Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Is It Better Than a University?

You are welcome to my article on why Wealthy Affiliate Is better than a University Degree!

Yes, I can confirm to you that Wealthy Affiliate Program (Internet Marketing Education Based) is better than any University Education in the world today.

This article is all about why you can never compare University Education to learning how to make money via digital marketing through Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate at a Glance

Website: WealthyAffliate
Price:$0 Starter Membership (Get free Trial )
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate University
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training, Resources + Tools + Community
Type of Business: Affiliate Marketing/Blogging
Price: FREE (Starter Member), $49/monthly or $359/year (Premium Member)
Who it’s For: Newbie & Expert
Rank: 90%
Recommended: YES


What Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

The level of education is closely linked to the annual earnings of a person.

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average monthly income of a University graduate is $5,000 as compared to $2,000 for a person who does not have a high school diploma.

With constant price increases and a desire to have a better lifestyle people find an investment in college education the best way to earn more.

Despite the promises of a bright future, university education is surrounded by some deep dark facts which need to be taken into account before taking the plunge.



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Downsides of Enrolling For a College or University

  • University Education Expense Rose a Thousandfold in the Last 3 Decades

University education is becoming pricier with each passing year. In order to afford this education more and more people are taking student loans.

The laws governing the loan eligibility requirements are also not helping people secure loans on easy terms.

  • Four Years TimeLine is a Farce

Did you think that it is just four-year toil and you would become financially independent after that? Well, the harsh reality is that students take 5-6 years to attain their degree.

A recent report titled Time to Degree published by The National Research Centre states that the average time elapsed from the date of enrollment to date of getting the degree is 5.1 years.

This would mean a higher debt and late entry into the job market.

  • Student Debts at an All-Time High

Did you know that student loan has even surpassed auto loans or that student loan debts are much more than credit card debts?

The Economist reported that on average the total outstanding loan per student borrower is a whopping $37,172.

Your dreams of owning a home and a car and a comfortable life, all come squashing down when faced with such high debts.

All this does not mean that no one should go to college. There are certain areas where work is not possible without a University degree.


the wealthy affiliate university scam or not


Jobs That Still Require a University Degree

  • Teaching jobs
  • Computer specialists
  • Nurses and Doctors
  • Radiologists and technicians
  • Engineers
  • Legal assistants

But what if someone does not have aspirations for the above careers?

What are the career options for people who have just a school diploma, no work experience or people that are even with a great job but are not happy with what they are doing and are looking for higher pays?

In the traditional job market, the percentage of jobs that do not require a college degree is quite high – 63.5 percent as per statistics. But these jobs are not high paying.

Then is a university degree the only way of attaining a higher degree of financial freedom?

No. There are many ways through which you can become a high earner even with no formal education. And this does not include regular or traditional jobs.

These jobs use online resources that will help you make money profitably as long as you can read and hold a computer mouse.

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Alternative Ways of Earning Huge Without University Degree

The Internet is deluged with information on high paying jobs without formal education. But upon looking closely most of them turn out to be scams. They ask you to invest some money and then vanish.

One of the most reliable programs running online is the Wealthy Affiliate program that offers to help you become financially independent.


University Degree vs. Wealthy Affiliate

  • The Wealthy Affiliate program does not require any prior educational qualifications to get enrolled.
  • There is no age limit. People aged 18 to 75 have been their members.
  • You can transform your skills, idea, passion, or hobbies into a thriving business online at Wealthy Affiliate
  • And the most comforting part is that you do not need loans or a lot of money to cover the cost of their programs.
  • At Wealthy Affiliate University, you will start earning online as you are learning.
  • You are a potential employer as Wealthy Affiliate members
  • You can start consulting for big organizations will the skills and knowledge acquired (SEO Consultant, Social Media Manager, Linking Building, etc.)
  • You will instantly become an authority in your chosen niche


Wealthy Affiliate University Advantages

For now, there are no significant wealthy affiliate alternatives because you can't just compare the offerings of Wealthy Affiliate University to others in the industry.

But people still keep on asking the same question Does Wealthy Affiliate University Work?

