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What Is Digg Used For: Can You Really Make Money on Digg?

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You are welcome to my Digg Review. How do you submit your content and make money with Digg? How do Digg works and what is the process of submitting to Digg? Is Digg safe, legit, or a scam?

You are probably here because you want to make money with Digg. It is excellent that you are doing your findings of Digg.


This was how I discovered the best affiliate marketing training ever online. And it changed my life and help me build this site that makes me a full-time income today.

Are you using Digg? Are you making money with Digg?

Is Digg safe and worth it?

This article is all about and how you can make money with this content curation website.

Keep reading.

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Digg at a Glance

what is digg for

Name of Company: Digg
Type of Company: Social Media Site
Year Founded: November 2004,
Launched Date: December 5, 2004,
Founders: Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson
Headquarters: New York City, United States
Current Owner:

What is Digg About?

Digg is a news aggregator website created by Kevin Rose, Ron Gorodetzky, Jay Adelson, and Owen Byrne in 2004. 

The site has curated pages for particular internet audiences interested in specific categories such as science, current political issues and events, and any internet issues that can go viral. 

The site wound up noticeably famous in a moderately short period and built up a considerable after.

Digg was established in its current state on the 31st of July 2012. It has the capabilities of sharing content to other major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Digg is, therefore, a social news site where clients can post news stories that they find pertinent and different clients can then “Digg” the story up if they think that it’s applicable or intriguing or “Digg” the account down if they don’t trust it is significant.

Initially, Digg used to be a social news website that allows users to vote for content.

You can down-vote or up-vote web content then. It is referred to as burying and digging, respectively.  Can you still make money with Digg?

Is Digg legit, safe, or a scam? What do you think of my Digg review?

Also, Digg was said to be in merger talks with Google for a reported price tag of over $200m, but the deal failed to happen. 

Digg Current Owners

Digg was later split into three parts and sold to:

Betaworks bought the brand website “Digg” for $500,000 for being

Some selected staff was transferred to SocialCode of the Washington Post’s by Digg for $12m

A suite of Digg patents was bought by BuySellAds ( an ads company) in March 2018; the amount was not disclosed. 

You can learn more about Digg on Wikimedia here. 

This article is all about making money with Digg, how Digg works, and how to submit your content to the Digg website. 

What do you think about my Digg review? Can you still make money with Digg? Is Digg legit or a scam? 

Continue down below to know how to submit your URLs to Digg.

Do I Recommend Digg?

Yes, I recommend Digg just like other social media platforms for making money online. Digg itself may not be able to earn you decent money online, but you can collaborate with Digg as relate to your website.

That is if you have a site! Otherwise, a website is so easy to get, you can even create one within 30 seconds.

Digg can help you gain a lot of traffics to your website or YouTube channel. You can also write an article that is focused on a particular product on your site or an affiliate marketing program.

The objective is to drive quality traffics to such sales funnel.

Can You Make Money On or With Digg?

Yes, you can make a lot of money with Dig with proper and proper planning. You can use Digg to drive quality traffics to your sales funnel or websites and also promote your products through Digg.

There will be a need to come up with an excellent quality article that solves a real-life problem that people will appreciate on Digg.

If your audience on Digg read your article, it will help push it to the first page on Digg, and this will earn you more readers.

And more readers are equivalent to more traffics to your website or YouTube channel.

What do you think of my review of Digg? Can you make money with Digg?

Is Digg legit, safe, or a scam? Do you now know how to submit your URL on Digg platform?

What Products Does Digg Promote or Sell and How?

Digg offers two significant products; they give every member an opportunity to advertise on Digg via Ads.

The company launched Digg Ads in 2008 in which advertisers submit or sponsor content with the look and feel of Digg. Digg Ads are contributing to 25-30 percent of the company’s revenue.

Digg is also into e-commerce, they have an online store called Digg Store, where you can purchase anything you want.

There are several tools and resources you can buy in these stores; it includes categories such as Online courses, Lifestyle, Gear/Gadgets, and Apps/Software.

What I like About Digg

  1. Great traffics source for bloggers and YouTubers
  2. User’s engagement with Digg
  3. You can derive cheap cost-per-click pricing

My Issues with Digg

  1. Your article must be excellent to get to the first page of Digg; this is difficult to achieve.
  2. Losing its popularity

Who is Digg For?

Dig is for anyone and anybody that likes writing. Individuals have an antipathy for advertisements on social destinations including Facebook, and in this manner, the substance must be to a significant degree alluring.

This is the reason you’ll see supported stories on Digg that come to the lines of sex/humor/strange/oppressive kind of substance.

You can start on any niche of your choice and turn it into a thriving business online.

I knew people that are on Digg and making huge money online without any investment in Blog. They leverage this common social platform for their sales.

They learn the art of making money with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media.

Is Digg legit, safe or another scam? Can you make money and submit to Digg?

What do you think of my Digg review?

Guides to Making Money With Digg

Digg is popular online networking, and you can utilize it to expand your blogging activity or YouTube channel. Digg subscribers submit new links on Digg in the form of articles and YouTube videos.

The more Digg a relationship gets, the more probable it is to show up on Digg’s front page, and along these lines, the more online visits it gets and the more activity you will get on your websites.

The ultimate goals are to push an article or content to the first page of Digg. So the recommendation is to submit only your most important and intriguing items.

