit, real, or another scam and fake website?

What is your take? 

Is GamingJobsOnline Worth It

Thanks for reading my GamingJobsOnline review. Do you still want to make money with Video gaming jobs online from home? 

Do you think GamingJobsOnline is real, legit, or a fake and scam website?

My take is this.

what are good side hustles

Yes, you can make money with Video gaming jobs online from home. But you will not make $30,000 as promised by the owners of the website. It will be too tasking for you to make up $3 a day testing video games online.

Does that mean that the Gaming from Home Jobs website is a fake, scam, and not a legit site?

I will not call this site a scam. But they are not straightforward with their audience.

GamingJobsOnline is not realistic, but they may be legit because they deliver something to the audience.

You can call the site fake! Because you will not get what they promised by what you are going to purchase.

But I propose another way to make money online if you love playing a video game for a living. You can have your Video game affiliate websites.

Also, you will be reviewing and selling video games, video game tools, video game equipment (Chairs, tables, mice, etc.). You will partner with Amazon and be earning a commission on every one of your sales.

And you can be making over $3,000 monthly within six months of starting.

You can start this affiliate marketing training now. The first level with ten lessons is FREE to join.

You learn how to create your website, host it, and learn how to write great articles and rank them to be on page one of Google.

You will soon set up your website and online business within days.

What do you think of my review of GamingJobsOnline? 

Do you still want to make money with Video gaming jobs online from home? 

Is GamingJobsOnline real, legit, or a scam and fake site?