Below are major offerings and opportunities at Wealthy Affiliate University:

  • The Best Training Platform at Wealthy Affiliate

 Wealthy Affiliate University is the best and most sophisticated and technologically advanced Internet training platform ever.

The resource offering is compared to none in the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate is equipped with the state of the art hosting, a community of experts with a lot of help, excellent training resource, website hosting, and live webinar every Saturday night on the major happenings in the industry.

  • Great Community of Affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate

 You have access to over 850,000 members of affiliate marketers in various niches that are ready to help you 24/7.

These people are ready to put you through with the step-by-step process of how to resolve any issues.

You will have varieties of tips from community members from different geographical areas around the world. Most of these affiliate member lives on online jobs with a lot of experience.


Wealthy Affiliate FREE Tools and Resource

Wealthy Affiliate University offers a lot of free and profitable features that help all premium members to succeed online.

  • Free Keyword Research Tool

With this free keyword research tool, you can quickly write excellent content that will ring in the first page of major search engines.

Though they recommend other high keywords tool such as the best keyword research tool in the world right now i.e., Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword Research Tool

  • FREE SSL Certificates For All Website Hosted 

All website hosted at Wealthy Affiliate automatically are equipped with FREE SSL, this usually cost on average $60+ per domain on other providers.

But this is included with the premium package at no cost to members.

It is so easy to activate your SSL. Just switch the toggle to on/off; this will take your site from (http://) to (https://) in no time.

Google has instructed and has a deadline for every website to be compliant for security.

 Importance of Site Security

  1. Having SSL on your website is a high ranking metric, not huge but counts a lot.
  2. SSL will boost your rankings and traffics
  3. Better engagement and more conversion
  4. Conversion is a huge one; sales and opt-in will increase since people now trust your website.
  • FREE Unlimited Email At Wealthy Affiliate

At Wealthy Affiliate, you are open to having as many emails as you desired, as long as your domain is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate, email is free and unlimited.

You can compare that to primary domain host, on many average charges, one email address at $10 per year, while unlimited email costs, on average, $5 per month and $60 per year.

  • 50 Websites For Premium Members

As a Wealthy Affiliate University Students and members, you are entitled to 25 websites while only two sub-domain for trial members.

If you compare these offerings to other major host companies across the world, it is far cheaper for Wealthy Affiliate members.

On average, another host will work with the excellent platform charge you $47/ month for one website while the cheaper one can go for a minimum of $29/month.

I knew a particular one that offers ten websites for $99/month and 25 sites for $249/month.

At Wealthy Affiliate University you have 25 FREE websites for premium members and two sub-domain website for FREE for trial members (Members the sign in for Free)

  • Wealthy Affiliate Offers FREE Spam Filter

 The security of your website is key to your business; we have a lot of high spam filters online. You must secure your sites from various spam online.

Wealthy Affiliate offers Akismet spam filter at no cost to members but is cost $5/month on other hosts.

  • Security of  Website 

Your website is your property online, and there is a need to protect it with all you have. I knew a website that is making over $30,000 monthly.

If you work on, it will grow from $500 monthly to $20,000 monthly. But then you must protect it.

I don’t know how Wealthy Affiliate does this, but all I knew is that other hosts charge heavily for this, and this is the only way you can avoid been scammed online.

The standard security features use is called Securi, I knew a friend that was once hacked and he subscribed for Securi in Hostgator at $200 per year for an essential subscription while $300 per year for Pro subscriptions

But this is FREE for all members at Wealthy Affiliate University

what is wealthy affiliate program


How Do you Make Money on Wealthy Affiliate?



An Example to Explain the Wealthy Affiliate Concept

Suppose there is a website that teaches guitar lessons. People that are interested in music and love to learn about playing guitar come to the site to read tutorials and see videos that will help them learn to play the guitar.

In addition to the online course material the website also could provide links to various other online sources like:

  • Places to buy a guitar
  • Shops selling guitar accessories
  • Shops selling or lending guitar-related books

If a visitor to the site uses any of the above links to make his/her purchases, then the owner of the guitar website will earn a commission from the websites from where the purchase was made.

