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Home » SOCIAL MEDIAL MARKETING » Viber App Review – Can You Really Make Money?

Viber App Review – Can You Really Make Money?

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Home » SOCIAL MEDIAL MARKETING » Viber App Review – Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my Viber App Review. I am sure you are making your findings on how to make money with the Viber App. But, Is Viber App legit or a scam? Is Viber App safe to use? 

It is excellent to research an online program. This is how I got to know of the legit way to transform my ideas and skills to making a full-time income from home.    


I can assure you that you will learn everything about the Viber App in this article.

So what is Viber? Viber is an instant messaging application that helps it’s over 800m users make free calls and send messages on its secure platform.

Viber connects people all over the world, but can you make money on and with this platform aside from making free calls?

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

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Viber App At A Glance

how does viber make money

Name: Viber
Owners: Rakuten.Inc
Products: Messengers & Calls
Year Released: December 2, 2010
Price: Free to Join
Overall Rank: 68%
Recommended: Yes

What is Viber App?

It was founded on 2nd December 2010. Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinnik who worked together in Israel initially developed it.

The company did not generate any revenues from the Viber app for the first two years.

Viber is an instant messaging application that was found on 2nd December 2010.

The company did not generate any revenues from the Viber app for the first two years.

It was in 2013 that many people started using this instant messaging app and increased its revenues. Rakuten.Inc currently owns the application.

The question of what is Viber has many answers since this app has many functions. The app can be used to chat, call, video call, share files, improve business, and earn money.

I will be doing a thorough review of Viber and how you can make good money online with it.

You will also be watching YouTube of how to create an account and get the activation code, how to call anyone from anywhere in the world and how to download Viber and set up with your Mac and Windows operating system.

Please expect an unbiased Viber App review. It is all about how to make money the Viber App.

Do I Recommend Viber App?

Viber has over 100 million subscribers that use this app regularly. With the increasing demand, Viber has increased its security and updated its privacy policies to make the experience safe.

The chats on Viber are end to end encrypted.

This means that no third party can access the content you are sharing with the other person. Hence, I would recommend people to use Viber.

However it is an online platform, so people should be a little careful about sharing extremely personal information. Do you agree with me? What do you think of my Viber App Review?

Is Viber Really Free?

Yes, Viber is Free.

Viber is a free, fast, and very secure messaging and calling app.

Viber currently has over 1 billion users worldwide.

All you need to use Viber is a good Wi-Fi connection or data plan. You can text for free and make a distinct international Free Audio and Video Calls to your family and friends anywhere in the world.

It is also possible to share photos, stickers, videos, or any file. You can also start group chats with your friends, coworkers, and friends. The group chat has a limitation of just 250 members.

You need to know that Viber to Viber calls (both Video and Voice) and messages are completely free. Viber does data; your carrier may be charged most especially if you are in abroad using the roaming option.

The best alternative to using your carrier data is Wi-Fi. But it is always important to avoid public Wi-Fi for your security purpose. Wi-Fi will help you avoid charges as much as possible.

Using Viber for any number that is not on Viber is not free. You can always use Viber credit to call numbers that are not on Viber.  Don’t forget that you can still make money with Viber App.  What do you think of my Viber App Review?

How to Make International Calls for Free

Viber is a cross-platform messaging app.

Viber helps you to make calls (both voice and video) and instant messaging to other Viber users at no cost to you (for free), notwithstanding where you are calling from.

You can use Viber to place a call to any other users no matter where you are in the world as long as you are using 3G, 4g, and international Wi-Fi connections.

Making a free call is one big way to save and make money with Viber App.

Can You Make Money With Viber App?

What is Viber about? Well, as we all know, Viber is all about giving people a platform that lets them connect to each other quickly and most efficiently.

The one thing required for a person to earn money is building connections. Viber provides numerous opportunities for individuals and companies to make money on Viber and Viber.

Since you can connect with many from different nationalities and countries, this is an opportunity to make money with Viber App

Products Promote By Viber App 

Viber promotes its products through Viber for Business as stated below

  • Viber  Public Accounts
  • The Promotional Stickers
  • Service Messages
  • Viber Out with Resellers
  • The Viber Ads

The above Viber for business promotes by Viber help callers to leverage on the Viber platform to showcase various business opportunities across the world to over 800million people online.

