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Do I Recommend Tencent?

Tencent delivers a wide range of products and services, which are all tech-based and quite valuable to web users. If you’re looking for tech solutions in social networking and e-commerce or would like to play cool video games and mobile games, Tencent should be one of the companies you should consider.

The company’s Antivirus is also one of the most popular on the market, fitting perfectly in various operating systems.

Tencent is highly recommended as a service provider for tech solutions, and few companies can only match its reputation.

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What is Tencent About, Exactly?

Tencent was founded in 1998 by Ma Huateng, Zhang Zhidong and a couple of other associates. The company, which is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, received its first funding from venture capitalists.

Its first product, the renowned messenger tool, OICQ was released in 1999, though its name was soon changed to QQ after the threat of a lawsuit from AOL, which had a similar product called, ICQ.

After three years of unprofitability, Tencent sold 45% of its stake to South-African company, Naspers though right now the percentage share volume has dropped to 34%.

One of Tencent’s essential products is its gaming service, which is responsible for a bulk of its revenue. The company started offering online gaming options in 2004, which soon shifted to the licensing of games.

Two of its most popular online games are Dungeon Fighter Online and Crossfire, which were developed by South Korean companies but are now being produced by Tencent itself.

Tencent also owns a favorite messaging app called WeChat, which is referred to as a “super app” just because it is capable of executing multiple functions that are integral to an individual’s lifestyle.

Tencent’s products are quite valuable. For example, its WeChat app isn’t only useful for messaging and video chats, it can also be used for e-commerce purposes and other transactions.

Most Tencent products and services are available to all users across the globe, though a majority of the company’s customers are located in China.

What Does Tencent Sell or Promote?

Tencent is a conglomerate with multiple businesses to its name. Its most important products are its favorite messaging app.

WeChat, its online gaming platform and a collection of video and mobile games, and of course, its antivirus tool.

Cost or Price to Join Tencent

Tencent itself doesn’t have a subscription-based platform, but the company’s subsidiary entities accept the registration of users for various fees ranging from free to a substantial sum.

WeChat, for example, can be downloaded for free, while some of its online games require a small token to be accessed.


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What Is Tencent | YouTube

Is Tencent A Good Business Opportunity?

Tencent doesn’t offer any programme or scheme that generates revenue for users. It is invested solely in providing specific services to its millions of users scattered across the globe. Its social media tool,

WeChat, can be used like other social media platforms to market and sell products. It is even easier to accomplish this on WeChat since the messaging tool enables the transfer of funds.

What is Good about Tencent?

  • It delivers valuable tech solution to its numerous customers
  • Its online games are among the best developed
  • Its messaging app is very reliable and a useful for e-commerce transactions.

What are the Issues with Tencent?

  1. Since it is a company based in China, most of its services target users based in that region though they do have a large number of customers in other parts of the world.
  2. The company doesn’t have a programme that allows you to earn some money.

Who is Tencent for?

If you’re into video games and also all types of online games, then Tencent’s collection of games are indeed perfect for you.

The collection includes favorite games like Dungeon Fighter Online, Crossfire, League of Legends, and Honour of Kings.

Social media enthusiasts who love to message one another via messaging apps will also find the WeChat tool quite valuable especially when its e-commerce features are added to the mix.

How to Make Money with Tencent?

None of Tencent’s products or services provides customers with the opportunity to earn some extra money as the company’s core focus is on service delivery.

If what you want is a money-making avenue, then Tencent isn’t the best option for you. Its WeChat platform does, however, offer retailers the opportunity to sell their products to fellow WeChat users via the app’s e-commerce function.

Why Tencent Is A Tech Giant | YouTube

How Does the Product Pay its Users?

Since Tencent is entirely service based, it doesn’t pay users for any contributions and input.

Is There a Better Alternative?

An alternative to Tencent’s WeChat tool is the Facebook-owned messaging app, Whatsapp, which is more popular in countries located in the West.

Its antivirus also competes with more popular brands like Avast and AVG.

What is Public Opinion of Tencent

Tencent is a renowned tech company that is globally praised for its innovative products and effective services.


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Though most of its customers are located in China, the general opinion of the company is that its products and services are quite exceptional.

My Final Opinion on Tencent

Tencent’s products and services are quite useful if you’re an ardent gamer or love chatting via messaging apps.

If you’re, however, looking for a way to make money online, then Tencent isn’t the answer you seek.

Tencent at a Glance

Name: Tencent
Website: https://www.tencent.com/
Products Price: Unavailable
Owners: Ma Huateng, Zhang Zhidong
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100tencent stock symbol

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  1. Just from a little reading it seems Tencent has a good reputation. While you can’t generate revenue from it, I think the tech solutions they offer are the real value here. I have heard people discuss the messaging app around and about before. No complaints from what I’ve heard here!


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