Is It Works! a Scam? (Can You Really Make Money?)

You are welcome to my It Works! Review!!!

Thank you for trusting me to deliver qualitative and unbiased product reviews. Today, I will be reviewing the product called “It Works.”

I will like to point out that I am in no way affiliated to this product so expect the best.

How do you discover this company called “It Works”? Have you been pitched to on social media or is it through your friends and relative?

Or you are just like me! You love to lose your weight but without going through the rigors of exercising while banking on the promises that “It Works” can do the magic?

But, Is “It Works” a Scam and can you make money with it?

Well, It Works is one of such products. We shall be analyzing this product to determine if it does what it claims to do and if it's a business model can help you become financially independent.

Join me as we unravel the business model and products of It Works!


It Works! at a Glance

Product Name: It Works!
Founders: Mark and Cindy Pentecost.
Price: $100 for the starter pack and over $1,000 yearly
Rating: 25%
Recommend: No.
Best For: For Great Networkers


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Summary Review of  It Works!

It Works is a cosmetics company that produces and markets various supplements and skincare products.

Please don’t get me wrong; it is a legit company. They have been around for over 22 years.

Sadly, this multimillion-dollar company is a Multi-Level Marketing company that employs direct sales methods with hundreds of thousands of distributors globally.

The company has only 3% of the people at the top of the pyramid making profits yearly.

Although they flash potential earnings of up to $500 monthly per distributors, several pieces of research show that they only average $752 per year!

This review will expose various red flags of It Works, and you will be shocked!


What is It Works! About, Exactly?

If you crawl Instagram and YouTube a lot (like me), you’d have probably come across an advert that offers to help you achieve your dream body in a snap.

If you didn't’t, then you would’t have missed It Works! Founded by Mark and Cindy Pentecost in 2001, It Works is a cosmetics company that produces and markets various supplements, including Greens, Cleanse, and New You.

The company also offers skincare products such as Hair Skin Nails, Stretch Mark, and Cleanser.

The company states that its products are for those who do not fancy the gym or vegetables and want to lose weight.

It Works is a multi-level-marketing company that accrued over half a billion dollars $538 in revenue last year and approximately 1.2 billion dollars within three financial years.

With over one million recurring customers, It Works is powered by a worldwide network of distributors who offer most of their sales through social media and on the internet.

This is pretty amazing for a company that has only been around for a couple of years shy of two decades.

It Works was built by former teacher and coach, Mark Pentecost, who is now the proud CEO of a multimillion dollar company.

Mark who started as a struggling entrepreneur found his Holy Grail product when he came across a wrapped body that shows the appearance of sudden slimming.

In the image of body dysmorphic disorder (which is short for an obsession with how one's body looks).

It Works! Review: Is It Legit or Huge Scam | YouTube

The Cost of It Works

The monthly buy-in for It Works! Is about $100.

Easy math and different calculations later and the total expense amounts to over $1000 annually.

Just considering spending an average of $80 on products per month.

Couple with not knowing what the future offers with such a product!


Who Is It Works! For?

Affiliate Marketing with It Works is for anyone who is interested especially stay-at-home parents as well as to people looking for some extra income.


How to Make Money with It Works!

As an affiliate marketer with It Works!, you have to be an expert or know how to come up with better ways to engage people about It Works! Products and services.

It doesn't’t stop at that of course; anybody can create an opportunity. To make actual money, you have to be living proof.

That is your transformation should scream It Works so loudly that others want to jump on the train.

Although they flash potential earnings of up to $500 monthly, research by Business Insider revealed that distributors average $752 per year!

We have seven categories of It Works! Products, they are produced and marketed by the company.

They are:

  • ##Body•

  1. Ultimate Body Applicator – $59
  2. Defining Gel – $45
  3. Fab Wrap – $5, etc.
  • ##Skin

  1. It Works! WOW – $46
  2. Facial – $59
  3. Repairage – $29
  4. Stretch Mark – $39
  5. Hair Skin Nails – $33
  6. Lip & Eye – $29
  7. Exploiting Peel – $36, etc.
  • ##Greens

  1. •Greens Blend Orange – $33
  2. Greens Blend Value Size Orange – $79
  3. Greens On The Go Blend Orange – $35, etc.
  • ##Lifestyle

  1. It Works! Probiotic – $31
  2. It Works! Cleanse – $36
  3. Energy 12- Pack – $29, etc.
  • ###Essential Oil

  1. Essential Set – $95
  2. It Works! Essential Oils – $59, etc.
  • ##Packs

  1. Ultimate Pack(CHOC) – $279
  2. Ultimate Pack(VAN) – $279
  3. Fit Pack(CHOC) – $179
  4. Fit Pack(VAN) – $179, etc.
  • ##System

  1. It Works! System – $147
  2. It Works! Blender Bottle – $17


Compensation Plan of It Works!

Because a lot of reviews online have made a lot of noise about It Works hyping it as the perfect body wrap for weight loss and profit gain, it is’t the case. From this, it works video and its compensation plan we will be analyzing precisely what kind of compensation and bonuses It Works has for its sales representatives.
It Works! Claims that its system is about building relationships to harness this point they divided their system into three key areas. So you can choose any of these areas which include;

  • Retail Customers

These people fall under the category of customers who make random purchases.

