Is ARIIX a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my ARIIX review.

Most often, beauty and health products are the target of MLM programs.

Why? You may ask. This is because they are most often everyday products.

But, Is ARIIX a Scam?

I am sure you are here to find out about ARIIX, what exactly is it about?

Will it make you money just by selling health supplements? Should you buy into it?

At the end of this objective review, you will find out if ARIIX is worth your time and money or NOT!!!

Join me as I delved into the intricate details behind this MLM company, ARIIX.

ARIIX at a Glance 

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Product Name: ARIIX
Founders: Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates, Riley Timmer, Deanna Latson, Harry Zhang, and Ian Chandler
Price: $415 — $2020 plus $200 membership fee per annum excluding other costs.
Rating: 38%
Recommended: No


ARIIX Summary Review

ARIIX is an MLM company that provides health and beauty products and supplements with a focus on weight-loss.

Users can gain access to their products through the ARIIX website and by participating as distributors in the ARIIX MLM-programme (Multi-Level Marketing).

While ARIIX has an interesting range of product, it relies heavily on a compensation system that requires its members to recruit new members.

Is ARIIX a scam product or will it's health supplement really help you in losing weight as well as earning a steady income? Let's find out!!!

What is ARIIX About, Exactly?

Ariix was founded in 2011 by Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates, Riley Timmer, Deanna Latson, Harry Zhang, and Ian Chandler and has slowly but surely worked itself up to the MLM pyramid as an apex company by acquiring smaller MLM schemes.

In doing this, they have received a wide range of products available to sell.

This ensures that they have no competition and more importantly that they are the competition.

Ariix is a company that focuses on its marketers more than on the market. This is because the marketers are the geese that lay the golden eggs.

The company has been self-acclaimed as “an opportunity company.”

The company has an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, annual revenue of almost $200 million and employs 85,000 people who work as distributors in 15 countries.

Experienced internet marketers or avid readers can smell a multilevel marketing scheme from far off, and ARIIX is no different.

ARIIX has all the traces of an MLM scheme as half of its founders were past leaders of Usana – another MLM scheme in the industry.

So why does Ariix call itself the opportunity company?

They grant their distributors a great opportunity to own their own business and autonomy to choose which of the company’s products to market.

Ariix takes ecstatic pride in their “ACTIV8 Compensation Plan” – which is unique in the MLM industry.

ACTIV8 employs a seven-generation, multi-line structure that cycles money from the bottom to the top and back down.

This makes sense because it rewards top marketers and keeps the company’s attrition rate low.

How Much Does ARIIX Cost?

Joining the family (membership) costs you $200 every year. No that’s not all.

You will also need to purchase an Enrollment package — the business level you want – which gives you “Personal Volumes” or PV.

  • Activated gives you 200-499 PV
  • Business gives you 500-999PV
  • Elite gives you 1000-1499 PV
  • Ultimate gives you 1500+ PV.

Enrollment packages cost between $415 and $2,020.

Keep in mind; you’'ll need to sell, use, or purchase 75 PV every four weeks to be eligible for income position commission.

Who Is ARIIX For?

Are you good at convincing people to buy products – many of which they don’t need?

Then Ariix is the right place for you.

How to Make Money with ARIIX.

Ariix has a wide range of available product lines of products.

All of Ariix’s products can be classified into the following six brands:

  • Nutrifii – A series of health supplements that provide nutritional support. It includes mineral support, energy boosters, calcium therapy as well as heart and brain support.
  • Slenderiiz – A line of products for weight management that the company claims are more effective than diet and exercise (That is sheep’s bleat if you ask me). Products mechanism of action acts to control appetite and increase metabolism.
  • Puritii – This line includes air and water filters, including water bottles.
  • Revive – Includes personal care products including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and toothpaste.
  • Prime – A line of essential oils (like Pure Haven or YL).
  • Jouve – A pair of skincare products, one helps to correct dark spot and skin brightening; and the other for skin tightening.

I have talked a bit about the new compensation plan – ACTIV8 – and will now get to the bone of contention which is why you have been reading my review.

As an Ariix distributor, these are the ways you make money:

  • Retail Sales Profits – Profit on Ariix products sold.
  • Unlimited Base Commissions – You earn 15% of a pay line.
  • Team Lead Bonus – Sponsoring and maintaining four Ariix representatives/distributors.
  • Matching Bonus – A percentage of the commission earned by those you sponsor and those they sponsor. These are your MLM gonzoes.
  • Pay Line Bonus – You earn a share of 1% of worldwide sales that gets placed in a pool.
  • Income Position Bonus – You earn a share of the 2% of worldwide sales that gets placed in a pool.
  • Savings Bonus – an extra 15% commission when you sell at least $250 worth of products in a week.
  • ARIIX Travel – A rewards program that offers distributors vacation savings as they build an ARIIX business portfolio.

