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What Is MMM Global? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my MMM Global review. I am sure you are here to research if you can still make money with MMM Global or not. Is MMM Global a scam?

Researching online programs was how I discovered how to make a full-time income with my skills and idea as a blogger.


But what is MMM Global?

Is MMM Global a Ponzi Scheme? Is MMM Global legit or scam?

You must know that I am not a member of MMM Global, therefore be sure to discover an unbias review about MMM Global pyramid scheme and its working process.

MMM Global at a Glance

what is mmm global

Name: MMM Global
Headquarters: Russia
Price: Minimum: $10
Type: Ponzi & Pyramid Scheme Rank: 1%
Recommended: Hell NO

What is MMM Global?

What is MMM about, exactly? Have you ever ask these questions?  I will also tell in my personal opinion why MMM Global is a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme.

I will also reveal why I believe it is a scam, why it will even collapse in your country and Countries where MMM Global has collapsed already.

You will also watch the YouTube Video of one of the principal founder where he promises to destroy the global financial system with this scheme. This is an indication that MMM Global is a scam.

The importance of this article is to educate and inform you of the need to protect yourself on various scams flying around so that you will be able to know what is a scam and how to avoid them both online and offline.

The Origin Of MMM Global

So, what does MMM global stand for?

what does mmm global stand for

MMM was created in Russian in 1989 by Sergei Mavrodi, with his brother Vyacheslav Mavrodi, and Olga Melnikova, the name of the company “MMM” was derived from the surnames of the three founders and the “MMM” in MMM Global stands for Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox.

Initially, the company was into the importation of computers and office equipment but was slammed by tax police of tax invasion in January 1992; this leads to the collapse of MMM because of the difficulty of raising funds from banks and financial institutions to support its operations.

Because of the difficulty in funding its foreign trade operation, the company switched to the financial sector by offering American stocks to a Russian investor; this attempt was not a success.

The company formed its successful Ponzi scheme in 1994; they attracted funds from a private investor than with a promise of 1,000% ROI (Such overgenerous returns were possible then).

The company generated and reported returns of 1,000%; with the aggressive promotion, they became a household name in Russian.

Since the company determined the share price, because it was not quoted on the stock market, it sustained steady astronomical price growth.

This made the public believe that the company was secure and profitable, whereas it is not!

In August 1995 Mavrodi was arrested for tax evasion but was later released with the support of his deceived investors.

MMM declared bankruptcy on September 22, 1997, and this lead to a lot of people losing their money, though he promised to pay back the amount he paid back was minute compared to the amount owed.

He was found and arrested in 2003. This scandal led to improved regulation of the Russian stock market, but a lot are now very suspicious of any such companies. Learn more about MMM Global on Wikipedia.

What Is A Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is a type of investment scams that promise people that invested an extreme interest if they can loan or part with their money.

The more they get people to invest in their scheme, they use the money contributed by the new investors to pay the initial investors. Ponzi schemes always perform at the initial stage, but they eventually failed as more people joined.

Wikipedia definition of Ponzi scheme “Screen Shot”

mmm global login system

How to Make Money with MMM Global

So, how does MMM global work? How are the MMM members making money from the scheme?

The above questions are the most asked questions of all time.

To make money with MMM Global, you must be willing to give your money away (they claimed that you must be willing to give help).

You will visit your Personal Office to declare that you are ready to give help or “ provide help.” It is after you must have provided help give your contribution, then your Mavros will start growing.

The MMM scheme promised to offer 30% plus the capital amount you provided subsequently.

For instance, if you provided help of $100, at the end of the day, you will be offered the help of $130 i.e., 30% plus the principal of the amount you gave out.

You are promised to get this amount within 30 days of providing your help.

You may not need up to 30 days before getting your so-called reward.

It is important to note that you can not get help until you have provided one and transfer the money out from your office.

The steps are:

  • You indicate to provide help by transferring out your money from your office
  • As soon as you indicated to help, a help request will be sent to your office.
  • As soon as you transfer the money out of your office, you are expected to get help of your own within 30 days.
  • You will be expecting an increment of your funds by 30%
  • If, after you indicate to provide help to give out your money and you did not transfer the funds from your personal office within 48 hours, your account will be revoked and expel.

Why MMM Is A Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme

These are two ways people get rip-off of their monies and investments. A lot of people associate Ponzi schemes with pyramid schemes. Even though there are few similarities, but they’re not the same.

It is good you know this too, in my opinion, I believe that all (MLM) multilevel marketing is a scam, just because of the structure and made up.

