Can You Make Good Money With AvaTrade?

By | January 2, 2018


AvaTrade Review

Ava trade has been a pioneering company in the online sector since the year 2006. The company was established by a team of expertise in online web – commerce trading targeting retail traders. Emmanuel Kronitz founded it.

Ava trade has the best features they include, a web-based platforms; live account holders have Ava debit card, a demo account, access to trading central, charting tools and free withdrawals. This contributes to the company emerging the lead amongst other forex brokers.

Ava trade involves the online trading of currencies, stocks, commodities bonds and many another thrilling trading around the globe. This entails the buying and selling of currencies like significant currency pair, minor currency pair, and exotic currency pair.

Some of the benefits of trading with Ava trade are:

  • The minimum deposit is very low.
  • It is safe and well regulated.
  • It offers a wide range of assets, i.e., cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, indices among others.
  • No commissions
  • Fast customer support
  • Flexible deposit methods, e.g., PayPal

Ava trade product is restricted to the following countries: USA, New Zealand and Belgium.

Guide on how to use the site for bitcoin exchange.

Step1. Find a functional bitcoin wallet.

There are several wallets, and you need to identify a wallet that checks off all the features that you want and download the Ava trade login to the appropriate platform.

Step2. Choose the right bitcoin trader.

There are a whole lot of exchange, and they vary with the performance. It’s good to consider buying your coin from an exchange to avoid brokers. Always compare the exchange rates, fees for obtaining the bitcoin and the payment method offered.

Step3. Select your payment method.

There are several options to consider as a mode of payment. Most exchanges accept credit cards and bank accounts. However, others like PayPal are not acceptable.

Step4. Buy some bitcoin and store them in your wallet.

The exchange market varies from time to time; it’s wise as you keep watch on how the bitcoin is trading load your wallet to avoid any inconvenience.

Step5. Get ready to use it.

Bitcoin rates fluctuate .it’s wise to plan and set up a seller account to avoid the last minute rush.


Find the list of crypto altcoins supported by Ava trade.

  1. Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash
  2. Etherum
  3. Ripple
  4. Dash
  5. Litecoin
  6. Monero
  7. Neo

The payment method supported by Ava trade are Bank transfers, visa MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill money brokers, Neteller and union pay.

The methods used to purchase bitcoins and other altcoins are credit card, debit card, or bank transfers.

Ava trade is a regulated forex broker and compared to others their charges are fair. The minimum amount required to open an account is 100USD which is lower compared to others. In addition to that Avatrade offers a maximum leverage of 400:1 which is good compared to other forex brokers.



Do I recommend Ava trade?

Ava trade is a product that I highly advocate. It’s advisable to trade with a broker who is registered and has a well-recognized trading analysis. Ava trade gives you a chance to trade and make a profit even when the markets are low.

Ava trade customer service.

The customer service is manned 24hrs. This enables the broker to respond to the needs of the clients promptly. The FAQ and help center app has a clear guide and instructions on what to do when you need help. The provision of FAQ mostly asked questions with answers makes it easier for the clients. They can leave a message or email, and you will get assisted by standby online team instantly.

Compared to other websites using the online perception Ava trade rocks the market. The clients’ reviews and positive comments confirm that Ava trade is the best.

How you make money with this product.

The economic factors determine the exchange rates. This trading involves quoting of currencies in pairs against given time whereby one is the base currency and the other one a quote currency. If you believe your base currency will rise against your quote currency and buy the currency if it raises you to make the profit.

What I like about Ava trade.

It is cheap compared to other brokers

Provision of a demo account for beginners to help them trust and learn how the forex operates

The trading platform is easy to use.

Issues with Ava trade.

The broker is currently facing withdrawal issues.

Who is Ava trade for?

The trading product is used for trade globally except the few countries where they don’t trade. It is well embraced, and the majority are benefiting as they use the platform to trade and earn a living.

Alternatives to Ava trade.

Ava trade review states that there are no perfect brokers, therefore; we have other alternatives brokers that can be considered:

  1. Plus 500 regulated by the financial conduct authority (UK)
  2. I G regulate by economic conduct authority (UK)

Is this product a scam or legit?

The product is not a scam; they are valid brokers fully licensed and regulated in the EU. I would highly recommend this platform to users since it’s cheap and has a more comfortable environment

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