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16 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money with Flickr?”

  1. Thanks a lot for your support to my cause of becoming wealthy by the coming 2020. 🙂

    This is a very comprehensive guide to get alternative paths to profit from Flickr. Everything seems to be clear to me. I love the opportunity of becoming proactive. Instead of post pictures and waiting for them to be found, being able to produce for an specific niche.

    Thanks for the post and the huge reference, I’ll keep an eye on your future posts!

  2. Hello John thank for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say you have done a great job on this article,I have heard alot of good remarks about flicker and it would be very good for those that are professional photographers like me I would definitely try it out.

  3. This sounds very interesting, indeed, John.  I’m not a professional photographer but i do like to take pictures and maybe this could be a way to make a few dollars fo my efforts.

    I would imagine there is somewhat of a learning curve to figure out how I could use it and then there is the question of whether or not it would be worth paying for it.

    Not being a professional photographer, I might have to spend a little to learn how to take better photos as well.

    I was wondering though, you mentioned that a lot of others put their images on Flickr as well.  Are there any free images available to those looking for a pic to display on their website blogs?  Like those offered for free on Pixabay and other like sites.

    Interesting that more people buy mugs than digital images.  I never would have thought that to be true.


    • Hi Wayne, 

      Thanks for reading my review about how to make money with photography online.

      Flickr is not a site to search for FREE images but to keep your important images. There are so many free stock images online.

      Thanks again for reading my Flickr review.



  4. Hello John, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Honestly, I was thinking that Flickr was not a good way to make some extra cash online but based on your article I think I was wrong. 

    I have vast experience with photos and why would not I use it to make some extra cash with Flickr. 

    Yes, it is not free but I think it is definitely worth a try. 

    I want to know the following. Do you know if Flickr deletes people’s photos? Most especially many people that abandon the platform like dead people etc.

    Also, is Flickr really safe to store photos? Have you heard any issues with Flickr in terms of members’ photos and privacy?


    • Dear Danijei,

      Thanks for reading my review about how to make money with a photography hobby via Flickr.

      They keep your pictures without deletion.

      Therefore your pictures are safe and secure with Flickr.



  5. Hello John. It’s really exciting to see you share this information on how to make money with Flickr. Well, I have heard about Flickr so many times but I didn’t bother to take an inside look. 

    I am not yet a member. 

    Since I want to do Affiliate Marketing, Flickr is an awesome platform to leverage just like other social media. 

    The premium plans aren’t bad at all.

    But I like to know this, which is better, Google photo or Flickr

    Thanks for the tips.


    • Mr. Biizy, 

      Thanks for reading my review about Flickr. 

      Yes, you can do a lot with Flickr as an Affiliate Marketer.

      to answer your question about as regards Flickr Vs Google Photo.

      Many people preferred Google photos because any images and pictures taken with your phone or device can easily be backup automatically to the Google photo.

      Thanks again for reading my article about Flickr.



  6. hi, I’ve never heard of this before,  I have heard of websites that you can make money by sharing your favourite or your best pictures. like everything else in the world it is going to take time to build your experience and quality of the photos that you share unless you will likely not to make money quickly.

     As long  as you are willing to be patient, And put in the work, then this is a great way to make money and have fun at the same time.

  7. Hello! really good information! I like how simple you explain everything. So this is a MUST DO for photographers, designers maybe and such right? It really looks like a simple extra income if we are talking about at least 200 $ per picture, and with more opportunities than instagram i guess.
    The article definitely motivate me to try it, but i guess as everything, it requires patience and being constant, thank you for everything!

    • Dear Amy,

      Thanks fir reading my article on how you can make money with Flickr. It is just a pointer to where the world is now heading. People are making good money with taken pictures.

      Can you imagine making a living taken pictures? Taken pictures are poeple’s Hobbies these days.

      What a great Ideas. Do you like the ideas of making money online with your hobbies?

      Kindly let me know your thought.



  8. Step by step, review about Flickr is definitely a great piece! I’m happy to know some unknown information from this review. There are some things that we need to know before continuing with this.

    I researched about it for a couple of hours and I came up with this. Photography is artistry only for people who are enthusiastic about taking photos. It isn’t for everyone…is a good way to earn money…Thanks.

    • Dear Diane,

      Thanks for visiting my website. Many people have an account with Flickr but they don’t know that they can easily be making money. The Apps is very common among the college students. I even did an article on how to start making money as a college student while on campus.

      That link will be useful for every universities and college around the world.

      Thanks again for checking my page.


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