  • Ponzi Scheme

A Ponzi scheme has a triangular structure. The plotter sits at the top continually increasing trends of investors.

Nonetheless, there are significant differences between how classic pyramid schemes are performed and how Ponzi schemes are accomplished. The fundamental distinctions between the two are:

A Ponzi planner only asks people to invest in something, and the investors won’t be invited to take any more action other than handing over their money.

The Ponzi planner asserts to take care of the rest. The Ponzi planner is the brain behind the whole scheme and is always transposing money from one place to another.

  • Pyramid Scheme

what is

Contrary to the above mentioned, a pyramid is a dishonest and usually illegal (In some cases it could seem very legal, but it is not) business by which the money collected from one investor is used to compensate for an initial investment or people who invested first.

The man behind the pyramid scheme makes their marketing seems real by selling various products and services.

These plotters always use the funds collected from recently joined investors to pays people that have joined early in the system.

Although, a pyramid scheme demands more work because the latest joined investor must buy the right to start a franchise and keep recruiting more people like him or herself.

The beginners often pay the recruiter a portion of their profits.

The difference may seem trivial, but one point to be kept in mind is that contrary to pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes are always illegitimate.

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Signs of a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme

  • There is no collateral for your investment; you are only assured of profits margin
  • Search review of such scheme or products on the internet, when you see more negative review more than positive, it is an indication that it is a scam
  •  When the rate of return is too high to be true, and most especially you can see any value addition.
  •  If it is a new product or investment then you should be curious, new ventures are prone to be a scam than the old one. Note that MMM and Madoff’ have been around for years, this implies that the length of existence such a program may not be applicable in all cases.
  • Whenever you are confronted with complicated situations yet compelling story of high profits margin, and you can see that you are not adding value or offering anything to justify the promised profits margin.

The Question to Ask Before Joining MMM Global

Just before engaging or joining any investment scheme, always let the following question guides you at all time:

  • What is the process for generating returns?

Great investments generate returns from the invested funds while fraudulent scheme relies on funds collected from new members to pay existing and older members.

Is this a legitimate business that adds value to people and is this process transparent?

  • What is the recruitment process?

How did you get recruited, were you pressurized to join or you joined voluntarily? Must you recruit more members yourself to have better on your investment?

  • Is it similar to other investments?

Can you compare such investments to other products? If otherwise then run with your money.

  • Is It Under Regulatory Bodies?

Is the investment within the power of regulatory bodies or acting alone? If the scheme is not under any regulatory agency, this is a signal to walk away with your money

If you are not okay with the answer to any of the above questions, then you are dealing with Pyramid or Ponzi scheme

  • Why Are They Into This Scheme?

Because they are making money from you, people still join despite a lot of negativity all over the internet.

For instance, there is no one positive review on MMM Global online apart from its website, another indication that shows that MMM Global is a scam.

People are so very greedy, and when you this greedy, you fall victim to this kind of scam.

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 MMM Global is a Scam (This Is Why)

Besides several others, the following are a few of the reasons that support the fact that MMM Global is a scam:

  • Neither business nor investment:

It is visibly stated on its website that MMM Global is neither a trade nor an investment. So how the company has been paying the investors?

  • 2. Unrealistic Profit Rates (30%)

Even a well-reputed financial institution does not offer its clients such a high rate of returns on their shares as MMM promises to its investors.

  • 3. Source of Profit

As mentioned above, MMM’s website states that it is neither a business nor an investment,  so what is the source of profit? The best guess is that the benefit to existing members is being paid from the intake of newcomers. Once the new inputs stop, the fall is imminent.

  •  4. Profit Rate is considered as earning

MMM’s website states that the rate of 30% commission should be considered as making. Earning not profit!!!!

These are other frequently Ask Questions about MMM Global

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Why MMM Global Will Fail In Your Country Too

MMM Global relies on contributions from new members to pay existing investors so that they can earn the promised returns.

This process is impracticable business-wise compare to earnings from good investments.

The entire MMM Global member knows that they need to convert or recruits new members to maintain the flow of funds to those that have offered help.

what is mmm global about

I can say categorically that MMM Global will fail in many countries as confirmed in Wikipedia, time will indeed tell.

Many people will soon lose their funds if they continue to patronize this scheme; while only the founders and a few early participants will make some considerable gain.

