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Is VirWox a Scam: Can You Still Make Money with VirWox?

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You are welcome to my VirWox Review. Can you make money with Virwox? Is VirWox a scam?

Do you want to buy Bitcoin with PayPal, credit, or debit card?


Yes, it is possible through VirWox.

You are in the right place, where there is no restriction on countries or regions.

The rise in the use of virtual currencies has led to an increase in the number of trading platforms where different types of cryptocurrencies can be obtained.

One of such online platform that offers customers the opportunity to procure any of these innovative currencies is VirWox, a currency exchange establishment based in Vienna, Austria.

In this very delicate financial terrain where we have over 67 cryptocurrency exchange companies across the world.

The trustworthiness of an exchange company is the most important feature sought after by prospective customers.

VirWox is one of the few online companies that guarantee genuine Bitcoin exchange services that are not laden with fraudulent practices and incompetence.

You can instantly buy Bitcoin with PayPal, credit, or debit card in the Virtual World Exchange called VirWox.

But, Is VirWox a Scam? Read on to discover what is happening to VirWox.

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Virwox Shutting Down By January 6th, 2020

is virwox a scam

VirWox exchange will be closing down to business and members from January 6th, 2020. The Bitcoin exchange warned its members, associates, and affiliate of its decision to close down to business in an email to all the stakeholders. 

The mail stated that there would be no more access to the platform after that day. Every user is warned and also invited to retrieve and withdrawal their funds before this day.

VirWox started the Bitcoin exchange business in 2007. The website is well known for the ability to be able to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) with PayPal, Debit, and credit cards. 

The site claimed to have over a million registered members.

Message Displayed on Virwox

is virwox a scam

It is important to note that Bitcoin exchanges are closing down in recent times. Virwox is the third Bitcoin exchange to be going down in the past few days. 

This is why it is not safe to keep your Bitcoin on any Bitcoin exchange. It is a pity that you can no make money with VirWox any more. 

It will be great for you to have your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies protected by any of the Best Crypto Hardware Wallets.   Does this make VirWox a Scam?  

Please know that this is an update on a previous written VirWox Review.

What is Virwox?

VirWox can be easily described as the home of virtual currencies because it offers exchange services for prospective clients that are seeking any of the validated Internet payment tools and I can assure you that I have made money with Virwox several before now.

Linden Dollar and Bitcoin form a major constituent of its financial transactions, with both already regarded as base currencies of the Internet.

Linden Dollar, which is an important component of VirWox exchange services, was developed by Liden Lab and is used as a payment tool in their virtual creation, Second Life.

VirWox, however, uses this currency in an innovative way that helps hasten the process of acquiring more universally acknowledged cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin still mildly frowned upon by the world’s leading financial institutions, transactions that orchestrate the procurement of the virtual currency is usually monitored by the regulation agencies burdened with the task.

VirWox, however, has intelligently devised a way through which the transactions of its large clientele remain obscure to these agencies.

By first converting the fiat currencies of its customers to Linden Dollars, the exchange company is able to protect its clients from intrusion and easily facilitate the purchase of other virtual currencies.

The Linden Dollars in a client’s account can be used to acquire Bitcoins of its equivalent value, or it can be converted to any of the conventional currencies if that is what the customer desires.

This transaction is not monitored by any agency because the jurisdiction of any country ends when the initial currency is converted to Linden Dollars. I first read Linden Dollars’ conversion on a VirWox review; it is the only site that I knew convert to Linden Dollars.

How to Buy Bitcoin in VirWox.

When a customer wishes to purchase Bitcoin from the currency exchange platform, he or she must first convert the fiat currency (USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF) into Linden Dollars in order to set the simple process in motion.

This is done by placing an order to sell the value of the base currency for its equivalent in Linden Dollars, which can then be used to procure a corresponding amount of Bitcoins.

VirWox works like most currency exchange platforms, with its currencies linked in pairs to meet the peculiar needs of each of its customers.

A client with an account that is in Euro will, therefore, have to sell the Eur/SLL pair to receive the corresponding amount in Linden Dollars, and will have to do the same thing to the SLL/BTC pair to get the Bitcoin equivalent of the base currency.

The importance of joining this platform was to make money with VirWox.

Method of Payment on VirWox Platform

One of VirWox’s pleasant features is the comprehensive list of flexible payment methods that are available on its platform.

