How To Join Wealthy Affiliate From Non-Supported Countries – India, Nigeria, Bangladesh. . .

Steps To Join Wealthy Affiliate From Not Supported Countries?

I am sure you are here because you want to join Wealthy Affiliate and your country or region is not yet supported? I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am a Nigerian.

I am sure that you are asking one of the following questions about the Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Can you still join Wealthy Affiliate since your country is not supported?
  • Will Wealthy Affiliate allow you if you join via VPN (Virtual Private Network) today?
  • Why are some countries not supported by Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Is Nigeria not supported by Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Which of the countries cannot join Wealthy Affiliate free starter pack?
  • Why as wealthy Affiliate excluded some countries

Warren Buffet Quote state that “ If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die “.

I believe you are here because you want to learn how to turn your passion or hobbies into a thriving business online legitimately otherwise, this article is not for you!

I will take you through step by step of what to do so as to become a Wealthy Affiliate member irrespective of your region or country.

In the process of discovering and learning how to make money online, I tried so many programs and websites and various subscription looking for how to make money online and I was scammed many times before I discover the right way WA.

But then, I first discovered Affilorama by Mark Ling; after a lot of search and research I was sure then that Affilorama was legitimate (It is still very legit) but Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best right now.

A lot of people needs to know how to overcome regional or country restriction to become a Wealthy Affiliate member.

For me, I was opportune to travel to the UK, the first thing I did was to sign in and instantly become a member of Wealthy Affiliate.



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If you are from the following countries or region, you may not be able to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate straight away:

  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Pakistan
  • Egypt
  • Philippine
  • Bangladesh
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Bangladesh
  • Kenya
  • Morocco

This limitation prevents people from these countries from signing on to free Wealthy Affiliate membership and disallow them from enjoying first seven days of full access to an available resource at Wealthy Affiliate and the two free websites for life.

This restriction was as a result of irregularities, fraudulent activities and abuse of the platform because of the free training.

The solution is for you to register with Wealthy Affiliate become a member directly if you are ready to go premium immediately without testing the platform.


==>Note: Scroll down below to drop a comment if you can not join and make a payment, I will help you at no cost. All you just need to state your email address and full official name in my comment area below


Wealthy Affiliate Official Message on Banned Countries/Region

Carson, one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate reacted to reasons why users are prevented from joining Wealthy Affiliate from some countries and region around the world.

He stated that two significant factors could make you not to have access to Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Completely Blocked Countries and Regions

These are countries where scam and fraud are very rampant.

Because of the crime rate and high level of scam PayPal are not allowed to be used for cash out for these countries.

Those countries can only send money out and cannot receive funds.

Nigeria is one country I know that cannot receive money through PayPal, because of that any interested users from Nigeria will not be able to accept payment via PayPal from any affiliate companies or networks.

Therefore, any Nigerian cannot receive payment from Wealthy Affiliate just because of the PayPal challenges and not because Nigerians are scammers.

Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate has banned Nigeria permanently from both Free Starter and Paid Membership.

Note: I am a Nigerian and operating from Nigeria. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over three years, and I joined legitimately, and I also promote Wealthy Affiliate.

==>You can go premium directly and make payment; you will even choose Nigeria because the option is provided. if you are ready to pay upfront you don’t have any issue.


  • Countries That Are Restricted and Must Go Premium Directly

These are countries and regions that have a high fraud rate but they can make Wealthy Affiliate payment via the Premium option, but they are not allowed the Free Starter.

It appears that it is only Nigeria that is marked as banned.

But I can assure you that many Nigerian bloggers are still learning and making money via WA.

The only thing is that they are not promoting Wealthy Affiliate like me.

They earn through AdSense and many other affiliate networks.

Note: Many can also join the Free Starter via the Virtual Private Network as stated below.


Two Ways To Join Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

You have two major ways to become a full member even if your country or region are restricted from joining the best training platform in the world.

Wealthy Affiliate trained people on how to turn your passion into a thriving business online.

  • Join Wealthy Affiliate Through Direct Premium Payment (From Restricted Region Or Countries)

You must be ready with your credit card in place so as to make an instant payment to be able to join Wealthy Affiliate, note that this is just an option. Then follow the following steps:

  1. You are to state your address,
  2. Select any country that is close to your country because your country may not be listed.
  3. Type in your Credit or Debit Card Pan Numbers (Sixteen Numbers in front of your card) and,
  4. Input your card security code (Three digits at the back of your card).
  5. The WA community will accept you for whom you are but you must go premium directly and start learning. If you are a nuisance, you will be thrown out.


