The Wealthy Affiliate University Review (Shocking Revelations)

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate University

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training, Resources + Tools + Community

Type of Business: Affiliate Marketing/Blogging

Price: FREE (Starter Member), $49/monthly or $359/year (Premium Member)

Overall Rating: 98%

Recommended: YES


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How is Wealthy Affiliate a University?

You are welcome to The Wealthy Affiliate University Review. Wealthy Affiliate is an educational training platform and an affiliate marketing community where anyone can learn how to make money online (on the internet).

I will show and proof why Wealthy Affiliate is a University.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you are thought how to turn your idea, passion or hobbies into a thriving business online.

People ask this question always, does Wealthy Affiliate University Work?. I will be answering this question with this article.

I have this friend of mine called Patrick, he loved playing video games online I invited Patrick to Wealthy Affiliate University after going through the training.

Patrick is now making money playing video games online.

He is currently making over $1,500 monthly on average after six months he established his website at Wealthy Affiliate and the training acquired.

What Patrick did was to turn his hobbies into a thriving business online, playing video games!

Patrick leverages on the importance of affiliate marketing online, affiliate marketing still remains a goldmine for many that are serious and what to make money.

How is Patrick making money with video games online? Patrick ensures he is current with new video games; learn how to play it (don’t forget he loved playing games online).

Then he decides to start writing a review of those new games and old ones in the process he will recommend where such games can be downloaded.

If by any chance anyone visits his websites and decides to purchase or download games through his link he gets a commission.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in, they trained Patrick on how to effectively leverage on his hobbies and passion for money making online.

He was taught how to create his website, how to drive traffics to the websites and finally how to monetize the website.


What Are You Waiting For? Start With Wealthy Affiliate Today. No Credit Card Neededhow is wealthy affiliate university a


Wealthy Affiliate University VS Conventional University

Wealthy Affiliate University is better than conventional university for the following reasons:

  1. At Wealthy Affiliate University you will start earning money online as you are learning.
  2. You don’t need to look for jobs at as a graduate of Wealthy Affiliate University rather; you will need to employ people for your business as a student. People will start working for you all over the world.
  3. Wealthy Affiliate University will turn you into a consultant while you are still learning, you can start consulting for people on how to make their business visible online.
  4. Wealthy Affiliate University will turn you into an authority in your niche market, like Patrick as stated in my opening. Patrick is now an authority in Games Niche market. Because he now knows how to make money online playing video games online and he can teach people to replicate the same.
  5. Wealthy Affiliate University will turn you into an authority in multiple fields; at Wealthy Affiliate, you will be taught how to make money with your blog in all niches. You will know the HOW; you can now step into any Niche Market. It can be making money online, SEO Consultant, Social Media Manager etc.


What is The Wealthy Affiliate University About?

Wealthy Affiliate University is about training people on the logic of making money online. You will be thought in the details of the following topics:

  • How to get started online, the rudiment
  • You will how to achieve maximum success via the creation of content on your website
  • You will learn various ways to build up traffics or audience with your website
  • You will learn in detail various old and modern ways of making money online
  • You will learn how to use social media to your advantage online
  • Everything about YouTube and Video Marketing
  • How to make money with email marketing etc.

You will watch the above-listed topics in full video of more than 100 plus text tutorial and any latest or current changes in search optimization.

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate University is that there is a continuous twinkling of training resource to reflect changes in technological advancement.


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Wealthy Affiliate University Advantages

For now there is no major wealthy affiliate alternatives because you can’t just compare the offerings of Wealthy Affiliate University to others in the industry.

But people still keep on asking the same question ” Does Wealthy Affiliate University Work? ” Below are major offerings and opportunities at Wealthy Affiliate University:

The Best Training Platform at Wealthy Affiliate

 Wealthy Affiliate University is the best and most sophisticated and technologically advanced Internet training platform ever.

The resource offering is compared to none in the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate is equipped with the state of the art hosting, a community of expert with a lot of help, great training resource, website hosting and live webinar every Saturday night on the major happenings in the industry.

Great Community of Affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate

 You have access to over 850,000 members of affiliate marketers in various niches that are ready to help you 24/7.

These people are ready to put you through with the step-by-step process of how to resolve any issues.

You will have varieties of tips from community members from the different geographical area around the world. Most of these affiliate member lives on online jobs with a lot of experience.

Cost Effective Features At Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate University offers a lot of free and cost-effective features that help all premium members to succeed online.

Most free stuff at Wealthy Affiliate includes:

1. Free Keyword Research Tool

With this free keyword research tool, you can easily write great content that will definite rang in the first page of major search engines.

Though they recommend other great keywords tool such as the best keyword research tool in the world right now i.e. Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword Research Tool

 2. FREE SSL Certificates For All Website Hosted in Wealthy Affiliate

All website hosted at Wealthy Affiliate automatically are equipped with FREE SSL, this usually cost on average $60+ per domain on other providers.

But this is included with the premium package at no cost to members.

It is so easy to activate your SSL. Just switch the toggle to on/off; this will take your site from http:// to https:// in no time.

Google has instructed and has a deadline for every website to be compliant for security for.

      Importance of Site Security

  • Having SSL on your website is a great ranking metric, not huge but counts a lot.
  • SSL will boost your rankings and traffics
  • Better engagement and more conversion
  • Conversion is a huge one, sales and opt-in will increase since people now trust your website.

3. FREE Unlimited Email At Wealthy Affiliate

At Wealthy Affiliate, you are open to having as many emails as you desired, as long as your domain is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate, email is free and unlimited.

You can compare that to major domain host on average many charges one email address at $10 per year, while unlimited email cost on average $5 per month and $60 per year.


what is the wealthy affiliate university about


4. FREE Websites For Premium Members

As a Wealthy Affiliate University Students and members, you are entitled to 25 websites while only 2 sub-domain for trial members.