These are my reasons for this:

  1. If a system is paying more than what is earned, such a system will soon go bankrupt.
  2. MMM Global will need to continue growing with new members to be able to meet the needs of its various helpers (people that are expecting their funds plus the promised 30%); the truth is that no matter the level of growth in your country, MMM Global will soon run out of new investors.
  3. The Government of such countries usually slam such scheme, it has happened in China, Russian and Zimbabwe, because it is against the financial regulation of any nation to condole such, they will always try to rescue people from losing their funds when it is evident that people’s money is going to the drain.
  4. We hear an uproar that MMM Global may be failing in Nigeria too {MMM Nigeria just announced a pause of a month}, this announcement is a pointer that something is not right with this scheme. Do you publish a break in your business? Or send everybody home from the office; say all of you come back in a month ‘s time? Is MMM in Nigeria a scam too? Time will tell.

What we don’t know right now is when would the scheme collapse globally speaking; this depends on how fast the funds are growing.

By the time the volume declared is more than the real investment income on the invested funds. Then the collapse is expected to happen.

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Countries Where MMM Has Failed

MMM Global is known to have subsidiaries in over 110 countries, according to Wikipedia.

This is a piece of evidence that MMM Global is a scam. The pyramid scheme is also known to have failed in the countries listed below.

  • Russian
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe and
  • China
  • Nigeria(Recently collapsed)
  • Ghana (Also failed recently and a lot of money trapped)
  • India,
  • Kenya
  • Brazil
  • Thailand, 
  • Philippines,
  •  Japan, 
  • Australia, 
  • Turkey

Interview of Sergei Mavrodi – Founder of MMM Global | YouTube

Sergei Mavrodi, the founder and mastermind of the MMM Global Pyramid scheme. That made millions of Russians to lose their funds in 1994, Watch his interview with RIA Novosti’s T.M.

He proclaims his new plans to destroy the global financial system with his MMM Global that is now launched across the world.

12 Tips  To Avoid A Ponzi Scheme

  1. Take time in making investment decisions. Don’t get compelled by anyone to invest. Too much pressure from someone to spend should raise the alarm that something is not right.
  2. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When you’re offered an opportunity that seems unbelievably amazing or with high profits, you must be highly suspicious.
  3. Ensure that the company has been around for a long while, DO NOT experiment with your money.
  4.  Another tip to consider is that real investment returns fluctuate while Ponzi schemes’ are always good until the scheme crashes.
  5. A dubious lack of details should be a warning sign.
  6. Don’t get greedy. Search the facts of a scheme that promises 30% returns on the original investment in a short span of time.
  7.  Inquire before you invest. Ask yourself a question such as; what are the probable risks? Does the scheme have positive reviews? Is the scheme legal? Who is the founder of the scheme and what is his or her background? What are the changes to lose? Logical answers to these questions will help you to take the next step.
  8. Self-done is well done. Despite asking others about the scheme, do some research yourself as well. The Internet provides so many useful tools and sources to verify such information.
  9.  Pay attention to Bill Gates’ advice; understand the business you are going to invest in. If an investment scheme appears too complicated, either take time to understand it correctly or avoid investing at all.
  10. If you are asked to put down some money and bring a particular number of people, this is called networking and is highly risky.
  11.  Always trust your instinct when confronted to take such investment decisions. Your unsettled feelings about such a business decision could be a pointer that you are made a wrong decision.
  12.  Be watchful when you are close to your retirement age, recent studies confirmed by NASAA (North American Securities Administrators Association); It states that scammers always target an older investor.

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MMM Global Vs Wealthy Affiliate 

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You cannot be playing the game and making money with MMM Global, it is a fluke way of making money.

what is mmm global about

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What do you think about MMM Global? Your opinion also counts, please drop your comment for me.

So what is your thought, can you really make money with MMM Global? I can assure you that you can NOT make money with MMM Global.

I am inviting you to Wealthy Affiliate; this is where you can make money online on any of your niche choices. You can check me out in Wealthy Affiliate through My WA Personal Profile Page

Is MMM Global Worth It? 

What do you think of my  MMM Global review? Can you still make money with MMM Global? Is MMM Global a scam?

I hope you have read and seen why MMM Global will NOT make you money.

what are good side hustles

You can now see how dangerous it is investing your money in MMM Global, you may make money in the early stage, most especially if they are just entering your country.

After the market is flooded with a lot of people with huge wealth submitted this is when MMM usually has a problem.

This has repeated itself in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, China, and even Russian. I will not invest my money in this MLM program.

The essence of this article is to educate you on what is MMM about so that you can make a better decision and judgment about what you are going into.

It is a free world, and you have your life in your hands. You can decide for yourself in this case.

Thanks for reading my MMM Globla review. Do you think you cam make money with MMM Global?

You now know that MMM Global is a Scam and a pyramid scheme of the first order.