Qualification for Commission in ARIIX

Before you can start earning commissions on Ariix, you must generate a certain amount of volume in your sales from either selling products to others, or purchasing them for yourself.

You must maintain the volume of your sales for 4weeks, and it must be more than 75 points.

Also as an Ariix affiliate, you must enroll in one of the auto-delivery products that the company offers.

Ariix has 16 ranks which its affiliates have to progress through. That’s a high number of different ranks you'd have to go through.

However, the commission you get from retail is a pretty simple process.

In retail commissions, the commissions are funded by actual sales from the company’s product line.

Your earnings are determined by the price difference between both the retail and wholesale cost of each product you purchased.

The company also has a residual commission plan which can enable its affiliates to earn.

The system uses a unilevel system; a recruit is placed at a level higher than the one who recruits him.

For instance, if a level 1 member hires a new member, he will be put in Level 2 and so on.

Ariix offers its affiliates a total number of 9 bonus opportunities.

This is pretty high, and you might go to active each of these bonuses before you can make the type of money that you want to make from it.

ARIIX Products and its Potential Side Effects

ARIIX claims that it utilizes a combination of ancient traditions with modern research to give its users a better result. S

uch as using the ancient secrets of green tea and green coffee to activate all aspects of metabolism and optimize the body’s ability to burn fat.

ARIIX offers products range from dietary and weight loss supplements, essential body oils, and more.

Although the company claims that all its products omit the use of any GMOs and it's products are in line with guidelines set by the United States Pharmacopeia.

It is hard to prove that there is anything so special about its products.

Support /Customer Service

On its website, Ariix has some contact numbers and emails as well as the time that your issues and questions can be attended to.

For emergency issues after work hours, you'd have to send an email to There is also an email and phone number contact for those in the UK, Netherlands, and France.

What is Good About Ariix?


I like the fact that Ariix is transparent about their Distributors Bill of Rights.

However, there are grey areas such as the kinds of training provided to newbies.


With Ariix, you don’t have to worry about a particular product not selling fast enough, you can always earn with another product.

The company does not restrict you to a set of products. Your success is proportional to your marketing skills–all things being equal.

Issues with Ariix?

High Startup Fee

I mean the most basic plan is more than $400 and comes with a non-negotiable $200 annual membership fee.

Lack of Information

No one would cut off an arm unless there is assurance that it will grow back.

It is pretty hard to find out for sure how much distributors make from Ariix, but available data pegs this at between $200 – $1200 monthly.


To be honest, Ariix is young – compared to similar MLMs such as Team Beachbody – and although they appear steady on their feet, there is no certainty to how long they will be around.


There abound lots of scathing reviews about Ariix and the legitimacy of their products.

Besides this, winter came in 2018 when Ariix sued Nutrisearch for trademark infringement.

WorldVentures also sued Ariix and MaVie for using proprietary information and trade secrets.


 Public and Online Opinion of ARIIX

A former employee from Ariix describes the company as a pyramid scheme. He advised that members of the public do not get confused into joining by looking at their nice cars. He describes it as a scam to get more recruits into signing up.

Equally, a former employee of the company who worked at Ariix for more than a year praises the scheme.

He claims that the company offers decent pay, excellent medical benefits, and free products. However, he was disgruntled with the work environment and nepotism.

Is ARIIX legit Or Scam?

I have reviewed over 500 products, and you trust my honest and fair opinion which is why you are here.

No, Ariix is not a scam although the high startup fee and other factors do not make it an attractive venture for anyone who wants to make money through affiliate marketing.

Is ARIIX Worth Your Money?

What do you think of my ARIIX review? Do you now think ARIIX a Scam?  Are people making money with ARIIX?

Wealthy Affiliate will enable you to learn not just how to make money alone but also equip you with modern techniques of affiliate marketing.

Was this review helpful? Let me know what you think, Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment section below. I will love to hear from you!!!

8 thoughts on “Is ARIIX a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Dear John,

    I would really like to understand more about this company.

    Why would they charge such high rates for affiliates to enter? Seems somewhat like a bad business move.

    Although, they do have a bunch of high-quality products.

