Delicious ( Review: Can Delicious Still Make You Money?

You are welcome to my Delicious ( review.

Are you on Do you know what Delicious is all about?

I am sure you are here because you are wondering about how you can make money with

Be rest assure that Delicious ( is not a scam.

This complete review will Help you to know all about Delicious and how you can earn money with it.


Delicious at a Glance

Name: Delicious
Price: Free
Owners: Pinboard
Overall Rank: 10%


What Is Delicious About, Exactly? was a social bookmarking website aimed at sharing, discovering, and organizing great links that matters and important to you, so as to always get back to them whenever you need them.

For those who are unfamiliar with social bookmarking, let me explain.

Internet bookmarking is no different from the typical bookmarking done by avid readers.

The only difference is instead of a paper or fabric bookmark with a fancy frill stashed in between pages; you save the URL of an internet page for later viewing.

Social bookmarking means you can share your bookmarks with other users, tag them, follow them, and view their bookmarks.

Delicious was created by Joshua Schachter and Peter Gadjokov in 2003. In 2005, it was acquired by Yahoo who later sold it to AVOS Systems in April 2011.

Delicious changed ownership several more times between 2011 and June 2017 when Pinboard acquired it.

Pinboard is a competing social bookmarking site which ultimately decided to discontinue the active bookmarking service on Delicious to promote their paid subscription service.

Delicious is now a read-only site.


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Do I Recommend Delicious?

No. Since Delicious has reverted to a read-only site, the only benefits it holds are to the people who were already members.

They can still sign-in and view their bookmarks though they cannot add, share or tag any other users.

As for new members, the option to join Delicious has been deactivated.

If you are looking to join the social bookmarking community, you have to consider other alternatives like Pinboard.


Can You Make Money On or With Delicious?

No. Even when Delicious was an active social bookmarking site, there was no way to monetize the site.

That being said, users gained traffic from posting their URLs and sharing their content on the site.

Social bookmarking seldom offers ways to earn money, but more traffic and better Google Ranking for your website is almost as good a reward, don’t you think?


What Products Does Delicious Promote or Sell and How?

The only way social bookmarking sites make money is by introducing a subscription or by advertising.

They can capitalize on their high traffic and run Ads on the page. Additionally, they can sell the service as a subscription (like Pinboard).

This way users can experience superior service and the site can become sustainable.

Delicious, at its prime, offered a platform for users to find content, bookmark URLs, share, tag, stack, post their content, and even follow other users.

The service was offered free of charge for anyone who wanted to join the social bookmarking community.

affiliate marketing vs social media marketing

Now that the service is shut down, Delicious clients may decide to migrate to Pinboard subscription-only social bookmarking site.

 Costs/Price Of Delicious

Delicious offered social bookmarking services at no cost.


Delicious ( Review | YouTube


Is Delicious a Scam?

Delicious is not a scam but it is not a business opportunity at all.

New subscribers have to find other social bookmarking sites to create accounts.

As for the remaining subscribers, Delicious only exists as a read-only site. It does not offer any activities or benefits other than as a referral page.

From a business standing, social bookmarking sites only serve as traffic pools to indirectly advertise your content and URL.

Delicious is no longer beneficial to any business entity.

You cannot gain any more traffic or access sharing tools owing to its read-only status.


What I like About Delicious

•    Delicious still maintains the old bookmarks saved by the existing users
•    Access is free of charge
•    It has a simple user interface and human-readable URL scheme


delicious emily games


Issues With Delicious

•    It no longer functions as a social bookmarking site


Who Are Delicious Users?

As earlier stated, Delicious is a social bookmarking site. Social bookmarking sites are mostly used by avid internet users who tend to cover a lot of content.

Delicious attracts avid readers, educators, market researchers, content creators, students, and writers among others.

All these people need to save essential URLs and findings to save time on research.

From a business point of view, Delicious was most beneficial to marketers, bloggers, vloggers, and anyone who creates or markets content for a living.

There is a wealth of marketing opportunity on social bookmarking sites thanks to the high number of traffic.

Anyone who posts their content on a social bookmarking site will experience heightened traffic to their website, more backlinks to their content, and higher SEO ranking.