I am NOT recommending MMM Global to you because it is not a good investment, you can as well take it to be a donation so that when you lose your money, you will not be pained.

Please help me pin this in your Pinterest. 

what does MMM global stand for

12 thoughts on “What Is MMM Global? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Hello John 

    Thanks for allowing me to read your “What is MMM Global” blog. Though I have heard of MLM I had never heard of MMM. And find it to be very unfortunate that Pyramids and Ponzi Scams ever existed and has taken so much from people. I’m so thankful that companies like Wealthy Affiliate has come along to allow people a honest and safe way to make money. I can totally relate to so many companies selling something that does not yield an honest return.
    Back in a Scam that cost me $75,000 but did get most of my money back thanks to the SEC

    Best Regards


    1. Dear Audrey, 

      Thanks for reading my article and review about MMM Global review.

      I really appreciate your time. 



  2. it doesn’t sound like MMM is worth the risk. It’s crazy that people are still creating these schemes today and getting away with it. I hadn’t heard about MMM before but I’m glad I know to steer clear of them now. Hopefully other people will listen to your message and save their hard-earned money.

    1. Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with MMM Global.

      It is important to know that MMM Global is a Scam and a Chronic Ponzi Scheme.

      I really appreciate your comments. 



  3. Thank you for your extensive dissection of these various scams.  It does give credence to the fact that there is no shortcut to success or quick wins in business.  

    You have to work for it.  And the affiliate marketing business model illustrates this very clearly.  

    Thank you as well for you for taking the time doing a detailed comparison of MMM and Wealthy Affiliate.  

    It does amplify again the belief that you have to put in the effort to be successful in your chosen niche.

    You covered all you need to cover about MMM Global Pyramid scheme such as:

    How does MMM global work?
    what does MMM global stand for?
    How to delete MMM global account?

    I really appreciate your help. 



    1. Thanks for reading my MMM global review. It is all about how MMM global work and how you can make money with MMM global.

      Thanks for the comments. 


  4. In my quest to find ways to make money from home, I look at a lot of ideas. I am so glad I found this information on MMM. I had not heard of a Ponzi Scheme, but from your description, this is not what I am looking for. This just seems like a money making scam…so many out there. Hard to weed thru them all for sure.

  5. This is a great article, John. You did a great job in dismantling the dishonest of these scams. One thing common to pyramid schemes is that they look professional and target developing countries.
    It is hard to point out their untrustworthy considering their professionalism front. But, with the help of your article, knowing their history is one way to annihilate them.

    About Wealthy Affiliate, I think it is an excellent forum “only if you are self-motivated.” Don’t get me wrong; it is one of the best, if not the best. But, at times it feels like you need to know you are on the wrong track before asking for directions.

    I have heard friends quitting before they could go any further. Maybe it’s because they want to be spoon fed, but I think it is a point I had to raise with hopes of getting your input.

    P.S. So far the best-detailed review I have read online.

    1. Thanks for visiting my website.

      Making money online requires a lot of input and you need to really have passion in your niche market. If you approach it like chasing the money aspect of it, you may miss it. Yes, people are making a lot of money in blogging. I knew people in Wealthy Affiliate making over $25,000 monthly.

      People are making so much, even if you have a day job like many in Wealthy Affiliate, you can have something to fall back to. It is fun in the sense that you can be on your bed working and making a lot of $$.

      Thank you.


  6. Thanks for writing this review on MMM Global, I think it’s a shame that there are companies like this. There are so many Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes out there that it makes it difficult for people to trust the legitimate companies. Wealthy Affiliate seems like a more viable option, I like the fact that there’s a community of members to assist you whenever you need it. This seems legit, but is there anything that you dislike about Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Thank you WMB, i hope you will visit my site again? The best alternative to Ponzi and Pyramid money making scheme is having your website, choose a profitable niche, drive traffics to your blog/website and then monetize your website/blog. And Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to get trained to doing all the above. You dont need to know anything about website development and long as you know how to hold and click mouse, and you must know how to read. Wealthy Affiliate will coach you to know how to make consistent money online while you are sleeping.

      To answer your question, the only minus of the Wealthy Affiliate is that materials and video training are enormous if care is not taken you will get distracted and get loss. But a lot of other affiliates are ready to help you, just type your question in the chat forum or any of the class room, someone somewhere will help you out. The best aspect is that you also have direct access to the owners (Kyle and Carson). Join wealthy Affiliate today. Premium option will earn 50 websites with hosting and you can also join free, if you do, i will offer you a gift. Check me on My WA Profile Page. Cheeres.

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