7 thoughts on “Bitconnect.co Is A Scam”

  1. This is an interesting review of bitconnect. For how long can I keep my investment there? Suppose I want to pull out will I have all my money back? This is an area I would read more and learn about it. Do they pay me into my wallet at the expiry of the contract?

    • Thank you for coming by Emmy. Your investment (money) will be freezed for about 299 days. During this time your earnings will be daily credited to your account within Bitconnect. 

      When it is time to pull out your funds i.e. investment will be automatically released. Before then you can always cash out your daily earnings.

      I hope i could help. 



  2. Hi,

    This is really a great information about Bitconnect. You have provided full details in a very easy manner.

    Bitcoin is going higher and higher day by day. I wish I could had bought bitcoins in the past.

    Can you please tell me some free ways to earn Bitcoin? I would like to know what is the best alternative of Bitcoin?

    Please Name some Good coins which are cheap.

    • To invest in Bitconnect, you will come into the community with your Bitcoin and exchange to Bitconnect, you will invest in Bitconeect but you will cash out in Bitcoin. Check out the 3 Best hardware wallet ever, they are my best recommendation as regards the bitcoin or other Altcoin wallets. Those hardware wallets can also warehouse some specific Altcoin.

      You can also check out multiple Altcoin wallets for Android mobile devices, you cant compare this with the hardware wallet though.


  3. So, John,
    From what I understand this is an investing platform. You convert Bitcoins to Bitconnect, lend the money to the platform and they return it with a monthly interest that starts from 40%, for a year. What do they invest in? Because if they do not invest, then this is a Ponzi scheme – which is a scam.
    Are the payouts in Bitcoin or in Bitconnect? And if the payouts are in Bitconnect, where can I find and create a wallet?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Marios, 

      Thanks for visiting my site. Great question you ask. Just to be clear, you are interesting in What Bitconnect invest all the country made in. They are majorly involved in Bitcoin trading, making margin from up and down swing of prices. It is possible that they are into other invetsremnt vehicles but the trading of Bitcoin on Bitcoin exchange is a major one

      Thank you 


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