The 3 Best Hardware Wallet | Only Way to Secure Your Crypto

Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

You urgently needs to secure your crypto (Bitcoin + Major Altcoin) with these 3 best hardware wallet, this is the only way to secure your crypto from been hacked online.  Are you considering Bitcoin investment or trading Altcoin online, Exchange is not safe to keep your coins.

Bitcoin wallet can be the foremost step to use the Bitcoin. We have many different types of Bitcoin wallets these days, it is either you go for online Bitcoin wallet, paper Bitcoin wallet, desktop Bitcoin wallet, app Bitcoin wallet or hardware Bitcoin wallet.

But the best of them to consider if you are considering a long-term investment in Bitcoin or Altcoin is to go for the hardware wallet for both bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

Security of your Bitcoin is the very key, the most secure ways to keep your bitcoin safe as of today is to get hardware wallet. This is why I will be reviewing the top 3 Bitcoin hardware wallets you can purchase right away and keep your coin safe.

The significance of a Bitcoin wallet cannot be over emphasis, it is important and you just can’t operate without one. In simpler words, without a Bitcoin wallet you can’t receive your bitcoins, you can’t store them & you can’t spend them either.

So, one must have the Bitcoin wallet device if you’re looking forward to dealing with Bitcoins.

In general, the wallet can be regarded as the personal interface to the wide and vivid global Bitcoin network. Just like your online bank account functions, the bitcoin wallet ensures the safety and viability of your precious bitcoins.

what is bitcoin wallet aboutMy Best Hardware Wallet – Ledger Nano S


What is Bitcoin Hardware Wallet For, Exactly?

The question many people are asking is this. What is bitcoin wallet for? The hardware Bitcoin wallet is a unique device that is used to store Bitcoin private keys. Bitcoin hardware wallet device is made such that Bitcoin private keys are stored in an off-line setting away from the eye of the hackers.

We have never heard any news of stolen Bitcoin or Altcoin from hardware wallet. Why is Bitcoin hardware wallet better compare to other online or software wallet, desktop wallet?

The private keys are protected by a microcontroller and it is completely protected from computer malware or virus that can be used by hackers to evades your system or mobile devices.

If your Bitcoin hardware wallet is damaged, it can easily be restored with your recovery phrase.

In this article, I will be reviewing and comparing the top 3 Bitcoin hardware wallets for your top-notch usage based on the features listed below, you will watch the YouTube Video of the three best Hardware wallet ever towards the end of this review.


Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


Hardware Wallet Screen

1. Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet

The all-new Ledger Nano S is entirely different from the previous version of the Ledger’s other essential Bitcoin wallets as the new Ledger Nano S has a screen.

The exuberant benefit the Ledger Nano S provides is that it can be used with a personal computer, even if it’s infected with viruses or malware.

The Bitcoin hardware wallet offers an astounding appeal and a smooth screen, this promotes a viable user interface.

The other inbox accessories that come with the revolutionary Ledger Nano S are micro USB cable, key chain, key ring, recovery sheet and more.

2. KeepKey Bitcoin Wallet

If we talk about the latest trends in the Bitcoin market, then KeepKey has the latest crypto hardware wallet in the global market.

The diverse support of the KeepKey in Bitcoin management is alluring.

Talking about the screen size, the ravishing KeepKey Bitcoin hardware wallet offers a beautiful display of your use. The display is an OLED type display which ensures an attractive and engaging user interface.

keepkey bitcoin wallet


3. Trezor Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

The screen of the Trezor Bitcoin hardware wallet provides the extra security and promotes an appealing user interface with the user.

The screen features an OLED type display with the pixel specification of 128×64 pixels.

The front panel of the Trezor Bitcoin wallet offers the user with 2 buttons. There is a micro USB port available at the base of the equipment.

With the addition of the screen, keeping the bitcoins have become safe and fun.

Year Hardware Wallet Was Manufactured

1. Ledger Wallet Nano S

The Ledger Nano S was manufactured in 2017 itself by the company and was made public to all. The enigmatic Ledger Nano S can ensure the highest level of Safety for your Bitcoins.

It is one of the Best Bitcoin Hardware wallets which you can have.


2. Keepkey Hardware Wallet

The company first launched its KeepKey Bitcoin hardware wallet in the year 2016.

Since then the wallet is setting benchmarks by providing the users with the best of cryptocurrency aid for their bitcoins. The device ensures the secure storage of the Bitcoins,

it is the most viable for multiple transactions involving the Bitcoins. Since its inception, the users now have a reliable device which can store their bitcoins and that too in an unbreakable manner.

