What is Text Cash Network About, Exactly?

You are welcome to my Text Cash Network (textcashnetwork.com) Review.  But, can you really make money with Text Cash Network?

TCN was founded by Florida based company, the Johnson Group, an establishment with a core interest in the tech and advertising field.

The president of the company, Brett Hudson, has over a decade of experience in the computer technology field, running a Dot Com firm for two years and increasing its valuation in that period to tens of millions of dollars.

The company basically deals with the dispensing of ads via the text medium.

If you wish to partner with TCN, all you have to do is agree to receive a stipulated amount of ads on a daily basis and receive an agreed commission after the commitment has been fulfilled.

Since it is an MLM centered venture, you are also able to refer new members to the company, and once they agree to receive daily text ads from TCN, you will get a percentage commission on each referred member.


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The main feature of Text Cash Network is the free subscription it offers, which means you will only be devoting your time to the scheme.

The company is also run using a business model that is similar to the coupon sharing giant, Groupon.

But while the later compensates its users with discount codes and coupon codes, Text Cash Network pays cash to those that choose to partner with the company.

The major benefit attached to partnering with TCN is that it presents you with the opportunity to attain 10 different referral levels and also earn a collective sum from all referrals across the board, and you can achieve all these by subscribing to the free package.

Text Cash Network is available to all prospective partners that wish to join the program and earn a sizeable chunk of money on a consistent basis.



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Text Cash Network at a Glance

Name: Text Cash Network
Price: Free
Founders: The Johnson Group
Rating: 10%
Recommended: No


Do I Recommend Text Cash Network?

Multi-Level Marketing scheme has proven time and time again to be a money-making venture that can consistently earn you a good income if handled with a certain degree of tactfulness.

Text Cash Network is another MLM-themed venture that operates the same model as most other MLM businesses, relying on referrals to thrive.

It is perhaps the most obvious representation of an MLM venture, as the main objective of each newly registered member of the company is to refer new members to the program who also must hunt for new referrals.

Since the core of the company’s business deals with receiving text ads from advertising agencies, it is less cumbersome to promote even as the network marketing aspect becomes more obvious.

If you’re used to participating in MLM ventures then you can definitely give this a try especially since it comes at no cost at all.

What Does Text Cash Network Sell or Promote?

The company basically functions as an ads dispenser that delivers multiple ads to the phones of would-be buyers subscribed to its program.

In essence, TCN is paying you with the hope that you’ll purchase any of the advertised products.


The Costs/Price of Text Cash Network

It is free to join the TCN referral program though there is a paid subscription option as well.


Is Text Cash Network Legit Or Scam?

Text Cash network is not a scam. But it will not make you the money you desire.


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As a typical MLM platform, Text Cash Network certainly has one of the best working arrangements available.

Since you don’t have to deal with the charade of pretending to market a product, you can go straight to the point and recruit personnel for the referral program.

I have reviewed over 500 online programs that promised to make people money online; take my word for it. We indeed have my crap program online. See below:

What is Good about Text Cash Network?

It is a typical MLM business that doesn’t hide behind the mask of product sales or service delivery

Its matrix compensation system is one of the best in the MLM field

It is free to subscribe to the company’s referral program

YouTube of How to Make Money With Text Cash Network


What are the Issues with Text Cash Network?

You will have to actually make purchases from time to time to earn a substantial sum of money

The security of the company’s site can’t be vouched for.

The prices of the products being advertised are usually unknown

Another major thing I dislike about this product is that there is no real value addition to members.

Who is the Text Cash Network for?

This company is for the ardent MLM participant looking for a new avenue to milk.

It is available to anyone located anywhere in the world as long as there is a reliable internet presence.

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How to Actually Make Money with Text Cash Network?

Step 1

Subscribe to the company’s referral program and receive up to 5 text ads.

Step 2

Refer as many people as you can and get them to receive the mandatory numbers of text ads

Step 3

The cascade of referrals continue until it reaches the tenth level where you get paid the maximum compensation amount

Is there a better Alternative to Text Cash Network?

Text cash is perhaps the best option available for MLM enthusiasts looking to earn a quick buck.

Most others usually have a product attached to the referral scheme, which only slows down the process.

Public/Online Opinion of Text Cash Network

The general consensus is clear on what TCN brings to the table.

Now, while principled entrepreneurs may not like the mode of the company’s operations, MLM experts who partner with the company only have reversing opinions about the company.

Text Cash Network Review – Can You Make Money? | YouTube

My Final Opinion of Text Cash Network


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What do you think of my Text Cash Network (textcashnetwork.com) Review? Can Text Cash Network help you make money online? Text Cash Network isn’t a scam but to be honest, isn’t an ideal venture to invest in either.

But if you want to make some quick MLM money, it is one of the thriving options out there.

At this moment and in this age of making money online revolution Text Cash Network cannot help you and I can assure you that you may be frustrated at the end of the day.

Instead, I am offering you a better option and one of the best ways to start making money with your hobbies and passion.

Wealthy Affiliate will take you from newbie to authority in any of your chosen niche online.

what is text cash network about

6 thoughts on “Text Cash Network (textcashnetwork.com) Review: Will It Make Money?”

  1. Is it truly possible for Text Cash Network to compensate members for just receiving a stipulated number of ads? Do they really oblige their members to click the ads and do the needful? Perhaps purchase or do what the ad demands.

    • Dear Martins,

      For you to really earn substantial income via Text Cash Network you are required to make a purchase of the adds received on your device. This is one major area why I dislike this MLM product. There is no real value addition to members.

      Can you imagine purchasing an ads just to earn income even if the product you purchased will not add value to you?

      This is why I am recommend my #1 Recommended Online business. You will be impacting value to your audience while you are making real money online.

      Kindly take a good look at that link or menu.

      I really appreciate your visiting my website.



  2. Hmm… I’m not sure I’d be making enough purchases to earn a substantial sum of money. Do you most people are purchasing products advertised to them? I rarely spend money, so these doesn’t sound like the best fit for me. What are some alternative programs? I really like the idea of Text Cash Network though.

    • Dear Sam,

      I agree with you. It doesn’t make ends to me Too purchasing an ads just because you want to earn from the platform that is advertising it; even if the product or program you are buying is not going to add value to you.

      Though some how you may see ads of what you really like, and when you purchase such an Item via the platform you will earn income as a member of But Text Cash Network.

      Member can earn more if this program is into advertisement of various house hold items. That will actually help me ever to see what to buy and purchase on a daily basis.

      But then, it is not the best ways to make real money online; compare to my #1 Recommended Online business. You can’t even compare them.



  3. How does Text Cash Network work? How does TCN work? Is Text Cash Network a scam? Has anyone been paid? I’ve plenty of queries when it comes to MLM…Because there have thousands of MLM Company worldwide. Most of them work as scam. I read this blog fully…and I got some extent that referral works well…What is the principle product of Text Cash Network? Thanks for sharing this informative piece.

    • Dear William,

      The working of Text Cash Network is based on Multi-Level Marketing. The amount of money you can earn depends on the number of referral you can earn for your self. You earn more money if you can make a purchase(s) from the advert received on your mobile.

      The implication is that you may not like what you are buying and still earn from it; but why would you purchase what you don’t need just to earn commission?

      Text Cash Network (TCN) is not a scam, because they always deliver what they promised. I am sure though that it will not make you enough money. I hope you are okay with my answer?



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