Both the deposit and withdrawal of funds can be carried out with smooth ease irrespective of the type of fiat or virtual currency being processed.

This is one of the fewer exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin with either your PayPal, Credit, Debit or Prepaid cards, and this is an instant purchase.

The best thing I like about this site is that the exchange rate is displayed for everybody to see before you can now decide to transact.

How to Buy Bitcoins With Credit Card

The process of buying Bitcoin with a credit card has been made even less stressful by VirWox, yet the security measures that help protect sensitive data belonging to customers remain uncompromised.

With just a few clicks and a flexible verification process, a VirWox account can be credited with funds.

VirWox funds can also be withdrawn straight into a customer’s local bank account although a confirmation process is needed before the withdrawal can be completed.

There is no VirWox review online that did not attest to the use of cards on the VirWox website when it was an active company.

Buying Bitcoin With PayPal Instantly

With PayPal being the Internet’s number one payment tool, it has become VirWox’s most effective payment method.  Making a payment with PayPal to buy bitcoin is a great way to make money with VirWox.

While it is difficult to purchase Bitcoin with PayPal on other currency exchange platforms because the renowned payment system doesn’t approve of the cryptocurrency.

Completing a PayPal transaction on VirWox is hassle-free since the company has taken necessary measures and circumvented loopholes to optimize the use of this pioneering Internet tool.

Buying Bitcoins from most online currency vendors is a very rigorous process that usually requires the submission of some form of Identification.

With VirWox, however, one can have a Bitcoin request processed in no time and without any additional payments or verifications.

Is VirWox a Scam?

No, VirWox is not a scam. VirWox was a legitimate and significant Crypto and digital currency website before its closure.

The VirWox website was known to treat its exchange as at when due.

This site is not a scam. You can make money with VirWox if it was still active and not closed.

Is VirWox Worth It? 

Thanks for reading my VirWox Review? You now know how to buy bitcoin with Paypal, Credit or Debit Card through VirWox, no matter which country you are from.

Can you still make money with Virwox? Or Is Virwox a Scam?

From experience, it is better and more economical to buy Bitcoin on this platform than any other exchange online.

Most especially if you are targeting other Altcoin and you aimed to buy Bitcoin with your Paypal, Credit or Debit card, and prepaid cards.

You can also leverage making margin and start making money with bitcoin in the process. It pays to visit VirWox and purchase your Bitcoin and then you can go and exchange for any of your choice of Altcoins.

What do you think of my VirWox Review?  Is VirWox a Scam?

What is your take and what do you think of buying Bitcoin with PayPal, credit, or debit card in VirWox?

Kindly drop your opinion in my comment area below. I will definitely get back to you.

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17 thoughts on “Is VirWox a Scam: Can You Still Make Money with VirWox?”

  1. I’ve never heard of VirWox before. I’ve wanted to invest in Bitcoin but I wasn’t sure how. I didn’t even know that there were 67 different types of cryptocurrencies. This is so interesting!

    1. Thanks fir reading my review of VIRWOX. There are many other bitcoin exchanges online. This article is just highlight of top 67 bitcoin exchange.

      There are many other Bitcoin exchanges online. You must be careful while using those platform and be very sure that they are not scam.


      I am john

  2. Dear John,

    I always wished to invest in Bitcoin but it seem so hard to find a good seller.

    Thank you



    1. Dear Mike,

      Thanks for reading my VirWox ( Review. A lot of people really want to know how to Buy Bitcoin With Paypal, Credit or Debit Card. This is what motivated me to write this article.

      The only challenge is that it is costly considering the exchange rate.

      Thanks for visiting my web-page.




  3. The rise and rise of cryptocurrencies has brought with it a world of new opportunities for people looking to get some free currency. I did not know there are currently 67 different types of cryptocurrencies. I know it takes effort and time and a super strong computer to “mine” cryptocurrencies. I am glad that this company is based in Vienna, Austria. Being in Europe somehow gave me a feeling of comfort. It is nice that there is such a simple exchange service available for everyday people to participate in. My question with all of these “virtual currencies” is what if something goes wrong? You may have given them $10,000 of your hard earned $$ but can you get it back in case of fraud or theft?

    1. Hi GBIG, 

      It is always adviceable not to put all your egg in one basket. Do NOT invest money you can not loose in cryptocurrency. 

      Thanks for visiting my page. 