  • Loyal Customers

This category contains regular and consistent customers who get ‘wholesale’ prices when they sign up for at least three months worth of products on ‘auto-ship’.

  • Distributors


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This is where you get a downline interested in running the business all you have to do is sponsor them to ‘duplicate’ the process, then you can profit from their sales activity.

To benefit from It Works there is usually some steps you'd have to take on your first one month.

These steps include:

  • Become Commission Qualified

In this step, you have to accumulate 400 Personal Bonus Volume (BPV).

This can be hard if you have to do it all by yourself, but you can accumulate it through 80points from auto-ship and activity of your retail or loyal customers.

  • Earn Free It Works!

Product – you will earn $120 in product credit if you can get four loyal and active customers within the first 30 days

  • Get Wrap Rewards

then more customers you enroll, you are entitled to points which can be redeemed for an It Works! Wrap, or an It Works! Facial Applicator.

The question on my mind, however, is can I get my points in Cash? The answer is No.

  • Qualify for the It Works! Fast Start Bonus

You get to earn $100 if you sign up a new distributor who spends 80pv as well as signing up two loyal customers within your first 30 days.

To earn more with It Works!, you'd need to enroll more customers or new distributors to make more money with sales of It Works! Products.

If the people you have enrolled also enroll others, you earn even more from it.

It Works! Compensation Plan Explained | YouTube


Support /Customer Service of It Works!

It Works has A customer support for its users such that loyal customers and distributors have a different contact handle.

Equally, when you want to report a lost order, you have to fill a lost order form.

You can engage any of It Works! Product coach if you need any information about It Works!

There is a website that can help you take care of common questions as relate to It Works!  Click Here.


What is Good About It Works!?

  • 100% Natural

The company claimed that all products are natural and botanically-based.

Even at that, there are no scientific shreds of evidence or explanations of the mechanism about the mechanism of action.

  • Earning Potential

You can earn 50% commissions on product sales for cash and carry items as well as performance bonuses and downline commissions on your referees.


My Issues with It Works!?

  • It Doesn't’t work

The Greens Supplement has none of the fiber, protein, vitamins or minerals that should be found in an actual vegetable smoothie.

Based on the supplement facts, it's hard to see why anyone would use the product.

  • False claims

It Works! Greens claim the nutritional constituents of the product is equivalent to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables, which when juxtaposed on nutritional value charts, is false.

The only valid claim is the “boost” from the green tea which is a shadow of nothing because you can get quality caffeine from the quality and cheaper products.

  • Complaints

It Works! The wrap has received the brunt of many negative reviews with many a customer expressing her dissatisfaction after investing hundreds of dollars over months and not experiencing any results offered by the product.

Also, health professionals have consistently debunked the false claims of the product.

  • Cost

This is the most important factor considered by buyers – followed by quality – and It Works! Products come up short when measured by the standard yardstick.

For example, Greens cost almost twice as much per gram as other green supplement drink powders.

Customers who use Wraps are advised to use a wrap every 72 hours to maintain results.

At the cutthroat price of $59 per box, that’s going to be bankrupting very fast.


Is It Works! Scam?

It Works! Is not a scam in my opinion, and it is one of the most successful multi-level marketing schemes I have seen.

I would’t advise that you dabble in it for obvious reasons – you work with the strength of an elephant and earn stipends.

The focus is on recruiting and not on selling products, and you are doing that only for the people at the top of this MLM Pyramid Scheme.

This coupled with other factors that do not make it an attractive venture for anyone who wants to make money through affiliate marketing.


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Please don't waste your time chasing shadow!

Why It Works! Is a Scam | YouTube

Is It Works! Worth Your Money and Time?

What do you think of my It Works! Review? With what you have read, do you think that It Works! Is a scam?

While it is easy to believe that a product of $100 will usher in millions for you, I do not buy into it.

A shortcut to making money online might lead you into a pit. However, if you want to make a passive income that is both consistent and real, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

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Do you know anyone that is marketing It Works!?

Let me know you're about my It Works! Review.

Kindly drop your thoughts below. I will like to hear what you think.

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  1. Thank you for recommending Wealthy Affiliate as an option for people who are looking to make a decent living online.

    I wanted to join it but sadly it is not available in my country. Do you have any solution around that?

    • Thanks for reading my It Works review.

      You can bearly make money with It Works, this is why I am recommending Wealthy Affiliate.

      Please know that Wealthy Affiliate is for everybody and that includes you.

      See how you can join Wealthy Affiliate here, irrespective of where you are from or where you are in the world.



  2. So… you’d have to pay $ 1000 per year AND have to make a turnover of $ 400 a month just before you can get any form of commission? The math seems to favour the company…

    • Thanks for reading my Is It Work review.

      You are right. The company takes it all. The challenge is that many people thinks that it works Global is a scam.

      Major question many intending it works global are asking isthis, is it works global under investigation?

      Does it works Global have law suits that us distracting the management?

      They may be under i vestigation but I can assure you that It Works Global is a Pyramid scheme.



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