==>Join Wealthy Affiliate Direct Premium Payment. Click Here to join.


  • Join Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial – From Anywhere (Restricted Countries Inclusive) Using VPN

Benefits Includes:

  • Testing the platform to see if it is meant for you.
  • Opportunity to remain a free member with 2 free websites and hosting for life (No Access to training)
  • Opportunity to test your idea and start making money online with your two free websites
  • Instant Access to upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate premium program when you are ready.
  •  If your country is not restricted, you can join free option directly
  • No credit card needed to join


Wealthy Affiliate Membership Via VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A lot of people meant well, they just want to learn and they are ready to pay for it but then access is denied to even make the first good impression of the self.

Wealthy Affiliate allows people to join free to see what the platform offers.

When you join through free access, you have the option to remain in Wealthy Affiliate with two free websites without training or join the premium package with full membership.

If you join the premium program for the first seven days, I will have a gift for you.

  • Joining Process

To join Wealthy Affiliate from restricted countries, you must subscribe to Virtual Private Network (VPN);join Wealthy Affiliate from restricted countries we have a lot of free trials of Virtual Private Network.

See my Top 5 Virtual Private Network (You must subscribe either through a free trial or full subscriptions).

Importance of Virtual Private Networks cannot be overemphasis. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) helps you to have unhindered access to any websites in any country and from any region or country.

Note that you only need to use VPN – Virtual Private Network once, only at the subscription stage to become a Wealthy Affiliate member.

After the free subscription, YOU DON’T NEED VPN for subsequent login into Wealthy Affiliate.

As soon as you have launched your Virtual Private Network, you can then log in to Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial. Please follow these steps:

  1. Launch your Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can select UK, US, Canada or any country listed on Wealthy Affiliate. (This is while you are on VPN software); I recommend PureVPN. Then,
  2. Click Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial
  3. State your full names
  4. Create your password, and
  5. Type your unique username
  6. Then Finally click Create a FREE Account
  7. Go and check your welcome message from your email. Just click the link and you will find yourself accessing Wealthy Affiliate.


==> Click Here to Join Wealthy Affiliate Through Free Trial

Restriction To Become Wealthy Affiliate Member

Note: After this sign-on, you DON'T need VPN again going forward.


What Is In Wealthy Affiliate For You?

What do you think about my article on how to join Wealthy Affiliate from non-supported countries?

I believe you now know the following:

  • You can now join Wealthy Affiliate even if your country is not supported,
  • What to do to participate via VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Why some specific countries are not supported by Wealthy Affiliate and what they need to do to join.

The non-supported countries include India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippine, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Bangladesh, Kenya, Morocco.

What do you think?  A lot of people are keen on making money online but they don't have the necessary skills and also, access to the platform to learn is restricted or limited to fewer countries and regions.

With this solution, there is no need for wealthy affiliate alternatives.

What is your take on having access to Wealthy Affiliate? It is my opinion that you don't need Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives because it is the best online training platform on how to make money.

All limitation to you becoming an authority online is now broken. Please sign on to Wealthy Affiliate and start making money, you will thank me for this later.

Do you have any comment or question? Ensure you drop your comment in my comment area, I will get back to you on any issue. Thank you for visiting my website.

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29 thoughts on “How To Join Wealthy Affiliate From Non-Supported Countries – India, Nigeria, Bangladesh. . .”

  1. Hi John, i tried registering the free trial with WA, but it turns out my country isn’t supported.

    Last year, i was doing a search on how to make money online and i was referred to WA, i tried then and couldn’t because of the restriction. I also read that its possible to register if your IPO is unidentifiable or hidden.

    Reading your article, you are a Nigerian and a registered member of WA. I would really appreciate it if you would take me step by step on how to successfully benefit from the program.

    Thank You.

    • Dear Nicole,

      Thanks for reading my review on how to join Wealthy Affiliate from non supported countries and regions around the world. I love to help you register if only you are ready to go premium and become a paid member seven days after your free registration.

      One of the reasons why people from third world countries are prevented was abusive of the platform; this measure is to help the platform avoid people abusing the platform.

      If you are willing to go premium and become a paid member after your first seven days or you can even pay in your first day.

