16 thoughts on “A Review of Wealthy Affiliate Program – – Shocking Revelations

  1. Judge Freeman

    What a review. I am in Wealthy Affiliate. I will signal you on your profile. Great review.

    John! Are you making money? How long have you been around ?

    1. John Post author

      Thanks Judge,

      Making money online is a lot of work. Most especially when you are just starting out. i have been in wealthy affiliate for almost a year now. For now i am sticking to just one website though i am think of another niche.

      I have started making some money. But it will definitely get better with time. Making money online takes time. It is not a quick money venture. It involve a lot of work. Most especially if you are i broad niche like mine.

      Thanks Judge

  2. Jude A

    Thank you for the awareness. What a great place to start business online.

    I will definitely take a look at this again.

    Do they reduce premium pricing during Black Friday?

    Please revert .

    1. John Post author

      Yes, black Friday is a good time to go premium or subscribe for yearly program in Wealthy Affiliate. It could be ridiculously cheap.

      I will also be renewing mine then. in fact a lot of people wait for this time for renewal of on boarding

      Thanks Jude

  3. Hellen Cook

    Great review. I will definitely going to take Step towards online business. Promoting my own business online is a great idea. And it is like Wealthy Affiliate is where to go. I really like this. I actually saw this link from Facebook.

    Thank you.

    1. John Post author

      Hi Helen,

      Thank you for coming by.

      I hope you will visit again?



  4. Luna

    Wow! A very informative and colorful review. I would certainly sign up if I were not a member. Thank you for this review.

  5. Kay

    Great review John. Lots of info. Like Merry, I want to join all over again! Your site looks nice, too.

    1. John Post author

      Thank you for checking on my site. i hope you come again?

  6. Merry

    What a great review of W.A. If I was not a member already I would be looking at it for sure. Love all the pictures and the depth of your content. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful program and review for others.

    1. John Post author

      Thank you for this compliment. I am indeed encouraged. Have a great career in affiliate marketing

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