It is as simple as that. It does not require storing inventory or making deliveries. Income is made by just directing traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn digital marketing because you will be thought how to make money with what you love doing; they will help you turn your passion into a thriving business online.

It is all about solving people's problems with what you are good at.

Somebody somewhere loves to know about that thing that you know how to do best; Wealthy Affiliate program will help you channel your gift to help millions of people online, while you ‘ll make money in the process.


or wealthy affiliate university


Hard Work Behind Wealthy Affiliate.

But all this takes time. Firstly, a website needs to be built. The website should be effective enough to rank higher in a search engine result set. With higher rankings comes higher traffic. And the rest follows naturally.

For a novice who has no website development skills, all this might look a bit overwhelming. And this is where the Wealthy Affiliate program comes to the rescue.

It provides you with a full package from the niche development stage to building a great affiliate marketing website. Additionally, it has its online chat forums with thousands of members willing to give help to you 24/7.

Remember the program only shows you the way and helps you overcome obstacles. There are hundreds of videos and text-based materials of step by step work through every stage of building your business online.

Working on the website is your job. Making your website a learning center and authority online, adding relevant and valuable content will require hard work but in the end, it will all pay well.

Start With Wealthy Affiliate Here

Features of Wealthy Affiliate Program

  • It teaches you to be an authority in Digital Marketing or call it Affiliate Marketing
  • It shows you how to set up your own website by yourself. Thereby getting empowered and get knowledge and training that will forever set you free. You can own 50 websites hosted for you at Wealthy Affiliate for the same cost without up-sell.
  • Provides website hosting services that ensure that your website is running 24X7.
  • Wealthy Affiliate will support you to choose a profitable niche market that you have a passion for.
  • The program will also guide you to deliver quality content (Articles, Videos, and Webinar) to your audience or targeted followers. You will learn how to do all this by yourself at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • You will learn how to optimizing your website to receive higher traffic of your targeted audience
  • Wealthy Affiliate upgrades its training content and programs constantly so that they are up to date with the changes in technologies and frequent search engine algorithms changes.


what is a wealthy affiliate review about

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

This is the best part of the program. It offers a week of training at no cost to you. They would also help you build two websites and provide 2 classroom training. All this is extremely helpful for someone who is a novice in the field of making money online and internet marketing as a whole.

Once you feel that you can put in the effort required for this type of business setup you can sign up for the premium membership which is just $49 per month. Through this membership, you can use the unlimited, continuous and unending training offer by Wealthy Affiliate; even build up to 50 websites.


what is about wealthy affiliate university


They also offer a yearly premium membership of $359. If you go for this offer, then you will be saving quite a lot. When you calculate you will observe that the monthly premium payment will cost a lot more i.e.  $588 (49X12) annually.

But going for the yearly subscription fee of $359 {equivalent to $29.9} monthly payment) will save you $229 instead of the monthly payment of $49. 

There is also a discount on the first month of premium membership. Wealthy Affiliate offers the first month of premium membership at $19 instead of $49 to those who have just started the free membership course. This offer is given in the first week of the free course.


How Fast is Making Money Possible at Wealthy Affiliate

Next is the most important question that any prospective members want to ask because the essence is to make money and be the financial independence wishes of everybody.

The truth is this, the timeline for the return of investment depends on your capacity to do the work as instructed in the training. Though the rate of returns will depend on many factors such as:

  • How competitive your niche website is
  • Your content must be helping your audience
  • The quality and uniqueness of your content
  • How set you are ready to work hard to impact your audience
  • Continuous learning

If you put in the work and you follow the training, even if you focus on building an authority site, you should start earning reasonable income between six to one and a half years.

Within two years of building a solid authority site even with a competitive niche, you should be comfortable earning reasonable income online.

Many are earning over $20,000 monthly within two years, this is the target of every Wealthy Affiliate members, and it has been proven to be working.


Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

So What is your take on Wealthy Affiliate us University degree? While University education is good, Wealthy Affiliate will earn you far more money after two years of starting your business online. Wealthy Affiliate makes earns while you learn.

Enrolling in a university education which is not to your liking might end you up in a vicious financial circle, It may even take a while before getting a good job.

But by going for Wealthy Affiliate training you will start making money even as you are learning.