      Please know that my helping you will not require you to pay me or any benefits to me. You can easily make the payment on the platform on your own. You will be able to sign in without further restrictions after I must have registered you.

      What many people do not know is that you don’t need to promote Wealthy Affiliate to make money online through the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that offerss one of the best affiliate marketing certification training programs in the world. You can use the training to create your own website from anywhere in the world. You can also monetize your website in a thousand other ways without promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

      Kindly supply your detail as follows(your trusted email address and your full name). You will see the alert on your email and I will personally email you with your password after I must help you with the registration.

      And i will also help you while you are inside Wealthy Affiliate to help you make money.

      I hope t read from you soonest.



      • Dear Nicole,
        Thanks for the feedback. Kindly check your email for your password. Aside from your welcome mail from Wealthy Affiliate. I did a personal mail to you in respect of your password. You can always change it.

        Thanks for joining Wealthy Affiliate.
        For you to be successful you will need to be serious about the training. And ensure you put the training to work. That is the only way to make money online.

        Thanks for reading my article on how to Join Wealthy Affiliate for countries that are not supported.



  2. Hi love the solution. Just some few questions. Hope they got answered. Am also from Nigeria
    The courses at WA are they downloadable? Will the seven day free training be enough for one to start making money? Your friend Jane from Ghana did you just say she worked/learned for nine month before making money?

    • Dear Emma,

      Thanks for visiting my site and reading my article on How To Join Wealthy Affiliate From Non-Supported Countries – India, Nigeria. . .

      Affiliate Marketing or Making money online as a whole is continuous learning and what Wealthy Affiliate will provide for you is not just the training but many other tools and resource that will help you make money online such as hosting of 50 websites if you are paid member.

      The solution I offered you is not to just give you access and download the WA training material for latter readings. The solution is to give you access to be able to register on the platform so that you can become a complete paid member.

      There are over 150 training modules of Videos and text format it only level-1 with just 10 lessons that are FREE.

      WA also offer webinar training every Saturday night for its members. Training on new developments in the making money online world.

      The mentality of the African of cheating the cutting corners is what is making the international world preventing Nigerians and all these other countries from using the platform.

      So, Emma, it is even illegal to download the material and it is not downloadable but you can read it online and watch the video online. Of course, it is printable, but how many will you print.

      When you are determined to do something, like to invest in yourself on how to make money online; you will be ready to go premium. The solution I provided is to help any of the restricted persons to be able to register and go premium (Paid member).

      Do you have any other question(s)? Kind does drop your comment.



  3. Hello I have joined wealthy affiliate as a premium member, the problem that I am facing over there is how to write a great content for my website.

    I am not a good writer and a times stuck over what to even write/type.

    How did you come out with your content writing about your niche in wealthy affiliate



    • Dear Gideon,

      Thanks for reading my article on How To Join Wealthy Affiliate From Non-Supported Countries such as India, Nigeria, Bangladesh etc.

      I am glad that you are now a premium member of WA.

      I think you have drop a comment on my blog before now, may be in any another topic and another page. I can’t really placed the page now.

      But, the first step you have taken is the greatest step I.e. joining.

      If you have really joined (I am not doubting you) you should know what to do about how to start writing and what to write. Because the trainings are their.

      To excel as a blogger you must learn to read, if you hate reading then this is not the job for you. Reading will help you to learn how to resolve a small problem of not knowing how to write.

      Fist thing first, you must identify the area you want to write about. That is what is referred to as your audience or call it your Niche market.

      How do you identify your niche? What is it that you are good at? You are good at doing something. There is something you love doing dearly.

      Do you like making any craft, telling stories, singing, farming, taking if children, playing games, sleeping, helping people, giving, planting, sport, any kind of sport,clothing , fashion. What is it that you really love that wasn’t mention?

      Identifying that thing you love is a pointer to knowing your niche market or your audience.

      For an instance, you visited my website because I write about a topic that you searched for online and the search brought you to my page. Million of people are searching for that thing you love doing.

      All you need to do is to start writing about that thing you love doing. While choosing your niche, ensure that it is not too broad. Let it covers not too large area so that you will avoid the expert bloggers in that area of topic.

      An apexample of a niche is Mark, my friend that love playing games. Video games Onoine.

      You know you can make a lot of money playing video games?

      Mark then choose video game as his niche. He then start writing about new and old video games online.

      He is reviewing online video games and making recommendation to the online video game audience.

      His job is to point out what he likes and dislike about the game he is reviewing.

