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Is Coinhouse Safe? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Coinhouse review. Can you make money with Coinhouse exchange? Is Coinhouse legit, safe, or another scam crypto exchange?

It is great you are making your findings on how to make money with the Coinhouse crypto exchange platform.


Researching online programs was how I discovered how to turn my hobbies, passion, and ideas into making a full-time income online.

Trading cryptocurrencies on any exchange is a risky business that must be taken severely. I am sure you have any questions as regards using Coinhouse as your crypto exchange medium.

So is Coinhouse safe? Can you make money with Coinhouse? Are you crypto-asset safe with Coinhouse?

Is this site reliable and secure for your crypto trading? All the above questions will be considered in this Coinhouse review.

Please read on.

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Coinhouse at a Glance

Name: Coinhouse
Website: Coinhouse
Head Office: Paris
Year Established: 10th of July 2014
Founders: Eric Larcheveque and others.
Rating: 35%
Recommended: Ok… But Your Choice.

Summary of Coinhouse Review

Coinhouse is a crypto exchange broker platform that makes buying and exchange of cryptocurrencies possible. This Coinhouse review covers all you need to know and how to make money with Coinhouse.

But can you make money with Coinhouse? 

In my opinion, cryptocurrency trading is a risky business. I am writing from experience. It is just a waste of money and your time.

You will make money today and lose all the next day. The best way to make money with bitcoin and other crypto is to buy and hold for years.  

My Recommendation

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You will thank me later with this Coinhouse review. Do you still you can make money with Coinhouse? Is Coinhouse legit, safe or a scam?

What is Coinhouse? is a website that allows people to buy and sell altcoins. It supports the trade of Bitcoins and Ethereum.

Nevertheless, it does not have Bitcoins or Ethereum of their own. For this reason, they buy them from Kraken Exchange hence a Bitcoin Broker.

It is Paris, France where it saw the light of the day. This site allows the trade of crypto-currencies and its establishment was in 2014. Since then, Ledger has been operating it directly.

Ledger was known as La Maison du Bitcoin. The person behind the Bitcoin security company is Eric Larcheveque.

Eric is not only one of the founders but also the current CEO. BTC, La Maison du Bitcoin, as well as Chronicon, merged in 2014. Please learn more about Coinhouse on Wikipedia

Consequently, Ledger came into existence followed by Coinhouse.

Can you now make money with Coinhouse exchange? Is Coinhouse legit, safe or another scam bitcoin exchange?

What do you think of my Coinhouse trading platform review?

Do I Recommend Coinhouse?

There are many reasons as to why I can recommend it without any fear of contradiction. It is under Ledger which is a Bitcoin security company. In addition to that, it allows only 3D secured credit cards.

Coinhouse complies with both the Know Your Customer (KYC) and the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

Under those circumstances, the security is ample beyond any reasonable doubt. What else would a bitcoin exchanger wish for more than that?

Features of Coinhouse

  • With the site, you can use your credit card to buy bitcoins.
  • The site is available on mobile or desktop. Moreover, the interface is very friendly hence easy navigation throughout the website.
  • Customers’ support is online. It is impressive that you get it on demand.
  • Its security is reliable because of its various safety measures.
  • It has a daily and a monthly limit of 2,000€ and 10,000€, respectively.
  • There are no hidden charges.
  • Its connection with Kraken exchange enables it to offer relatively high liquidity.
  • As soon as you get verified, you will receive your Bitcoin at that instant.

Benefits of Coinhouse

  • The users get to perform secure transactions.
  • It is regulated by both KYC and AML which makes it more reliable.
  • There is phone support, and for that reason, you get the customer’s support as soon as you need it.
  • The delivery of bitcoins is very fast as long as you get verified.

Is Coinhouse Restricted to Specific Region or Not?

In the beginning, Coinbase was strictly used by people in France. However, as time went by, they decided to expand their boundaries.

Currently, all the European countries, the United States, Canada, as well as Singapore, get to enjoy their services.

How to Make Money with Coinhouse

In case you choose it, which would be a momentous decision, below are steps to follow.

Stage 1.

Register to get an account.

Step 2.

You will receive an email containing a link upon successful registering which you should click on to confirm your account.

Step 3.

That automatically directs you to the Login page. To log in, enter the email as well as the password that you used during registration. Subsequently, click the Login button.

Step 4.

Subsequently, verify your identity. How? Upload either a passport or an ID card and a selfie of you holding the identification document.

Ensure that they are in PNG or JPG format. Each of them should have a maximum size of 5 MB.

Include proof of address as well. You are at liberty to provide additional information.

Step 5.

You can begin buying both Bitcoin and Ethereum after the validation.

Payment Methods Supported by Coinhouse

It provides multiple methods listed below.

  • A 3D secured credit card mostly Visa and MasterCard cards.
  • The Neosurf prepaid cards.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Depending on the card, a debit card may be accepted.

The support currencies are as follows.

  • Bitcoins.
  • Ethereum

Customer Support on Coinhouse

Not even a single soul has raised a complaint against its customer support. The support team offers information very fast, and it detailed accordingly.

There is an email address if need concerning it arise. More importantly, It provides customers with a telephone number.

As if that is not enough, you can visit its physical address which is La Maison du Bitcoin, 35 rue du Caire, Paris 2e.

Fee Structure Charge on Coinhouse

With the Bitcoin broker, the fee depends on the accumulated buying volume and the payment method as shown below.