If you compare these offerings to other major host companies across the world it is far cheaper for Wealthy Affiliate members.

On average another host will with the great platform charge you $47/ month for one website while the cheaper one can go for a minimum of $29/month.

I knew a particular one that offers 10 websites for $99/month and 25 websites for $249/month.

At Wealthy Affiliate University you have 25 FREE websites for premium members and 2 sub-domain website for FREE for trial members (Members the sign in for Free)

5. Wealthy Affiliate Offers FREE Spam Filter

 Security of your website is key to your business, we have a lot of great spam filters online. It is important you secure your websites from various spam online.

Wealthy Affiliate offers Akismet spam filter at no cost to members but is cost $5/month on other hosts.

6. Security of Your Website is FREE at Wealthy Affiliate

Your website is your property online and there is a need to protect it with all you have. I knew a website that is making over $30,000 monthly.

If you work on it will grow from $500 monthly to $20,000 monthly. But then you must protect it.

I don’t know how Wealthy Affiliate does this but all I knew is that other hosts charge heavily for this and this is the only way you can avoid been scammed online.

The common security features use is called Securi, I knew a friend that was once hacked and he subscribed for Securi in Hostgator at $200 per year for a basic subscription while $300 per year for Pro subscriptions

But this is FREE for all members at Wealthy Affiliate University


 Wealthy Affiliate University Review (Brutally Honest Review) | YouTube

Join Wealthy Affiliate For FREE

Cost of Joining Wealthy Affiliate University

The subscription fees to be a premium member and to enjoy free stuff offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

The training, community forum help, and every other great stuff as of today are $49 per month plus $15 per year for the domain.

But it is even cheaper if you subscribe directly for the yearly offering.

The cost of running your online business at Wealthy Affiliate with all the Training and Free packages above is less than $30 per month i.e. $348 per year plus the $15 per year for the domain.

 If you are to succeed online with your own business, you needed most of the stated tools above.

Considering the fees offered by other hosting companies as stated in this article against the free offerings of Wealthy Affiliate you will have to spend over $300 per month compared to less than $50 per month being paid per premium members of Wealthy Affiliate.

You will agree with me that Wealthy Affiliate University is a place to be because it is highly cost-effective for members for all the free goodies line up for Premium members at less than $50 per month compare to competitors' offering of over $300 per month.

I hope I am able to answer your question, does Wealthy Affiliate University work? If yes or no kindly drop your comment.

I will surely get back to you in no time. Also feel free to contribute your opinion on my comment area. Thanks for checking my web-page.

Wealthy Affiliate University Review | YouTube

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8 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate University Review (Shocking Revelations)”

  1. Hello John,

    This offer is just too good, there are a lot of freebies, that makes me wonder how those behind the wealthy affiliate make profits.

    Also, I know that every business has its own risk, what is the risk involved in this business?

    • Dear Lillian,

      Life itself is a risk! Yes lot of risk are involved. Risk of not making money at the long run, risk of loosing lt of friends and assiciate, risk of getting your site attack by hackers, risk of getting sued by other companies you have written about, risk of loosing your money etc.

      The question is will you say you will not go to work because it is likely you may have accident on the road? What about if you did not? What about if you have accident and you are safe?

      There are several risk associated to living as a whole.

      The good news is this. The risk involved in making money with Wealthy Affiliate has been minimized to a great extent. Wealth Affiliate will host, secure and protect your websites. Yes your website may be attack but WA have a robust support with fastest turn around time ever.

      My advice is that you won’t say because of the smell you won’t go to the toilet! It is risky not to take risk.

      I hope I attempt to answer your question?



  2. Thank John,

    With a lot of free stuff at Wealthy Affiliate University according to your article here. How do they make money? I believe the objective is to make money.

    I also want to know how long have they been around online?

    Kindly revert please.


    • A lot of people are wondering what about wealthy affiliate university? How did they make money? To be sincere with you i dont know how Wealthy Affiliate make profits. I know that students members of Wealthy Affiliate University are over 850,000. The premium payment is $49 monthly and if you are paying yearly you will be paying $29 monthly going to about $348 yearly. Can you imagine 850,000 paying that?

      I also believe they makes money from other source. The good thing is that there is no up-selling in Wealthy Affiliate. I can assure you of that being here for almost a year now.



  3. Hi John,

    It is Jude again, How does this work? How is it possible to be in school and still be earning money ? Please take me throughy this process.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Jude,
      It is easy to earn while learning at Wealthy Affiliate University. The essence of Wealthy Affiliate is to teach you the HOW to make money with any idea, passion or hobbies and transforming it into a thriving business online. S as you are being thought at Wealthy Affiliate you are made to practice what you are been thought.

      All the training are in Video or text format therefore it is simple to follow the step by step ways of how to make money online. My advice to you is that you dive in and start learning to make money online.

      I hope you are okay.



  4. Hi John,

    Seriously, I am getting to knowing this university for the first time. Wealthy Affiliate University.

    Is it a duration course or how does this work? How do I get access to various course offered here?

    Thanks for great write up.

    Raphael O

    • Wealthy Affiliate university is a lifetime program. This is why i wrote in this review that you earn as your learn. Learning is a continuous one most especially when you are making money working online.

      You can have as many as 25 websites domain with Wealthy Affiliate and another 25 sub domain website. All this will be hosted for you with the training under premium pricing of $49 monthly or $348 yearly at $29 monthly rate. Therefore it is better one go for yearly program.

      If you look at all the tools you needed to survive and that is provided with the premium program you will agree that this amount is so tiny. and the good news is that you can have as many website as possible with different niche making money online.

      I hope i answer your question Raphael?



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