Can You Really Make Money With Coinbase?

What is Coinbase About, Exactly?

You are here to know if you can really make money with Coinbase. Firstly, let talk about Coinbase. What is Coinbase about? Coinbase was created by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in 2011 with the company named  Coinbase Inc. with its headquarters in San Francisco.

Coinbase deals with online broker exchange of bitcoin cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum as well as digital asset exchange. The question is this, can you make good money with Coinbase?

The customers benefit from Coinbase since the customers get to conduct brokering deals involving different fiat currencies.

Also, they get to exchange currencies online by way of comparing charts and history records provided by the company in an effort of making the best deals.

Currently, the company operates in 32 countries worldwide. Where trading and exchange of currencies occurs based on the order books available in one’s country while following regulations set in the country.

I will be reviewing this website and you will get to know if it is best for you or not.  This Coinbase review will explain the following:

  • Why I am Recommending Coinbase
  • How to Use Coinbase
  • How To Buy or Sell Crypto On Coinbase
  • Payment Method Supported By Coinbase
  • YouTube Video of  a Complete Coinbase Tutorial
  • Fees and Pricing on Coinbase
  • Customer Support on Coinbase
  • Do I Recommend Coinbase?
  • Online and Public Opinion of Coinbase
  • Guides to Making Money on Coinbase?
  • YouTube Guides of How to Make Money With Coinbase Exchange
  • What I Like And Dislike About Coinbase
  • Who Exactly Is Coinbase For?
  • My Best Alternative  Exchange to Coinbase
  • My Final Opinion on Coinbase


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Do I Recommend Coinbase

Looking for a secure online site to store, buy, sell and transfer digital currency? Look no further as it is evident that Coinbase provides the best a platform for the exchange of currency compared to other rival sites.

The site is simple to navigate this is of great importance to brokers who are looking for value for their money. The site offers broker exchange of Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin as well as digital assets with fiat currencies.

How to Use Coinbase

Registered members need to log in to their Coinbase accounts for the unregistered members they should first sign up for the site.

To get started one should visit the payments method page for the selection of the method of payment either by debit or credit card.

Two small charges will be made on the card used, and the amount should be entered into the app when this is completed one can buy and sell currency at any time.

https www coinbase com

How To Buy or Sell Crypto On Coinbase

  1. One should go to ‘buy/sell digital currency’ page.
  2. Enter the number of transactions and select the card on the payment methods menu.
  3. Confirm the order and enter complete buy/sell.
  4. Your orders will eventually be complete in minutes.

Payment Method Supported By Coinbase

are several payments methods supported by Coinbase which customers can choose from all over the world according to ease of use.

  • Bank account [ACH], this is suitable for large and small investments as most banks can be easily linked to your Coinbase account.
  • PayPal, which is suitable for quick sales to your PayPal account by verification of your ID to confirm transactions.
  • Wire transfers available for customers who are verified to obtain a USD wallet.
  • Credit card and Debit card these are visa cards and master cards which have a billing address.
  • Transfer of currencies and assets to and from your Coinbase account can be completed by use of SEPA deposits by European customers.

Complete Coinbase Tutorial | YouTube

Sign Up for Coinbase Here


Fees Charge on Coinbase

The fee structure on the site operates on the “maker-taker” basis where fees are assessed as the percentage of the currency quoted. The percentage quoted will be deducted from the amount entered at the arrival point.

The fee structure is always displayed on the screen of the users and varies from one geographical area to another. Different methods of payments provide varied fee structures.

Bank transfers charge US 1.49%, while SEPA charges 0.15% euros and bank wires are free. On the other hand, Coinbase  wallet charges 1.49% while credit and debit card charge 3.99%


Customer Support on Coinbase

The Coinbase site provides its customers with exemplary customer support through a customer care service which is swift to address customers’ issues.

Its FAQ segment tackles matters such as issues with buys and sales, account management, payment methods, digital currency and wallet services. The segment has a ‘submit query’ button to reach the customer care if questions are not clearly understood.