      Mark started about seven years ago, he now have his own product and he made close to $37,000 last month of April 2019.

      Blogging is about helping people, helping your audience.

      Do you find my website helpful? If yes, this is how I am making money. Helping people like you.

      The bottom line is knowing what you are good at, if you do you will know what to write about.If you choose an area on interest you will not lack topic to write about.

      Of course, a time will come that you will need to contract your writing to people call them writers for money.

      You can nit be good about everything that relate to blogging. You should know many thing about SEO and writing.

      In fact, some expert believe that you should write your first 20 or 50 pages of your website even if you have money to contract your writing to writers.

      What do you think? Please try to reply to this answer so as to know if yiu get me or not.

      You can also contact me on WA platform. My user name is JOfA.

      For me, I have a full Time day job that is so time consuming. And it is a job that is important to me because the company I work for believe in me and I don’t want to diapoint them and I love blogging at the same time.

      I don’t do blogging during the week and some of the weekends too. But my wife and other people are on my pay roll. I have writers that write for me.

      The solution to every problem is that do you want to succeed in what you do? If yes. You will do everything in your power to make it.



  4. Hi John. So how do you collect your affiliate earnings since PayPal don’t allow for receiving funds in Nigeria?

    • Dear Jimi,

      Thanks for reading my article on How to Join Wealthy Affiliate When Your Country is Not Supported. I am glad you located my website.

      You should know what Wealthy Affiliate is for. They are the best affiliate Marketing training platform online today in term of cost, resource, and support.

      When I saw affiliate marketing training, you will be training to be an affiliate marketer with a focus on what you love doing most i.e. your passion, hobbies, and interest. Therefore at the end of the day, you don’t necessarily need to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself.

      It is only when you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate you need to cash out your earnings via PayPal. You can do a lot with the training you will receive from WA earning from thousands of other sources without promoting WA.

      There are so many affiliate networks that will pay your earnings directly to your domiciliary account in Nigeria. I recently started a website that is based on Commission Factory Networks.

      They have many programs you can promote and they will do a direct deposit to your account in your country.

      In a nutshell, the objective is to learn the art of making a full-time income via WA; you can then decide on the Niche you are ready to dominate.

      Also, you can promote WA as long as you have a PayPal of your own. A PayPal that can send and accept payment. If you visit abroad very well you can have a bank account and link your PayPal.

      Otherwise, you can use your relative PayPal that is based abroad. As long as you trust the person to be delivering your earning monthly.

      For me, I have my own PayPal that accept and receive payment.

      I hope i could help you resolve some issue. You can now make your decision.

      There is nothing like working and making money from anywhere you are in the world.

      Do you have any other question? Please revert.



  5. Good day Mr John
    Thanks for this article, I have always wanted to make money online on this platform but cannot I have even tried VPN on Clickbank and they still refused me.

    Now my question is how to use the VPN and if I want to register with premium will I be accepted as a Nigerian



    • Dear Amaka,

      Yes, you can still join Wealthy Affiliate from Nigeria. I am in Nigerian and a Nigeria. Though Nigeria is restricted you can still join through VPN. I have assisted many people in the restricted country to be a great member of Wealthy Affiliate now.

      You can only remain as a premium and I will not advise you to join if you are not going to be serious because of the cost. Though, it is one of the cheapest affiliate marketing training so far with the best quality ever.

      I did you an email. If you don’t see my mail. You can write to me at I will put you through on how to join without extra cost to you.

      I wish you all the best.

      I hope you will visit my website again.



  6. Splendid, I have been sitting down deep in thought and thinking on how I will be able to join this wealthy affiliate and also make cool money since my country is restricted from joining but I have not seen a reasonable answer to this, though I have heard about VPN before but I don’t know it can work for Wealthy Affiliate.
    Now I have good knowledge about this and it is now time for me to start making cool money.
    This is a good write-up,


    • Dear Boluwatife,

      Thanks for reading my article on how to join Wealthy Affiliate from non supported countries or region. It is important to know why some region or countries are not allowed.

      One major reason is frequency of scam that happen in this regions, other related reason is that PayPal are the only means of paying affiliate marketer at WA. This only applies to you only if you are promoting WA.

      Therefore, most of the affected countries can only pay with PayPal but they can not collect money not receive their hard earned money from any affiliate network.

      It is also important to know that if you are from these selected countries and you are ready to paid for the premium Wealthy Affiliate will receive you.

