Can You Make Money Placing Ads On Craigslist?

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What is Craigslist About, Exactly?

You are here because you want to know if you can make money by placing ads on Craigslist? This is a million dollars question! Craigslist is an online network which provides its users with central database otherwise known as lists with classified ads as well as forums from all over the world.

Items which can be found in the database includes an advertisement for goods to be sold, job adverts and personal ads.

Viewing this adverts is free, and one is only required to pay if they want to post a job advert.

The company’s operations are legal but users are advised to take caution as the company like many online businesses are facing the challenge of scammers.

I will be reviewing Craigslist and be analyzing how much money you can make on this website. You will also be watching two YouTube reviewing of how people are making money and how you can too.


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Do I recommend Craigslist?

The company is a leading online business hub which has been attributed to income generation for both buyers and sellers.

I would recommend it to anyone who thinks about conducting business online as he/she will not only get the profits associated with business but also get into global forums and place personal ads.

What is Craigslist For | YouTube

Can You Really Make Money On Craigslist?

One of the easiest ways to make money on craigslist is to search for items on the “free stuff” segment where you can find unique assorted items which are being disposed of freely by their owners all you need to do is contact the owners informing them that you are coming for the listed items.

Making money through the sale of items which you no longer need or those selling new items at a profit is an excellent way of earning extra income.

Products Promoted by Craigslist

The company is an online network that provides users with a database of lists of adverts such as job adverts, subject-related forums, for sale advertisement, wanted services, gigs, resumes and community projects.

Costs and Prizes of Goods and Services on Craigslist

Price of the goods and services are ridiculously cheap this could mean poor quality, but little retouch of some items could raise their values, the “free stuff” segment of the site offer free goods which are not needed by its owners anymore.

Some items, however, such as cars go for higher prices which would be equal to prevailing market prices.

Is Craigslist a Good Business Opportunity?

The craigslist company is a hotbed of opportunities; the free stuff segment is a goldmine for free unique items which could be sold at a profit.

The firm offers buyers the opportunity to sell their products and services freely. Thus maximum benefits are earned from the sales.

Retailers could reap maximum profits by advertising their goods freely through the site thus generating higher sales.



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Pros of Craigslist

The company offers a platform for buyers and sellers to meet and conduct business freely, sellers get the opportunity to sell their goods and services or even dispose of the items they no longer need thus buyers get the advantage to get the items at a lower price.

The company through it’s for sale segment offers items which are unique at a lower price, these items could be so difficult to find in local stores.

If you love free stuff then craigslist is the place to be, here you will find valuable items which are being disposed of by owners who no longer need them.

Issues with Craigslist

Like any other online company Craigslist faces the problem of scammers who want to dupe innocent people, it is advisable to take caution when conducting business here. The only sure way to payments is by cash to avoid being conned.

There is the danger of meeting evil people who would harm you, therefore it is advisable to meet people in public places if you have to meet buyer and sellers in person.

Using Craigslist to make money is limited to reach, as the company limits posting of ads to one location, this policy limits the number of viewers who see your adverts.

Making Money Posting Ads on Craigslist


Who is Craigslist For?

Craigslist is one of the best websites founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark.

It is useful in finding goods and services you need and selling those which you no longer need.

It also helps to interact with people worldwide through various forums on the site as well as post personal ads and get an opportunity to view job opportunities from your location.

How to Make Money on Craigslist

Making money online through Craigslist is an easy task all you need is to post an advert of the goods you are selling, and there will be a high number of willing buyers thus you have the chance to choose the best bidder.

The “free stuff” segment of the site has free goods which are being disposed of by their owners, all you need to do is inform the owner that you will pick the items this is a right way of acquiring property.

How to Make Money on Craigslist | YouTube


My Final Opinion on Craigslist

The question is this, can you now make money placing ads on Craigslist? In conclusion, conducting business with craigslist is a fruitful experience since you get to place adverts on the site for free and potential buyers view it and may decide to buy your products or services.

This together with the fact that you could place personal ads and get jobs through their postings makes the site the go-to online business site.

So, Can You now make good money on Craigslist? Kindly drop your comment, contribution or questions in my comment area below.

Craigslist at a Glance

Name: Craigslist.


Price: $5 billion.

Owners: Craig Newmark.

Overall Rank: 68%post free ads on craigslist

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  1. Thanks for giving the detailed truth on what craigslist is all about, you have done a great write up with the detail and convincing write up that you have given written.


    I think it will be so great working and placing ads on craigslist.

    But I will like to know if there is any way in which an end can be put to the issue face with craigslist so as to ensure excellent work with them.


    • Dear Festus,

      The truth is that craigslist can NOT make you the money you desire online. You can not Earn a Full-Time income with Craigslist.

      Why don’t you focus on building a reliable and complete online business for yourself. You can learn that via Wealthy Affiliate Training. It is FREE to start and your credit card is not needed. You will thank me later for that.



  2. I wonder if promoted listings and such really work. I see promoted listings on other platforms such as eBay and Amazon. Personally, I usually ignore them and pay more attention to reviews left by buyers. There is definitely some money to be made here by running promotions, but the practice can come across as deceptive if you’re not careful.

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