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21 Ways Health Coaches Can Make Money

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Are you looking for ways to increase your monthly income as a health coach? Working for yourself can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be challenging when it comes to budgeting and planning. Having multiple sources of income allows you to be more financially stable throughout the year, as each facet of your business will be more successful at different times. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to expand and grow your health coaching business – both online and offline – to make more money and reach more people! We’ll go over 16 different options so you can find the right fit for you.

Offer a Variety of Coaching Program Lengths

Health coaches can increase their client base and appeal to a wider range of individuals by offering coaching programs of different lengths. While a 6-month program may be the standard, offering shorter options such as 3-month or 1-month programs can attract clients who may feel intimidated by a longer commitment. This allows you to cater to different needs and preferences, and provide a flexible solution for clients who want to improve their health but may have time or budget constraints.


Group Coaching

Offering group coaching sessions can be an effective way to reach more clients and create a sense of fulfillment in your work. Group coaching can be delivered either in-person or online and can be a more affordable option for clients who may not have the budget for one-on-one coaching. In addition, by helping more people, you are more likely to receive referrals from satisfied clients, which can increase your client base and overall income.

Offer special services aside from the coaching program

In addition to traditional coaching programs, you can offer additional services that cater to your clients’ needs. These can include a grocery shopping tour, pantry makeover, and private and group cooking classes. These additional services can help you stand out from your competitors and bring in more clients.

Work Contracted Hours with a Local Gym, Spa, and Wellness Center

Partner with local wellness businesses by becoming part of their team. Offer your coaching services at a gym, spa, or wellness center for a day or more each week. This will allow you to reach a wider audience and bring in more clients who are interested in fitness and wellness.

Host Workshops at Local Casual Restaurants

Partner with local restaurants to host wellness workshops, cooking classes, and talks. This will allow you to reach a wider audience and offer your services in a unique and enjoyable setting. Be sure to offer valuable information at these events and make them paid workshops so you can attract new clients.

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Host Online Workshops

Host webinars and workshops online to reach a larger audience. These can be free or paid, depending on your goals. Online workshops are a great way to provide information and attract new clients.

Offer Challenges

Create and sell challenges, such as a 30-day detox or 3-week weight loss program, through your website in the form of an ebook or daily emails. Challenges are a great way to attract new clients and help them reach their goals.

Online Courses

Offer online courses as an alternative to traditional coaching programs. These courses can be higher in price and longer in duration and provide clients with the information and guidance they need on their own time.

Become a Brand Ambassador

If you love a particular product or brand and frequently recommend it to your clients, consider becoming a brand ambassador. This will give you special discount codes to offer your clients and the potential for a commission per sale.


Join an Affiliate Program

Partner with your favorite brands by joining their affiliate program. Recommend products to your clients through an affiliate link and earn a commission per sale. Check the footer of a brand’s website for information on its affiliate program.

Write a Book

Writing a book can be a great way to set yourself apart as an expert in the health coaching field and increase your income. Consider taking a course on how to write a book if you are IIN alumni.

Write eBooks

If writing a book is not feasible, consider writing an ebook instead. Ebooks are easy to publish and can be downloaded directly from your website after purchase.

Place Ads on Your Website

Placing ads on your website can be a source of income, although it may not be your primary source. Make sure to limit the number of ads on your site to maintain a professional appearance. This option is best for coaches who focus on blogging and have a high number of website visitors.

Post-Coaching Monthly Support

For clients who may still require support after their coaching program ends, offering post-coaching monthly support can be an effective way to provide ongoing guidance. This can involve clients paying a fixed amount each month to receive support via email, which can ensure they remain on track toward their health goals. This option can also provide a more affordable alternative for clients who may not want to sign up for another coaching program.

Speak at Events

Health coaches can increase their visibility and showcase their expertise by speaking at local events. By being seen as a knowledgeable and engaging speaker, you can set yourself apart as a health coach and attract new clients. Speaking engagements can also increase your credibility and help you establish yourself as an expert in the field, which can be invaluable for growing your business.

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Corporate Coaching

Health coaches can offer valuable services to businesses by helping keep their employees healthy, focused, and productive. Many business owners and managers are interested in supporting the well-being of their employees, and health coaching can be a valuable resource for achieving this goal. Consider offering monthly talks at local businesses or dedicated coaching sessions for employees during the workday. This can provide a steady stream of income and increase your client base.