Bank Transfer

  • €100 to €500: 10%.
  • €500 to 1,500€: 9%.
  • 1,500€ to 3,000€: 8%.
  • 3,000€ to 5,000€: 7%.
  • 5,000€ to 10,000€: 6.5%.
  • Above 10,000€: 6%.

Credit card

  • Up to 5,000€: 10%.
  • 5,000€ to 20,000€: 9%.
  • Above €20,000: 8%.

Online Opinion And Public Opinion of Coinhouse

It has an excellent reputation, especially regarding security. It is a well-established bitcoin exchanger which makes many trust it, and it is regulated. Be that as it is, many people raise concerns regarding its high rates.

Others would appreciate if it expanded its boundaries further. The site competes with Coinbase closely.

What puts it in a winning position is its excellent customer support. With Coinbase, customers’ complaints are the order of the day.

Can You Really Make Money with Coinhouse?

The answer to the million-dollar question is yes. One can sell either Bitcoins or Ethereum, which gives him or her an opportunity to make money.

Therefore, do not hesitate to make it your trading partner.

What I Like About Coinhouse

  • The security is tight.
  • You can buy both Bitcoin and Ether with Credit Card
  • It is regulated and takes the regulations seriously.
  • The verification process is not only fast but also thorough.
  • Kraken sets prices.
  • Upon purchase, the Bitcoins’ delivery is speedy.

Issues with Coinhouse

  • The fees are relatively high compared to those of other platforms.
  • They only support Ethereum and bitcoins.
  • Despite how small the amount of crypto-currency it, verification is mandatory.
  • The privacy provided leaves a lot to be desired.

Who is Coinhouse for?

Regardless of whether you are a newbie or have been on the field for a long time, as long as your interest is to buy or sell crypto-currencies, this is for you all.

For the former, the ease of navigating ensures that you feel at home immediately.

However, it would be ideal if you are in Europe, the United States, Canada, or Singapore. There is no room for trade with other altcoins.

Alternatives to Coinhouse

There are several alternatives when it comes to the trade of crypto-currency.

Check out the list of over 67 Bitcoin and Crypto Exchanges platform.

Most of the names are well known and you can check the list out for your favorite names.

Is Coinhouse Safe, Legit, or a Scam Exchange?

Coinhouse is safe, legit, and not a scam.

Coinhouse is a safe cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. There is no known successful hack on this web in the public domain.

The company does not have an in-house crypto wallet for users; they suggest you use your portfolio. I suggest you pick any of the top three crypto wallet hardware.

Since Coinhouse has no in-house wallet for users, it is not exposed to any hack targeting users’ funds on its platform.

Coinhouse police and procedure tackling anti-terrorist financing and users KYC seems to be very strict and according to requirements and lay down standard.

It would be best if you were sure that your data and information are safe with in-house such that the website put a two-factor authentication that makes it almost impossible for any hack into your account with Coinhouse.

So, is Coinhose safe? From my analysis of the company as stated above, you can deduce that Coinhouse is safe, legit, secure, and not a scam crypto exchange?

Conclusion on How to Make Money with Coinhouse. 

Thanks for reading my Coinhouse review? Do you think you can now make good money with Coinhouse?

Is Coinhouse legit, safe, or a scam?

what are good side hustles

Through experience, it seems legit beyond any reasonable doubts. Europeans take great pride in it.

Whether it is for huge transactions or otherwise, it remains a good choice. Security and simplicity are their pillars.

For that reason, expect nothing short of good when it comes to the site.

What do you think of my Coinhouse review? Do you have any questions or contributions? Are you making money with Coinhouse before now?

Is Coinhouse legit, safe, or a scam? What is your take?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below. I and my audience will like to learn from you.

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    1. Thanks for reading my Coinhouse review. It is all about how to make money with Coinhouse. But can you still make money with Coinhouse?

      I doubt much. . . .

      Thanks for reading my article.



  1. Great! very simple and clear explanation. Indeed looks very secure to use. How much money would you say than a regular person can make? Indeed those fees is something to consider before making an income here, but still better than many sites. Happy earning to everybody!

    1. Dear Bryan,

      Thanks for reading my article on how you can make money with

      The truth is that making money with exchange is a risky business, yiu must really know what you are doing to make your margin.

      It involve buying a lower cost and selling at more higher cost. The margin yiu plan to make has to do with you.

      If you are greedy, you will definitely burnt your fingers, so there is need to stay save so that you will not loose your money.

      Thanks again for visiting my website and reading my article.



  2. Dear John,

    I never heard of Coinhouse. I’m interested in cryptocurrency but there are so many sites out there that I don’t know where to begin investing anything in bitcoin.

    Thanks for explaining Coinhouse and its positives and negatives.

    When it comes to cryptocurrency, security is my first or second concern (the other being ability to get paid quickly).


    David was

    1. Dear Sandy,

      Thank you for reading my article on how you can make money with Cryptocurrency is all about risk. I always felt that it is too risky to be making money buy and selling cryptocurrency on bitcoin exchange.

      I do agree with you; security of your cryptocurrency asset is key. The one way to neutralize that is to keep your crypto asset with the best hardware wallet ever.

      Do check that links out. It helps me keep my crypto save. Not with any exchange or online but in my hardware wallet.

      Another best advice is never to be too greedy well buying and selling crypto coins. Always have your cut out price all the time.



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