Is Smart Money Methods a Scam Or Can You Really Make Money?

Summary of Review

You are welcome to my Smart Money Methods Review. The question is this, Is Smart Money Methods a Scam and will it ever make you money? I know you are here because you want to know if you can make money with Smart Money Methods?

Well, I am sorry to break your heart but Smart Money Methods is not going to make you money.

So you can NOT make money with Smart Money Methods!

Right off the bat, they talk of a brand new way to make up to 30K a month for working only 30 minutes a day. That information is a fluke. This complete review of Smart Money Methods will show you why this program is not good for you.

First, there is no way to make that kind of money for barely working. Second, the actual method of making money is never mentioned, so they presume that you will trust them and buy a product you know nothing about.

Our recommendation, this is a definite NAY. Stay clear of this product.


Smart Money Methods At A Glance


Product Name: Smart Money Method

Founder: Mark Forest

Price: $37 Plus Many Upsells

Rating: 5%

Recommended: No


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What is Smart Money Methods About, Exactly?

Smart Money Methods comes in three categories; Smart Money Methods 1.0, Smart Money Methods 2.0 and Smart Money Methods Pro.

Smart Money Methods 1.0 is a PLR (Private Label Program) training program in PDF format, and that is what you receive when you pay the initial $37. The PDF book is basically generic information on how to make money from sites such as Amazon Affiliate Program, CPA offers, and social media sites.

Smart Money Methods 1.0 is supposed to bait you into purchasing Smart Money Methods 2.0 for $197 and afterward Smart Money Pro at $177. These subsequent upsells are supposed to show you better and faster methods to make even more money.

What you get for purchasing the upsells are videos teaching you about social media marketing with an emphasis on Facebook and Twitter.

Mark Foster is the creator of Smart Money Methods. But just like all the other scam products, there is no physical address, phone numbers or business email address for this company.

Smart Money Methods was released in June 2018 and retail on Clickbank. You can purchase this product from any part of the world. There are no restrictions as long as you pay the required amount.

Smart Money Methods Scam | YouTube Video

Smart Money Methods Prices

As earlier stated Smart Money 1.0 will cost you $37. For that amount, you will receive a mediocre PDF eBook.

To access the video version (Smart Money 2.0), you will need to cough up an additional $197, and the final upsell is Smart Money Pro at $177.


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How Do You Get Paid Working With Smart Money Methods

There is no money to be made from Smart Money Methods. The information contained in their training program is not new or secret.

Additionally, there is no way to make 30K per month from working 30 minutes a day on affiliate marketing.

The only people who will make money from Smart Money Methods are the owners of the scam and the affiliate marketers who are promoting the program on Clickbank.

Smart Money Methods Support /Customer Service

Smart Money Methods offers a single email address, where you can send your inquiries.

There is no mailing address, business number or any other way to reach Smart Money Methods customer service.

What is Good About Smart Money Methods?

  1. There is a 60-day money back guarantee. Since it retails on Clickbank, you will get your money back once you realize its a scam.

 Issues with Smart Money Methods?

  1. The product is a scam.
  2. You can get the content online for free or a fraction of the cost charged.
  3. The upsells are too expensive for the little additional information that they provide.
  4. Given that this is a supposedly a new product, the manual is outdated and has features that are no longer available such as the Amazon aStore which was retired in October 2017.
  5. The training is too shallow to be of much help, and no actual examples are given to guide a beginner through the process.
  6. No one really knows the proprietor of the program, and there is no real customer care information for clients who need follow up assistance.

Public and Online Complaints about Smart Money Methods?

For a product that was launched in June this year, there are numerous complaints about the fact that the program is a scam.

Online reviews go one about the lies on the sales page about a secret money-making method that never materializes.

The program is outdated, and there is nothing new contained in the training program. Customers also complain about the ridiculous upsells of Smart Money Methods 2.0 and Pro which are utterly worthless.

Customer service is virtually nonexistent, and the only reprieve is that Clickbank facilitates reimbursement of the money when customers demand a refund.

Alternatives Products to Smart Money Methods?