    I am Paul

    • Dear Paul,

      Thanks for reading my ARIIX Review. I also appreciate you for taking time to drop your thought.

      ARIIX is a multilevel Marketing company and they produce their products themselves, may be that is why they hike their entry fee for the affiliate marketing.

      I am not a fan of MLM business. MLM business is not a scam, it is the Ponzi scheme aspect of it that is a scam.

      But, I ma not recommending ARIIX because of many reason. One of the reason is the issue you just raised. How in hell can you pay $200 to start a Multi-Level Marketing business with a company with many risk.

      You can do a lot with $200. One of whatbyiu can do with $200 is to start learning how to make a fortune online via Internet Marketing.

      With internet marketing you will have your own business. A business you can dictate what to focus on.

      You can easily pay less than $200 for a six month training. This certification will help you to start making money helping your audience in no time.

      Six month is too much to start earning online as an internet marketer.

      You can also decide on focusing on the area you have passion for. Do you have a passion for cars, is it fashion, farming, Art, or what?

      You can turn your passion or hobbies into a niche. The wealthy affiliate training will help you identify your audience and niche market.

      If you put this training to work, you can be making over $3k within your six month.

      In conclusion, you can not inject $200 in an MLM business that is full of risk. I will not do it because I now know better.

      Thanks for reading visiting my blog again. Really appreciate.



  2. Dear john,

    So, basically ARIIX is not a scam but it’s hard to make money with them, correct?

    I just want to make sure I understood.

    I’m looking for another income stream so any further details would be appreciated.

    Will also look into the other program you’ve been talking about.

    Thanks for you work



    • Dear Mat,

      Thanks for reading my ARIIX review. I am glad you came.

      Yes, ARIIX is not a scam but then, I am not recommending ARIIX to you. I have many reasons for this.

      I will state some:

      ARIIX is an mlm program. Multi Level Marketing will turn you into a slave and will make your family, friends and relative hate you. Because you will be made to run after them to make a sale.

      ARIIX is into sales of supplements drugs and substance. All this have side effect on people. Some of the ingredient they employs have side effect on people that consume them.

      Yes, somebody has to sell these products, but it must not be you.

      Also, there are so many things you can do with your money than to pump in $200 to start an mlm business with ARIIX.

      The world has gone nuclear, you can easily turn your passion into a thriving online business. Wealthy Affiliate Training alone can turn your life around within six month.

      You can be making well over $3k within six months.

      What do you think? Do you have additional question or comment.

      Kindly drop your thought.



  3. Dear John,

    It’s a shame that all of these schemes are out there!

    Even if it’s a not a complete scam, there are so many better ways to make money.

    Why do you think the BBB rated it so well?



    • Dear Josh,

      Thanks for reading my ARIIX review.

      Firstly to answer your question. The BBB rating was rated well because the support and customers service of ARIIX is responding to issues as they are raised or as they are reported on BBB website.

      No matter how bad a program is online or offline; if there are engagement between the support of that organization towards the clients or the person that respond and most importantly if such issues are trashed and the reported acknowledged that he or she is okay to BBB.

      The rating will continue to be great as long they are taken care of all the reported issues.

      Also, on your second observations.

      People continue to stick to programs that are scam or seems to be scam not because they wanted to but because they are not equipped with information of what is alternative.

      And mostly, when it come to MLM program, by the time they have committed their money they find it very difficult to get out.

      They always think they will makeup up there lost until they are sink with debt of such scam.

      Do you have any other questions?

      Thanks for coming again.

      Really appreciate.



  4. Dear John,

    $2020 for the enrolment package, plus $200 membership fee per annum excluding other costs is way too much.

    I would not recommend going for it either.



    • Dear Thanks fir reading my ARIIX review. Definitely it is not a scam. That is the good news.

      On the cost of subscription of $2,020 and the annual fee of $200. It is too high and too much for an MLM program. The bad news for AFIIX is that there are other better alternatives.

      You can over four years of subscription as a Wealthy Affiliate member for one of the best training platform in the world.

      Training that can help turn your passion and hobbies into a thriving business online. With over $2,000 you can be register to learn how to become a guru in blogger.

      I mean that you will be taught to become an authority in your niche. You can make so much money blogging about what you have a passion for.

      Can you imagine working once and earning forever? Working with ARIIX as an MLM will not make you the owners of ARIIX, you business is tied to that program.

      If ARIIX goes down your business will go down with it.

      But with your own platform and running your own blogging will make you a complete owners of business.

      What do you think? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area.



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