Note: You learn how to use this in making money before the end of this article.

Costs/Price of Using Viber App 

The cost of the services offered by Viber is very affordable. They have various plans for people with different requirements.

The best part is that all the services are customized by the Viber’s team to meet the needs of the customers, but is free to subscribe and use Viber

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Is Viber Safe?

Is the Viber app safe?

If you have sufficient contact and database, then Viber is safe and it is an excellent business opportunity.

Marketing is one of the essential parts of making a business successful, and Viber can create a fantastic marketing platform.

Additionally, it can also become a platform for you to contact your customers and sell your products.

Becoming a Viber Out credit reseller is also a great business opportunity.

What I Like About Viber App

  • End-to-end encryption of the conversation keeps the chats safe and secure.
  • The users can make free calls with the other person and make affordable calling to others.
  • They have a massive user base that lets the business owners reach out to a vast audience.
  • You can use Viber is not restricted to any country or region, you can use Viber to communicate from one country to another, and it is free. I.e., Viber to Viber communication in both audio and video

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Issues With Viber App

  • The quality of the app decreases with a slower Internet connection, and then calling is not accessible.
  • There is no option for blocking the messages or calls from a number. So, you cannot prevent the unknown numbers from spamming your inbox.
  • It is not possible to call or message through Viber if you do not have an active Internet connection. No Internet connection means any Viber services.

Who Is Viber App For?

Viber is for all the users who want to promote their businesses or earn some profits.

However, there are specific policies put forward by Viber that requires the companies to follow a few rules.

The advertisement or the business should not cause any trouble in the end user’s device, and it should not violate any national or international laws.

Additionally false and defamatory companies are also not allowed to do business with Viber.

How to Make Money With Viber For Business

Making money on Viber is all about business promotion to your connections on Viber. Viber provides ways and means you can relate and showcase your business to other callers.

You can make money on Viber through Viber for business, as stated below:

  • Viber Public Accounts

If, as a Viber user, you decide to go to Public Account, you will have an opportunity to showcase your business and go after more than 800 million Viber users.

The importance of Viber Public Accounts is so substantial that you will have direct access to Viber messaging services and interface options, which will permit and aid your communication with your customers.

  • Viber Ads

Viber Advertisements also know and refer to Viber Ads. This will help any business promoter to access and engage the specific audience as relate to any niche on the Viber platform.

Ads will help any business person or company have access to a worldwide Viber audience on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Using Viber Promotional Stickers

Viber will work with every individual that plans to promote his or her business on the Viber platform.

Promotional Stickers packs are designed to aid the reach of every business being advertised.
We have both paid and free Viber promotional stickers packs.

They are both used to help every Viber callers to scale advertisement campaigns.

These stickers packs will ensure that every advertisement is well displayed, such that it reaches millions of Viber account users.

While the free sticker packs will help bring every product and business into the forefront of millions of Viber members, the paid sticker packs will ensure that every company makes sales to earn income and more money to the business owners.

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  • Become a Viber Out Credit Reseller

You can earn huge money online with Viber as you provide your customers with first-class international calls.

Viber Out provides cheap international calls for both the mobiles and landlines in many countries. You can offer Viber Out credit in two significant ways:

  • Offer Credit Coupons: You are expected to buy enough credit coupons to sell to your customers as direct credit or call plan
  • Offer Viber Direct payment: You can decide to create a website of your own and do some simple integration with the Viber platform so that your customers can make a direct purchase of Viber credit from your platform.
  • Viber App Messages

You will be using the Viber Service messages (preferably integrated to your website); this messaging platform will help you dispatch targeted messages to your users at a cost to you.

The purpose of this is to help you reach and communicate directly with your target audience about the products you are promoting to make sales.

This API will help you understands how your users received and react to your messages

  • Using Viber to Promote Affiliate Marketing

Viber can be used to promote products and services of various big companies such as Amazon, Click Bank, and many e-commerce online affiliate products so as to earn a commission.