      I hope you are clear?

      Thanks again



  7. This is a good trick stated here. well i am from India and i dont use any of these tricks you stated rather i use VPS otherwise know as remote desktop connection.

    It gives me a complete control of a remote destop server in any country of my choice. very flexible and i don’t have to worry about VPN disconnecting.

  8. It is so good to know that we can also join wealthy affiliate. I am from India and I almost gave up on this program. Very happy to learn I just have to pay and not try for free. I believe in the program and since so many people are already making money, this must be working, no?

  9. I’m personally located in the United States and use Wealthy Affiliate. For any those reading these comments Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn basic information about Affiliate Marketing and the online space.

    Also thank you John for creating a great resource.

    • Dear Aidan,

      thanks for this comment and thanks for reading my article on how to join Wealthy Affiliate from Non-Supported Countries – India, Nigeria, Bangladesh. Really appreciate.




  10. Very informative post on how to join wealthy affiliate from a third world country using PVN. I am happy to see that there is a way for people in those countries too also make some money from wealth affiliate .

  11. Dear John,

    Interesting post. It seems like using a VPN is the most simple solution.

    It’s great that there’s a solution to this problem so people from these countries have the chance to join this great program!



    • Dear Tami,

      Thanks for visiting my website and for reading my article on How To Join Wealthy Affiliate From Non-Supported Countries.

      You can still join Wealthy Affiliate if you are ready to make payment for premium right away. They just want to be sure that the platform is not been abuse.

      Knowing what is loaded within Wealthy Affiliate will make anyone join the premium instantly. Except an individual is not ready to start making money online.

      If you want freedom you wont mind to join and nothing will be an obstacle.



  12. Interesting ways to get around the geographical restrictions.

    Using a VPN sounds like the easiest solution. You can easy access one anywhere, test the platform, and start making some money online.

    It’s so hard to learn how to be successful at affiliate marketing if platforms are restricted or limited in certain countries or regions.

    The problem is usually how these people get paid if they join through these options you have provided. Please shed more light.

    Open access is important!

    • Dear Sam,

      Thanks for reading my article on How To Join Wealthy Affiliate From Non-Supported Countries (India, Nigeria, Bangladesh. . .). The article was as a result of complaint from many of my audience. And it has helped a lot of good people from these countries.

      Your question on how they will get paid.

      There so many things you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate; you don’t just make money promoting wealthy affiliate alone at WA. There are so many niche that you can venture into.

      You will only have problem of getting paid if you are promoting WA because you can only be paid via PayPal.
      And PayPal does not allow people to receive funds in most of this countries. You can only send money through your PayPal.

      Jane is a now a member of Wealthy Affiliate and he is now doing great making over $1,000 monthly after nine months of hard work from Ghana.

      Helping people and making money with your dreams and passion online is just the best bet for now.

      Wealthy Affiliate as position to make people rich with what they love doing best.

      Thanks again Sam.



  13. I can have access to join free membership account of WA for 7 days from this country. This makes me surprised very much. In fact, to be affiliate for clickbank or Amazon from this country is still restricted. But why I have access in WA?
    How do u think about that?

    And does WA only teach to promote the Amazon products? Because in their free courses, they only tell about Amazon products, not clickbank products. Why?

    • Wealthy Affiliate restricted those countries for many reasons such as Scam, Terrorism finance, Spam and money laundering. But the good news is that if you follow the procedures on this page you can easily join WA.

      WA is for serious minded people that really want to make money on any any area you are interested in. You will be thought how to make money with your passion. Do you like fishing or farming or what? WA will teach you how to make money online in any area of your interest.

      The first 7 days is for everybody that join WA. You will have unrestricted access to all the course and you can learn at your own pace. After the 7 days you are expected to join the premium at member. If you join on my page you will be paying half of cost of your first subscription while subsequently will be full payment.

      I hope i answer your question. Please feel free to drop your comment.



  14. Hi John,

    Aside from using VPN, what other ways can they join Wealthy Affiliate? How else can we use this VPN?

    Please revert for I am keen on vpn stuff

    Jesus Stone

    • Hi Jesus,

      Wealthy Affiliate is very easy to join. People were abusing the free trial that was the reason for freeze. The freeze is only on third world countries. The third world countries ca sign on directly on premium, if they are ready to pay instantly because there is no free trial for them.

      Read more about PVN here Top 5 Best VPN – Virtual Private Network



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