How to Make Money on Delicious

Delicious is currently a read-only site. This means there is no active interaction of any kind among the users of the site.

Wherefore, there is no way to make money on the site unless the status of the site changes.

Social Bookmarking With Delicious (  

Is Delicious Worth Your Time and Money?

So what do you think of my Delicious ( review? Can you now make money with Delicious?  How else do you think you can make money with

The decision by Pinboard to deactivate social bookmarking may be the end of Delicious as we know it.

However, die-hard fans like myself continue to hold out hope that it will somehow be revived.

Let us not forget that in 2008, Delicious enjoyed the monopoly of internet bookmarking with close to 6 million users bookmarking over 180 million URLs every month.

Even if Delicious does die out, we will never forget that they were the first social site to employ the word “Tag” in the social-media sense, way, way back in 2003.

Have you been making money with Delicious before now? What do you think of my Delicious ( review?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below.

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8 thoughts on “Delicious ( Review: Can Delicious Still Make You Money?”

  1. I remember when Delicious was one of the most recognized sites online.

    It’s weird to see it fall like this and just goes to show you that you need to have a good plan to survive.

    I’m curious what other similar sites do you use now instead of it, John?


    I am Kyle

    • Dear Kyle,

      Thanks for visiting my site and reading my Delicious review.

      If I am right you ASR’s asking which of the bookmarking sites I am I using now? I am not using any bookmarking site for now. Just to be cleared. I never use Delicious before too.

      Why would I use delicious? You can really get much help online via any book marketing website. The aim and objectives of such website is to help the User flag an article fir a future usage.

      I remembered bookmarking some article. The truth is that I found it very difficult going back to read them.

      Another reason wby the business model of bookmarking sites is wrong is that what may be good for a user may not be interested to another user.

      What is then my recommendations? Do you want to make money online? There is nothing like having your very own websites or call it platform.

      Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even delicious will fail you. Any platform that is not your own is dangerous. In recent time Facebook and many other social media websites are closing up users account.

      If you depend on those website to be making money. They will fail you. The best thing that can help you build a durable online business is to have a your own. It is very simple and cheap to build your website in this age.

      There are websites builder sites everywhere. My number #1 recommendation website builder is Wealthy Affiliate.

      They will take you through the steps process of not only build your own website. But you will learn how to build your online business.

      The best thing is this you will do everything by yourself. That implies that you will acquire new skills along the line.

      You can later use this to helping people and monetizing it in yiur local community.

      Thanks again fir checking on my websites. I appreciate

  2. Dear John,

    It’s somewhat sad to see this website go. I remember landing on it a couple years ago and finding it quite entertaining.

    As we all know, over time things die and new things are born.

    Hopefully, Pinboard will take initiative and become something greater than Delicious.

    I think Digg and StumbleUpon really own the social bookmarking space though.

    I am Bruce.


    • Dear Bruce,

      I can categorically confirm to you that Delicious has been sold to Avis System on 27th of April 2017.

      Avis systems is a company founded by Chad and Steve. Just to be clear, the new owner now is Pinboard, this is another bookmarking website and it was created by Joshua Schacher.

      I hope that is put to rest.

      Thanks fir checking on my website and reading my Delicious review.



  3. A couple of years ago when Delicious was launched, I remember I was quite active on that social platform. It was also very engaging. I think those were the days when Orkut was also very popular.

    I tried to access the site just now and it is giving a ‘Your connection is not secure’ error. Are you also getting this error?

    • Thanks for tea ding my Delicious review.

      The site is okay to the best of my knowledge.

      Thank for visiting my page and for dropping the this comment.

      Delicious social medial is not a scam l.
      But can anyone make money on or with delicious?

  4. Dear John,

    It’s a shame that Delicious had to shut down like that! Hopefully there will be another site that can do the bookmarking work in its place.

    Have you found anything that works like it used to?


    I am Mari

    • Dear Mari,

      The good news is that yiu do not need any such bookmarking sites to make money online. Why bookmarking on another website while you can bookmark on your own system or Labtop?

      As an internet marketer. Booking marking websites can not help me making money online. What you need is your own platform and website. What is yours will forever be yours.

      Thanks fir reading my Delicious review.

      I really appreciate.


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