3. Trezor Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

Trezor Bitcoin hardware wallet was launched in 2017 itself, the device was made available to masses recently. The device has received a huge response amidst the Bitcoins enthusiasts and is garnering the limelight.

With an exquisite array of features available with the Trezor Bitcoin Hardware wallet, this can be your sure-shot best pick.

You can rely on the device for storage of your bitcoins, the company is deemed and is committed to ensuring the security.


Prices of Best Hardware Wallet

1. Ledger Wallet Nano S

The price of the highly secure and exquisite Ledger Nano S rests at $65 USD, you can avail of the product in the European markets with over 58 euros.

Interestingly, the price of the Ledger Nano S makes it the best and the cheapest Bitcoin Hardware Wallet in the world.

The wallet features an array of accountable services with an affordable price tag. For me, this is my preferred of the Top 3 Bitcoin Hardware Wallets I am recommending. It is simply the best.

Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet – Initial Setup | YouTube


2. Keepkey Hardware Wallet

A unit of KeepKey Bitcoin Hardware wallet costs a little around $99 USD, the wallet is available amidst the major global markets with the similar price tag.

The wallet is a blend of an exquisite range of sassy features that ensure the viability of the functions the device can perform.

This can be your best pick when it comes to choosing your best Bitcoin hardware wallet. The wallet is pretty handy and offers almost every feature which any Bitcoin wallet may offer.

If you want an affordable and reliable option for the security of your bitcoins then KeepKey is your best pick.

KeepKey Hardware Wallet Review | YouTube


3.Trezor Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

The most secure and engaging Trezor Bitcoin hardware wallet costs a whopping $340 USD. This is the most expensive Bitcoin wallet which is available to the enthusiasts.

At this price, the company is also providing the worth of having services, the cryptocurrency network is strong and reliable.

The device stores your Bitcoins without any errors, you can spend, purchase and transact with your bitcoins in any possible way through this secured piece of electronics.

Since its launch the Trezor Bitcoin hardware wallet has broken the stereotypes with an exquisite user interface and support, this device can be your viable pick.

Trezor Wallet Hardware Wallet Review | YouTube



So which is your pick out of my recommended 3 best hardware wallet? It is indeed the only way to secure your crypto coins. I believe you will love to know my choice and my recommendation out of the three hardware wallets.

My choice of the hardware wallet is the Ledger Wallet Nano S. It is the most recently manufactured and latest in town and it is the most secure and the cheapest of the three.

To be secure with your Bitcoin and Altcoin you need to have a reliable wallet. The next one I can recommend is the Trezor Bitcoin wallet, it is very reliable and well patronized by the Bitcoin community.

With hardware wallets, you have your coins completely in your vault and secure far away from the online armed robbers and hackers of this world.

You need this mostly when you are keeping your coins deep in the cold storage. Keeping Bitcoin for a long time can earn you a lot of dividends.

My advice is that ensure you keep your coins far away from the exchange except you are trading. What do you think of hardware wallet? Please drop your thought in my comment area below.what is a hardware wallet

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  1. I often hear about bitcoins, but did not know about the importance of a bitcoin wallet device. When I first heard about bitcoins, I thought that it would be a good investment idea. Even though I didn’t follow through with the investment, I still desire to do so in the future. This post has certainly opened up my understanding of bitcoin safety. I like the Ledger NanoS because this seems to be the safest of the 3, and when you do an investment you want to have the best security.

    • Hi Carol, 

      Ledger Nano S is also my best choice. Because it is the one with the most recent technology that can effectively secure your crypto asset. It also can be use for other crypto coins aside from Bitcoin. 

      Thank you for visiting my website. 



  2. Hi, John. Thanks for your post on hardware bitcoin wallets. I read it with interest, but to be honest I know almost nothing about bitcoins or altcoins. I don’t have any and don’t plan to get any anytime soon. Your post was informative though, and if in the future I do decide to start investing in bitcoins I will know the best way to protect them.

    • Hi Grant,

      Thank you for visiting, i hope you come again. 



  3. Thank you for this review. I know from experience that there are a lot of hackers and protecting your work from them is really important.
    I didn’t quite understand something: does the USB type prevent hacks? I especially liked the first one as it works even if you don’t know that you have malwave.

    • Ledger Nano S can not be hacked that is the reason why Hardware Bitcoin wallet is the best wallet type to Keep your Bitcoin. Bitcoin are extremely save when kept in ant of these three hardware wallet. 

  4. It seems the USB type or other device works well as sort of a security key to prevent Hacks, if I understand this correctly. Thanks for the review of those 3 as the first option sounds to be the best even if you happen to have malware or something and don’t even know it. There must be lots of HACKERS OUT there.

    • Yes, the first one is my best bet. 

      Thank you for visiting.

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