These are step by step beginner guides to making money on Digg:

Choose an Interest

What do you have a passion for? Do you love to sleep? Is sleeping your passion? You can even start making money blogging about how much you love sleeping! I am not joking.

My friend Mark is making money online blogging about how to making money playing video games online. Don’t forget that my objective is to help turn your passion into a thriving business online.

You are to decide on what you love doing most so that you can always get paid online for having fun forever. There are millions of people that are ready to pay you to learn your passion online.

They Google and search for it daily, you are to leverage on that and feed them on by start meeting the needs of your targeted audience.

I will refer to people that are interested in your area of interest as your niche market, discovering a profitable niche market is the prayers of every blogger.

If you like reading books, you can start reviewing and recommending great books on your blog. There are a lot of people online that are ready to buy great books.

Build Your Website

You need a platform to express your interest that will help you earn passive income forever, even when you are dead as long as your website is being hosted.

Creating a website is so easy and simple these days, and you can do so much with your site. The importance of such a platform is to help you display your niche articles to your audience or niche market.

You can always refer quality traffics (real people) to your website through Digg and other social media platforms and also learn how to make money on the following common social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

The objective is to write a great article that will help you link back to your website to make sales from Digg. This will be most useful if you are involved in affiliate marketing.

Monetize Your Interest

Monetizing your website or space should be the last thing, Making money online is a  tough business.

It won’t happen instantly. You must be ready to work very hard. You can do so many things, but it all depends on your niche choice.

My best advice is that you don’t allow ads on your site until you have traction and you are enjoying over 1000 visitors visits daily.

You can concentrate on promoting affiliate products and ensure you limit the affiliate links itself to a minimum of two per post.

Don’t forget that the essence of Digg is to help drive traffics to your blog, YouTube channel, or sales funnel. The above are general proven principles that will help you make money online.

Can you make money and submit it to Digg? What do you think of my Digg review? Is Digg safe, legit or scam?

How to Submit a URL to Digg

 Digg will allow you to submit any URLs of a page of any article or post you find on the internet for its audience. 

You can also submit the URLs of articles written to increase your website site and to earn:

  • Submitting the URLs of your articles to Digg is one great way to make money via your website. 
  • Below is the step by step way of how to submit URLs or articles on Digg.
  • The first step is to locate the blues login button (at the top right corner of the page)
  • Decide on your username for Digg and your password, then click create. You can also use your Google account via Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook to create your Digg account.
  • Locate your picture or averter. Click on the image.
  • Go to Submit Link
  • Then submit.

The above is how to submit URLs on Digg.

How Does Digg Work?

Users promote their business and content using Digg social marketing by submitting their post’s URLs via the Digg platform.

As soon as you submit your article’s URLs, the Digg technology will automatically outline your post’s title with a description and summary of the item.

As soon as you submit your article’s URLs to Digg, other users will see and upvote it if they like it. 

There are different categories on Diggs; each of your items should be relevant to a specific type.

The article you submit to Digg can either be “bury” or “Digg.” 

If your content submissions onto Digg get overwhelming digs, it will be on the first page of the Digg platform; otherwise, if your request is ignored or “bury”; it will be on the deep within the Digg platform.

­­The one big way to make money with Digg via an article you submit is to get many upvotes to push your content to page one of the Digg platforms. 

Digg is active and popular, though with fewer users compared to the initial stage of launching.  

As of February 2021 (after Coronal Virus); and people working from home, many are now using the platform. 

Digg is a social media platform that will allow its users to make recommendations of links, news stories, photos, and articles. 

The number of votes an article, links, stories attract will change its position.

Though the platform missed that opportunity to become a big social network like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, this is because of the many changes that took place without proper feasibility studies. 

The Dig platform is still very active. 

You will need your Facebook account or Twitter profile to post and use Digg.

What do you think of my Digg review? Can you make money with Digg? Is Digg safe, legit, or a scam?

Is Digg on the App Store?

Digg App is only on both App Store for iOS and Google Play Station for Androids. It is free to download. 

You can contact Developer

When did Digg release App?

Digg released its App on August 29, 2013. With over 10,000 installs by Android Users.

Is Digg Safe, Legit, Or a Scam?

Digg is legit, safe, and not a scam social media platform.

It is a great business opportunity with a great marketplace to sell your product and resource online.

Apart from using Digg as a source of traffics. You can develop useful Apps and Software for sale in Digg store.

what are good side hustles

What do you think of my Digg review? Do you think you can submit your article on Digg and make money? Or, Is Digg legit, safe, or scam?

Conclusion On How to Make Money with Digg

Thanks for reading my Digg Review? Can You make money now with Digg? Is Digg legit or another scam?

Can you now submit to Digg to direct traffics to your website?

In summary, ensure you have a space of your own where you can always direct your audience on Digg to your website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any sales page where you can finally get paid for adding value.

This is the age of making money online; I knew many people who’re are earning big online, making over $10,000 monthly.

Most especially those with Wealthy Affiliate. You can visit and see what is happening; you will thank me later for that.

What do you think about my Digg review? Are you making money with Digg before now?

Is Digg legit or scam? Can you now submit to Digg so as to make money?

Do you have any comments, questions, or contributions to my Digg review? Please drop your thought in my comment area below.

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