Since Smart Money Methods is a waste of time, I would imagine you would like to know about legitimate training programs that teach about affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

They include Wealthy Affiliate, Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program, and Clickbank University among others.

There are also similar scam programs on the market that you should endeavor to stay clear of. These include:


Smart Money Methods Review (Avoid It) |  YouTube Video


Is Smart Money Methods Legit Or A Scam?

No. Smart Money Methods is a scam. While they don’t rob you in the traditional sense of the word, they sell you useless information and waste your time and money or get-rich schemes that only benefit them.

A month since the program was released, Smart Money Methods disabled the comment section on their

YouTube channel due to all the negative comments they were getting from customers. Do not fall for the Smart Money methods scheme.

How to Make Money with Smart Money Methods

What do you think with my Smart Money Methods review? What do you think? Is Smart Money Methods a Scam? I can assure you that it will not earn you any money.

The best you will get is a refund once you realize the program is a complete hoax.

However, Affiliate marketing is legitimate even though you will not earn 30K a month from the very first day.

As earlier stated, other than the owners of Smart Money Methods, the only other people who make money from Smart Money Methods are the affiliate marketers who make commissions from promoting.

is smart money methods scam


14 thoughts on “Is Smart Money Methods a Scam Or Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. OMG.. Now I know why things never came on track for me as far as Smart Money Methods are concerned. I worked very hard to earn some easy income but I feel this is not a right platform for people who want to earn online. John, please suggest an affiliate website which is easier to understand and really generates passive income for a newbie.

    • Thanks for reading my write up on Smart Money Methods. I am sure of one thing that Smart Money Methods will not make you money in this age.

      The program is outdated and you can find most of the resource in the public domain; so why paying for it?

      Thank you for visiting again.



  2. I almost fell for this, Thank you for this review. A friend asked me to check reviews on Smart money methods before I proceed.
    Thank you so much once again for saving my a**

  3. A brand new way to make $30k a month? Really? By, I don’t know, marrying a millionaire? But I guess that’s a pretty old method. Still, sounds like I have way more hope of getting money that way than through Smart Money Methods!

    • Dear Mari,

      Thanks for reading my Smart money method review. We have many of this products online that ckiam to train you to make money online. This one can not help anyone make a dine. It is sipliflt another ripoff.



  4. When it’s too good to be true, it is! $30k for 30 minutes of work only happens to the best of us and the point you’ve made there it definitely won’t happen with how they prescribed it. Thanks for sharing an honest review on this, hopefully people get better informed before wasting there money in such things.

    • Dear Cheska,

      Thanks for reading my Smart Money Methods Review. Smart Money Methods will not make you money. Thanks for understanding that from my review.

      If you really want to make money online. Please visit my #1 Recommended online training program,.


  5. Dear John,

    It is always a good practice to do a lot of research before you invest your money in online money making scams.

    After reading this article I am convinced that the legitimate money making platforms are in the minority.



  6. Dear John,

    Thanks for giving me the heads up.

    I was about to purchase Smart Money Methods 2.0 and begin working; however, after reading this article I now know to stay clear of the site and Mark Forest.

    Thanks so much for the information.


    • Dear Steve,

      Thanks for reading my Smart Money Methods Review. Yes, I advise you to stay away and very far from Smart Money Methods. There is a better program online that will add better value to you than Smart Money Methods.

      Most of the methodology and tools paraded can found on the free domain on the internet without parting with your hard earned money.

      Why paying for something when you can get it Free?

      But I will be recommending Wealthy Affiliate instead. The WA is that you can start your free training with ease and no cost. Even, they will offer you two Free websites to practice what you are learning.

      Wealthy Affiliate changed my life. I am now making cool money online and about sacking my day job employer.

      I hope you will visit my site again?



  7. I’m currently unemployed and a friend of my recommended I try Smart Money, but after reading this I’m glad I didn’t but anything from them. It sounded too good to be true tbh.

  8. I’m currently unemployed and a friend of my recommended I try Smart Monkey, but after reading this I’m glad I didn’t but anything from them. It sounded too good to be true tbh.


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