Is A Legit Dating Site Or Scam?

What is About, Exactly?

This is a complete review of, you will find out if is a legit dating site or a scam. Created in 1995, is one of the largest and oldest online dating services on the Internet serving over 25 countries in more than 15 languages with headquarters in

Dalla and Texas and offices in Dallas, San Francisco, Tokyo, West Hollywood, Rio de Janeiro, and Beijing. users create engaging profiles that describe themselves and what they hope to find in potential matches or dates. With, there’s definitely no limit to who you can connect with, when to connect or how to connect.

This is one of the greatest advantages of over its counterparts in the online dating industry. This review will help you to discover what is about.

And you will be watching two YouTube video review of on how to use the website and also on how to start making money using the model of this website.

Do I Recommend

Research by YouGov proves that is one of the top-rated online dating sites responsible for more relationships and marriages than any other dating sites out there?

No wonder is the #1 place to start an online dating. With owning over 24% of the total US dating market, I highly recommend for online daters seeking more security and easy matchmaking.


what is about


Can You Really Make Money With

Making money with isn’t a matter of luck but informed the decision?

The population of singles and online daters has increased over the years and users are most likely to be attracted to simple applications with the most user-friendly interfaces.

Therefore, if you can take advantage of the increased number of online daters and technological advancement and entice user with the new and exciting mobile functionality, you can make money with

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Is A Good Business Opportunity?

Yes. People will always want to meet and have a date or hook up which is one thing that won’t change anytime. is all about making connections more convenient than they ever were and providing a quality level of control and communication.

But, you must, first of all, ask yourself if you’re really ready to go into online dating business before you can see the business opportunity with clearly.

Note: the dating industry is hot now and will always be in demand and huge income is generated from every month.

What I like About

1. provides the most impressive number of search options unlike eHarmony and other online dating platforms with limited or no search option at all.
2. has the highest dating, relationship and marriages success stories compared to its competitors
3. Also, gives its users more control over their dating experiences with private browsing options that help to boost user’s profiles.

Issues with

Although is a top–rated online dating site with numerous success stories, there are still a number of concerns faced by users daily including:

Scam or Fraud Report

Researchers and controversies show that a huge number of users have fallen victims of scam or fraud activities where their accounts claimed to be highly secured on the platform were hacked by unknown scammers and the customer services seem to do nothing about these activities.

Others claim that potential matches suggested by only seek after money from them. This is, of course, one of the major fraud acts displayed in online dating platforms.

Low-Quality Matchmaking and Support

Quality matchmaking is another issue with

Most users complain never meeting any quality date after some years on the platform and if at all they were matched, they encountered incidents of harassment, stalking and inappropriate messages which never got any response when they were reported.

Auto-Renewals and Fake Accounts

However, top-rated is fake identities still get on here. If you must stay safe, endeavor to take safety and security measures outside their claimed high-security and safety.

Also, to avoid paying outrageous amounts for monthly subscriptions on, you must sign up for auto-renewal which covers 6months packages or more.

However, the refund policy seems to be non-effective and many users complain that related refund issues gain no customer care attentions at all.

Is Really a Scam | YouTube


Who is For? is specifically designed for singles desiring the best of friendship, love relationships, and marriages?
Also, if you find it difficult to meet people offline, you definitely need to check out

My Final Opinion of is, of course, a great online dating site and, in fact, the top-rated dating website with the highest success stories.

Your chance of finding a potential date or perfect match with is very high compared to other dating sites, but you need an added protection and information to stay secure and smart on the platform.

Security, Matchmaking, and user-support are the major setbacks to

So what do you think About Many want to know what is about, that is the essence of this review.

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area and do help me so that my audience can learn from your experience about website. at a Glance

Price: $20.99/month for 12 months or $23.99/month for six months
Owners: IAC
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

How to Make Money With

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What do you think? Is a legit dating site or a scam one? Do you have any contribution, suggestion? Kindly drop you thought in my comment area below.  I will respond to you in no time.www match com login

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