Public Opinion on Coinbase

Most online customers have registered their satisfaction from the use of the site this is due to favorable rates charged.

Moreover, reasonable fees offered at the site as well as the assorted digital assets as well as an easier way of currency exchange.

The customer support team also support customers in a way that they feel that they are cared for.



Can You Really Make Money on Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the legit online sites where one can buy assets during the low season cheaply and selling it latter highly when demand rises thus making a profit.

Equally important is making money through affiliate program offered by the site.

This is achieved by affiliate regulations, where one can earn a commission on sales generated due to the marketing of the sold products.

1. Making $10 for Every Referral to Coinbase

Apart from what I stated above i.e. trading cryptocurrencies and selling for profits so as to make a margin. That is an aspect of how you can make good money on this platform. has a referral program such that every person you refer to the website earned $10 and such person will also make $10 for every first $100 transaction done on the site. Sign up for Coinbase  here for me to earn my $10

The challenge with this is that such money can only be made once i.e. You can only earn on one referred member whenever they trade up to $100 (you earn $10 and the individual also makes the same amount).

2. Start A Cryptocurrency Blog.

The current explosion and mass adoption of in Bitcoin, this is a great niche market to make a lot of money. Having a website promoting Coinbase as an exchange website and referring to people via your content can help you make over $20,000 monthly.

The good news is that you also promote over 55 other exchanges where people are making money in one ways or the others using Bitcoin or Altcoin.

Making money online via blogging is a great way of earning passive income. You promote a website once and continue to make money for life even if you are sleeping or dead as long as your website is running.

The good news is that you can learn the art of blogging for money. Blogging about what you love doing best.

How to Make Money With Coinbase Exchange | YouTube

Sign Up For Coinbase Here


What I Like About Coinbase

  1. The site has relative cheaper fees compared to other sites making it the go-to site for most people.
  2. People who use the site have access to assorted digital assets from all over the world making it the best site to acquire unique assets.
  3. The site is highly fluid meaning that there is ease of doing business on the site brokering easy with quick currency exchange.

Issues with Coinbase

  1. There have been complaints in delays of orders in the past, but this is attributed to orders, which ted to take log to find a good match.
  2. The site is not ideal for beginners as it is rigorous and takes a lot of time before one master the art of making a profit on the site.
  3. The limited geographical area makes the site unreliable for people who love traveling

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what is coinbase about

Who Is Coinbase For?

Coinbase’s target audience includes people from all demographics who would love to conduct brokering activities online as well as those who would love to get currency exchange.

All the currencies and fiat, as well as assets on the site, are traded against the US dollar.

Alternatives to Coinbase

We have many other exchanges like that operates the same ways but with different strategies and trading more or fewer cryptocurrencies compare to Coinbase.

Check out the list of over 55 cryptocurrency exchange websites here.

Final Opinion on Coinbase

If you are one of the people who love their digital assets unique and assorted, then Coinbase is the place for you. They have been around for a long time and the name “COINBASE” is well respected in the crypto world.

coinbase bitcoin priceThe big question is this, can you make good money with Coinbase? What do you think?

You must know that Coinbase is an exchange with a lot of risks involve i.e. the risk of losing your money is very high most especially if you greedy.

The question of how much money you can make with Coinbase depends on your action and in action.

If you decide to move now and take a step you have a lot of ways you can start earning money online.

Moreover, it is on this site that you will get cheap crypto as well as reliable currency exchange. So why don’t you try the site and get the rewards that come with it?

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Coinbase at a Glance

Name: Coinbase


Owners: Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam

Founded‎: ‎July 2nd, 2011

Headquarters‎: ‎San Francisco, California, USA

is coinbase legit or scam


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  1. Thank you for your review. On the internet, it is often very difficult to distinguish between legit and scam sites when it comes to cryptocurrencies. As you describe it, anyone can make some money here provided they are willing to invest time and effort. I guess it’s like with everything else in life, you reap what you sow.

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