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TimeBucks Review: Earn Money Online Doing Microtask Job

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The Quest for Legitimate Online Earning Opportunities


In the pursuit of earning money online, many individuals face the challenge of finding legitimate platforms to work with. Numerous online survey sites often turn out to be scams or unreliable sources of income. However, in this article, we will explore a recently discovered legitimate platform called TimeBucks that offers monetary rewards for completing microtask jobs.


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Exploring TimeBucks: A Brief Overview

While I haven’t personally worked for TimeBucks before, I’ve come across positive feedback about this website, suggesting that people can indeed make money using its services. In order to determine its credibility, let’s delve into the details and review its features, starting with the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section.

Instant Earnings and Account Verification

TimeBucks allows you to start earning money instantly, and while some premium offers require account verification, the majority of tasks are available right from the beginning. To check your earnings, simply log in using your email and password, which will direct you to your personalized dashboard displaying live statistics.

According to the website, individuals from the United States have reported earning up to fifty dollars daily, with subsequent earnings ranging from $10 to $20, depending on the time invested. While skepticism is natural, let’s explore the platform further before drawing conclusions.

Payment Options and Payout Process

One crucial aspect for potential users is understanding the payment options and payout process provided by TimeBucks.

Fortunately, the platform offers various payment methods based on the user’s country. In addition to PayPal, users can receive payments through Bitcoin, Skrill, and other similar services. This flexibility ensures that individuals from different regions can find suitable payment options.

It’s worth noting that the minimum payout threshold is $10, and while TimeBucks does not directly pay with PayPal, users can receive payments through AirTM and then withdraw those funds via PayPal. This provides additional flexibility to accommodate users without PayPal accounts.

Diverse Range of Offers: Exploring Task Options

Let’s take a closer look at the signup process and the different types of tasks available on TimeBucks. By signing up manually (although signing up with Facebook is also an option), you can complete the process by verifying your email address through the verification link.

Once signed up, you’ll notice various earning opportunities, including getting paid to post on TikTok, view slideshows, play games, install apps, complete CAPTCHAs, post on Instagram, answer surveys, and even earn daily bonuses.

Furthermore, TimeBucks offers a referral program, enabling you to earn additional money by referring friends who also earn money through the platform.

The Sign-Up Process and Profile Completion

After signing up successfully, it is important to complete your profile accurately. Providing your country’s address and other necessary details is crucial for setting up your TimeBucks account.

However, please note that TimeBucks is unavailable in certain countries, including Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, and Cuba. While privacy is a valid concern, providing accurate information during the sign-up process ensures a smooth experience. Once your profile is complete, click “I agree” to proceed.

As a sign-up bonus, you will receive $1 in your wallet. Visiting the dashboard, you can see your earnings, referrals, and bonuses displayed.

Exploring Task Categories and Potential Earnings

Now that we have covered the basics let’s explore the different task categories available on TimeBucks. By clicking on the “Earn” tab, you’ll find various sections, starting with surveys.

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Initially, you may want to check the available surveys to see if any are suitable for your profile. Please note that some survey completions may not credit instantly and may require additional approval