Going to Wealthy Affiliate University will help you reap returns of your investment and you will continue to enjoy passive income, making money even while you sleep and you can now be in charge and in control of your life.

A friend of mine within Wealthy Affiliate Mark is making over $40,000 monthly after four years, he now travels from one country to another.

This can be you in the next two to three years only if you make a decision today. He always affirmed that Wealthy Affiliate is better than going to any university in the world.

The success of your life and career is now in your hands; if you don't move nothing will. Take a step today and start educating yourself on digital marketing with the best affiliate marketing training in the world, the Wealthy Affiliate.

Are you with Wealthy Affiliate University? Can you confirm to me and my audience what you think about Wealthy Affiliate and University education?

Do you also agree with me that Wealthy Affiliate is better than University education? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below.



16 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Is It Better Than a University?”

  1. quite an interesting and informative post, this really an alternate source of income, especially for those like me who are already bored with their jobs. so how can I join the wealthy affiliate since I don’t know how or lack the funds to build a website.

    • Dear Pearl,

      Thanks for reading my article on Why Wealthy Affiliate is Better Than a University Education.

      Since you join Wealthy Affliate before. You just need to reset your login and sign in back. If you dont have money to g premium; you can stick to the 2 free website ( your two free websites).



  2. WOW! I never even heard of Wealthy Affiliate until now. It seems like a lot more convenient way to get an education rather than a traditional university. Would I, as a blogger, be able to benefit from using Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Dear Ashley,

      Wealthy Affiliate is Better Than a University Education, in my opinion, is just the best affiliate marketing education platform in the world right now. If you join WA. You are sure to be making over $10,000 within two years, as long as you implement what the training teaches you.
      I am happy with WA because I am making cool money doing what I love doing best.



  3. Hi, John!
    Thaks for sharing your great article! I am sure many people will benefit from this information.
    I love the way how you wrote it. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is better than a university education because so many people end up with high debts. But they can earn money with knowledge from Wealthy Affiliate and avoid debts.
    Thanks again!

  4. Hi John
    Thanks for sharing this post. As I’ve been to Uni and also have a WA account, I have to agree that I’ve gotten more practical skills out of WA that my degree. To other readers, this platform does require hard work and commitment from yourselves to put the time in to create a website that people will actually use (but the effort is totally worth it). John you’ve made a great comparison between the 2 here and keep up the good work!


  5. Hi John! Great review about Wealthy Affiliate! Job security is a huge topic for college students, as well as for so many other groups of individuals! Going out into the world can be a scary thing. You’ve conquered those fears with your great descriptions and information about a very lucrative option. WA has definitely changed my life and I couldn’t be more thankful! I wish you continued success!

  6. Wealthy affiliate is truly amazing. I don’t need a college degree to start earning big money. I’m on my 3rd year on college and I have plenty of spare time. I’m thinking putting it into wealthy affiliate so that I could earn money while studying. Do you think that this is effective so that I could earn more money?

  7. Hello Jofa,

    Awesome article! I would like to add to this(:

    Even after obtaining your college degree, you still have to compete with other college graduates and trust me… it wasn’t fun at all knowing there are plenty of people with a higher degree than myself.

    Also, with a single income source, your financial stability is in jeopardy.

    You see, people who have lots of money also have lots of income sources.

    If you get fired or get hurt on the job… it cripples your income source. Sure, you get compensations, but that’s barely enough to live on.

    To be truly free from this scenario, internet marketing is a great alternative. It costs a lot less to start and if you become successful. You can live the true DOT COM lifestyle: Time, Money, and Location freedom.

    Before we get ahead of ourselves. I want to state that internet marketing is not an easy venture. Most people do fail because they give up too early.

    Right now, I have a few income sources through affiliate marketing and if one goes down. I have a backup income source.

    Good luck,

  8. Wow, awesome review! If I knowed about wealthy affiliate before college, I would definitely choose WA as my primary education. Many people are afraid of earning online because of so many scams out there, but with this training, success is guaranteed. I am personally in WA, and I am happy with my choice!

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for visiting my website. I am happy you are with the best digital marketing  training in the world. I hope to see your comment again.




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