What do you think of my Viber App Review?

Viber will help boost your platform as an affiliate marketer such as a website to make proper sales of various affiliate programs.

How Does Viber Make Money?

So, how do Viber make money?

After Rakuten took over Viber’s management, they came up with different options for which Viber can start earning. Below are various ways and tools Viber is using for making money:

  • Viber Stickers

All Viber users have access to both paid and free Viber Stickers while chatting. If you decide to use a paid Viber Sticker, it will cost you about $2.

All users have access to the library of free packs of Viber stickers.

  • Viber Games

Viber provides gamers with different options. You can invite your contacts for team games either for free or for a fee. Viber makes money via this provision.

  • Viber Out

The App makes most of its earnings from Viber Out.

What is Viber Out? Viber Out will allow you to place phone calls at a meager rate from Viber App to any phone number. You need to fund your Viber account to use the option of Viber Out.

As soon as your Viber App account is funded, you can call any mobile line or landline. There are separate charges from country to country.

Viber App users can employ Viber Out to place international calls at a certain fee. See a screenshot of a Viber App Review below:

viber app review

Source: FY2019 annual report

Is Viber App Making Money?

As of 2013, before Rakuten acquired Viber, Viber was doing an earning that is less than $2m annually.

Just as soon as the Viber App was taken over and with different earning strategies put in place by Rakuten to ensure that all channels experience improve earnings.

Due to the growth in the user base (Mobile Segment) of the Viber App, there was an increase in earnings in the Rakuten report for the 4th quarter in 2019.

There was an increase of 33.3% in revenue for that year. The exact incremental rose to ¥119,808m. This Is a year on year improvement in earnings.

Is Viber App Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Viber App Review? Can you make money with Viber App?

Is Viber App legit or scam? Is Viber App safe?

Have you discovered how to make free International Calls, Texting, and messaging?

Do you now know how you can make money on the Viber platform? Viber is a great instant messaging app, and it has also become one of the most fruitful sources for business advertising.

However, the advertising will only work effectively for the companies or individuals that have a more significant part of their targeted audience actively using Viber.

Furthermore, a credit reseller is a great job opportunity to make some money from Viber.

Since all the services are affordable and customized as per the customer’s needs, using Viber for business is a good option.

What do you think of my Viber review? Are you using Viber App?

Do you have any contributions or comments? Is my Viber App review okay with what you know?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below. you can read more about Viber App on Wikipedia and I will like to hear from you.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article with us. I have got a lot of information about the Viber App. I’ve been using the Viber app for a year and it feels good to me. Its 100 million users can be used regularly. Its user is growing day by day, its privacy policy is secure, it is an online market safe platform. It can be used for free phone calls and free messaging apps through Viber apps. I benefit from using Viber apps I think other people and people like me will benefit from using Viber apps. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later. Thanks again for sharing such a beautiful post with us.

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  4. Hello John, it has been a very long time ago (several years) that I heard about Viber. I didn’t make use of it anyways but I had a knowledge of it a bit (for text chatting, video calls and audio calls). I have never thought of using Viber as a medium to make money. I’d probably use it to get more traffic to my website in the future. Thank you for sharing this full details about Viber.

  5. Hello john,thanks for the awesome review on the Viber app I was indeed very useful to me and I know it would help the public also.i have heard alot about the viber ap but I haven’t tried it out due to the high rate of scams on the internet but after reading your review I thinks it’s worth given a trial as we cannot say it’s a scam.

  6. Hello John, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am using the Viber app but honestly, I did not know that I can earn money through it. 

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your article, I definitely learned something new.  I always ask this question “why use Viber App”. You gave me all I need to make money with  the Viber App.

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  7. This is something very unique! Viber, being one of the leading free texting and phone call application, may offer some new marketing tactics. The credit reseller option may generate some extra money for digital marketers with limited skills. Thumbs up!

    1. Dear Vera,

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      Yes Viber App is a great products, most especially making free International calls. And you are also right on the credit reseller aspect. It can be quite great for any digital marketer.

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    Following your instructions, I will use it for the targeted audience and will share results with you guys very soon.

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