Wealthy Affiliate – Overcoming Regional Or Country Restriction

Do You Need Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives?

Warren Buffet Quote state that “ If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die ” I believe you are here because you want to learn how to turn your passion or hobbies into a thriving business online legitimately otherwise, this article is not for you!

I will take you through step by step of what to do so as to become a Wealthy Affiliate member irrespective of your region or country.

In the process of discovering and learning how to make money online, I tried so many programs and websites and various subscription looking for how to make money online and I was scammed about twice.

But then, I first discovered Affilorama by Mark Ling; after a lot of search and research I was sure then that Afilorama was legitimate (It is still very legit).

But then in the process, I discover Wealthy Affiliate, every of my search confirmed that Wealthy Affiliate is far better offering compare to Affilorama. But then I could neither login or register into Wealth Affiliate training platform because of the region and country I was based, i then need Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives.

A lot of people needs to know how to overcome regional or country restriction to become a Wealthy Affiliate member.

But I continue with Affilorama until I was opportune to travel to UK, the first thing I did was to sign in and instantly become a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

And I made my payment and became a premium member. Though, as a full member of Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama remain the only best wealthy affiliate alternatives

A lot of people from restricted countries and region have contacted me on how to overcome the restriction place on Wealthy Affiliate login page against their region or countries like India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippine, Bangladesh and some major African countries etc.

This limitation prevents people from these countries from signing on to free Wealthy Affiliate membership and disallow them from enjoying first seven days of full access to available resource at Wealthy Affiliate and the two free websites for life.


wealthy affiliate alternatives


This restriction was as a result of irregularities and fraudulent activities known with these countries. You can log in to Wealthy Affiliate and sign in to become member directly if you are ready to go premium immediately without testing the platform.

Two Ways To Join Wealthy Affiliate Member

You have two major ways to become a full member even if your country or region are restricted from joining the best training platform in the world. Wealthy Affiliate trained people on how to turn your passion into a thriving business online.

  1. Join Wealthy Affiliate Through Direct Premium Payment

You must be ready with your credit card in place so as to make instant payment to be able to join Wealthy Affiliate, note that this is just an option. Then follow the following steps:

  1. You are to state your address,
  2. Select any country that is close to your country because your country may not be listed.
  3. Type in your Credit or Debit Card Pan Numbers (Sixteen Numbers in front of your card) and,
  4. Input your card security code (Three digit at the back of your card).

Join Wealthy Affiliate Direct Premium Payment Option Here


wealthy affiliate alternatives

2. Join Wealthy Affiliate Free Without Payment  – From Any Where In The World

Benefits Includes:

  • Testing the platform to see if it is meant for you.
  • Opportunity to remain a free member with 2 free website and hosting for life (No Access to training)
  • Opportunity to test your idea and start making online with your two free websites
  • Instant Access to upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate premium program when you are ready.
  •  If your country is not restricted, you can join free option directly
  • No credit card needed to join

 Wealthy Affiliate Membership Via VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A lot of people meant well, they just want to learn and they are ready to pay for it but then access is denied to even make the first good impression of them self.  Wealthy Affiliate allow people to join free to see what the platform offers.

When you join through free access, you have option to remain in Wealthy Affiliate  with two free websites without training or join the premium package with full membership. If you join the premium program the first seven days, i will have a gift for you.

Joining Process

To join Wealthy Affiliate from restricted countries, you must subscribe to Virtual Private Network (VPN);join Wealthy Affiliate from restricted countries we have a lot of free trials of Virtual Private Network. See my Top 5 Virtual Private Network (You must subscribe either through free trial or full subscriptions).

Importance of Virtual Private Networks cannot be over emphasis. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) helps you to have unhindered access to any websites in any country and from any region or country.

Note that you only need to use VPN – Virtual Private Network once, only at the subscription stage to become Wealthy Affiliate member. After the free subscription you DON’T NEED VPN for subsequent login into Wealthy Affiliate.

As soon as you have launched your Virtual Private Network, you can then log in to Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial. Please follow these steps:

  1. Launch your Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can select UK, US, Canada or any country listed on Wealthy Affiliate. (This is while you are on VPN software); I recommend Hide My Ass. Then,
  2. Click Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial
  3. State your full names
  4. Create your password, and
  5. Type your unique user name
  6. Then Finally click Create a FREE Account
  7. Go and check your welcome message from your email. Just click the link and you will find yourself accessing Wealthy Affiliate.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Through Free Trial

Restriction To Become Wealthy Affiliate Member

Note: After this sign on, you DON'T need VPN again going forward.

What Is In Wealthy Affiliate For You?

These are features of what is in it for you at Wealthy Affiliate  if you become a  Wealthy Affiliate member today:

Overcome Regional Or Country Restriction To Become a Wealthy Affiliate Member

wealthy affiliate alternatives

What do you think?  A lot of people are keen on making money online but they don't have the necessary skills and also, access to the platform to learn are restricted or limited  to fewer countries and regions. With this solution, there is no need for wealthy affiliate alternatives.

What is your take on having access to Wealthy Affiliate? It is my opinion that you don't need Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives because it is the best online training platform on how to make money.  All limitation to you becoming an authority online is now broken. Please sign on to Wealthy Affiliate and start making money, you will thank me for this later.

Do you have any comment or question? Ensure you drop your comment in my comment area, i will get back to you on any issue. Thank you for visiting my website.

Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives


6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate – Overcoming Regional Or Country Restriction

  1. I recently came across the usefulness of VPN. Which one could you recommend for me? Kindly revert please.

  2. I can have access to join free membership account of WA for 7 days from this country. This makes me surprised very much. In fact, to be affiliate for clickbank or Amazon from this country is still restricted. But why I have access in WA?
    How do u think about that?

    And does WA only teach to promote the Amazon products? Because in their free courses, they only tell about Amazon products, not clickbank products. Why?

    • Wealthy Affiliate restricted those countries for many reasons such as Scam, Terrorism finance, Spam and money laundering. But the good news is that if you follow the procedures on this page you can easily join WA.

      WA is for serious minded people that really want to make money on any any area you are interested in. You will be thought how to make money with your passion. Do you like fishing or farming or what? WA will teach you how to make money online in any area of your interest.

      The first 7 days is for everybody that join WA. You will have unrestricted access to all the course and you can learn at your own pace. After the 7 days you are expected to join the premium at member. If you join on my page you will be paying half of cost of your first subscription while subsequently will be full payment.

      I hope i answer your question. Please feel free to drop your comment.



  3. Hi John,

    Aside from using VPN, what other ways can they join Wealthy Affiliate? How else can we use this VPN?

    Please revert for I am keen on vpn stuff

    Jesus Stone

    • Hi Jesus,

      Wealthy Affiliate is very easy to join. People were abusing the free trial that was the reason for freeze. The freeze is only on third world countries. The third world countries ca sign on directly on premium, if they are ready to pay instantly because there is no free trial for them.

      Read more about PVN here Top 5 Best VPN – Virtual Private Network



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