Is Your New At Home Career a Scam(YNAHC)? Will You Ever Make Money?

You are welcome to my Your New At Home Career review.

Working from home holds a lot of benefits. Can you make money with Your New At Home Career?

Or, Is Your New At Home Career a Scam?

So, how do you get the right kind of stay at home job or investment that will help you gain passive income?

Today, I will be reviewing Your Stay At Home Career, a website that promises to help you make money as fast as possible through an EBook on dropshipping.

Please know that I am not affiliated with Your New At Home Career and so I will be doing a detailed analysis of its prospects and potential pitfalls.

It is great you are doing your research before buying into any product that promises to make you money.

This move is commendable, and it can save you a lot of money.

Do not stop scrolling as I have more details on Your Stay At Home Career (YNAHC) and if it is worth opportunities.


Your New At Home Career at a Glance

Founder: Greg Thomas.
Price: $47 plus tons upsells up to $2000
Rating: 8%
Recommended: No


Summary Review of Your New At Home Career

Your New At Home Career is a training program on drop shipping that claimed to teach you how to make $500 per day without flexing a muscle.

In this review, you will learn about Grey Thomas’ outlandish overhyped claims and what you can do if you desire to earn passive income on the internet.

Don’t stop here; there is still more information about YNAHC; keep scrolling.


What Exactly is Your New At Home Career About?

Your New At Home Career, or YNAHC for short, is an online drop shipping course mashed together by Greg Thomas.

The program has many outlandish claims and promises that can you can earn $500 per day online even if you can’t write your name on the internet.

There are several testimonials, all of which are FAKE, of people that have made it with the program who have quit their job and are now living the good life.

If you are reading this, please do not quit your job for a promise coming off a forked tongue.

All these claims are meant to rob you of your hard earned money.

Your New At Home Career has no other product than its eBook. However, eBook promises to teach the following:

  • How to create an automated online business with popular Shopping Cart Platforms
  • How to select a profitable niche to focus on
  • How to Source for products from drop shipping manufacturers
  • How to help you Create Your ECommerce Store


Cost and Price of Your New At Home Career?

Your New At Home Career will cost you a onetime purchase of $47 for the course.

That is just the hook. The line extends to tons of upsells, and ultimately a sales funnel into another crappy scheme.

Your New At Home Career is a sales funnel for a similar program called My Ecom Club.


Who is Your New At Home Career for?

If you feel like losing money, then this course is for you.

The parent program, My Ecom Club, is an online platform that shows how to operate a successful e-commerce business.

e-Commerce targeted at people who are interested in drop shipping business using AliExpress and Shopify


How to Make Money with Your New At Home Career

The program claims to teach you about dropshipping.

Don’t waste your time; the course content is available for free on several YouTube channels and in various search engines. Just search for it.

A simple Google search will save you $47 and spam emails.

I’ll briefly explain the business model of dropshipping for those who have no previous idea.

Drop shipping is simply a retail way of shipping goods, such that the online stores do not need to keep the products is selling.

When a product is sold online it purchases that product from a whole sales agent (third party), and the store owner will make the good shipped directly to the person that buys the goods online, i.e., the online store owner does not need to sight the product at all.

Unlike traditional e-commerce, in drop shipping, you don’t have stock inventory or ship the product yourself.

You can be streamlined and automate the process with the aid of platforms such as Oberlo, Shopify, and AliExpress.

Your New At Home Career Customer Service and Support

There is no customer care support unless you decide that this product is not for you then you have to call 1-877-583-9340 or send an email to


What is Good About Your New At Home Career?

There is nothing good about YNAHC. A word of advice from me, RUN from this program.


Issues with Your New At Home Career

  • Fake success stories and testimonials

Fiverr actors made the images used in the testimonial and success stories. WhyWhy using a fake proof if this is a legit business?

If the training makes you money, then there must be real testimonials and success stories to showcase.

  • Privacy Violation

If you register for the program, your details including real name, email address, and contact information will be sold by the creator of Your New At Home Career.

It is well hidden in that stupid document we all skip reading and click “I agree.” Your New At Home Career stated in their Privacy Policy that they share your personal information with their partners.

Also, YNAHC is listed on the MaxBounty affiliate network and affiliates who make a sell get a $57 commission. Now that’s a red flag as the product is sold at $47.

  • A Mountain of Hidden Upsells

Public/Online Opinion of Your New At Home Career

One lady reports that while looking for online opportunities, she comes across another site that was similar to YNAHC.

After clicking on the site, she was asked to pay $49. She leaves the site and re-enters the site only to see YNAHC pop up as the company.

The company is using a different name to sell its products, and even the name of the actor in its ad has changed.

So many persons online are demanding a refund, but of course, they wouldn’t be getting any.

So the next time you hear of a product that promises to make you thousands of dollars in minutes-run as fast as you can.


Is Your New At Home Career a Scam?

YES! In the end, the only people making money from the program are the creators of the program, the parent company scheme up the sales funnel and the company they sell your details to.

The company also makes a false claim. While the founder tells you there is a money back policy, the company in its terms and condition page states that there is a no refund policy as their sales are final.

So even if your purchase service is terminated, suspended or transferred, you do not get a refund.

If this isn’t a scam, I do not know what else to call it.


Is Your New At Home Career worth the Money?

What do you think of Your New At Home Career review? Do you think Your New At Home Career is a Scam?

For a product that promises to help you make about $10,000 to $30,000 in a month, Your New At Home Career is not comprehensive enough on how it intends to do this.

You can quickly learn all that is listed on the EBook for free on YouTube.

While I do not believe that YNAHC can make you the passive income you want, there are alternatives to earning an income at home that has been tried and trusted.

I will like to recommend Wealthy Affiliate, a product that has helped me gain financial independence from its internet marketing techniques.

I earned my monthly income through the help and training gotten from Wealthy Affiliate. Will you like to see how I achieved this?

What do you think of my Your New At Home Career review?

I will be happy if you drop your thought in the comment area below. I will love to hear what you think.

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  1. Sometimes whenever I hear about companies that promise to help you make money from home I always look and see what they promise that you can make. Because if it sounds good then it’s probably too good to be true most of the time. It makes me so mad that companies like this can get away with taking people‘s money. I’m glad that you found out that this was a scam and that the testimonials are from actors and not real people that have profited from the company. Thing about this is there is no refund for the people that invest money into it so glad that I found your article and hope other people do before they make the mistake.


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