  4. Ahh, I remember it took me a while to find out how to buy Bitcoin back when I started looking into cryptocurrencies! What took me even more time, was how to sell them! I spend countless of hours trying to sell some cryptos… But anyway, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it!
    Buying Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies right now is a great idea, because the market is going down heavily! Everything is at discounted prices 🙂

    1. Hi Rich,

      Yes you are right. I always advice my audience to only invest the money they are ready to lose. Because the market is volatile. 



  5. Hi John
    Fascinating article.
    As you pointed out Bitcoin has been somewhat volatile over the last few months, but that is where money can be made.
    You discussed “buying” but not selling the Bitcoin.
    Is it just as easy through ViWox?
    It is a risky investment but than it is a matter of risk/reward.
    Will have to check out VirWox and see what they have to offer.

    1. Hi HappyB, 

      Thank you for your observations. VirWox is one of the trusted platform online. Please check them out. You can also buy or sell any of the cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in any of these over 67 Top Crypto Exchanges around the world. Please check it out. 

      Thank you for visiting 


      Amazing Profits Online

  6. I’ve never heard of VirWox before. I’m going to check them out. I’m interested in buying some Bitcoins. I wish I would have bought them years ago, I’d be rich right now! Bitcoins are very expensive now. I wonder if they will continue to increase in value or drop like a rock. Every investment is a gamble. Thanks for the great info on VirWox. I’m going to their website right now to check it out.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Jack Taylor,

      Yes Bitcoin are very expensive now. The price is above $4,000 as of today. It wont continue to be this way. It will go up and crash and go up again and again. You can earn and keep Bitcoin in many ways. The best way is to keep as a form of store of value. Buy and keep in deep cold storage ( Buy bitcoin and keep in a secure Hardware wallet ); and keep it for a long time. 

      Keep was less than a dollar in 2011 and should know that Bitcoin has been forecast to worth over $10,000 in five years time. Some expert even predicted Bitcoin to get to $1m in 20 years time.  

      My advice to newcomers to this ecosystem is to ONLY buy Bitcoin with the money that you can lose! DO NOT pump all your investment in Bitcoin for gains. 

      While people are making a lot of money making margin via trading bitcoin ( I recommend trading on LocalBitcoins ). Dont use all your money trading in trading because of the volatility of the market place. 



  7. Bitcoin is still a very new thing to me, but it seems promising. I have been considering investing in it, but I’m still not sure enough about it.

    Once you purchase the bitcoin can it be traded back for USD? And what do you think about bitcoin? Does it have potential in the near future, or is it just one of those trends that are only around for a couple years?

    1. Hi Jonathon, 

      Bitcoin still has its challenge and still needs a lot of development, such as the speed of transaction which is a major issue and it is is related to blockchain. This is why there are news of hardforks and news of incoming hard-forks  that may lead to more split in bitcoin. 

      You can always buy and sell your bitcoin on my exchange website. The best of those site I can easily recommend is Localbitcoin. They accept users and members from all countries and region. I knew people that make a living from buying and selling of bitcoin on the sites. You buy low and sell high to make your margin. 

      From personal opinion I can declare that Bitcoin is here to stay. It has gone through many challenges but survived them all. Many missed the bitcoin when it was less than a dollar but now it is over $3,000.  I advice you take a look at this again. Don’t put your life savings in this investment. 

      Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you will be here again. 

      John . A. 

  8. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I’m really not too clued up on cryptocurrency but I am starting to investigate.
    I’m hearing that one of the biggest issues is to make sure the agent has a reputable insurance company behind them.
    Having traded with precious metals it still seems like cryptocurrency is a volatile commodity.
    The reaction to the bitcoin value after ripples from China only compound my thoughts… I Need more info before considering a serious investment

    1. Hi Tony,

      Thank you for visiting my website. Bitcoin is a volatile business most especially if you are playing in the margin marketing. There are lot of Altcoin that can turn you into a millionaire before you know it. You just need to be smart and never be greedy.

      I already made over $5,000 this month trading Altcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchanges websites. The point is a lot of people are making money selling and buying Bitcoin. I employed Local Bitcoin Website to achieve that. You can always check it out. It is for all Countries and people of the world. You can always buy and sell bitcoin with your local currency. 

      Thank you for checking my website out  



  9. Thank you for your write up. It is great to know that i can buy bitcoin with both Paypal and my credit cards and at very low fees. Virwox website is an indeed a great opportunity to buy bitcoin at an avoidable price.

    Thanks again.

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