Can You Make Good Money With Gemini Exchange

By | February 25, 2018


General Overview of the Product

Gemini bitcoin exchange is a New York-based company started by Winkle Voss twins in 2015 with the objective of conducting an online exchange of fiat currencies and trading of crypto currencies. The company provides users with a secure means of online exchange at a lower price with the advantage of transfer exchanges to other similar sites.

Do I Recommend Gemini Bitcoin Exchange?

With the emergence of online trading of crypto currencies and fiat exchange, many people have adopted the innovation in the recent times. The question many users of the online services have is the safety of their assets, Gemini bitcoin exchange has been working on improving performance as well as monitoring of its infrastructure to ensure that users’ assets are safe. This coupled with cheap rates makes the site ultimate site for asset exchange.


How to Use Gemini Bitcoin Exchange

Gemini platform is designed for ease of usability in mind. It allows users to navigate the site effortlessly. To sign up a new account one needs to visit the home page and click on the ‘Open a Personal Account’ and create your account where you will need to enter your address, password, and email. Of great importance is linking your account to your phone number and bank account to make credit of funds stress-free.

Payment Method Supported By Gemini Bitcoin Exchange

Gemini bitcoin exchange offers various methods of payments such as bank deposits, Automatic Clearing House [ACH] and wire transfer. The site is fully controlled and regulated as it follows a given set of rules provided by the authorities, thus making it the only site which is certified for online brokering. At the moment the site only allows trading with US dollars.


Fees Structure Charge on Gemini Bitcoin Exchange

Virtual exchange of crypto currency and fiat currency occurs online in an open market with the provision of cheaper fees structure than its competitors. Withdrawal and deposits via bank, wire transfer, BTC, and ETH are free. Trading of currencies range from 0- 02.5% depending on the trading volume and crypto currencies being traded.

Customer Support on Gemini Bitcoin Exchange

Customer support on Gemini bitcoin exchange has been evidently reported as being poor by many customers, but based on my experience I would say it is not worse off. Its FAQ segment deals with matters arising such as issues with transfers, security and general issues like how to access the account as well as the type of assets sold at Gemini exchange. The FAQ segment has a submit query button where customers can reach customer care.


Public Opinion on Gemini Bitcoin Exchange

Online public opinion on the company evidently shows that customers prefer the site over its competitors. This has been attributed to it following regulations making it a certified site to conduct currency and fiat exchange. Besides, it provides competitively lower prices compared to any other site, thus providing value for the customers’ money.

Can You Really Make Money On Gemini Bitcoin Exchange?

The company is verified and certified to conduct fiat and currency exchange online since it abides by the law and regulations pertaining online brokering of currencies. It is unquestionably that members benefit from conducting fiat and currency exchange at a cheaper rate.


What I Like About Gemini Bitcoin Exchange

  1. The company has high security as compared to its competitors its assets are insured. It the event of hacking customers is less likely to lose their currencies and assets, besides the cold storage provided by the company is one of the ways of providing asset security.
  2. It is evident that the company has very low to no fees at all making it the best option for online brokering.
  3. Most user report that it is a trustworthy company which has the aim of improving consumer experience daily.

Issues with Gemini Bitcoin Exchange

  1. Gemini bitcoin exchange verification process has been reported to be slow, but this has been attributed to security concerns.
  2. The company has poor customer support, without provision of any phone call and SMS service.
  3. Customers have reported issues with privacy since their information can be viewed by other users without strict regulations.

Who Is Gemini Bitcoin Exchange For?

Gemini bitcoin exchange targets consumers who would love to make currency exchange, fiat exchange as well as trading of bitcoin and ethereum. The company is based in New York, and it operates in the US, Canada, UK, Singapore and many countries worldwide.

Alternatives to Gemini Bitcoin Exchange

There are many companies which operate in the same manner as Gemini bitcoin exchange thus increasing competition. This includes Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitstamp although the competition is steep the company has been able to beat its competitors since it meets its consumer's needs.

Final Opinion on Gemini Bitcoin Exchange

Without any doubt, I would recommend the site to anybody who would like to conduct an online exchange of fiat and crypto currencies. This is due to it being one of the most secure and cheap sites, therefore, providing value to consumers’ money.


Gemini at a Glance

Name: Gemini


Owners: Winklevoss Twins.

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