How to Start a Blog by WordPress

Blogging guru blueprint is all about how to start a blog by wordpress.

Have you ever ask, how do people make money online via blogging?  And from what?

This is a common question from both newbie and any upcoming online blogger.

I can confirm to you that one of the best ways to make money online is through blogging via your chosen niche.

Having your own niche, creating your website and making money online is the most legitimate ways on how to work from home and earn an income

show to work from home and earn an income

So, my answer to the above question will be making money from blogging is where and how to make money online.

Blogging Guru Blueprint is one of the best ways to learn make money online. Do you want to have financial freedom working at home? Are you searching for a legitimate work home jobs?

This learning platform will take you by the hand and trained you and expose to you the secret behind making money with blog in any niche of your choice; check it out here

Blogging Guru Blueprint is a step-by-step video series that shows the most simplest and easiest ways any dummy can be turned into a BLOGGING GURU in no time.

A lot of blogger are out there that have built an empire blogging for money; this program will take you by the hand and turn you into an expert in no time.

Though it may not be as easy as it says; you will need to watch the video and really implement what you learnt. These series of videos will put you through the various steps and techniques involved to blog for real money online successfully.

May be you have been a doubting Thomas before now; never believe nor trust that anyone can ever make fortune blogging; this program will definitely proof you wrong.


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How to Start Your Own Blog to Make Money

The core aspect of this program is making money blogging; before any website is built for profitability, it is very important to identify a great market niche to employed.

You will need to know what niche market you will play at, you will need to know whether you will play at a broader niche market or a narrow one. Learn more about how to choose the best niche market for profitability here Choosing Profitable Niche Market

starting blog profit

To be a successful blogger you will have a lot of other factors to keep in mind; such as using great keyword research tool for profitability, what kind of product you will like to promote or affiliation you will like to associate with.

These are what these video training will expose to your consciousness. It will help you to learn the rope of blogging.

Blogging Guru Blueprint will show you the number of people  searching Internet for certain information in your choosing niche and how you can turn these several actions into moneymaking machine for your self.

By following the video flow process and  acting on what you’ve learnt; there is no way you wont make money with your own blog.

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3 Ways To Profitable Online Blogging Business

One of the free ways to make money online in the world today is blogging for money  in your  niche market. No mater where you are or come from, as long as you can read; you will definitely make money with Blogging Guru Blueprint.

Starting an online business is far cheaper than setting up a physical or brick and mortal business; it requires far less capital and you will acquire or have access to customers all over the world even while you are sleeping in India.

The Blogging Guru Blueprint program covers three major area:

  • How to create your website(s)
  • How to monetize the created website and,
  • How to drive traffics to make money on your site

How To Build Website From WordPress

Do you know you can create a website free and even in less than 30 seconds? See how to build website scratch and free. To make money blogging, you will need to come up with great contents or videos on your website.

And the good thing about this is that they may not be your work except you are good and you have enough time to put them together. You can outsource your contents, I like iWriter to do my writing for me; but I also have other better options, please read My Best Alternative To iWriter

Great content is key and it must be very relevant to your niche market; content is likening to your store; content will bring customers to your website; which is your store in this instance.


Drive Traffics To Your Blog

There are several ways to drive traffics to your stores; when talking of content driven traffics, you need great keyword research tools; I recommend Jaaxy Enterprise, it is my best keyword research tool in the world; you can also read up The Best Keyword Tool For Free.

Keyword tools will help you sort out what people are looking for in your niche market; thereby pointing your website to their direction as they search the web.

Other ways to get traffics for your blog are through social media; see how to make money on Facebook. Employing effective method will ensure your blog or website rank for profitability in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

How To Monetize Your Web Traffic

profit blogging blueprint reviewWith your ready made website and evidence of great traffics; you will need to promote what your niche market needs; you will need to promote a certain product and services for your niche market for you to generate income.

You can also promote affiliate programs from various affiliate networks like Clickbank;; LinkShare and Amazon Associate; they will pay you commission for every products sold on your website.

The best way to make money is also to create your own products on your website. Also you can promote CPA (Click Per Actions) networks; you can get offers from various networks such as peer flynet, clickbooth or through the popular Google AdSense.

There are lots of products you can promote to make earnings online; since the objective is to make money doing online work home jobs; it will only requires a lot of work with Great Website and a lot of Targeted Traffics


YouTube Video About Blogging Guru

Learn how to earn money from online with Blogging Guru now


Video Coverage Of Blogging Guru Blueprint

  • Video No 1: An Introduction To The System
  • Video No 2: Finding Your Niche Market
  • Video No 3: Your Keyword Swipe File
  • Video No 4: How To Set Up Your Blog
  • Video No 5: How To Make Money From Your Blog
  • Video No 6: Maximizing Your Blogging Revenue
  • Video No 7: The Wrap Up
  • And Many More . . . . . . . . . .


My Verdict

 There are lot of individuals that are struggling online to make ends meet or trying to sell there own products and without their own website; this is a great opportunity to be a blogger  and start making money blogging.

Stop procrastinating today and take a step now. It will only take three steps; launch a blog, get traffics and turn your traffics to generate income. This program is great because the training is visual; you can't missed a step; all it takes is to play back the video. The program is legit, otherwise it will not be admitted on the ClickBank platform.

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 A Legitimate Work Home Jobs In Wealthy Affiliate

I learnt and get trained as affiliate marketer in Wealthy Affiliate. This is the best blogging training in the world. It is covers all we discuss in Blogging Guru Blueprint and much much more.

Starting from the training platform of over 100 videos and text training modules; a lot of support from the co members and direct private support from Kyle, product owner.


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In Wealthy Affiliate you are also offer free access to test  it is what you really want without your debit card subscription and you may decide to stay without subscription with a gift of two websites with free hosting but with limited support. See more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Note: Please know that you can always contact me in Wealthy Affiliate, this is my Wealth Affiliate  Personal Profile.

Also do well to leave your comment here, most especially if you have a question or a better business opportunity online.

I like to read your though and my readers will love to know alternative online business. I will respond to you immediately as soon as i get your comment.



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  1. Fame

    Please I need your help. I tried to sign up for this program. I Ike to learn how to start a blog. Kindly help me because I tried to log in but my country is not listed. Kindly assist.

    Thank you.

    1. John Post author

      The solution to subscribe for such a program when your country is not listed is to choose anther close country that is closer to you. This is common to buying things on click-bank; you can purchase things easily when your countries are not listed you select the nearby country and use your debit card.

      Blogging guru is one of the best program you will be helped to know how to build website from wordpress, from this program you will also learn how to build website scratch.

      Ensure you either subscribe to Blogging guru or my recommended number one program Wealthy Affiliate; though my alternative to Wealthy Affiliate is Affilorama, just my take.

      Thank you for visiting my site.

  2. GloriaFaith

    This is insightful and straight forward. I will check it out for profitability of my private business.
    Thank you.


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