Pennies 4 Profits Review: Will These Leads Ever Make You Money?


You are welcome to my Pennies 4 Profits Review! Your online business needs leads or traffic to grow, is Pennies 4 Profits the right option to generate these leads for you? Can you make money with these leads?

Traffic generation is one of the toughest aspects of building an online business, but what if a product claims it can help you generate the desired leads within 24hours and for just $30 a month? Seems like a great deal right?

However, we shall find out through this review if Pennies 4 Profits is the leads generator it claims it is.

Join me as we analyze the Pennies 4 Profits programme, it's pros and cons giving you detailed information on why you should invest in this product or NOT.

Pennies 4 Profits at a Glance

Product Name: Pennies 4 Profit
Founder: Unknown
Price: $30 initial set up fee and $30 per month for a membership fee
Rating: 10%
Recommended: NO


Pennies 4 Profits Summary Review

For just $30 per month Pennies 4 Profits claims, it will be able to help you get 100 leads per day. That’s 100 leads at the price of $1 per day.

It seems like a good deal right? Most online businesses struggle to get traffic and leads and a bargain of a 100 leads every 24 hours seems pretty impressive.

But will this email lead membership site deliver on its promise or is it just a hoax to get your money.
Join me as we find out more about Pennies for Profit…

What is Pennies 4 Profit About, Exactly?

Pennies 4 Profit is a company that offers you a deal of one lead for $0.01. The total package is for 100 leads for $1, basically, what the company does is to provide you with leads in return for a monthly membership subscription.

The leads are geared towards aiding online business opportunities and internet marketing.

What Pennies 4 Profit does is to provide a means to grow your online business opportunities and aid your internet marketing strategies.

The company sells you emails as leads and claims that its source is a trade secret.

However, they did reveal that they have more than “300 Joint Ventures with the top Internet Marketing leaders.”

You are provided with a first and last name, email and IP address and date for refreshing each of your leads (this means that your points were recent).

However, there’s offside to the whole thing as the points are mainly from the USA, this means you might be sending emails about your business to people outside of your jurisdiction or to people who are not interested in your store.

I already reviewed over 500 such programs online; they all seem the same:


Pennies 4 Profit: How It Works | YouTube Video

How Much Does Pennies 4 Profit Cost

While the sales page announce that there’s a limited space left for 19 members only, you can pick a slot for a sign-up fee of $30 on the other hand; you will also have to pay a $30 monthly fee.

That is $60 for your initial set up after which you will pay a $30 monthly fee for as long you use the programme.

This seems fair for an email lead generation programme.

The programme appears to run a fair policy as they give you the opportunity to cancel your subscription if you feel the programme isn’t for you, you get 24 hours after paying the signup fee to cancel.

If you miss that window; you get another 24 hours to cancel before your next monthly subscription.

How Does Pennies 4 Profits Work?

Pennies 4 Profit promises you 100 leads every 24 hours, and this is precisely what you get after completing the payment for your sign up fee and monthly subscription fee which amounts to $60.

The only difference is that you get it within 5 minutes after your signup and payment completion.
So what do I get from Pennies 4 Profits, you ask? Simple, you get 100 Leads per month and a built-in mailer.

After Pennies 4 Profits sends you the email list, you can export it to your Email Service Provider (ESP) if you have one after which you can post your promotional emails to the list.

However, if you do not own an ESP of your own, Pennies 4 Profits has a CAN-SPAM compliant mailer were you can import the email list to from there, you can send your promotional emails to your leads.

P4P also gives its members rates that determine the rates at which people interact with the emails they receive to ensure that the emails being sent don’t just go to spam boxes

To make money from these leads as an affiliate marker you may likely be targeting the clicks you get which may lead to you getting a commission.

On the other hand, if you aim to get sponsored ads on your website, you can profit from Pennies 4 Profits as you’d get traffic and if you use Google Ad sense you can make some money from the clicks you get from these leads.

Pennies 4 Profit Support/Customer Service

Pennies 4 Profit has a simple homepage that tells its members the services it offers, its policy and copyright pages and its support pages.

You have to be a member to gain access to its support team.

What is Good About Pennies 4 Profits?

  • P4P meets up on its promise. It delivers you the leads so long as you subscribe for it. So you're sure you'd be getting the number of points you want.
  • The pricing is relatively fair. Getting leads at $0.1 is a fair bargain.
  • P4P provides its users with a CAN-SPAM complaint mailer this means your emails won't get locked out in the spam box of your email list.

Issues With Pennies 4 Profit


Thanks to spam filters, your emails have zero chance of reaching the targeted consumer because you didn’t generate the leads organically.

Remember that Trojan horse I mentioned earlier?

Yea this is it.


If you are a regular person, you probably would have your alarm bells ringing at companies or brands whose promotions end up in your spam folder.

Working with Pennies for profit will no doubt brand you as a spam monger.

Unknown founder

You will agree with me that everything about Pennies 4 profit has been sketchy so far.

The creator of this product hides behind the anonymity afforded by the internet to defraud you of your hard earned cash.


They are playing on the “fear of missing out” that plagues anyone who desperately needs to earn money off the internet. The What-ifs and Could-have-been.

A popular strategy Pennies 4 Profits utilizes to claim that there's only a specific spot left for memberships.

If you don't buy now, the price will go up to $1,299/year.

24-hour Refund

Well, unless you have been tricked by a frog who claims to be a princess. There is entirely no way this makes sense.

What sort of product gives you 24 hours to decide if you are in or out?

A ‘not so good one' no doubt considering that companies usually have 100% Money-Back Guarantee for at least 30 days to 60 days.

Is Pennies for Profit Legit or a Scam?

Before answering the above question, I have one for you, do you think you can get converting leads for $0.1? No way will it happen!

Pennies 4 Profits may get you leads which is true but how do you determine what kind of points you get?

Typical of most scams, they tell you they've got limited space, so you have to hurry to sign up. Equally, since all you get from Pennies 4 Profits is a built-in Mailer why do you need a $30 set up?

If you need another indication that this is a well-packaged scam, ask yourself the name of the companies it claims to liaise with to get leads.

Pennies 4 Profits Review (Is It a Scam?) | YouTube Video

My Final Opinion of Pennies 4 Profit

What do you think of my Pennies 4 Profits Review? Pennies 4 Profits seems like a legit product hiding behind insincere intentions. But, will these leads collected make you money? How quality are these leads?

It is great to want to help struggling businesses get leads, but it isn't nice to sell them quantity (100 points per day) instead of quality {convertible leads).

Also, how do you know you are not getting the same leads as the next customer? Anyway if you are looking to build your business traffic the natural way will help you get convertible leads.

However, if you are looking for a way to make money online ethically, then I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate, a product I have used to create a four-figure passive monthly income.

If you are a bit skeptical, there is always the option of trying it out before you buy, and that's the unique feature of Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you know anyone that has bought into Pennies 4Profit? Kindly drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Reading your feedback will be great.

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